House Call

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I never knew what was wrong with me. All my promiscuous friends had told me how wonderful it was and what I was missing out on, but I could never seem to achieve it.


Since I first became sexually aware of myself I had tried and tried, rubbing, poking, stroking, teasing, but to no avail. It seemed like I was constantly horny, too, the ultimate torture. Now at nineteen I was beyond frustrated with myself, becoming upset with each failed attempt. So I just stopped trying.

I was extremely sheltered my whole life, everything was censored, no ‘grown up’ tv shows that might contain sex, violence or cursing, I was sent to private boarding schools which allowed no nonsense. This all meant that by nineteen I had next to no life experience. I felt myself becoming unsettled in my tame life, I wanted to experience something, anything that might excite me.

I saw no opportunities as my first semester of university came and went, none of the boys there stood out to me. While my girlfriends and housemates all went on drunken slutty escapades, I stayed in and studied. I was beginning to worry that I’d never be appealing to anyone and that my life would continue this way forever.

During the summer holidays I came back home. Mum and dad always fussed over me whenever I came back from being away, interrogating me, making sure I hadn’t done anything stupid like let a drop of alcohol come within a meter of my lips. I answered all their questions as we put my things in my room upstairs.

‘I’m so glad you’re home sweetheart,’ my mum said, kissing me on the forehead and rushing down to prepare dinner, leaving my father and I in the room,

‘Oh, I forgot to mention, hun, your mother and I are going golfing tomorrow, then to a barbecue at Lisa and John’s. I would ask if you wanted to come along, but I’d say you wouldn’t want to hang around us stuffy old people all day.’ He chuckled, and ruffled my hair, ‘if you do end up going out, just leave the back door open for the IT man, bursa escort bayan he’s coming to fix the computer thingie-ma-jiggy. I’ve told him where the office is but if you’re here you could show him for us, right, doll?’

‘Course, dad.’ I gave him a quick hug and flopped onto my old bed, he left, shutting the door behind him. I mulled over being home again and tried to think of some kind of plan for the next day, home alone. No point in masturbating like a normal person, no walking around naked, perhaps a swim? Yeah, a swim will do.

The next day mum and dad left before I woke. I trotted downstairs in my pajamas, the heat creating a peppering of sweat on my forehead. I whipped into my bikini and dove into the pool shortly after breakfast. I swam around and lazed on the blow up couch for a while, then slipped back into the cool water.

My body was cooled and I felt my nipples harden. I swam over to the steps of the pool and sat on the second one, leaving me submerged completely aside from my head. I couldn’t help but begin to massage my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples through my bikini top. I felt warmth growing in my groin and leaned back, ready to reach down and make another attempt at climax, when I heard a voice clearing loudly.


I whipped my head up and saw a huge man standing on our back patio, looking at me sternly. He was at least 6’8″, massively built, bald and had a bit of a beard. I almost screamed until I saw his shirt that claimed he belonged to an IT company.

‘Oh, hey there!’ I yelled to him, trying my best to pretend I wasn’t just thinking about touching myself. I was very good at hiding sexual frustration.

‘Hey, I’m Derek, I’m here about the computer.’ He replied while trying not to watch me exit the pool; I was wet, nipples erect and bikini clad.

‘Right, right. I’ll show you in, hold up.’ I called, toweling myself off briefly and wrapping the towel around my hips. I approached him and put my hand put bursa anal yapan escort my hand out to shake, ‘I’m Kittie.’

‘Nice to meet you, Kittie.’ He took my hand abruptly and shook. He seemed very dismissive of me, but I caught him glimpsing at my breasts, which excited me, though I never thought a man like this could cause a reaction like that in me. I suddenly felt giddy and nervous, like I had a little crush, which is probably how he saw it, being in his thirties at least. I’d never interacted sexually with another person before, so I decided not to try anything too overzealous. I simply exaggerated the movements of my hips and changed my tone slightly as I showed him to the office.

He sat down in the office chair and smiled up at me, dismissively. I nodded and accepted another failed potential encounter. I went upstairs to change into some cool clothes and pretended I was home alone again.

I eventually found myself surfing the net, flicking through a friend’s blog, when I found an image that created a stir beneath my pleated skirt. I felt a smidge of wetness escape my pussy lips and decided to go to the bathroom and wipe it up, but the image caught my attention again. My heart pounded hard and I felt more excitement stirring. This could finally be it, I thought.

I skipped over to my bed and lay down, not bothering to close the door. I pulled my pink panties down to my ankles and spread my knees. Two of my fingers found my cunt hole and massaged the wetness all around my pussy, covering my lips and clit. My arousal grew and grew, I moved my fingers around fiercely, and could feel my first orgasm growing, but my arm was growing tired and I was frustrated. I had the imagery, the arousal but no stamina or patience. I was about to give up when I heard a quiet gasp at my door. My eyes shot open and I saw his huge frame standing there,

‘I’m so sorry!’ Derek blurted, but did not move. I could see the huge bulge in his bursa rus escort pants and my horniness skyrocketed again, my fingers swirling faster and faster.

‘Please..’ I moaned, ‘oh please finish me off..’ I had no idea what I was saying but I knew I needed him to touch me and finish off this huge wave of nirvana that was almost upon me. For a moment I thought he wouldn’t move, and a spring of embarrassment panged in my chest. There he was, the IT guy, walking in on his clients daughter, touching herself in her room. He must think she’s such a little whore.

He stood there stunned for only a moment more, then he slowly moved over to my bed side and kneeled there, just staring at me rubbing myself. I was so turned on looking at him watching me, another jolt of pleasure shot through me. ‘Please!’ I groaned louder.

He looked unsure, like I didn’t really want it, or maybe he was trying to gage how old I was, but despite it he slid his right hand up my smooth thigh and pushed two fingers inside, my tightness was the only thing that resisted them. ‘Oooohhoh!’ I moaned and pushed my head back into my pillows, letting him take control of my bliss completely.

The feeling probing my cunt was so intense I began shaking, I thought I was cumming, until his thumb found my clit and he massaged it vigorously and I knew by the almost agonizing pleasure that this was it. I shook uncontrollably and dug my fingers so hard into my blankets I thought the material would rip. I barely made a noise, only scrunching my features and writhing back and forth with each flick of his thumb.

I felt no concept of time until my orgasm had subsided to a warm pulsating. I finally exhaled and relaxed my body, I opened my eyes and saw Derek kneeling beside me, looking partially in shock at my reeling orgasm. He had taken his fingers out from me sometime before I’d finished and had his hand on my thigh, almost awkward about keeping it there. I noticed again the gigantic bulge in the front of his jeans, ravenous for more now that he had started me off.

I smiled at him and smoothed my hand over his. ‘My parents are out all day, you wanna keep me company?’ I rolled on my side and pulled his hand behind me, to my round ass. He squeezed voluntarily and grinned,

‘How can I say no to that?’

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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