House Sitting Ch. 03

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Anna Bell

This is the 3rd installment in a series, featuring the same characters. This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead. Special thanks to Candace, shygirlwhore, my editor for making my thoughts actually readable.


I awoke Sunday morning not sure if I had been dreaming or these past few days had actually happened. I could not believe the luck I had in this accidental relationship that was unfolding. I was hard as a rock just thinking about her. Unlike most mornings, I didn’t want to jack off right there and then. That was the old me. The new me was all about sex with a real person. A real woman. I showered quickly and started looking for something to put on. My luck has been great this weekend and with my parents heading for the lake house this morning, I didn’t need to explain things to anyone. I couldn’t get the smile off my face as I tossed a couple pop tarts into the toaster. It was raining outside and I wondered if she was up too. Was she smiling like I was? I thought of calling her but I didn’t want the phone records showing I called the house I was house sitting for. That would be too strange to explain away.

I put on a clean pair of shorts and a button down shirt. I was hoping she would be the one to undo them. The grass was slippery and wet in the rain as I jogged through my yard to the Stinton’s back door.

Sandra answered the door fully dressed in a relatively conservative skirt and tan blouse. She was stunning and the navy blue skirt really did wonders for her waist and hips as it hugged her. She smiled, and I melted. Her platinum hair cascading to her shoulders and her perky breasts poling at the blouse. She looked like a hot airline stewardess and I was fully onboard.

“Your parents are heading to the lake this morning yes?”

“Yes, that’s true. Left early this morning.”

“I’ve never seen the inside of your house,” she said, with a little question in her voice.

I was pretty distracted by the dark stockings on her perfect calves.


“Your house?”

“Oh! OK, sure!”

The rain was coming down harder and she reached behind the door and grabbed an umbrella. The two of us briskly hurried through the rain huddling beneath the umbrella. When I had closed the patio door behind us, she paused only a second to discard her wet shoes and the umbrella turning to face me.

“Show me your room.” She smiled melting me again.

I led her to the stairs and she started up them ahead of me. I was lost in the vision of her stockings, dark with a pronounced seam up the back of those calves and beyond. Her curves swaying before me as we made our way upstairs. Her perfume followed her as well and it was truly intoxicating. Something spicy and floral. My senses were already overwhelmed and we were just walking.

“To the left,” I beyoğlu escort blurted, as we got to the top.

I scooted past her to push my door open.

It was a boy’s room with a half dozen rock posters on the walls and a Lamborghini poster framed above the bed.

I had a few pillows on the bed. Two for show that matched the bedspread and one that I actually used with a more descriptive pillow case.

She looked at me with a serious look on her face as she reached for the pillow.

“Have you had a good time these past couple days with me?”

“Um… more than good. Amazing!”

“Good answer.”

Sandra looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes never breaking contact as she slowly lifted the bottom of her skirt. Her stocking covered legs were slowly being uncovered as she raised it past her knees and up her thighs. Moments later I inhaled a bit as she reached the top of her thighs uncovering hooks holding them in place. Then, as that vision was still making my head spin, she lifted a bit more to show me her now exposed sex. It was the hottest moment I’d ever experienced, given the past two days, that was something! Her lewdly exposed, standing next to my bed looking right through to my soul.

Then, without speaking, Sandra stepped onto the bed turning to face away from me. I was at the foot of the bed with my jaw on the floor and she was kneeling facing my headboard. She had that skirt pushed up around her waist now showing her amazing behind to me. I was confused, excited and frozen in my tracks.

“Steven, I want you to think of me every morning and every night.” She pulled my pillow under her and began slowly grinding herself on it like she was having meaningful sex with it. She only glanced back at me for a second and I was suddenly aware of the pressure between my legs as she slowly fucked my pillow.

Then suddenly, she stopped pulling the pillow out from under herself. She placed it neatly back where it had been at the top of my bed.

She worked over to the edge and stood up next to it.

“Do you want me?” she nearly whispered looking right through to my soul, again.

“Yes.” Still second guessing every word I’m saying to her.

“Then come over here and get on your knees.”

I was a little confused, but I was in no condition to disobey her. I kneeled in front of her. She put one knee up on the bed pushing her skirt up higher exposing herself to me. She looked so serious and purposeful as she gazed down at me.

“Are you my good boy?” I was speechless


“I said, are you my good boy?”


“Then lick my pussy, Steven. Don’t you dare stop before I tell you!”

She was sounding very serious.

Then she pulled my head towards her and pushed her pelvis into my face. I felt a rush go through me. I wanted to do nothing else on Earth but lick and suck until she said so. I went at her sarıyer escort with hunger, plunging my tongue into her and licking her flowing juices moving upward to flick across her clit. She was quiet other than her raspy breathing as she slowly began grinding her sex into my face. She went on for several minutes like this, with the only sounds in the room being her breathing and the wet sounds of my tongue licking and sucking and plunging as deep as I could inside her. Her skirt had fallen a bit and she pulled it around my head engulfing me in this blue capsule of lust. I wanted to stay in her private tent of pleasure forever. Her breathing was turning into soft whines and moans. I was listening carefully and following her every instruction as she began encouraging me, directing me.

“That’s it baby. Such a good boy. Lick momma’s hot cunt. Put it back inside oh… Such a good boy. Lick that clit. More … faster … faster… Yeah… Oh Steven I’m cumming!”

Both of her hands were pushing me to her and with one final thrust she was shouting so loud I could hear it echo down the hall. “Oh God YEEEEES!”

I felt her losing balance a bit as shudders hit her.

“Don’t you stop!” She shouted as the waves passed over her.

I didn’t. I was getting a cramp in my neck but I didn’t. I plunged my tongue back inside and drank in the flowing juices coming from her sex.

Finally, she stepped back pulling herself away and the skirt off my head. My face was wet and I was wiping the wetness away when she spoke.

“You are not done, not buy a long shot Mister. Take the cloths off and get on the bed.”

I practically jumped on the bed dropping cloths as fast as possible. I got on my back and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was greeted by the sweet smell of her sex. Oh man I’m never getting any sleep with this thing. I was hard as a rock and had a moment of self-consciousness.

Then she turned a bit to look at me as she began unhooking something at the back of her skirt. It dropped to the floor and I was in awe of her beauty as she worked the buttons of her blouse. She looked right at me as she pulled the black lacey bra from her breasts exposing those perfect hard nipples. She didn’t speak until she was on the bed with me, but facing the wrong way.

“Back to work!” She said in that stern tone.

Then she flipped her leg over my head and lowered her soaking wet gash back onto my face. I then felt the sweet sensation of her mouth sliding down my shaft. I wasn’t going to last long like this. If I wasn’t currently being smothered, by her at the time, in sweet ecstasy, I’d have tried to tell her about it. Once in a while she would lift her ass up just a little to let me get some air then grind herself back down on my eager tongue. The tops of her stockings were tickling my chin once in a while and my mind was reeling from all the amazing sensations happening to me. I grabbed maslak escort her ass above me and squeezed. I could hear her muffled moans and I was getting close. Finally, she lifted off again and I quickly breathed “I’m cumming,” I was a bit late and she clearly was ok with that as she sucked me almost too hard. She milked every last drop from me and I could her moans of satisfaction. I think she was really enjoying what I was producing. I was feeling the same as I slurped and licked beneath her. I truly was her good boy.

As I thought we were done, I started to move out from under her.

“Where do you think you are going young man?” That stern tone again.

She clamped her thighs around my head putting me back in place. I guess I wasn’t going anywhere. She lowered herself back on me.

“Get that tongue back inside me!” She snapped.

I did, reaching deep into her as she used my face, like she had done to the pillow.

I was already getting hard again and I felt her hand on me slowly pulling at my cock.

Her breathing was picking up again and suddenly she stopped.

She sat up pushing her bottom down onto me for a few seconds. I was being smothered, but I wanted to make her happy. I didn’t care what it took. It seemed like more than a few seconds but I was a little out of breath so I was hoping for air soon. She granted me my wish as she rolled off me. Sandra fell to my side and was soon facing away with her ass towards me. Her stockings perfectly framing her cheeks and her soaking wetness looking completely irresistible.

“Now fuck me Steven.”

I was already getting into position to do just that. I reached up running my fingers down her back as I got behind her. Finding her waist. She was so wet that I plunged into her with no effort.

“Oh yeah… Fuck me.”

“Do you like fucking me here in your bedroom?”

“Be my good boy Steven. Pound that cock into me. Yeah.”

I was really giving it to her hard and thought I might actually bruise her behind with the force I was using. Her words of encouragement told me otherwise.

“Are you going to cum for mommy?” Yeah, come on… yeah fuck me. FUCK ME!

I was and I finally did. Yelling out as I did. The room was spinning and I could feel a tingle from my toes up my spine. It lasted a long time and I could feel so much cum coming out of me. It felt like more than I had ever done. Beyond my craziest jerk off sessions. I was truly spent as I collapsed on top of her, kissing her shoulders and neck.

She whispered in a loving tone. “Good boy.”

Our relationship continued on after that rainy afternoon, but only on those rare occasions that she was left alone in her house. Her kids were often around. Her nursing job kept her busy and out of reach much of the time. Of course she did have the best kept lawn in the neighborhood thanks to me. There was one day in particular that stands out over the next year that made an impression on me. That however is another story. She most certainly changed the way I think about women forever, I think in a good way. As they say, you never forget your first time.

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