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Two Nights of Love (A true story)

My wife, Laura, and I decided to have a quiet weekend away, we didn’t want to travel far so I booked a couple of nights in a small hotel in a village on the edge of the New Forest. Whenever we went away I always had a sense of anticipation that something special was going to happen, sometimes my senses let me down but on this occasion they proved to be spot on.

We booked in and went to our room and unpacked, we then went down to check the place out. Anyway to cut to the chase we went back up to our room to get ready for the evening, I showered and changed and Laura had a bath and got herself ready in the bathroom, when she came out she was wearing a long dress and was showing just a bit of cleavage with a hint of black lace just visible under her dress.

We went into the bar and had a couple of drinks before going into the restaurant to eat, after our meal we went back to the bar for another drink or two, I wasn’t going to have much, I didn’t want the drink to spoil anything!

The bar was quite crowded but we soon found a couple of seats, we were sitting side by side and my hand touched her thigh and I immediately felt the unmistakable outline of a suspender. Now this was just what I had been hoping for, I knew then that we were in for a good night. Of course I made sure that my hand continued to brush against her thigh as often as possible and I could see that Laura knew that I knew she was wearing stockings.

After a couple more drinks we decided it was time to up to our room, Laura was just a little bit tipsy, she was not a great drinker, but by no means was she drunk, just in a happy mood.

On returning to our room we kissed and my hands wandered over her body and it became obvious that she had dressed for sex that night. Laura told me to go into the bathroom and freshen up and she would get ready for bed, I wasn’t about to object so I duly obliged, had a good wash and came out of the bathroom naked, a wonderful feeling of anticipation running through me.

What a sight greeted me, there stretched out on the bed was what I can only describe as a sexual vision. She was wearing black stockings paired with a gorgeous black lace outfit, not a Basque but a soft see through thing with suspenders attached that hugged to contours of her body. Her gorgeous full breasts barely contained by the lacy cups, a tiny black g-string that just about covered her pussy completed this beautiful vision.

I stood and stared for a few moments and by now had an enormous hard-on and a silly grin on my face while Laura looked at me and smiled. I joined her on the bed and we put our arms around each other and kissed passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I had to stop myself from jumping on her and fucking her brains out there and then, as I wanted this night to last as long as possible. More often than not we would put the lights out but no that night, they were staying on tonight, and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

I started to gently caress her breasts and could feel her nipples hardening under the thin lacy fabric as I ran my hands over those wonderful firm full tits. All the while I was kissing and licking her ear, this was something that was guaranteed to get her going. I then turned my attention from her breasts to her pussy, slowly moving my hand down her body over her stomach until I felt her tiny panties. I resisted the temptation to immediately slide my hand under the soft lacy fabric and instead slid my hand over them gently pressing on her pussy as I did so. I lingered there for a few moments moving my fingers slowly and deliberately to arouse her, gently tracing the outline of her lips, Laura’s body was responding with slow hip movements in time with the rhythm of my fingers pressing on her pussy.

My hand continued its journey down between her thighs which parted at my touch and she lifted her hips very slightly and let out a quiet sigh, my fingers went as far as they could until I was touching her tight little anus. Normally Laura would not let me linger there but tonight it seemed she was determined that nothing was off limits! My finger gently circled her tight hole; there was only the thin narrow fabric of her g-string between it and my fingers. I pressed gently and she let out a moan of pleasure, easing the fabric aside I very gently pushed the tip of my finger a small way into her. Feeling her muscles tense I withdrew and licked the tip of my finger before entering her again. As the tip of my finger penetrated her ass I looked into her eyes and she nodded slightly encouraging me to go on. I continued to gently push my finger deeper in to her lovely tight ass and Laura gradually relaxed as she got used to me invading her hole. Finally my finger was fully inside her and I started to gently thrust it back and forth, Laura was by now moving her ass in time with my thrusts and I gradually increased the rhythm Escort bayan until she finally let out a yell and I felt her cum, her body shaking with pleasure.

Withdrawing my finger from her ass I looked up at her as she lay there, her arms above her head gripping the headboard, I moved between her legs which parted even wider for me and knelt there looking at her, god she looked fucking beautiful. I said “I’m going to lick your pussy and make you cum again, is that what you want?” She said “yes please” and I replied “I can’t hear you, what do you want me to do?” She replied “lick my cunt”. I lowered myself down until my face was inches away from her pussy which was dripping with juices, barely covered by the tiny g-string, she smelt wonderful. I gently pulled her panties to one side revealing her wonderful pussy, she was soaking wet from my touch and was ready for sex. I ran my fingers over her pussy and gently pushed two fingers into her wet hole, her back arched as I pushed my fingers slowly and deeper into her. I then began to gently and slowly move them back and forth going deep into her with every thrust, she was gripping the headboard and her hips were moving in time with my hand.

Using my thumb I started to circle her clit which by now was hard and begging for some attention. Laura had by now completely lost it; her body writhed and bucked as my fingers tormented her sex.

Just as I sensed that she was about to cum I withdrew my fingers and put them to her lips and she opened her mouth eagerly licking her juices from them. My hands then moved to her breasts and I gently pulled the out until they were fully exposed, her nipples were erect and she responded to my touch sighing and moaning with pleasure.

While my hands enjoyed her tits I moved my face down and my mouth started to explore her pussy, god she was wet! My tongue worked its way around her cunt and every now and again I would take some skin between my lips and suck and squeeze it in my mouth before releasing and moving on. My tongue eventually found her hard clit and went to work on it. I flicked it with the end of my tongue and then took it in my mouth sucking it and applying gentle pressure, by now Laura was writhing around and groaning in ecstasy, she clamped her legs together preventing me from moving my head away, I remember thinking what a way to go, suffocated by a soaking wet cunt!

My tongue eventually moved from her clit and I penetrated her succulent wet cunt with it, all I could hear were cries of “yes, yes I want more, don’t stop”. I had no intention of disappointing her and was licking and sucking her like there was no tomorrow, my face wet from her juices. It was then that I noticed she was using her fingers on her clit, she was really going for it, and this only served to spur me on. I don’t know how long this went on but inevitably there was only one thing that was going to happen, she came with an intensity that I had never seen before. She screamed with pleasure, her hips thrusting so hard I thought I was going to lose some teeth as her pussy slammed repeatedly against my mouth.

I rolled away from her, breathless with her juices covering my face, looking over she was breathing hard herself, her breasts rising and falling. I moved closer and we kissed and cuddled. My cock was dripping with pre cum and wanted only one thing and that was to go where my mouth had just been, in her mouth and then her cunt.

As I was about to make the next move she said something that, to put it mildly, shocked me. She said that she had forgotten to ring her sister, I couldn’t believe it! We had just had the most passionate session of fore play and I was gagging to fuck her and she calmly told me she was going to make a phone call!

She said to put the TV on and watch Match of the Day for a while, I was almost speechless but later realised that this was part of her plan for the night, she had planned to split the session into two to make the night last as long as possible and I would just have to put up with it.

Anyway she made the call while I watched the football, thinking about it, to anyone looking in it must have seemed really bazaar, there we both were led on a bed, me naked and Laura dressed for sex, he cunt wet having just finished a wonderful session and she was on the phone and I was watching telly!

After a while I decided to see if I could move things on a bit so I lay there and started playing with my cock which quickly responded, I had to be careful as the last thing I wanted was to wank myself off, I had unfinished business to see to. I looked over to Laura and she was watching me but still talking on the phone. I then thought I have to up my game a bit so reached over and started playing with her breasts. Laura gave me a playful glare so I then turned my attention to her pussy and after a few minutes I felt her hips move in response to my touch and knew Bayan Escort I was having the desired affect.

As my fingers continued to stimulate her clit I noticed that she was having a problem talking naturally and sure enough she had to bring the call to a rapid close before her sister suspected anything. Thank fuck for that, now we could get on with the important stuff.

Now it was my turn to be on the receiving end, Laura went to work on me, first she played with my nipples, stroking, licking, sucking and biting them in turn and they responded becoming harder than I have ever seen them before. Then her hand started to work its magic, she ran her fingers down to my groin deliberately avoiding my throbbing hard cock and my heavy balls. Her fingers traced their way around my thighs and on down to my ass. By now I had opened my legs wide and her fingers danced around my ass and balls driving me mad.

I was quietly begging her to touch my cock and stroke my balls, I was moving my hips hoping she would get the message but she made me wait, all the time her tongue was keeping my nipples happy.

Slowly her mouth worked its way down my body but she still avoided the one thing I wanted her to lick, the bitch was driving me mad! Her tongue moved around the base of my cock and past my balls, she ran it along my inner thighs and gently nuzzled my balls with her lips. She kept this up for a few more minutes, by now I was a mess, my hips were writhing around and I was almost whimpering in anticipation of what was to come.

I then felt the gentle touch of her fingers around my throbbing, dribbling cock. She spoke asking me what it was wanted. I replied saying “please suck my cock.” Now it as her turn to make me beg by replying that she might just wank me off and then get an early night. By now I was gagging for it and practically begged her suck me and then I promised I would fuck her for as long as she wanted.

She didn’t say another word and I watched as she lowered her head and her tongue flicked around the throbbing purple head of my cock. Pulling the skin right back she ran her tongue around the head, licked the opening before lowering her face and taking it very slowly deep into her mouth. Her head started slow rhythmic movements and she alternated the pressure she applied with each movement, I was in fucking heaven.

After some time she released my cock from her mouth and let her hand do the work, wanking me furiously, my body was writhing around and I was begging her not to make me cum. After a few minutes of this she thrust it into her mouth again, the sensation I felt was unbelievable, how I didn’t shoot my load there and then I would never know. More wonderful licking and sucking followed until I could take no more and I begged her to let me fuck her.

She rolled onto her back and I mounted her, pulling her g-string aside my cock entered her socking wet cunt and we fucked like animals, there was nothing gentle about it. I was pounding into her and she was writhing around under me, the noises we were making must have sounded like two wild animals fucking.

Eventually I slowed down, pulled my cock out of her hole and told her to turn over, this she did presenting her glorious ass to me with just the thin string disappearing into her crack and down between her legs. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up to her knees, I parted her ass cheeks and rammed my cock into her cunt, she was complimenting my thrusts with her own and I could here my balls slapping against her as we fucked.

Her ripe ass was irresistible and I gave her a hard slap, first on the right cheek and then the left, she shouted saying “beat me, beat me you bastard!” very quickly her cheeks had a gorgeous rosy glow as my hand beat on that gorgeous ass. I slowed down and my thrusts became more controlled, Laura was moaning with pure pleasure.

I then ran a finger down the crack of her ass to her tight little asshole, I wet my finger with the juices from her cunt and pushed it into her ass hole while I continued to fuck her, by now she has lowered her face into the pillow making her ass stand up even more, I had a clear view of my cock penetrating her cunt and my finger thrusting into her tight asshole, what a site to see. The next thing I felt was her hand on my balls as she reached back to touch me, a wonderful sensation that made me thrust even harder, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I fucked her.

By now Laura was swearing and shouting at me to fuck her harder, she raised herself up and I reached round to grab one of her tits which was bouncing around madly, I found her hard nipple and squeezed and twisted it, “fuck me you bastard” she kept on saying. I turned her over and moved up her body straddling her chest, I put my hands behind her head and thrust my cock into her mouth and proceeded to fuck her face, violently pulling her head onto my cock, by now Escort this was not love making but just raw, hard sex.

Eventually I let go of her face and turned her onto her side, lifted her leg exposing her cunt, I was positioned behind her, she reached down to my cock and guided it into her and we fucked some more, again I had a great view of the action. Her hand moved to her clit and she wanked herself off as I fucked her hard, eventually I could hold back no longer and shot my hot load into her cunt as she let out a scream of pleasure coming almost at the same time as me, our juices spilling from her hot cunt. We stayed coupled together enjoying the moment, her breasts were rising and falling from her exertions and I couldn’t resist giving them a squeeze and gently sucking on her still hard nipples.

She gave out a satisfied sigh as I withdrew my cock from her hot wet cunt, our juices spilling out. We fell apart and lay side by side trying to get our breath as we basked in the afterglow of the most wonderful lovemaking you can imagine before drifting off into a satisfied sleep. The next morning, at breakfast, I was remembering the night before when Laura put her hand on my cock and gave me a knowing smile, what a night!

The next night we went to bed and enjoyed each others bodies in a much more gentle way. After bathing, we lay on the bed, Laura was wearing just a baby doll nighty and tiny panties which were stretched tightly over her pussy while I was naked as usual, I was lying on my stomach and I felt Laura’s hands massaging my back sprinkling talcum powder all over me and gently rubbing it in. When she turned her attention to my ass I opened my legs slightly and her hand moved down to caress my balls. I lifted my hips and her hand passed under my balls and onto my cock which was not yet fully erect.

She stroked and caressed my balls and cock for a few minutes before I turned over and she continued to gently caress my cock which, by now, was starting to respond to her touch. Laura then gently kissed my nipples and stroked them with her tongue, her hand still stroking my cock.

We kissed and my hand was stroking her back moving closer she put her leg over mine so that her pussy was pressing onto my thigh, we moved together, her pussy rubbing up and down against my thigh and I could feel her panties getting moist against my skin. My hand was by now stroking her ass and my fingers found there way down to her anus and I gently stroked it. We continued kissing for a while before I gently rolled her onto her back, she parted her legs and the thin delicate fabric of her moist panties was stretched tightly over her pussy, the shape of her lips clearly visible. I moved between her legs and mounted her, pushing her panties to one side I gently penetrated her slowly sliding my now hard cock into her gorgeous, wet cunt.

I stayed in that position as we kissed and I sucked her nipples, her breasts by now had spilled over the top of her tiny nighty. Slowly I started to move my hips back and forth eventually withdrawing my cock to the entrance of her cunt. Reaching down I took hold of my cock and moved it against her clit, rubbing it against the magic button, Laura sighed and moan with pleasure. I then returned it to her cunt, rubbing against her lips and sliding the head just into the pink entrance of her cunt, I repeated this a number of times until she whispered, “Please fuck me.” Once again I slowly entered her and began fucking her very slowly, Laura responded by moving her hips against my thrusts and moaning each time my cock penetrated fully into her. Gradually we increased the speed of our movements and she started to moan with pleasure.

We kept this up for some time before I raised her legs onto my shoulders; her beautiful tits were bouncing in time with our thrusts. I told her to play with her tits, the sight of her caressing herself and squeezing and twisting her nipples while we fucked was wonderful and I nearly came there and then. Eventually she said “I want you to cum in me now.” I increased my thrusts even more; her moans became squeals of pleasure until I eventually shot my load into her wonderful pussy filling it with my hot juice until it dribbled out of her.

I withdrew my cock and put my hand over her pussy rubbing and caressing her dripping lips, she begged me to stop but I was determined to continue pleasuring her, it was the least I could do. My fingers entered her and despite her protests she couldn’t resist moving her hips against my fingers, forcing them deep inside her until I felt her body tremble as another orgasm shot through her. Withdrawing my fingers I put them to her mouth and she licked and sucked our cum from them.

We kissed and cuddled for a while, I gently caressed her heaving breasts, her nipples hard and erect to my touch until we eventually drifted off to sleep in each others arms. Our lovemaking that night couldn’t have been more different from the night before, that night we were like to wild animals going at it but this time we were like two contented lovers enjoying the wonderful experience of our lovemaking.

All in all that was a weekend to remember!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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