Hotel in Paris

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Big Tits

This is a follow up story to Flying To Paris.


We lay in the bed of her posh hotel room talking after screwing our brains out. It was the second time we had met since landing in Paris earlier in the week and I still couldn’t believe my good fortune in meeting this sexy, uninhibited woman. The fact that she had a boyfriend didn’t seem to faze her and only added to my own excitement. The boyfriend worked for her daddy and was busy with project meetings during the week, so I guess he was more worried about pleasing the boss rather than the daughter. C’est la vie!

“Have you ever had a ménage à trios?” she asked with a glint in her eye.

“No, but you have my full attention,” I responded eagerly.

“Well, we are in the City of Love,” she said. “I’ll bet something can be arranged. Be back here on Friday at 8pm and leave the details to me. If you trust me, I can guarantee you an unforgettable experience.”

Needless to say the next three days took forever to pass and every time I thought about it my trousers looked as if I was trying to steal the Eiffel Tower.

Friday evening arrived and when I reached her hotel room, there was a note on the door. “Come in without knocking and do not speak until told to do so.” I did as instructed and heard noises from the bedroom, so I walked in that direction. What I saw was not what I expected.

Her boyfriend was naked on the king size bed, arms and legs stretched out and tied to the bed posts. He was blindfolded and she was sitting on his face. She was wearing a latex corset that cupped and lifted her exposed breasts, long black gloves, stiletto-heeled boots that came up to her thighs, and nothing else except a look of contentment on her face.

She saw me standing there and moved her hips faster as she pinched her nipples. To him she said, “Make me cum hard or you won’t get the surprise I promised.” He must have done what she wanted because it wasn’t long before she moaned and shuddered. I could see her juices dripping down his cheeks as she moved off him.

To him again she said, “That was very good. You need you to do this to me more often. I’m tired of you ignoring me. I will do things to you that will blow your mind when you give me what I need as well. Now to the surprise you’ve earned. I have invited someone to join us for a threesome. In fact, this person is already here and watched as you made me cum. Before I take off your blindfold, both of you will do exactly as I command without hesitation or I will leave and not return.”

She reached out and removed her boyfriend’s blindfold. He was as surprised as gaziantep escort reklamları I had been that the third person was not female, but clearly women have their fantasies too. This was going to be an interesting night! Turning to me she said, “Strip,” which I did. To him she said, “Watch.” She walked to me and dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. I looked over at her boyfriend and his erection was twitching, but with his arms tied, he couldn’t stroke himself like he clearly wanted to do. After a couple of minutes of giving me head, she looked up and saw what I was looking at and smiled.

“Let’s move closer so you can help him out of his misery.” I had never touched another man’s cock, but she made it seem like an ordinary thing, which to women it is. I spit in my hand for lubrication and reached out and grasped his erection like I would hold my own. It was warm and hard. She smiled and resumed sucking my cock, but watched my hand stroking him and matched her pace with mine. I realized it did feel natural, although different from touching myself. He certainly seemed to be enjoying it.

“Now boys, neither one of you have permission to cum until I say so. Your goal is make me have as many orgasms as possible and if you please me, then you can cum. Is that clear?” she asked. We agreed, but I wasn’t sure I could hold out that long.

To him she said, “Do you like it when I suck your cock? Are you jealous that I’m sucking him instead? I will suck your cock right now, but I want you to know what it feels like so you can appreciate what I do for you.” To me she said, “Straddle his face and let him suck you. I want to watch.” I climbed on the bed as commanded and pushed the tip of my rock hard erection into his mouth. He wasn’t sure what to do, but his tongue figured it out and started moving around the head. I grabbed the headboard and started fucking his mouth slowly. She watched from the side of the bed and her fingers were frantically impaling her pussy. “Suck his cock like you want me to suck yours. God, this is making me so wet!” she said.

She moved down the bed and started sucking her boyfriend while still masturbating and watching us. After awhile, she said to me, “Come here. I want you licking my pussy while I cum.” She stood at the foot of the bed and bent over her boyfriend’s cock to resume her fellatio, so I knelt behind her and looked up at her dripping pussy. I moved my tongue up and down her cunt, paying particular attention to her clit. Her mouth soon stopped sucking her boyfriend and she reached behind her to push my head deep between her legs, forcing my nose into the crack of her ass and mashing my mouth onto her pussy. She came with a scream.

“You have both done a good job with your mouths. I can tell you both need to get off so now I’m going to let each of you fuck my pussy and cum this time for being such good boys.” To me she said, “Untie him and lay on your back across the bed.” I did as instructed and she got on her hands and knees over me with her pussy over my face. “Take me from behind,” she told her boyfriend, “I want him to see us fuck.”

He quickly got into position and wasted no time in slamming his cock in her pussy hard and deep. He grabbed her hips for balance and I could tell this was not going to be long for him. She bent her head down to watch behind her and saw his balls swinging as he fucked her. She said to me, “Reach up and make a circle around his cock with your thumb and forefinger and apply pressure as slides through your fingers to fuck me. I also want you to use your tongue and lick his balls as they swing.” She herself had licked my balls during our previous lovemaking, but it felt very different to be doing it myself.

After a couple of minutes enjoying this new sensation, he began to grunt and move faster. Then he buried himself deep and stopped moving as he filled her pussy with his pent up cum. I could feel him spasm between my fingers. She told him to move back and she lowered her sopping pussy to my mouth and said, “You liked it when I swallowed your cum on the airplane. I want you to lick his cum from my pussy and see what it’s like.” I did as she commanded while her boyfriend watched my tongue clean every last trace of him from her cunt.

“I’m going to ride you,” she told me and turned around. “You just watch, but don’t touch yourself. I want you hard again,” she said to him. She lowered herself on my engorged cock and bounced up and down while fingering her clit. “Pinch my nipples,” she said after she established a rhythm she liked, “and tell me when you’re going to cum.” She got there before I did, but not by much. She moaned and shuddered, which was the last straw for me, and I told her so. She quickly got off my cock and took it in her hand. She stroked it rapidly and pointed it at my belly as I came. “Come here and lick up all his jizz,” she told her boyfriend, “You need to taste it as well.” Even though I had just cum, feeling his tongue on my body and watching my cum disappear into his mouth, my cock got hard again and I noticed his was also.

“Now it’s time for a little contest. I’m going to let the winner fuck me in the ass. I’m going to fuck the loser in the ass with my dildo. I want the two of you to lay on your sides in the 69 position. The winner is the one that makes the other cum first and swallows.”

He had a slight advantage because he had already sucked me and knew what it was like to have a cock in his mouth, but I figured I’d just do what I knew felt good to me. We did as commanded and I took his cock in my mouth as I felt his lips envelop mine. We each tried not to move our hips or thrust into the other guy’s mouth to keep from getting too excited, but that meant we needed to really make an effort on the cock in our mouth to take the other over the edge.

She watched from the side of the bed and was masturbating with the dildo she was going to use on one of us. He was doing a good job on my dick and listening to her moans escalated my excitement. I could feel myself getting closer, but I wanted to win, so I decided to go all in and took as much of him into my mouth as possible. At the same time, I reached around behind him and pushed the tip of a finger into his asshole. Suddenly his hot cum filled my throat and I gagged a little as I worked to swallow it all. I pulled my cock from his mouth as I did so to keep myself from filling his mouth as well. God, I had been so close!

“Very good boys. That was quite the show. Now on to the prizes!” she exclaimed. To him she said, “Lay on your back and spread your legs with your knees up.” She inserted the dildo back into her own pussy, stroked a few times to get it nice and wet, then bent over the bed and placed it on his asshole. “It helps if you relax and don’t fight it,” she said to him as she started pushing it into him. At the same time, she took his cock into her mouth and stared sucking energetically to distract him. Once it was fully inserted and she was slowly moving it in and out, she turned to me and said, “Fuck my pussy for a minute, then move to my ass.” I did so and it felt glorious. She was sucking and fucking him hard and he was moaning. Her own hips were rising to meet my cock as I fucked her ass and I was grunting with pleasure. Without a word being said, he and I seemed to understand the need to cum at the same time and timed our efforts perfectly. He shot his load into her mouth as I filled her ass and we both saw her body tremble violently as she collapsed.

Later, after showering together, we went for a late dinner and drinks. We talked for a couple of hours and then I excused myself, but not before we exchanged phone numbers and promises to meet again. I heard him say that he will be giving her a lot more of his time from now on. She promised that if he does so, they can have another threesome, perhaps with one of the hotel maids this time. I walked to my hotel with a smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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