Housewives Club Pt. 04

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Needed a break.

HWC had Luscious Dimples travelling frequently to serve its elite clientele. She was turning out to be a good contributor to HWC’s revenues. Anna, frequently, reminded her to be healthy, regular checkups, and maintain hygiene. She saw little of David. Mark texted her often. She was happy to be left alone to her adventures.

It was a Saturday morning, Alice returned to her hotel room after an intense night of pussy pounding. Her calendar was booked almost every weekend for the past three months. She entered her suite in the Four Seasons and blacked out. Fortunately, Lisa was housed in the same hotel. When her repeated texts and calls were not responded to, she called in the emergency services. Alice was admitted in a retreat to recover.

It was a complete package. Anna saved no penny for her recovery. Alice was attended to constantly, waited upon hand and foot, kept well-hydrated, well fed, and kept away alcohol to complete the detoxification process.

Six weeks, later Alice felt rejuvenated. The spa treatment and the exercise program tightened her already well shaped glutes. Lying naked on the chaise by the pool side, having her pedicure, she felt her cunt lips tighten.

Lisa and Anna were there right next to her listening to their music on their iPhones. Alice did not want to disturb their music. She reached out for her phone to text Anna, “When do you have be on the roaster again?”

Anna turned to her with a smile and she replied, “You darling, are given a break. What you need now is some tender loving. Some emotional loving.” She trusted Anna’s experience and left it to her judgement. Her pedicure done, she picked up her robe, draping it with an open front, she walked to her room. Her movements were followed by whistles of the resort’s guests.

Anna and Lisa smiled.

Alice smiled, hugging her robe to cover herself, “Luscious Dimples is back.”

In-Laws Together.

Returning home, Alice was greeted by Chris and Jane at the airport. It has been more than two months since she interacted with her in-laws.

Chris izmit escort kissed her on her cheeks “Welcome back, we missed you.” For a second, her mind flashed back to him loving her the first time. Jane gave her a warm hug with a whisper “So good to see you. I have a lot to tell you.”

Alice smiled and looked lovingly at both her in-laws, “Feels good to be with family.”

The drive back home was long, the traffic conditions did not help. Jane was the talkative one. The topic was mainly Mark and his progress in the Prep school. Jane and Chris consciously avoided talking about their gay son – David.

Alice smiled through the car ride. She felt Chris’s glances through the rear view mirror. She knew what he had in mind. Confident that Jane would not notice, Alice blew him a kiss, licked her lips, and winked at Chris. She just about put her right hand on her left breasts to circle her fingers over her blouse, Jane turned back to look at her as she continued “Mark said he is happy where he is and will not be returning home to meet you this weekend.”

“Hmmm. I guess he does not miss his mom.”

“No, I am sure he does. We will make you feel at home. You can drive to meet him on Monday.”

Chris silently accelerated the car and turned into the driveway “Finally, we are here.” He carried her bags into the house and up the stairs to her room. Jane and Alice walked side by side.

“He knows about Brandon. I told him.”

Alice stopped in her tracks. “Does she know about Chris and me?” she walked with caution.

Jane looked back as she felt Alice slow down “He has taken it well. He said he understood.”

“I am sure he did.” Alice smiled.

Jane walked into the kitchen.

Alice was suddenly uncomfortable. She felt challenged by the new situation. Chris walked down the stairs. His eyes met hers. As he came closer, Alice pointed to Jane and mouthed silently, “She knows?” He shook his head negatively.

There was a sudden sense of relief. Alice sat down on the couch with a squishing sound. Chris smiled and Jane laughed “It makes that sound every yahya kaptan escort time we sit on it.”

For the next hour or so, Alice shared with her in-laws, her struggle with exhaustion and the time she spent at the health resort. Chris and Jane listened patiently with empathy, frequently asking questions for additional details of her recovery, de-stressing, and detoxification procedures. Alice observed that Jane was more ‘touchy and feely’ than usual.

Dinner was light – salad and bread – with red wine. Chris head back to his bedroom. He hugged and kissed Jane first and then Alice. There was something in the air. Alice could not put her finger on it. She saw him walk away without looking back.

Alice helped Jane with dishes. At the kitchen sink, Alice nudged Jane “So! How did he find out?” Jane responded with a “Shhhhh!” She looked back to see if they were alone.

“I was in the shower after Brandon left, washing him of my sore pussy. Christopher walked in to surprise me, only to notice the thick cum down my thighs.”

That was the first time, Alice heard her father-in-law being referred to by his full first name.

She continued, “His eyes popped with an exclamation. What the?!”

Alice could not help by laugh aloud. Jane cut short her details to say that he sat on the toilet seat and heard Jane confess of her lover – Brandon Jones.

“He must have been shocked?” Alice enquired.

“Surprisingly not as much as I expected. He asked me if Brandon was a better lover than he was. I lied.”

“Look at you. Hear yourself. How confidently you handled him.” Alice slapped her mother-in-law on her ass.

“There is more.”

Alice did not expect to hear what she heard next.

“I told him that you found Brandon for me.”

“WHAT! No you didn’t.”

Jane went silent. She moved closer to Alice and softly hummed “Hmmm! Hmmm! I did.”

Alice had a million thoughts running in her head, all leading to the same conclusion “He must hate me.” She did not notice Jane’s hands on Alice’s thighs moving up to her gebze escort V. By the time, her fingers touched her pussy, Jane’s face was close to her and her lips were on Alice’s.

She kissed Alice asking “Can you help me once more?”

Alice was overwhelmed and before she could answer, “Join us in bed.”

Suddenly, the lights dimmed and there was a soft familiar music that filled the room. Jane began unbuttoning Alice’s blouse. There was a third person in the kitchen. She turned around, standing right behind her was a familiar naked 6ft 3 body with an erection ready for play. Jane had undone her blouse and Alice heard her bra snap to expose her boobs. The sudden exposure got her nipples to erect. Alice heard her pants being unzipped. Jane pulled her pants down to her ankles and Chris pulled her panties down from behind.

“Make her yours. Christopher!” commanded Jane.

Alice felt being bent forward and Chris’s erection tapping her entrance. Jane’s went down on her knees. Alice felt her hips being held firm and positioning her for an entry. She lost balance, Chris held her from falling. His cock moved in.

A loud grunt filled the room. Alice felt her nipples being sucked in by Jane from under. His cock stretched her out. “Fuck, she is tight as ever.” Chris grunted. Alice’s feel were off the ground. Her hands holding onto the kitchen counter. Chris was deep in her, his balls were pressing against her crack from behind.

Alice was moaning, she was on the edge. Jane’s hands reached for Alice’s clit, Chris was moving his hips pushing in and out ever so little. It scratched her itchy cunt lips. The slap sounds of his balls on her made Jane giggle. Jane’s fingers caressed Alice’s clit vigorously.

“Do her Christopher, Do her Hard.”

Chris began to pound her hard from behind. Alice could feel herself creaming.

“Janette, I am cumming.” Chris referred to his wife by her full first name.

Jane kissed Alice “Thank you for doing this.” Chris came hard deep in Alice’s pussy. For few moments,

Alice felt she was fucked without being given a chance to give consent to fuck.

She felt herself being lifted from behind with his cock still deep in her and taken to the couch. As Chris sat down, with Alice in his lap, they heard the couch make the squishing sound again, only this time it was louder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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