House of Lane Ch. 02

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For those of you who may be starting on chapter two please read chapter 1 first as it is where the base of this story and the characters within are introduced. Thank you for any and all comments made in advance as they all help me get better at this.


As I sat enjoying the afterglow of what I had just experienced at the direction of Maser Lane, I can’t help but find myself enjoying the pleasure of being served and not being the servant. As a sudden rush of cold air rushes over my body, I stand up my cock subsiding as I walk. Entering through the back door I am quickly reminded of the experience as I see Summer sitting on top of the kitchen island legs hanging off in a relaxed way as she leans back on her hands while Gabby is licking my cum off her body hungrily. I smile, as I realize the act is probably an extension of her punishment for making a mistake on her morning greetings.

“I think she likes your taste!” Summer giggles, as I enter the room.

“Sit with us today and enjoy breakfast.” Master Lane directs with a smile on his face.

Normally each of us provides a different task or service to preform while Master Lane and Miss Eve eat. After they are complete then the rest of us are permitted to eat. Only once or twice in the past several years have I ever been invited to eat along side Master. Taking my seat across from Master Lane I see that a plate has already been prepared with a variety of Hispanic breakfast foods only Gabby would be capable of making. She has always been the best cook in the house. I smile as I look around and see the others finishing and then kneeling quietly along the table awaiting potential orders to be given. I take my first bite as I hear Master Lane speak.

“Well, I want everyone listening because this is very important. Today is not only a special day in this house as it is Josh’s anniversary here, but it is also a very important night in the Society of Masters. Tonight there is going to be a special meeting at the club and all of the California masters are going to be present tonight. As you know this does not happen often and we all need to be on our best behavior as an example of what the Society expects from every sir and madam who is a member. We will be appointing a seventh Master tonight from within the ranks of our Society and there is going to be a lot of changes coming from that.”

Master Lane takes a bite of food and sits back in his chair. His hand reaching out and gently wrapping around Bree’s shoulder moving her against his thigh. I can’t help but appreciate the difference in her dark skin against his pale thigh and smile as she cuddles closer to him enjoying his touch.

“Josh, today you will be going with me to the new house and Evelyn will be taking you ladies to the salon to get pampered and shop for new outfits for tonight’s events. Remember to dress your best, all Masters will be there and we wanna have a great time tonight. I believe in you all and am sure you will make me proud.” Master finishes his remarks and stands. “Time to go Josh get dressed I’ll meet you outside in 20 minutes.”

Master stands and kisses each girl on the forehead and then begins to walk away. I stand quickly and move towards the back door as Mistress Evelyn orders the ladies to get dressed to go out. I suddenly hear the click clack of their heels as they stand and move in unison with the reply of “Yes Mistress!!” Each one returning to their pool house to prepare for the day.

I put on a pair of slim fitting jeans and my favorite black and grey Nike shoes, then I slip on a dark grey fitted Tahoe and matching button down short sleeve shirt underneath. I take a quick look in the mirror before heading out to the garage. I arrive at the same time as Master Lane.

“You ready Josh?” He asks as he opens the door to a black Tesla sports car with black rims and dark tinted windows. I take my seat and buckle in as Master Lane begins to pull out of the driveway and through the gate. A security guard at the gate waves as we exit the compound and speed off towards the new house.

“Josh I wanna talk to you today without the formalities of my position, do you understand?” Master asks, as he turns on to the main road.

“Yes sir of course, what’s on your mind today?” I respond. Master Lane has asked me to put aside our positions in the past but those conversations were typically related to the actions of a sir or madam which Master was reviewing for discipline or expulsion from

The Society or when he had brought in a new submissive to the house and he wished to know my opinion on her attitude or behaviors. However, as far as I knew none of those situations were currently happening.

“I have a few questions I need to ask you, Josh,” Master Lane says quietly as the vehicle turns onto the freeway.

“What’s that, sir?”I respond.

“Well first why do you think the Masters in the Society of Masters are needed?” He asks. I sit and think for a moment and then reply.

“Well personally cihangir escort I see the Masters as being a group of people who exist to serve the needs of the submissive. They provide structure and discipline, comfort and security and in the end fulfill all the submissive needs to be successful, loving and cherished people who can help others in the ways they were helped by the Masters.” I stop at that trying not to over explain my thoughts.

“What do you think are the most important traits of a good Master?” Master Lane continues.

“I would probably value most integrity, humility and consistency. Without those three traits a submissive and the sir’s alike cannot be positive examples and have the leadership needed to move forward the values and lifestyles of the society of masters to others who need the organization to find themselves and find happiness.” I concluded.

I look over and see Master Lane smiling. “No more questions Josh, I had more but there is no need. I would like to have a nice drive, though, before we arrive!” He laughs and winks.

Knowing what Master is hinting at, I move to my knees and lean over as Master Lane moves his seat back slightly. My hands quickly undo his pants and unleashing his semi hard cock. For whatever reason Master Lane tends to get excited in a vehicle, I think to myself. Leaning over, my hand grips his cock as I wrap my lips tightly around the head and start sucking gently using one hand to stroke his quickly hardening shaft as my other arm holds me steady while the car moves down the roadway. My mouth begins to travel up and down the shaft followed by my hand as I take his cock deeper and deeper, with each stroke, my tongue caressing him softly as I suck. The engine revving from time to time, as my throats opens to Masters cock sucking it deeply and holding it deep in my throat in between each long stroke.

“You gonna finish what you started this morning?” Master asks suddenly, as his hand grips my head and pushes my head down hard onto his cock.

“Mmmm hmmmm.” I moan on his cock.

The vibrating of my moan pushed Master over the edge. I feel Masters cock pulse deep in my throat as his warm cum fills my mouth, my throat gulping quickly as I swallow each drop as it fills my mouth. His hand releasing, as I slowly milk the last drop of cum out of his cock and swallow it with a final pop as I take my seat again. Looking to my right, I see that Master has rolled down my window and I observe a couple staring over into the car. I smile realizing they had just seen me drain Masters cock. I lick my lips seductively and wink as Master pulls away. We both laugh loudly as Master zips his pants and we finish our drive to the new property.

“Thank you,” Master says as he opens the door.

“My pleasure, Sir.” I respond and exit the car.

As I look around the two acres of undeveloped property, which Master has recently purchased, I see that a black Land Rover is parked in the male shift dirt driveway. My heart stops and flutters quickly as I realize it must be Ashley’s. Ashley has always been a secret crush of mine. She was a 24 year old stunner with the most beautiful pale skin and striking blue eyes which captured your soul. She is maybe 5’3″ on a good day and has a slim figure. She has perfectly perky and round c cupped breasts with nipples that beg to be kissed. Her hair is a beautiful shade somewhere between light brown and red. Her smile is infectious even with her slightly twisted front tooth that does nothing but add beautiful character to her face that I would never trade for anything. I had always seen Ashley as the girl next door that was simultaneously exotic and her beauty was indescribable. Ashley lives in the House of Golden, which is headed by Master Frank Golden and Mistress Lily. Master Frank as he likes to be called is the oldest of the California masters at 65 and was a mentor to Master Lane in his early years and is still a regular source of guidance for the entire society. Ashley, however, is not your standard submissive. She has always been special to Master Frank as he found her at just 18 and took her in more as a daughter than a true submissive. She is an odd combination of perfect obedience and unfettered defiance. She has always been a desired target of Sir’s, who wish to make her a Madam, but she is too strong of a woman for them. I have always loved her since the day I met her and although I know she could never be with a lowly Master’s assistant, however, that has never stopped my mind from wandering and my heart from racing every time I see her.

I follow Master Lane up the rough dirt driveway and through the 10 foot block walls surrounding the entire lot. As we make our way past the open gate I see her kneeling quietly on a small piece of concrete which had been laid as the eventual entry way of Master Lanes new house. Master Lane had purchased the property at Laguna beach approximately 3 months ago and only the outer security walls mecidiyeköy escort had been completed, along with the circular dirt driveway on the front of the property and the small patch of concrete that Ashley was kneeling on.

“Hello Master Lane.” Ashley says politely as we walk up the driveway. “How may I serve you, sir?”

“Please stand Ashley.” Master Lane replies with a smile, “Master Frank will be told about your greeting and proper manners but today let’s focus on the work at hand.”

As Ashley stands, her small frame stretches and I can see her eye capturing outfit. She is wearing tall black wedges with black skinny jeans that hang low on her hips. Above her pants her stomach is bare and she is wearing a sheer black half shirt which hugs her body tightly and stops just below the curve of her breasts. She wears no bra underneath, allowing for a clear view of her perfectly perky breasts. To keep her warm she sports a form fitted black leather jacket which hangs loosely around her shoulders the back and arms covering her skin, but the front being open allowing for a wonderful view. As she stands she produces a black leather bound folder and opens it approaching Master Lane.

“Hello Josh.” She says wrapping her arms around my waist and kissing my cheek. “I am glad you’re here to help today.”

“Me too, it’s always nice to see you.” I say nervously, as her bare stomach presses against my hands as they find her waist. Hugging me tightly she pulls away and then turns to show Master Lane the folder. Inside was a series of plans, proposals and budgetary recommendations for the construction of the new home. Even though Ashley was young, she has always excelled in planning and organization, acting as a project coordinator for several of the societies larger building projects, including the recent overhaul of the Societies main social club in Los Angeles which cost approximately 4.5 million dollars. Ashley has been requested by Master Lane to build the new residence and as Master Lane’s mentor Master Frank was more than happy to let her head the project. Master Frank has always excelled at construction projects and his subs have often become his best and most powerful employees. As Master Frank gets older and nears retirement many people within the society have been scrambling to take his spot at the building House, but I don’t think he has any intention of ever letting that power leave the House of Frank Jensen and Ashley is the key.

As Ashley and Master Lane walk around the property I follow quietly behind listening to every word as it rolls off her tongue, her brilliance shining through as she outlines each portion of the property. She paints a picture of a grand open floor plan with a professional kitchen, indoor /out door pool area, submissive training areas, an amazing master suite, several pool houses much like the old house as well as many many additional features. As she moves from space to space in the open lot I can’t help but find myself following her every curve as her body moves, often finding myself stumbling and hoping no one catches on.

After about three hours we all arrive back at the front of the property. Everyone laughing and smiling as the free exchange of ideas was able to develop a beautiful house plan. I suddenly realize how nice it is to have an input on things in the house and have my ideas validated by Master Lane as we wandered the property.

“So what do you think Master Lane?” Ashley asks as we reach the small concrete patch.

“Absolutely perfect Ashley, I am very proud of you and have no doubt you will bring the house together without a hitch.” Master replies and then looks over at me. “Josh couldn’t remove his eyes from you the entire time so I’m sure he will need another tour later, but I’m sure he will be impressed with the final plans when you complete them next week.”

Pausing for a moment, her cheeks blushing, I smile unable to hide the fact I couldn’t look away.

“Y-y-yes Sir…of course next week Sir.” She collects herself, “I will have it all completed by then Master Lane not a moment later.” She bows politely as Master Lane chuckles at her stumbling words.

“You will be at the club tonight with Master Frank, correct, Ashley?” Master Lane asks as we approach the vehicle.

“Yes, of course Master. Master Frank said all the Masters will be present tonight so it must be a special occasion.” Ashley replies.

“It is. So dress well Ashley I’m sure you will bring your beauty as always. Please tell Master Frank and Mistress Lily hello for me and thank them again for putting you on this project.” Master Lane finishes as Ashley nods, the vehicle doors close and Master Lane pulls away heading back to the house.

“Let’s hope Mistress Evelyn has the ladies ready to go today we must get to the club, tonight will be a big change for the Society and I do not wish to be rushing.”

The car hums along the roadway as I see the sun setting slowly in the sky admiring kurtuluş escort the area where we all live. My mind can’t help but wonder where my life would have been if I hadn’t taken a security job at the club and if I hadn’t met Master Lane who gave me a chance to prove myself. I smile slightly as I appreciate the world I have become a part of and have the privilege to call my own. As I get lost in thought we arrive home before I know it and Master Lane parks the car.

“Always lost in thought aren’t you? I have always appreciated that about you Josh, your always thinking, always pondering. You’re a dreamer and that is something we need more of.” Master Lane says and then exits the vehicle.

I exit and close the door following Master into the house seeing the lights on when suddenly my ears are filled with the THWACK of a strap coming from the back of the house. I hear a yelp and the voice of a female as me and Master make it to the back door. My eyes find the source of the noise, I see Gabby her skirt around her ankles and her body bent over a chair gripping the seat tightly with her legs straight as she stands behind it.

THWACK!! The noise echoes as Mistress Evelyn swings a thin leather strap striking Gabby’s butt leaving a bright red mark along side two others.

“Are you sorry, Gabby?” Mistress asks, calmly holding the strap.

“Yes Mistress, I am sorry Mistress.” Gabby says, as she squeals her red butt glowing with warmth.

“What is this?” Master asks as he kisses Mistress Evelyn’s cheek with as a greeting and puts his keys on a nearby counter.

“Well me and the girls went out to prepare for the evening and on two occasions Gabby decided that she would speak improperly by addressing me as Evelyn and not Mistress Evelyn. This is her third speaking mistake in the last two days and we have began a punishment session.” Evelyn explains.

Master sits down and quietly contemplates before looking at his watch and then stands again.

“Too bad we don’t have time for a full session, we have to get going, but we will have a punishment later Gabby.” Master states sternly.

“I have an idea for a punishment Master.” I say quietly and lower my head nervous that my speaking out of turn would be met with scorn. Hearing no scorn I look up and see Master smiling. He nods and waves his arm sideways signaling me to take over. I hurry and run quickly to my pool house and then return just a minute later. In my hand I have two small discs.

“I got these from that friend I had mentioned Master Lane, Big Joe.”

Removing the items from my hand and showing them to Master Lane. I move towards Gabby touching her shoulder and pulling slightly. Her body follows and she stands in front of me her nude body clad only her heels with a skirt on the ground wrapped around her shoes. I take one device and remove a small paper backing.

“These discs are made out of a rubberized foam and are very pliable and shaped like a donut with a center hole. I just removed the backing and we stick it around Gabby’s nipple placing her nipple in the hole. Then in the center you can see these small flat metal spikes all around the center.” I explained as I place the circle and look back at Master and Mistress who are following my motions.

As the second ring is placed on Gabby’s nipple I look up at her and see her eyes which have a slight confusion in them as I take control of her punishment. She lowers her eyes gently and stands quietly allowing me to properly place the second ring around her nipple, the areola covered by the black foam sticking to it. I move over to the refrigerator and grab a piece of ice and move back to Gabby. Then touching the ice to her breast just below the patches.

“Now as her nipples harden they will poke through the holes. The skin of the Areola will tighten and shrink making the flexible foam tighten and the spikes will drive into her nipple reminding her of her mistakes.” I say as the nipples harden with the freezing touch of the ice.

I smile and turn to Master Lane. The spikes pushing into Gabby’s nipple as she moans gently biting her lip as the pain enters her nipple. Moving around Gabby, Master Lane runs his fingers around the nipple feeling the spikes as they drive into Gabby’s nipple.

“Very nice. Very nice. Gabby you will wear these tonight until we return home. You are going to remember to focus and speak properly when addressing me, Mistress Evelyn and any other master or you will wear these for the remainder of the week. Do you under stand?” Master Lane concludes.

“Yes Master, I understand Master.” Gabby replied, she speaks through the sharp pains caused by her nipples as they slowly soften relieving her of the pain caused by the spikes.

“Now everyone needs to be ready to leave in 15 minutes, we have to be at the club before to long.” Master orders, before he kisses Gabby’s lips gently his tongue enjoying the curves of her lips before releasing her to go change.

“Follow me Josh.” Master orders, as he walks to his room and takes a seat on the couch located at the back of the room. As I sit I look out the wall length windows which oversee the back yard and pool houses. The view allows for a clear view into each pool house as the ladies change and prepare to leave.

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