Hot Sluts , Dirty Bastards

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“You know,” said Tom, “It’s been nearly a year since we started going out”.

Trish looked over at him and smiled, “That’s right sweetie, and you know what, I think we’re going to have to celebrate.”

Tom looked over at her. An image of her with ripped fishnets on, ass in the air and blobs of cum between her cheeks flashed through his mind. That was one of the things he loved about Trish, she was much more open-minded than anyone else he had been out with. In previous relationships he had been made to feel dirty and perverted and therefore frustrated. With Trish he felt like the ‘normal’ one, and he loved it; never before had he experimented and explored so fully.

“How would you like to celebrate?” Tom gave her his mischievous grin, he’d already fantasised quite a lot about what he’d like to do.

“Well you know, I think I’d like to surprise you,” said Trish casually. Her pussy started throbbing with anticipation at what she had planned. Tom wasn’t the only one who had been fantasising!

“Hmmm, I like surprises.” Tom felt a stirring as more images flashed through his mind: oval, peachy, moon-like, creamy buttocks, squashing everything else out of his conscience. Absent-mindedly he cupped a hand round Trish’s posterior, and crushed a kiss onto her lips.

Trish smiled inwardly. It was pretty obvious when Tom was feeling horny and it didn’t take too much imagination to guess what he was thinking about. She liked the way he loved her ass; she had always felt it was rather on the large side, but the way he worshipped it had eventually changed her mind. She couldn’t wait, it was only a week away, and she was going to blow his mind.

“There’s only one condition about the surprise though sweetie,” she said, brushing her blond hair back. “Neither of us are allowed to cum all week.”

“Huh?” Tom exhaled, and let the tension drain from his body. In a way he was frustrated, but at least it confirmed his suspicion that she had something sexual planned for him.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait,” she said teasingly.

That comment didn’t help with the images in his mind at all, especially when they got into bed that night. In the dark they snuggled up against each other, semi-naked and pungently aroused. Both were beginning to wonder how possible it would be not to cum for a week. Fervently they clung together, bosom on bosom, hardness against dampness.

Tom traced his hand around the small of her back. “So what’s my surprise going to be?” he whispered huskily.

“Oh well, I’m not going to tell you that! It would ruin half the fun, but let’s just say I saw what you were reading on the Internet the other day.” She felt Tom tense, and for some reason this made her even hotter.

“What are you talking about?” He really hoped it wasn’t what he thought, because that was really dirty. She knew he liked anal and spraying his viscous love-juice all over her, and sometimes a little bondage, but his mind got much filthier than that. He really didn’t want to share some things with her, because sometimes he even shocked himself.

“Oh nothing really, I’ve just got some ideas, that’s all.” Trish’s thoughts were on overload too. In her mind she was surrounded by big, hard dicks leaking and spurting all over her, ass-licking bitches swirling and swallowing, her clothes torn and tattered and every hole gaping and used.

“Baby, you know I’m not that perverted,” Tom lied, anxious because he felt like she must think him some kind of freak.

“Yeah, but I am,” she replied in his ear, giving his cock a little stroke.

Tom let out a low moan. He felt more excited than he ever had, imagining what might happen next Friday night.

“Okay, remember no cumming,” ordered Trish.

“Okay darling, night-night,” he said, which took a phenomenal amount of self-control. Finally he drifted off to sleep.

The next couple of days passed fairly uneventfully, except that Tom was finding pretty much everything arousing. Even raunchy videos on MTV were getting him hot and bothered. Trish was faring no better, sub-consciously pushing her pert breasts up and bending over conspicuously to pick things up when Tom was around. Of course this just made him even hornier. He couldn’t keep his hands off her, stroking between her buxom thighs and cupping her pliable breasts at every opportunity. She didn’t mind in the slightest.

On Wednesday Carla and Leo came round for a social visit. Leo was Tom’s best friend from back in school and they still tended to share secrets about their pet perversions. Carla was a hot little cutie, and a dirty slut too according to Leo. Today she was wearing a short skirt and a top that pushed her cleavage together and upwards. Tom could hardly tear his eyes away from her wiggling and giggling, breasts and pussy ripe and barely concealed.

“Shall I get some beers?” asked Leo.

“Uh yeah, there’s a couple in the fridge,” Tom replied.

“So where’s Trish?” asked Carla, gazing at Tom like the hunky specimen ataşehir escort that he was.

“Just freshening up, upstairs I think,” said Tom.

“So you guys will have been going out for almost a year now, won’t you?” asked Carla, making conversation.

“Yeah,” Tom grinned, “She’s got some kind of surprise lined up for me apparently.”

“I heard,” said Carla, pouting slightly.

Before Tom could make anything of this, Leo returned with the beers. He leaned over and gave Carla a wet kiss, and chucked Tom a beer.

“Football?” asked Leo, flicking the TV on.

Tom nodded and Carla disappeared off upstairs to gossip with Trish. Tom felt slightly uncomfortable, what had she meant? How much did Carla know about his and Trish’s sex life?

“So how’s it going with Carla?” he asked, she and Leo had been going out for about two months.

“Pretty fucking good actually,” Leo boasted, “She sucks dick like a machine and yesterday she was telling me how she got it on with this girl that liked getting all pissy and wet. It was so fucking hot, I came all over asshole and cheeks and then she sucked me clean!”

“Dirty bastard,” Tom smiled, feeling a stirring at Leo’s graphic description.

“Yup,” Leo admitted, “but the slut that she got it on with sounded so dirty, it was incredible. And you know what, I think you’re in for a surprise on Friday.”

“Huh?” said Tom, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh nothing,” said Leo, and then refused to say anything else on the matter.

A while later Trish and Carla came down, looking giggly and mischievous. Tom felt like he was missing out on something, everybody was being so conspirational. But at the same time, he felt a tingling excitement and his balls were heavy with anticipation. After a bit of chitchat, Leo and Carla made their excuses and left, leaving Tom feeling a little tipsy and bewildered. When he tried to get some sense from Trish, she was evasive and didn’t give anything away, so he resigned himself to waiting.

By Friday Tom was finding it hard to concentrate on anything at all. At work he achieved next to nothing, his mind transformed everybody into naked, fucking, filthy sluts and whores. His cock was sore from being hard so much.

Trish had spent the day at home, her pussy damp as she got her toys and outfits together for the night ahead. She’d got some skunk and champagne, which were a sure way of getting her and Tom liberated and horny. Eventually she decided to wear her nurse’s outfit, since Tom hadn’t seen it yet, and she was sure he’d like it. She’d also got him an outfit, although she wasn’t sure he’d wear it, but she really hoped he would.

Trish was very excited about everything that she had planned for the night ahead. When she’d started going out with Tom they’d hit it off immediately, sharing each other’s sense of humour and zest for life. In fact, because she liked him so much, she’d kept quite a lot of her sexuality hidden, for fear of scaring him off. Now that she’d read some of what he’d been writing and reading on the Internet, she realised that she had nothing to worry about.

She lay back on the bed and absent-mindedly let a hand stray downwards. It was starting to feel quite warm and she felt flushed. Images filled her mind: a dark room, bodies writhing and a mindless, debauched hedonism. And then more abstract: shadows of giant phallic demons, opulent breasts and pearly posteriors, desperate clawing, drowning, the moon pulling the tide over and over again…

Suddenly Trish realised how close to cumming she was, and stopped herself just in time. Her middle finger had found its way right inside her cunt and a thin string of juice trailed as she eased her wettened hand away. The slightest brush against her clit felt like it would send her over the edge, and the deep, throbbing ache inside her felt like a damn about to break. With a struggle of will, she stopped herself climaxing. Beside the bed was a giant dildo that looked so inviting and she wanted more than anything to jam it up her sodden pussy.

“Hi honey, I’m home,” Tom’s voice came from downstairs.

Shit, he was early! “Hi hon,” Trish called back, quickly pulling herself together and throwing all her toys and outfits into a bag.

Tom walked through to the kitchen and got a beer out of the fridge. He had a slight butterfly feeling in his tummy; maybe he wasn’t quite ready for fantasy to become reality. On the way home he’d bought a large bouquet of flowers, having plumped for the romantic, rather than sexual option. Taking a large glug of beer helped him feel more relaxed. Time to find Trish.

“Do you like them?” Tom asked, arranging the flowers in a vase.

“Oh, they’re lovely!” Trish exclaimed. She jumped up from the bed and gave Tom a big kiss. The flowers were really very nice and thoughtful. “I’ve got a surprise for you too,” she said with a wicked smile, and handed him the bag of skunk.

Tom looked at her as he inhaled the aroma of fresh herb. It had avcılar escort been some time since he’d smoked, so this was quite exciting. It also made him hornier and dirtier the more stoned he was. “Mmm mm, some good shit I think,” he smiled, “shall I do the honours?”

“Definitely,” said Trish. She handed him the skins and tobacco.

Tom sat down on the bed and Trish put her arms round him. He methodically went about the art of skinning up: ripping the paper to the right size, grinding the gear, mixing with a little tobacco, rolling a roach from the Rizla packet, adding the mix to the paper and finally rolling it into a nice cone shape. Perfect. Tom was pleased with his effort and proudly presented the joint to Trish.

“No, you light it,” she said.

“K,” Tom said. He lit the end, burning the slight excess of paper, and then inhaled. It tasted good and it was not long before he felt a heightened sensitivity. After a few tokes he passed the joint over.

“Mmm, that’s done the trick,” Tom said with a lopsided grin and stoned eyes. Not having smoked for a while had made him more susceptible to the skunk.

“I’ve got champers too baby,” Trish said between tokes, “It’s the Moet, that one you liked before.”

“Oh wow, sweetie, you’re so nice. I’ll go and get an opener.” Tom felt pangs of love in his chest; he was so lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend. Not having cum for a week and being a little stoned definitely heightened his emotions too.

“No need, it’s champagne,” said Trish. She handed the joint back and popped open the bottle. God, she was feeling horny, and Tom was looking stunning: his cute little smile, shirt slightly open, showing the top of his chest, and his beautiful cock waiting for her. In her mind she imagined it swelling inside her mouth as he towered above her. She was going to be the dominant one tonight though.

“Champagne?” Trish asked, handing Tom a glass.

“Yes please,” he said. It tasted crisp and delicious. It sent a bubbly rush to their heads and was the perfect accompaniment to being stoned. Tom looked over at Trish and smiled inwardly. She was so sexy: full breasts, sweet face framed by a fall of blond hair, and an ass to die for.

Tom leant over to kiss her. Each nerve tingled as their noses brushed and parted lips met. Pleasure centres in the brain overloaded and electricity surged through them. Tom reached up and clasped Trish’s face to his, pressing his lips more forcefully against her. She arched her back and rubbed her hands firmly down Tom’s spine.

“Oh god, I’m so horny,” Tom breathed out.

“Me too,” said Trish, “I want to suck your cock right now. I want to feel it in my mouth as it gets bigger. I want to nibble on the end and suck you and wank you. I want you come in my face.”

Tom felt faint as blood surged into his dick. Trish whispering into his ear was driving him crazy, he’d probably have got a hard-on even if she was talking about the weather. Slowly he eased his hand down her back until it met the top of her skirt. He loved this part of her back and he lingered, making small circles with his fingertips. A finger then slipped under the material, exploring the top of her ass-crack. Images of her asshole leaking cum flashed through his mind in a state of erotic ecstasy.

The doorbell rang. The stoned, horny couple eased away from each other, and slowly came back down to earth.

“Oh that will be Leo and Carla,” said Trish. Tom looked disappointed; this was supposed to be their night together.

Leo and Carla stood on the doorstep, anxious with excitement. They were both wearing black, to stunning effect. He was wearing a long leather coat, black PVC trousers and a tight T-shirt that showed off his muscles. She had six-inch heels, fish-net tights, a short, PVC skirt and top; her breasts were overflowing and she had matching, black make-up. Both had also dyed their hair black and adorned themselves with chains.

“I can’t wait to get my dick in that slut,” Leo whispered, his arm round Carla’s shoulder.

“Shh,” she giggled back. In truth, she couldn’t wait either; apparently Tom came in bucket loads.

Just then Trish opened the door. “Hello,” she said, elongating her syllables, “do you want to come in?” She had a very mischievous look on her face.

“We’ll go and wait in the van, I think,” said Leo, “You go get Tom.”

Trish clambered back upstairs to the bedroom. Even though she was a little stoned and drunk, a nervous excitement was making itself felt inside her belly. The wheels of motion were in place, and there was no turning back now. Either Tom was going to love the sexual escapade ahead, or he would completely freak out. Shit, what if he did freak out? It might spell the end of their relationship.

“Hi honey, it was no-one at the door,” Trish lied easily. Tom was lying back on the bed, in his own little world.

“Oh, that’s good,” Tom said, “let’s go some.”

“Well, actually, I thought maybe we could play a little game,” Trish ataşehir escort bayan replied, “If you let me blindfold you, I’ll give you the ultimate pleasure. Only thing is, is you have to remain quiet, or no sexual favours for you. That’s the rules.”

“Hmm, this sounds interesting,” said Tom. He glanced up at Trish, she seemed rather flushed and excited. She smiled at him, and produced a black piece of silk. She then proceeded to secure it tightly over his eyes, making sure he couldn’t see a thing. He looked quite cute and vulnerable. Trish then reached into her special bag and got out a collar with a leather leash.

“Remember, no talking,” she said, as she fastened it round his neck. Tom just nodded, he didn’t want to miss out on anything dirty she had planned for him. Besides, a slight bit of humiliation might be quite exciting. The stirring sensation in his loins certainly seemed to suggest so.

“Now, follow me. I will guide you,” said Trish. Tom got up obediently as he felt the slight tug on the collar. He didn’t say anything as they slowly worked their way down the stairs, nor did he say anything when Trish opened the front door. However, when she started to lead him outside he had a moment of hesitation.

“Hon,” he began. Trish reached between his legs and gave his dick a gentle stroke. Tom stopped caring as the blood rushed away from his head; it seemed like so long since he’d last cum.

“Don’t worry, no-ones around to see us,” said Trish, “but if you say another word, you won’t get the dirtiest fucking you’ve ever imagined.” Tom felt a rush of excitement at Trish’s dominance and the anticipation of what was to come.

They approached Leo’s Transit van and Trish slid open the side door, then guided Tom in. Leo and Carla were sitting in the front and were feeling horny and impatient. Leo had his hand underneath Carla’s PVC miniskirt and was gently rubbing her through her fishnet tights. She was damp and excited, but really needed to pee because of waiting about in the van. They kept quite as Tom and Trish got settled in the back.

Trish looked about excitedly; the Transit had been done up into a veritable sex den! Most of the floor was covered in a mattress and black satin sheet and along one side was a cushioned bench, above which were some shackles bolted into the wall. On the opposite wall and ceiling were two large mirrors. Some tatty curtains separated the front of the van from the back. In one corner Trish spotted a huge double-ended dildo; it sent a thrilling shiver through her as she remembered past debauchery. The rear windows had been blackened out, but attached to the walls were a couple of candles that cast a flickering light.

“Can I take my blindfold off yet?” Tom whispered. He had no idea what was going on and had resigned himself to the thrill of the unknown. He trusted Trish enough not to completely humiliate him.

“I thought I told you not to talk!” Trish barked, and then slapped Tom hard across the face. “Now sit here and raise your hands above your head, you little bitch!”

Tom was so dumbfounded that he did as he was told. Trish unbuttoned his shirt at the top and pulled it up over his head, taking care not to disturb his blindfold. He looked so vulnerable sitting there, bare-chested, blindfolded and leashed. Trish then reached into her bag and got out Tom’s outfit; she felt a nervous, tingly excitement; there was no going back now.

“Put your arms up through here,” Trish commanded. Tom was now wearing a pink dress with frilly edging, a blindfold, a leash and jeans. He looked like a complete fairy, especially with his innocent, expectant expression. Trish guided his arms into the shackles on the wall, and then locked them firmly in place. Tom gave a barely audible gasp. Trish tugged his jeans and boxers down, exposing his semi-hard dick. The pink dress fell down over it and his bum felt cold against the seat.

“Okay, I think we’re ready to go,” Carla whispered to Leo. He turned the key in the ignition and the Transit spluttered noisily into life. Soon they were accelerating into the night, and Tom was jostled up and down on his seat.

Trish watched as her sexy boyfriend bounced about, completely unable to do anything about it. She changed into her nurses uniform, admiring herself in one of the mirrors. It pushed her breasts up and barely covered her voluptuous butt cheeks. She piled her hair up under her nurse’s hat and applied bright, red lipstick and mascara. Now she looked like a wanton slut, and felt like one too.

Trish knelt on all fours between Tom’s spread legs, so her buttocks brushed against his hardened dick. Slowly she raised and lowered her ass against his shaft, teasing him wickedly. Tom let out little gasps as his hot flesh came into contact with Trish’s cool, soft buttocks.

“You like that?” asked Trish. She looked over her shoulder and then let her face rest in the black satin sheet.

“I wanna fuck you so bad,” Tom muttered.

“Well, that’s too bad, ‘cos I just feel like pleasuring myself.” Trish teased her finger between her fleshy lips, and gently caressed herself. It felt delicious; not coming for a week had really wound her up, and she could feel the release building up deep inside her cunt.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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