Hotel Games Ch. 01

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My wife Brandi is a very hot, wild, and sexy forty year old sexual dynamo. She has long wavy brown hair and perfect pouty cocksucker lips. She resembles the porn star Lisa Ann only taller. Her tits are the most amazingly perfect 36D gummy bear implants that she got a few years ago to replace the 38DD she had when she stripped her way through college. She’s tan and toned and her pink silver dollar sized nipples stick out about a quarter inch when she’s excited. You can bounce a quarter on her tight little ass which has a perfectly sized and placed tramp stamp just above it in the arch of her back. Her long killer legs look exceptionally muscular when she wears her stiletto heels.

We have an open marriage and love to swing and since Brandi’s so hot its not hard to find eager partners. Most our conquests are with non-swingers just regular people we pick up in bars or anywhere we go. We have a game where she’ll go to a bar and sit and I’ll come in and pick her up. Sometimes she’ll tease and pick up business men while I watch from a distance.

On one particular trip out of town we were in our hotel room getting ready to go out and I was extremely horny from watching the men ogle her as she laid out at the pool in her skimpy G-string bikini that barely covered her assets. I’d send her to the bar and every man in the place fell all over themselves trying to get a better look at her as she’d strut there and back. I wanted to throw her down on the bed and fuck her when we got back to the room I was trying to rub her tits and grab her ass but she was having none of it. She told me she had a special surprise in store for me tonight and wanted me to be good and horny. Then she shooed me out and ordered me to go to the bar and wait for her.

I reluctantly went to the bar, grabbed a stool, ordered a drink and waited. It was still early so the place was only half full of businessmen in suits and a few conservatively dressed women, no hookers, yet. About two drinks and forty minutes later Brandi entered the bar wearing a backless halter white mini-dress with plunging V-neckline that exposed her ample cleavage along with some nice side boob. It left very little to the imagination barely covering her nipples. I don’t know how her pert erect nipples stayed covered as they poked through the thin fabric struggling to contain her excitement. Her dress barely covered her ass and her killer tanned legs glistened as she strolled in with her red stilettos. Every guy there turned to watch her sweet ass sashay in. I stood as she approached but she just slyly winked at me as she strolled right by whispering “Let the games begin.”

She took a stool directly opposite me at the bar. She winked again as she sat down. I knew that meant the game was on. She didn’t have to wait long for a drink. Soon she had the attention of several average looking business men in suits. They bought her drinks and danced with her but none seemed to hold her attention. Several of the men from the pool that were ogling her tried to hit on her with no luck.

After an hour or so a nice looking young black man approached her and pulled her off her stool and whisked her off to the dance floor rescuing her from her lesser suitors. He was tall, muscular and well dressed and I could tell Brandi was intrigued. He bought her several drinks and in between dances they carried on a deep conversation. Brandi stroked his arm and it appeared her friend was rubbing her leg under the bar, maybe more.

Brandi was getting tipsy from all the drinks she had and when that happens she gets really horny and flirty. Out of the corner of her eye she’d check me out occasionally making sure I was enjoying the show as she seductively rubbed her friends arm genuinely giving him all her good flirting moves. When he went to the bathroom she gave me a inquisitive wide eyed look as she bit her lower lip.

Having seen that look before I knew exactly what she wanted so I nodded my approval and she smiled broadly and blew me a kiss.

When her friend returned they went out and danced some more. When a slow song came on Brandi started to leave but she was grabbed and pulled close by the man. He pulled her into him and ground his cock into her as he rubbed her ass with both hands. He moved his hands under her dress to rub her firm bare ass revealing her exposed ass cheeks to anyone that wanted to look. And, there were several tables of guys elbowing each other enjoying the show. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing any panties. He continued to kneed her ass as he pulled her tight so he could grind his cock into her pussy.

I could tell Brandi had decided this was her toy for the night and when the song ended she eagerly grabbed her man buy the hand and pulled him off the dance floor and right past their stools. Eyes wide open in excitement she bit her lower lip seductively giving me a knowing glance as they passed. I hastily got up and headed for the elevators.

They were making out like teenagers when I approached. Brandi stood on Bostancı Türbanlı Escort one leg with the other sexily kicked back in the air as she stretched to reach up to kiss her next conquest.

My dick was getting hard as I watched his large hands go up her skirt and right onto her bare ass. As he squeezed and massaged her ass her skirt lifted higher up on her hips really showing off her naked tanned tight ass.

The elevator finally came and Brandi pushed 33 our floor so I pushed 45 and sat back and enjoyed the show. And quite a show it was. Brandi purred approvingly as she rubbed his cock through his pants while he squeezed and kneaded her tits through her dress as they made out.

After a few floors of this Brandi stopped abruptly and gave me an evil stare. “What are you looking at?!” she snarled, “Never see an interracial couple make out before?”

“I’m sorry” I stammered not expecting that. “I was just imagining how lucky your man is to be with someone as hot as you.” I stuttered embarrassingly. “No offense.”

“Ahhh, thats sweet. I bet you’d like some of this wouldn’t you?” she chided striking a sexy pose.

“Who wouldn’t you’re smok’n hot.” I countered.

She mulled that over for a second, “I’ve never done two guys before that would drive my cheating husband crazy?” she snickered.

“Wait a minute honey I think fucking a black guy will be more than enough to make that old man of yours jealous” the guy protested. “You won’t be able to tell he’s inside you when I’m done pounding that sweet married pussy of yours.”

“No, I’ve always wanted to fuck two guys at once” she insisted.

“I’m not up for that sweetie” he reiterated. “Believe you me I’ll fuck you hard enough you’ll think two guys did you.”

With that Brandi sexily shimmed out of her dress and let it fall to the elevator floor. She stood there in all her naked glory. Her nipples at perfect attention as her large firm tits heaved from the excitement. Her want to be lover eyeballed her up and down. From her cute red toenails to her shaved pussy to her luscious red cock sucker lips. She presented herself like she was a model at a game show. “If you want some of this it’s both of you or none of you. I’ll go back to the bar and find two guys that’ll fuck me.”

After eyeing her body up and down he gave me a dirty look but he was still hesitant.

Brandi grabbed his hand and placed a finger in her mouth and sucked it like a baby cock all the while looking him straight in the eye. “Imagine thats your cock in my mouth” she teased.

He reached out and groped her tits and pinched her nipples before he reluctantly agreed.

Giddy with excitement she jumped for joy causing her tits to bounce sexily. “You won’t regret it I’m the best piece of ass you’ll ever have.” She boasted. Then gripping his cock through his pants she longingly looked up at him “You won’t regret it.” When the elevator stopped she stepped out of her dress that was still around her feet and ordered me to pick it up. Her studs hands were all over her as she sexily walked naked to our room really shaking her ass. Reaching our door her lovers hands were all over her smacking her ass and pinching her tits as he sucked on her neck as my giggling wife struggled to unlock the door. I followed them in and my wife was all over him in a flash.

I sat on the bed and enjoyed the show.

My naked wife practically ripped his shirt off of him revealing his chiseled chest. She coo’d as she rubbed her hand approvingly over his washboard abs. Then she started frantically pulling off his belt. “I’ve got to see that sweet dick of yours you’ve been teasing me with all night” she proclaimed. “I hope you fuck as well as you dance.”

“I do” he boasted as he helped her undo his pants letting them fall to the floor. Before he could step out of them Brandi reached into his underwear and pulled out his monster cock. It had to be at least ten inches long and thick with a plum like head.

Now, I’m a good nine inches and have never felt small around any man until now.

Brandi gasped at the sight of it. “Oh my god, it’s huge” she moaned approvingly grabbing it and starring in disbelief as she felt its weight. The girth was so her hand barely fit around it. She cupped his large heavy balls and purred with approval. She waved her new toy at me “I hope you’re half as big as this” she chastised.

“Maybe he should fuck you first to loosen you up” her stud laughed. “I’ll split you in two if all you’ve had are little white dicks.”

My wife mesmerized by her new toy just examined it lustfully lost in it glory.

“When you gonna stop talking and start sucking?” He half ordered as he pushed her head towards his semi-erect cock. “Lets see if you’re as good sucking cock as you claim” he laughed.

My wife seductively lowered herself down so she was crouching in front of her friends snake and started to service her stud with her mouth. Slowly at first she licked up and down his shaft Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort before opening her mouth and inserting the plum like head. Her cheeks swelled as she sucked on the head while delicately kneading his large balls.

Her black stud pawed at her tits and pinched her nipples occasionally pulling on them hard enough to elicit a muffled cock filled squeal from my wife.

Squatting there naked still in her stiletto’s a black cock in her mouth she looked absolutely stunning. A sexual toy there for our pleasure to be used and fucked as we pleased.

“I bet you can’t get that whole thing in your mouth” I chided knowing full well she could.

“No white women have yet” her stud boasted looking down contemptuously at my wife attached to his cock by her mouth.

With a look of determination she accepted the challenge. She slowly bobbed up and down on the huge cock each time more and more disappeared down her throat.

Her stud was clearly enjoying her efforts as he moaned and encouraged her on. “Fucking white women go nuts when they see my big black dick” he bragged to me. “Thats it suck it baby, suck it, you aint never gonna want that little dicked husband of yours after I’m done with you” he bragged as he rubbed Brandis hair pushing her farther onto his cock. “Take it all bitch, get me good and hard for that tight white married pussy of yours. I’m gonna hit places you never knew you had. I’m gonna stretch that little married cunt of yours so you won’t even feel your old mans dick again.” he assured.

His coarse talk was really getting Brandi hornier and hornier as she enthusiastically went to town on her black studs cock. She pulled and tugged on his balls occasionally taking a break from sucking his cock to swallowing his balls and swishing them around in her mouth as she jacked him off.

He really liked that. “The way you suck cock I can’t imagine anyone cheating on you.” He marveled.

As my wife eagerly serviced him more and more of his cock disappeared down her throat and before too long she had him completely engulfed.

“Damn, no bitch has ever done that before, white or black” he proclaimed. “No hands” he barked as he pushed her hands away then grabbing the back of her head with one hand forcefully began to face fuck my gagging helpless wife.

Frantically gagging and moaning uncontrollably she braced her hands on his legs trying resist some of the force from his pushing her head onto his cock. Her tits bounced enticingly as she struggled to maintain some control of the cock assaulting her mouth.

My cock throbbed at the erotic sight of my wife being used so forcefully. She was the epitome of a hot wife as she sexily knelt in front of her black stud as he violated her mouth with his cock.

He moaned with each thrust he threw into her while laughing at her struggles to breath. “Thats it, work that pretty mouth of yours.” After a bit he stopped “Shit, you’d better stop I don’t wanna cum till I’ve gotten some of that pussy you’re so proud of.” He pulled her off of his cock with a loud pop.

Clearly proud of herself Brandi slowly regained her composure. “Lets see what you have” she ordered as she sexily approached me.

I was so enthralled with the action I forgot to get undressed. As I did Brandi egged me on as if in a hurry. “Come one come on, I’m gonna need you to loosen me up for that monster” Brandi practically begged. Finally, naked I stood there with my nine inches at full attention.

She approached me teasingly and grabbed my cock and squeezed. “Looks like you enjoyed the show. Not bad for a white guy” she said examining me. “It’ll do to get me ready for that monster” she teased as she leaned in and gave me a big wet kiss sticking her tongue deep down my throat.

“How’s my dick taste?” her stud laughed.

She broke the kiss and gave me a big appreciative smile “thank you” she mouthed as she bent down to suck on my cock.

“You’re in for a treat man, bitch knows how to suck a cock” he asserted.

Brandi feverishly assaulted me with her mouth like the horny hot wife she is. After a few minutes of her handiwork I was about to cum until I pulled her off my cock telling her if she wants me to loosen her up she’d better stop.

She sexily sauntered over to her black stud and grabbed his cock and started jacking him off as she tried to kiss him. He pushed her away telling her not after she’d just sucked another mans cock. She just shrugged and spun around facing me. Leaning back into her stud’s chest she reached up and put her arms around his neck causing her sweet tits to jet out invitingly. She ground her ass into his cock all the while alluringly staring at me.

His large black hands groped and prodded my tempestuous wife’s heaving tits. He’d slap her tits making them bounce for his amusement then pull vigorously on her nipples as he bit into her neck like a vampire leaving small marks.

My craving wife lustfully moaned as her stud roughly enjoyed Bostancı Ucuz Escort her body.

Soon one hand worked its way to my wife’s dripping pussy and he started aggressively rubbing her clit. This caused her to wail even louder and grind her ass into his cock even harder. It wasn’t long before a finger disappeared into her eager pussy. “Can you believe these tits?” he declared to me giving one a good slap.

She ground into his finger staring at me with a devilish grin all the while her stud feverishly finger fucked her. Her face contorted in ecstasy and it wasn’t long before she exploded in an orgasm. Her tits heaved as she relished in her pleasure. She probably would have collapsed on the floor if her stud wasn’t holding her up.

When she regained her composure she slowly lowered herself back down to his cock and started sucking on it again. She stopped long enough to order me to fuck her while she played with her new toy. “Fuck me now” she barked before returning to unrestrainedly sucking her studs cock.

I slid up behind her and grabbing her by her hips I lifted her ass into the air. “Keep your ass up” I ordered as I gave her ass a good hard smack making her give out a muffled yelp. I positioned my cock at the lips of her pussy. I had a hold of my cock and was teasing her lips with it but she was having none of that.

Releasing her mouth from her studs cock she grabbed my cock and positioned it at the opening of her pussy “Fuck me already” she ordered before returning to his cock. “And, get me good and loose if you know whats good for you.”

I gave her ass another smack before I slid my cock into her. She was as wet as I’ve ever felt her. “Damn this bitch is tight” I exclaimed.

“Her old man must have a little dick.” Her stud laughed. “I’d never get tired of fucking this piece of ass.”

She mumbled something unrecognizable not bothering to release his cock from her mouth.

I slowly inserted my cock bit by bit. I’d push in a ways then pull out. This was driving her nuts because I knew at this point all she wanted was a good fucking. I could make out a muffled “Fuck me, fuck me” coming from her cock filled mouth. Finally, when I was all the way in she started frantically thrusting back onto my cock like a wild woman. I reached around to grabbed her tits but her stud had a handful of them. So I grabbed her hips and pounded into her hard and it wasn’t long before she let out a loud muffled shriek with another massive orgasm. She almost squeezed my dick in half with her contractions.

Sensing I was close to cumming she released her studs cock from her mouth and pulling off my cock turned to me. With a devilish grin she laid a long wet kiss on me. She stuck her tongue deep down my throat so I could taste his cock on her again. “That’ll teach you to smack my ass” she whispered in my ear. Satisfied she’d payed me back for smacking her ass she smiled then lowered herself down to my throbbing shaft. As she sucked away I watched as her stud position himself behind her.

Just as I had done he roughly pulled her ass into the air and positioned his cock at the opening of her juicy pussy as she sucked vigorously on my cock. As he entered her she paused for a moment and let out a loud moan of pain or pleasure, I wasn’t sure. She used my dick like a handicapped bar as she wantonly starred back at her stud as he slid more and more of his cock inside her. She was moaning and screaming like a mad woman. “Oh God, yes. You’re so fucking big. Fuck me with that big black cock. Fuck me.” When he was all the way in she shrieked with another massive orgasm. “AHHHHHHHH.” When she regained her composure her stud smacked her hard on her ass and commanded her to fuck him.

She held onto my dick as she impaled herself over and over again on his cock. She was furiously thrusting herself onto his dick when he slapped her ass again telling her she’d better not break his cock.

“Please fuck me, fuck me, I need to feel that big cock of yours fucking me” my frenzied wife beseeched.

With that he grabbed her by the hips and started thrusting his cock into her really fucking her good and hard.

She returned to my cock and the feeling of her mouth glued to my dick while she was being pounded by her black stud was incredible. Each thrust radiated through her mouth to my cock. It didn’t take long for me to explode down her throat. I grabbed her head firmly holding it on my cock making her swallow my entire load. “Swallow it all bitch” I ordered. “And, make sure you cheating husband gets a taste of me.”

Brandi struggled to break free but still eagerly swallowed my load.

“Bitch is one horny muther fucker” her stud commented. “Can’t imagine cheating on this”

Spent, I slid my softening cock out of her mouth and moved to the bed so I could enjoy the show.

What an amazing show it was. Her stud pulled out of her and yanked her to the dresser and spun her around facing it then lifted one leg onto it as he pushed her face down on the top. I had a perfect view of his black snake penetrating my wife’s accepting pussy. He smacked her ass good and hard before he slammed he cock all the way in to her with one motion causing Brandi to shriek loudly. Then he’d fuck her slowly almost pulling completely out before slamming his cock all the way into her with one motion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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