Hot Summer Night

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The mercury on the window thermometer flashed a bright 101 degrees. Jenna was already tossing and turning from her own inner-heat. Just a week ago she met a man with such devastating and intense looks she could not keep him out of her mind. Her dreams of him were so lusty it has kept her up for nights.

Jenna a tall sultry dark haired beauty works part-time nights at a club in town. Being a full-time student and part-time bartender her social life can be rather null. While tending bar the other night a handsome gentleman sat quietly near the end of the bar sipping shots of tequila and not socializing much. Not that the women hadn’t tried but, he just seemed uninterested. Each time he raised a tanned hand to summon her, she knew to grab tequila on her way. Jenna watched him as she poured his shots. He caught her off guard when all at once he stared into her eyes with his light flashing eyes that felt like he could see right through her. It startled her so that she over-poured his drink. Jenna blushed, apologized, and began to wipe the spill. He touched her hand and she jumped. He chuckled and exclaimed, “wow, I won’t bite.”

Jenna has never lost her cool at work. He didn’t remove his hand from hers. He gently removed the towel, lifted her hand and kissed it. Jenna was still stuck! He introduced himself as Cayce still smiling at her loss of stamina. Jenna regained composure enough to attempt a nervous handshake and repeat her name. Cayce exclaimed what a pleasure it was to see such a beautiful lady and to know her name. Still holding her hand, he asked if she would join him for a late after work meal. Jenna’s policy was never to date customers but, this one was the exception. She agreed and moved away to attend other customers. She felt his eyes on her the rest of the night.

After the bustle of cleaning, closing, and locking up Jenna came from the back room glancing at the seat Cayce was sitting at and was almost relieved not to see him there. From over her shoulder she heard her name whispered. As she turned there he was tall devastatingly hansom and those eyes encompassing her whole body. A slight chill of excitement ran through her. No one has ever made her feel this out of control. She took a breath, gathered her senses and smiled saying, “OK, guess I’m ready lets get out of here.” Cayce took her arm and they walked together to her car. He asked if his car would be ok here. Jenna looked over to see a very expensive imported race car. Um, she wasn’t sure this car would but she knew no one would touch her little auto. She locked hers’ and they drove off to a little bistro she knew near the ocean that was opened all night.

Cayce loved to talk, and to listen to all Jenna’s stories. By the time they were finished eating and drinking their wine it was nearly five a.m. Jenna yawned, Cayce chuckled and remarked they he’d better get her home! Escort bayan Damn! Jenna I want to stay with you, talk more, laugh, and… Cayces’ voice shook her from her thoughts. He had paid the bill and was standing holding out his hand for her to join him. As her fingers touched his she felt her knees weaken. Cayce noticed and placed a strong arm around her waist, his warm breath against her neck and ear enhanced the effect he already had on her. Jenna wanted to curl up into him. On the ride back to Jenna’s car Cayce was chatting, and Jenna had fallen to sleep. Her head and body quite naturally leaned onto him. Cayce glanced down calling her name softly, but Jenna was totally asleep. He drove to her car tried to wake her but this girl was out. Cayce thought for a second, and took her to his place. Jenna still sleeping as he carried her up to his beach condo.

He gently laid her on his bed removed her shoes, covered her and left. Jenna woke startled not knowing where she was. Then she remembered Cayce! Oh my..she flipped the covers back to see herself still dressed. She then tiptoed to the door to see where he was, as she was peering down a hall trying to be quiet a door opened next to her and in all his glory was Cayce! Fresh out of the shower and without a towel. Jenna took in his entire body and let out a small gasp. Cayce stepped out closer to her and again her cheeks turned pink. He laughed out loud at her and she had to laugh too. After all it wasn’t as if she’d never seen a naked man before. But Jenna knew she’d never seen a naked man that looked this good! Cayce explained to miss sleepy head why she was here, and that he didn’t want to wake her.

Jenna was glad for the sleep, but now what! Cayce excused himself as he passed and grabbed a robe. He called to Jenna to join him on the sofa. He asked her if she cared for coffee, or something else. Jenna accepted the coffee needing something to take her mind off his incredible size. They talked more as he made the coffee and brought her a steaming cup. Jenna watched as Cayce sat and his robe opened around his broad chest. God she thought, he’ll think I’m such a naive girl if he notices me. Cayce did notice and pulled Jenna closer, looking into her eyes telling her he’s going to kiss her! Jenna melted, her lips parted slightly as she felt the warmth of his lips brushing hers. His kiss was tender and sensual. His mouth didn’t want to leave hers as their tongues met and toyed with each other. His strong hands holding her waist and around her head, his fingers entangled in her hair, Cayce moved closer and began to kiss deeper and more passionately. He moved from her lips to her eyes, whispering how beautiful she was. Jenna’s head was reeling all of her control was ebbing away. She knew she wanted him in every way.

Cayce nibbled her ears, lavished kisses on her neck, making Bayan Escort Jenna shudder. He stopped, looked into her eyes and together they went to his room. He lifted her and placed her on his bed. Jenna started to undo her buttons. Cayces’ hands moved hers away as he undressed her. Slowly removing each article of clothing kissing each exposed part of her. Jennas breathing was shallow, she wanted him so bad! Cayce admired her glowing nudity. He leaned down cupping her breast kissing her mouth until her lips were puffy with excitement. Jenna could feel the heat and moistness growing between her legs. Cayces’ fingers traced her body and his lips followed. When his fingers reached her thighs, without taking his eyes from hers her gently spread her legs. Jenna followed opening herself widely for him. Cayce knew she was ready and with the tip of his tongue and his hot mouth, he worked his way from her navel to her now wet clit.

Jenna’s fingers curled in his hair as his mouth sucked in her clit, and his tongue explored her deeper opening. She let out a moan of pleasure as Cayce inserted a finger and began stroking in and out of her wet cunt. Ohh, Jenna moaned, her fingers now digging into his shoulders her legs wide and thighs squeezing trying to push him deeper. Cayce continued until he made her shudder as she climbed to the peak of excitement. Jenna was arching her back, gasping ..she heard herself exclaim, “Cayce, god, Cayce,..I want to feel you inside me!”

Cayce came up..kissed her deeply, and turned her unto her back kissing her neck, back, massaging her ass until she relaxed enough for him to spread her round cheeks to expose her tight anus. His mouth nipped each cheek, and his tongue gently slid down from her spine to her tight hot hole. Jenna had never had anyone do this before it felt so hot, so taboo! Cayce continued to tongue her in this way until her bottom was very wet. He circled her tight pink bud until Jenna was wriggling to meet his tongues thrusts. His strong arms held her as his tongue delved into her now pulsing anus. Jenna shivered, Cayce moved over her telling her he was going to take her. His legs spread hers, she was almost panting with anticipation. She felt his fingers now moist with lube rubbing her clit, sending waves of sexual pleasure through her. He lube d each opening well. She turned slightly seeing his enlarged cock.

God Jenna thought, she’s not a virgin but even his head was bigger than most. Cayce leaned and kissed each cheek and thigh, entwined his fingers in hers and with one thrust buried his cock head inside her wet cunt. He slowly pushed deeper until Jenna arched her back and made the rest of his shaft slide all the way into her. She cried out with pleasure and pain! Cayce then very slowly withdrew only to enter again with more lust. Each stoke brought both near their climax. Cayce still holding Escort her hands fingers entangled groaning with his own pleasure at the feel of this wet, tight pussy! Both were panting and crying out their passion and lust. Jenna was ready to cum, but Cayce had other plans. He wanted this women in every way, he wanted to make her his. Cayce slowed the rhythm until he heard her breathing slow down.

He then withdrew his cock now dripping with her juices, and told her he was going to make her his! Jenna was still lost in her lust as she groaned for him to not stop! He told her he was taking her ass. Jenna pulled herself up slightly begging him to make love to her. His fingers found her clit and he rubbed furiously until Jenna cried out. Once more he closed his fingers in hers, sliding his wet slippery cock between her ass cheeks. Jenna arched again wanting him, wanting him to ravish her. He found her rosebud anus, now wet, lubed and wanting. Cayce slowly pushed just the tip of his engorged cock head into the tight outer ring listening to Jenna’s sounds to guide him. Jenna cried out and muffled her cry into the pillow. At the same time she moved her ass just enough to push the entire cock head into her. Ahh, God, yess..Jenna never felt such sexual excitement. She relaxed as the initial pain subsided. Cayce groaned he loved her and kissed her face and neck as he entered her hot canal.

As his shaft was sliding deep into her hot anal canal Jenna could feel every inch of him. He was ravishing her and taking her body and soul. Cayce now buried deep inside held still until Jenna began to buck and thrust her ass to meet his hips. He gasped at her tight heat! Cayce grabbed her hips lifted her and now savagely, passionately, took her ass! He was fucking her so hard she felt his sack smacking against her thighs. When he moved higher, Jenna felt his balls slapping against her clit! This drove her to the edge. She was gasping yelling his name, her juices were dripping down both their legs. Jenna was having the most heightened climax she had ever had! Cayce could feel the walls of her canal throbbing and squeezing the cum out of his cock!

He wanted her to see him cum, just before he was finished he pulled out his hot hard shaft, flipped her over and Jenna reached out grabbed the base of his cock and pulled him to her mouth to catch his final spurts of their hot lust. Jenna surprised herself. She was never a prude but with Cayce she was totally uninhibited. Even though Jennas hot mouth sucked each drop from his cock Cayce remained hard. He kissed her and laid her back down, and entered her dripping cunt. Jenna felt herself climbing that peak again as Cayce fucked her gently, passionately. Jenna’s eyes were closed as she drifted to that place..her arms wrapped around Cayces’ strong shoulders. He was watching her face as she came. Jenna cried out arching and gasping as her pussy throbbed on him. As she slowly came down, her eyes opened slightly finding Cayce smiling and gazing into them with tenderness and love.

They fell asleep tangled together both satiated and dreaming of the lustful night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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