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I am a single man who happens to own my own house. I have a decent job and quite frankly, I’m paid a mint. Having simple habits, most of this I’m squirrelling away. I have plans for the future and a little nest egg won’t hurt. (A rather fat nest egg actually – I’m doing OK.)

Do you know the main problem with owning your own house? Housework.

Gardening? It’s a breeze. Take an hour or so to run the lawn mower over the yard every couple of weeks and whipper-snipper the edges and the gardening is done.

Dishes? That’s what a dish washer is for.

Laundry? Toss the laundry into the washing machine once a week and then into the drier. Let the machines do the work.

But housework? Real housework? I hate it. I don’t want to waste my time sweeping floors, vacuuming rugs, spraying and wiping down surfaces, clearing away cobwebs. I make more mess tidying up than I actually tidy up. It’s a pain.

So what do you do when there’s a job you hate and has to get done? You refer to paragraph one, sentence two above. The part that says I’m paid a mint. You scrape a few dollars out of that mint and hire someone to come in once a week to do the messy stuff. Trickle down economics. I get paid, I hire someone else. The work gets done and people go around smiling with cash in their pockets.

Now just because I’m willing to hire someone to do housework once a week doesn’t mean I want to pay through the nose for it. I checked with some of those professional cleaning lady organisations and they charge a bomb. It’s far cheaper to find a local who wants to earn a few dollars on the side. There are students and housewives out there who don’t mind a bit of hard work and a little bit of tax free cash. It’s just a case of finding one.

The first year I had it easy. I hired a young Chinese lass, Howin, to do the housework. She was intelligent, hard-working and self-motivated. She did an excellent job. The only problem I had with her was the fact that she was a student at the local university and she graduated and left, leaving me the problem of finding a new housemaid. Howin did say she’d speak to a couple of her friends who would be at the university the next year, recommending me as an employer if any of them wanted to earn a little extra.

With Christmas coming up I put off hiring a new maid until after the new year. It was the middle of January and I was just starting to consider getting off my blot and hiring someone when I received a phone call. A young lady identified herself as Megan. She said that Howin had suggested she call regarding a part time position cleaning. I invited her around that evening for an interview.

Megan arrived at the nominated time and I was slightly surprised to find that she was Chinese. I guess I shouldn’t have been, what with Howin referring her. What surprised me even more was that she was gorgeous. Hot doesn’t begin to describe her. I was just about ready to hire her on looks alone, without asking a single question.

Wiser thoughts prevailed and I started a proper interview. The first thing I mentioned was her name.

“Your name, Megan,” I said. “I hadn’t known that was a Chinese name.”

“It’s not,” she said smiling. “My proper name is Mingzhu, but people here tend to bastardize it as Megan, so I’ve become Megan.”

“Fair enough,” I agreed.

I went on to explain the work I wanted done, basically general house cleaning once a week. I sounded her out about how she was going at school, got a couple of numbers for professors/tutors that I could use to check her references, and confirmed that she was over eighteen. (I was not having a minor in the house. Could lead to difficulties.) Then I tossed the interview over to her and answered any queries that she had. I had an advantage in references as Howin had worked for me and given me a thumbs-up.

We then had a discussion about how much I’d pay. More than I wanted to and less than she wanted so probably a fair deal. I was not paying her an hourly rate but a flat sum each weekly visit. How long it took her to do the work was her problem. I was happy as long as it got done. (If it didn’t get done she’d be gone. This was implied but not stated.)

The first time that Megan came to do the housework everything went without a hitch. She was efficient and willing to work and she also knew what she was doing. Good training on her mother’s part, I guess. The second week I received a slight surprise.

During week one the weather had been quite average, the temperature fluctuating a bit but staying comfortable, if a bit humid. On the weekend we had a storm, a big one. Rain bucketed down and the wind howled through the trees, finding the weaker ones and removing them. There was quite a bit of clean-up taking place in the area over the next couple of days.

As if to apologise for the storm the sun came out. On Monday it was hot, and on Tuesday it was hotter. That was the pattern for the week, each day Escort bayan hotter than the previous. When Megan rolled up on Thursday afternoon it was stinking hot. Megan was dressed accordingly in a light t-shirt and shorts. Very short shorts in my opinion but I had no say in the matter so I just appreciated the scenery. When properly displayed, some girls have spectacular legs, and Megan’s were right up there with the best of them.

One of the first things that Megan did was to tidy-up and clean my lounge room. It didn’t take much work and I suspect she started with that room for that reason. Ten minutes works and she could point to a nice clean room already, apart from the vacuuming.

In the lounge room I have a coffee table. It’s a two tiered glass table, with the bottom half on a swivel. Megan spritzed it with glass cleaner and started polishing it up. Coffee tables are low, which meant that Megan had to bend over to polish it. This resulted in me viewing her from behind, bent over in very short shorts, long legs on display, while her bottom wiggled back and forth as she polished. I had to laugh at the sight.

Megan looked at me and could tell I was laughing at her, but didn’t know why, which caused me to laugh even more. She was looking annoyed and I held up my hands in a placating manner.

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “I wasn’t really laughing at you. It was just that I saw a video on the internet recently and the way you were cleaning the coffee table brought it vividly to mind. The resemblance of the situation to the basic plot on the video was extraordinary.”

“Oh. Ah, what was the video about?”

Oops. I have a big mouth at times. It had been a naked maid video put out by a group called Money Matters. Basically they seemingly bribe innocent young girls to take off their clothes and work naked, leading on to further bribes and a little pornographic action. I’d only seen the trailer but the tease had started with the girl in tight shorts bent over a table, polishing it. I was supposed to explain this to an innocent young student.

“Hum, yes. Let’s just say it was a trailer for a longer video and let it go at that.”

“Let’s not,” she retaliated. “Let’s get you to tell me what it was about or show me. If it makes you laugh just remembering it, it should be quite funny. Maybe you can find it and show me.”

And maybe a herd of zebras would find a home in my back yard. An explanation would be simpler.

“Um, basically these guys had this young maid come to clean the house. She just happened to be dressed the way you are today and started off by cleaning the coffee table, similar to what you were doing.”

Megan blinked and rejected my explanation.

“Well that shouldn’t really cause you to laugh. What are you leaving out?”

Why do women have to be so insatiably curious? I gave a mental shrug and continued.

“Well, the show was produced by a company that call their show Money Matters.” From the blank look I got she’d never heard of them. “The idea was that waved some money at the girl, being willing to pay for each item of clothing she took off. They kept on waving money and she kept on removing items of clothing until she was naked and then she had to finish the housekeeping naked.”

“That’s it? Doesn’t sound like much of a show to me.”

I gave her a sardonic look.

“Megan, that was just the trailer, the teaser to get you to pay for the complete video. I can assure you that the complete video will have had a whole lot more to it than a naked girl just innocently doing housework.”

Come the dawn. Her eyes widened as she caught on and she blushed. Then she looked angry.

“You looked at me and thought of that?” she demanded, looking as though she was ready to storm out of the house.

“Hey, be fair,” I told her. “I just saw the similarities and laughed over them. It’s not as though I was offering you money to do the housework naked.”

Typical woman, she now looked slightly offended at the idea that I wasn’t trying to bribe her to get naked.

“Please don’t get me wrong,” I said quickly. “It’s not that I wouldn’t love to see you naked. I just don’t want to be paying you money to do it.”

“Ah, that didn’t come out right, did it?” I said sheepishly.

“You might say that,” agreed Megan. “You implied you want me naked but don’t feel like paying for it.”

“What I meant was I thought it would be demeaning to you if I implied you’d get naked for money,” I said quickly.

“Oh, I see. But it’s all right if I get naked in front of a man I don’t know free of charge?”

“What? I didn’t say that. I wasn’t asking you to get undressed.”

I’ll swear the wretched woman was deliberately misinterpreting what I was saying.

“Oh, so you don’t want to see me naked?” Now she was managing to sound offended that I wasn’t asking her to get undressed.

“Yes. I mean no. I mean that I would love Bayan Escort to see you naked. I think you would look sensational, but I have too much respect for you to suggest you take your clothes off when you don’t really know me.”

“And did Howin do your housework naked?”

“What? No. The subject never came up. I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking Howin to get undressed.”

“But with me it’s all right?”

She was laughing at me. I just knew it. Deliberately stirring me up.

“Howin,” I stated clearly and firmly, “was a very nice girl but not at all to my personal taste. I had no interest in her whatsoever. You, on the other hand, are magnificent. If you own a mirror you know this. You I would be delighted to see naked. Feel free to take your clothes off any time.”

“Why would I do that? You’re too cheap to pay me for it.” She giggled. “I’ll make a deal. Double my pay and I’ll work naked.”

I lifted my eyebrows.

“Double? A fifty percent increase. I’m overpaying you now as it is.”

She considered this and giggled again. “OK, but if you touch me at all it goes to double. I’m agreeing to do the housework and that’s all.”

“Deal,” I stated, putting my hands in my pocket and waiting.

She had no qualms about it. Top and shorts came off in nothing flat, leaving her in skimpy undies. The bra followed, proving the rumour that Chinese women are flat-chested to be a base calumny. She had a wonderful pair of breasts, breasts that didn’t need that much support from a bra.

When it came to her panties she hesitated, blushed, and then slid them down, stepping daintily out of them. All her clothes were now neatly piled to one side and she looked sensational.

“Um, if you’ll excuse me, sir, I’ll get on with the housework,” she said.

It was odd but her whole personality seemed to have changed. Now she seemed subservient and eager to obey. What was going on?

“Please do,” I said softly. “I believe you were cleaning the coffee table. Don’t let me stop you.”

She bobbed her head and turned back to the coffee table, bending over to finish polishing it. Same position as before, but what a difference in the scenery. No, it seemed to me that there was a subtle difference in the way she was standing. I’m sure that in her earlier stance she didn’t have her legs so nicely parted, not that I was complaining.

Megan’s entire behaviour seemed to have changed. She was still doing the housework quietly and efficiently but she also seemed to be constantly aware of where I was and was adjusting her position slightly so that I always had a decent view. Neither did it escape my notice that her nipples were erect. The deep breathing could, of course, have been purely because of the work she was doing.

I let it go, wanting my housework completed. There would be time afterwards for other things. Meanwhile I stood back and observed and drew certain conclusions.

Megan had just finished putting away the vacuum cleaner which marked the end of the housework. I called her over to me and she came and stood in front of me, hands behind her back, eyes lowered.

“Turn around,” I said quietly. “Right around.”

She did as requested, doing a slow three sixty, her hands moving to her side as she did so. I had quite a charming view of every inch of her.

“Double if I actually touch you,” I murmured, but she didn’t say anything, just blushing slightly.

I touched. My hand seemed to move of its own accord, with first a finger pressed lightly against a nipple then my hands flattened and covered her breast. I slowly moved my hand down, taking my time, giving her a chance to step back if she was so inclined. Down, fingers running through the few curls she retained, slipping between her legs, cupping her pussy.

When she had leaned over the coffee table (the second time) I had observed her mound was smooth, lips pressed together, no arousal to be seen. I could feel the difference, lips parted slightly, her inner lips puffed up and pushing out, moisture making itself felt. She’d worked herself into a state of total arousal.

I withdrew my hand, easing back half a step, giving her a little more room.

“Undo my trousers,” I told her, and wasn’t really surprised when her hands immediately reached for my belt.

Belt undone, catch at the top undone, zip down, and she carefully pulled my trousers down. I didn’t have to say anything about my jocks. She just reached for them and took them down, too. My arousal was immediately apparent and her breathing seemed to be a little ragged.

She was standing before me again, eyes discretely lowered. Maybe not so discretely, considering what was down there for her to look at. Not saying anything I touched her lips with one finger, holding it there until she raised her head to look at me. I still didn’t say anything, I just put an enquiring expression on my face.

She got the message loud Escort and clear. She sank down to her knees, hand closing over my erection. Leaning forward her mouth closed over me and she started bobbing her head. Bloody hell, I felt like screaming. Her mouth was hot and wet and her tongue and teeth were also in action. She tormented my poor cock, stirring it up and then keeping it stirred. She wasn’t doing enough to finish me off, just holding me at a most pleasurable point, painfully so.

I stood it for just so long and then pushed her head away slightly. She instantly got the hint, releasing me and standing, a demure look on her face. Bitch. She knew precisely what she’d been doing to me.

I, on the other hand, now knew what I faced. Once her clothes came off she became totally subservient, naturally submissive to the male. It was just part of her nature. That underlying submissiveness is probably what made her agree to getting undressed in the first place. I couldn’t help but wonder how she’d have reacted if I’d just ordered her to strip.

We both knew that I was going to fuck her. I almost made the mistake of asking her how she wanted it but caught myself in time. You don’t ask a sub, you tell them. She wanted domination, not partnership.

We were in the kitchen. I didn’t bother taking her to a nice bed or somewhere comfortable. I just turned her around and pushed her forward to bend over the kitchen table. She leaned forward without a peep, legs parted, waiting. I rubbed her pussy a little but realised that this was really a waste of time. She was ready and expectant and deserved to be treated as such. A simple matter to arrange.

I lined myself up and drove into her, putting enough behind my thrust to take her fully. My groin slapped hard against her, lifting her up onto her toes. She gave a relieved groan, and she was giving it for me as well. Being in charge I had to stay masterfully silent.

Taking my time I pulled right back, waited a moment, and then thrust home again in the same manner, groins slapping wetly and Megan rising onto her toes with the force of my entry.

I did this a few more times, not establishing any sort of rhythm but simply giving a series of single thrusts, each one jolting her hard. By the time I was ready to ease up a little and set to in a more normal manner she was quivering beneath me, excited little sounds of approval escaping her lips from those hard preliminary thrusts, pleas for more starting to emerge.

I found it within my capabilities to provide the more, and to provide it with great enthusiasm. Hands holding her breasts I drove into her, finally settling into a pattern that she could follow and respond to. I’d thrust in and her bottom would rise as she pushed back hard against me, taking me deep and suggesting I go deeper yet.

I did my best and my best was mighty fine, even if I do say so myself. Megan appeared to agree with me anyway.

There is nothing I enjoy more than feeling my cock slide along a hot, moist, passage, especially when the girl concerned is an enthusiastic victim. I say victim because I suspect that if I’d tried to seduce Megan in the normal course of events I’d have wound up with a big fat no. As it was she was a victim of her own nature, unable to say no when in the subservient position that her nudity had forced on her.

I took full advantage. Oddly enough the blow-job she’d given me, even if it hadn’t gone all the way to completion, seemed to have given me extra stamina. My cock felt engorged beyond its normal limits and I was giving it all to her, thumping in with joyful abandon, finding Megan accepting me in the same spirit.

Finally I was driving in harder and faster, a new urgency to my actions. Megan picked up on this without hesitation, giving her all. I was pumping towards a climax when Megan beat me to it, giving a sudden gasp and then just letting loose, her passage closing around me and showing no mercy to my delicate state. I exploded into her and she made sure I gave her all I had, finally releasing me, weak and beaten.

She was still naked so I was still in control it turned out. I directed her towards the bathroom for a shower while I went and had a quick one myself in my en suite. Then I had to wait for Megan to finish. Why do girls take so long in the bathroom?

She finally emerged dressed and smiling, ready to depart, and no longer in a subservient mode.

I had to try bargaining a little, now didn’t I, especially as I knew she was obeying my every whim?

“You know, Megan,” I started, “I don’t think double wages is quite fair,” meaning to suggest wages and a half would be ample. I didn’t get a chance to do so.

“You’re right,” she said. “We should have said triple wages.”

“But as double is what we agreed I guess we’ll have to stick to that,” I said quickly, reaching for my wallet.

She waved me goodbye and went prancing out of the house, promising to be back next week. This, I decided, would be both good and bad. Good, in that I’d get the housework done. Bad in that I had no idea what to expect sex wise. Would she be amenable to further dalliance or would today be a once off? I hate not knowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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