Housewives Fur Club Ch. 01

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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Martha and Wanda see each other frequently for lunch since neither works nor have much else to do. Both their husbands are so busy with work they seldom see them. The archetypal work-a-holics. They’re in a small Restaurant at the near by Mall. They are both quite beautiful and youthful. Wanda is a tall trophy blond Laura Linney look alike and Martha is a average built and gorgeous brunette much like Holly Marie Combs. Both women are way past sexually frustrated with their husbands and have been letching after mostly young boys for some time now.

Several months ago Martha opened a small fur shop with craft connections to an older New York wholesale furrier for custom work. It’s doing OK and well enough to support her own addiction to furs. She hires a retired woman and an 18 year old high school girl for sales. Low overhead.

“Love your new fur Wanda! Sable?”

“Yeah. Just wish I had some action going where I could really enjoy it. Maybe with one of those young guys .. she says with a lecherous grin .. I’ve loved your furs so much I’ve decided to get some for myself. Scored it cheap on eBay. So your husband doesn’t mind you having the store?”

“Not at all. He says at least it’s a write off for my expensive hobby. I don’t really care if I sell anything at all. I’ve set up a nice lounge room upstairs for friends to gather if you would like to come over any time.”

“After we eat?”

“Sure .. if we can pull ourselves away from the young stud scenery here at the Mall!”

“I know what you mean. I’m so horny I could take on the old janitor. Harley is never home yet he keeps saying he wishes I could get pregnant. I’d love to but it requires sex!”

“I know what you mean.”

Long pause in the conversation while they gaze at a group of young guys in the center mall seating area sucking on soda’s and chatting it up.

“God I’d like to have some of that juicy young cock between my thighs Wanda.”

“Hey could we go over to your shop now? I’d love to get into some of your furs this afternoon.”


The shop is a small show room. It has a nice small recessed garden entry in an older and wealthy tree lined neighborhood shopping area with its own groups of young teens wandering around after school. The two women lust after them as they get to the entrance. It’s a nice short garden area for leisure viewing of the furs in the show windows.

Coming in Wanda is pleasantly surprised with the young shop girl Martha has hired to tend the shop in the afternoons. She’s a cute girl of barely 18 who comes in after school. She has a retired and distinguished woman who comes in for the morning to early afternoon until Gennie gets in. A nearly dead time thought she has sold a few furs to neighborhood wives with more money and time on their hands than anything else. Much like themselves. The Stepford wife joke is rampant in the neighborhood.

Gennie meets them with a smile. She’s wearing her girlie teen school clothes. A cute hooded, long sleeved, light blue cashmere sweater and short dark blue pleated wool skirt. She does wear flats and she’s taken the liberty of wearing a fluffy Red Fox vest to match her bouncing thick red hair. Martha hugs her to her Sable when they get to each other.

“Hi Mrs. Winthrop.” as she’s snuggled into her soft furry hug. Gennie seems very eager to do this.

“Would you make some coffee for us .. please dear?”

“Oh yes ma am.”

Gennie is a bright and cheery girl.

Martha leads Wanda up a tight set of winding stairs to the small studio upstairs that opens on to a private garden roof deck. It’s a very pleasant and comfortable place. The Studio is covered with fur spreads, pillows and hanging furs of all sorts. Wanda shivers with sexual excitement over all the softness and cozy sensuality of the place.

“My god Martha!! This is incredible!”

Gennie comes up with the coffee and places it on the small glass topped coffee table. Martha thanks her and pulls her into the thick furs they’ve sat in and hugs her extra long while fur fondling her all over.

“Do you think you would like being good friends with Wanda here sweet Gennie?”

“Oh yes ma am … and she swings over to Wanda with hugs and sexy kisses. She fur fondles her in a very aggressive sexual manner to Wanda’s great surprise …. and pleasure … Anything else you would like just call me.” she says with a cute and very coy smile. She swings her cute butt around and is bouncing down the winding stairs.


Fred Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort is walking down the street by the small shops as he’s done day after day with his buddies on their way home when he passes the “Furrier Couture”. He has an instant stiffy from seeing Gennie in her Red Fox vest smiling at him through the showroom window next to a luscious big Sable coat on display as he walks by. He’s had fantasies of dating Gennie for over a year .. seeing her in school all the time. She’s even taken to wearing several modest furs at school. One of her job perks.

Gennie has secretly had her own fantasies about dating and most recently how she’s going to loose her virginity and with whom. Seeing him at school more often has Fred at the top of her list now. They often speak and chat with each other between classes and elsewhere.

Fred walks on past with a big smile and down the street to the Deli where his buddies start ordering their afternoon treats.

Fred is bright and bit of a geek with dark, thick curly hair. He’s tall for his age and a bit awkward but quick.

“Hey guys .. I’ve got something I need to take care of. I’ll see you later.”

He leaves, going back up the street to the Furrier Couture. Mustering up his courage he’s inside where Gennie greets him with a big smile.

“Show you some furs Fred?”

“Yea sure. What do you think I would look good in?”

“Maybe that big Sable in the window?” she says with a coy smile.

“No .. you would look super sexy in that one. Why don’t you try it on?”

“Got another kind of like it back here on the racks and a man’s version too you can try on.”

She pulls the man’s Sable off the hanger and helps him into it, then gets the other for herself. They swing and ‘model’ for each other like in play time as two small kids in front of the mirrors. Fred gets close to Gennie. The two Sables drag on the floor with them both they’re so huge.

“What do you think it would be like to hug in Sable?” wrapping his arms around a very willing Gennie.

They both fur fondle and caress each other in a near frenzy.

“Oh my Fred!! This is incredible. I’ve always thought you were sexy … but in furs … WOW!”

Hearing voices in the showroom Martha quietly comes down the steps just to see Fred and Gennie parting their embrace, still wearing the big Sables.

“Oh my young man … how handsome you are in that Sable. You must come up and show my friend how wonderful you look. You can come up later dear.” speaking to Gennie.

Martha is shaking with excitement as she pushes Robert up the narrow stairs still wearing the big Sable. She’s wearing a huge hooded Arctic Fox coat herself and Wanda is trying on an equally huge dark Sable upstairs.

Gennie is shaking with excitement having her sexual fantasies ignited with the furry embrace. She removes the big sable and continues to hug it while tending the shop.

As Fred stumbles on the steps and falls into the upper room Wanda gives a soft moan like she just had an orgasm seeing the young stud in a huge Sable fur. She didn’t realize just how horny she really was until Fred causes her desires to gush out. She grabs him by the Sable lapels, helping him up and pulls him into the furs of the couch they are sitting in.

Fred moans with a sexual rush from the two beautiful women in furs. He’s already in a sexually excited state from fur hugging Gennie and here are two obviously horny women wanting him to sexually ravage them …. NOW!!!

Martha and Wanda had gotten mostly undressed while fur fondling each other in a most pleasant and decadent soft fur orgy of their own which was heightened with their conversations and their sexual appetites for young boys they were lusting over at the Mall.

“So do you think you could help out a couple of older women Fred? We are in desperate need of your youthful services.” pulling his face to her tits he’s sucking like a baby and Wanda is moaning softly to his wonderful and eager mistering.

Martha is pulling at his pants and soon has him mostly nude. Fred is not protesting over any of this in the least. He’s thinking what an incredible stroke of good fortune since he’s always had super fantasies of furs and women in furs. Here his wildest fantasies are materializing so totally unexpectedly.

Fred would really like to be doing Gennie in the furs but the two women are incredibly beautiful too and they are certainly experienced and demanding him to take them sexually!! Who is he to refuse their demands?

Fred has fondled himself to more than one ejaculation with his mom’s furs so he has some experience with the thrill of his stiffy in fur and of his furry experiences in general. He plays with his mom’s furs often to lots of creamy ejaculations. His stiffy just hasn’t gotten inside a female with fur yet.

He’s only had sex twice in fact. Both were short with a couple of girls at school and neither was particularly memorable. Fred moves over to Martha’s spread thighs and is suctioning her wet pussy like a big hamburger. He’s seen it done in the porn sites and this seems like the best opportunity to try it out. They seem to like it a lot. Martha moans with greater lust than she’s ever experienced what with her excitement and thrill over this young stud eating her out finer than any man has ever. She’s into orgasms in an instant as she grips her tits with the thick Fox and pulls his head tight to her pussy.

Wanda is now fur fondling the two of them and herself in a frenzy of passions.

Fred finally rises up and thrusts fully and deep into Martha’s wet and wanting pussy with his rigid cock. He launches into a frenzy of screwing the beautiful brunette housewife and fur shop owner to orgasms on orgasms. Martha is beyond any sense of sexual experience she’s ever had with the young guy flailing her pussy raw as he pumps his virile seed deeper and deeper into her wanting womb. She doesn’t care … she wants him to get her pregnant as she humps up in response.

Wanda is pulling at Fred for her turn and he slips from Martha in the midst of her orgasm and plunges deep into Wanda’s wanting pussy in his frenzy of fucking sexual gratification. He’s mindlessly flailing away into her now and Martha is shaking to her last orgasm still as Wanda launches into her first and then into her second. She too is praying he’ll plant his seed into her aching pussy. Fred pumps Wanda full of his essence several times. She’s moaning with great satisfaction at her insemination and sudden complete sexual gratification.

Martha begins recovering from her major fucking by Fred and watches his powerful butt pump Wanda with his big hard tool. She’s fascinated with the young studs stamina as he hammers Wanda’s wanting cunt compared to her husbands lame one time shots. She’s sure Wanda’s husband isn’t much better.

She then thinks of cute and sexy Gennie. It is nearly five so she goes down to the shop while Fred continues to hammer away at Wanda’s pussy. She comes up to Gennie and wraps her furry arms around her. Gennie’s use to this and welcomes it but today she’s treated to Martha’s nude body pressing to her and is being more passionately kissed. Gennie is shocked but not repelled as she wraps her arms around her boss and finds her Bosses very wet pussy with her fingers. Martha moans with a welcomed sigh. Fortunately no one can see them from the street.

“Gennie … would you lock up the shop? I have more than one treat for you this evening.”

“Oh certainly ma am.” and she rushes around turning off lights and locking the door with the closed sign on. She rushes back to Martha who she figures is going to ravage her in ways she has dreamed of in her furs. Her fur fantasies fulfilled.

Martha wraps furs around her nubile body as she undresses her. Gennie is shaking with excitement as Martha kisses and fur fondles her lovely body .. fingering her wet virgin pussy and sucking her small tits.

“Would you like to loose your virginity with Fred while wallowing in furs Gennie?”

Gennie is both shocked and thrilled with the idea. She’s dreamed of Fred for some time now. Not the most popular boy by any stretch and a bit of a geek but he’s such a soft spoken and sensitive guy … she’s dreamed he just might take her in ways she would really love and here her opportunity presents itself in ways she could only have fantasized. Their furry embrace earlier had certainly energized her fantasies.

She rushes up the stairs just in time to see Wanda wallowing back in the furs with her fingers in her wet cum filled pussy while moaning to her last orgasm and Fred sitting back with a wet and very stiff cock, panting from his Olympic event.

Gennie is sucking him clean in an instant and with no reservations over the other women’s presence. Gennie is then quickly straddling his thighs and holding his stiff cock. She wants what she’s been promised. They look into each others eyes for a brief moment of knowing they are new lovers.

Fred rolls over on top of her and slips his cock part way into Gennie and she gazes up into his eyes with stunned amazement at just how it feels.

“OH MY Fred! It feels so good!”

Fred slips his cock up and down her labia lips and Gennie goes ballistic. She’s writhing and squirming but now humping to push it deeper .. yet. Fred continues to tantalize her with his stroking motions in her labia lips. Suddenly she humps up to him with all her might .. driving his cock deep into her and ripping through her veil.

“Oh thank you Fred for letting me.”

Fred then pumps hard and furiously. Gennie is moaning and wailing to her hearts content. Truly a fantastic first time for her. She’s wallowing and luxuriating in a mountain of the finest furs as she gets fucked to the extreme of her fantasies. The two women fur fondle them both like they are King and Queen of the Fucking Prom. They roll, kiss and fondle each other in the furs like it’s an athletic event. Gennie can’t get enough of his stiffy between her thighs.

They finally lay back in the furs on the couch and the two large lounge chairs .. more from exhaustion than lack of desires to screw more.

“You and Fred can make out here all you like Gennie if you two can bring us the occasional new young stud to satisfy our lust and sexual passions. You can both have your own furs even.”

It’s understood without discussion that furs are the glue for this situation.

“We may have a new housewife added to our group every so often too that you might like to initiate .. or not. But in any case a new guy to make her feel real good. How about that kids?”

Fred and Gennie look at each other and without thinking … “Yes!!” in unison.

Gennie and Fred sit with their hands still fondling each other all over with the furs. Both their fur fantasies having come true in the extreme. They are still in a state of disbelief even though they have screwed each other like they have so passionately dreamed. Gennie and Fred comprehend they are Lovers made for each other.

They all go home with Fred walking Gennie home. Gennie and Fred can’t believe they have screwed in the furs at the shop. It’s still like a dream to them both. They decide to meet there after the shop closes again tomorrow. It’s Saturday and they close at two so they can screw away the afternoon wantonly with Martha’s permission.


Gennie is the regular sales person for Saturdays and shows before ten to open. Today she is surprised with a very beautiful young woman waiting for the shop to open. She’s a lovely and sweet brunette with a sad look.

“I hope you can help me find a very nice fur to cheer me up. I need some major improvements in my life. I hope getting a fur is not just a lame effort on my part.”

“I’m sure we can find something real nice to pick you up now. What’s your budget?”

“I don’t really care about the price. Not that I want it to be real expensive. That’s not my objective.”

“I’ll show you some very fine furs you might not normally consider that I think are very special and would be super on you. Don’t worry if you want to have them somehow different. We can have them altered or completely redone if you would like.”

Gennie shows her a number of different furs. A hooded Fisher great coat, a shorter

Red Fox hoodie, an Arctic Fox great coat with a huge shawl collar and several others of equal caliber.

Gennie holds the Fisher coat for the woman to try on. As she slips it on her she finds it irresistible to run her hands through the fur as she’s slipping it on her body. The woman softly sighs and leans into Gennie’s strokes so Gennie continues to stroke her fur as she looks at herself in the mirror with Gennie behind her running her hands through the lush fur.

“Why can’t someone like you go with the coat dear. Your stroking the fur while I’m in it is so erotic and makes me feel so incredible. Like someone actually cares for me.”

Gennie hugs her softly and fondles her body with the fur a bit more generously. She sighs and softly moans while watching this in the mirror.

“You’re such a lovely girl you know. I’ll bet some boy would give anything to have sex with you in furs.”

“Is that what you would really like ma am?”

“Oh my god yes! My husband is so inattentive to my sexual needs. My god … here I am telling you what I should be telling a shrink! I think it’s better telling you … you don’t mind do you?”

“Oh not at all ma am. Would you excuse me for a moment. I have to make a call. Feel free to try on more furs at your discretion.”

“Hey Fred ….. yeah .. do you have a guy you could bring over today .. like right now!? …… uh huh! .. Bob? OK I can keep her here I’m sure.” and she’s back to the customer.

“Oh my Miss … I can’t really make up my mind. Maybe more than one fur? I am passionate over the Fisher coat. I must have it. The arctic Fox would be so incredible too .. as she swings around with it on .. What do you think?”

“I get to play with them all so I don’t have to choose but I think they would both be very nice. For fear of blowing my sale … maybe one for the future …….. try on this Sable.” (the one from yesterdays sexual engagement)

“Oh my god … this is incredible. It is rich with sensuality and sex! I have to have it.”

For Gennie this is an incredible commission and the sexual possibilities for her new customer is equally incredible as Bob comes in the door with Fred just at the right moment. Bob is a bit more athletic than Fred, blond and nearly as much a geek. Fred comes over to Gennie and hugs her wearing her Red Fox, kissing her.

Bob is all over the woman .. at a short distance. “Wow … you’re incredible in that fur ma am.”

“You think so? .. ever so coy and moving closer to him .. would you like to feel it?” rubbing against him with her sleeve.

Bob instantly is running his hands over the fur and her of course. Connie is going crazy with the young guys attention.

“You really like this?”

“My god this is so soft and you’re so sexy lady.” as she wraps an arm around his shoulder and pulls him closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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