How I Became an African Man’s Wife Ch. 02

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In my first story I explained how my I went from being a straight divorced man to becoming a young black man’s wife. It was the craziest thing ever.

After a few weeks of being with Ezekiel I decided I wanted to live with him full time and be his live in wife. In order to do that I needed to get out of my current life. I needed to sell my condo downtown and figure out a way to get out of seeing my kids for awhile.

My ex was already bitching at me calling me a deadbeat dad for continuously bailing on taking my sons when I’m scheduled to.

There was no denying what I wanted anymore. When Ezekiel kisses me I feel butterflies like I’ve never felt. His full lips are so overpowering that I can’t stop pressing my lips against his. His tongue pushing into my mouth makes my mind go blank as I open my mouth letting his tongue slip in further as he pulls me into him.

When I suck his cock it’s like I’m in complete solitude and nothing else matters in this world other than servicing his big black cock. I’m content kissing and sucking his cock for hours. I’m addicted to the taste and texture and how it glows from my saliva.

More than anything though, I’m addicted to how he makes love to me. Sometimes he does it fast and hard and rough but since we have grown closer it’s become more intimate and passionate. My whole body shakes when he thrusts into me. My heart races from excitement and I push into each thrust. When he cums into me I wish I could have his baby.

Recently after we had sex for the 6th time that day and his cum drips out of me we as we lay together cuddling with my head in his muscular chest with his hand cupping my ass in a possessive way I look up into his eyes and we kiss and I tell him I’m serious about wanting to have his babies.

He smiles showing his big white teeth and kisses me again saying surprisingly that’s a normal response from white men who are new to being with black men. The thought of having him cum in me and 9 months later I give birth to beautiful caramel coloured mixed babies made my dick hard.

The annoying thing about being so hooked on serving and being with this beautiful African man is sometimes life gets in the way of things. For example I had a job and kids and a nagging ex wife who has a freak out every time I bail on scheduled visiting times with my kids.

I started to wish the whole world would just go away so I could dedicate my entire life to being with Ezekiel and pleasing him and kissing him and making love to him all day every day. That’s when I realized it was time for a vacation. I knew just the place we could be alone with nobody bothering us. My vacation cabin on the lake.

The tricky part was convincing Human Resources to give me the time off considering it was February and my vacation time was booked already for July where I always take my kids fishing at the cabin. Not to mention the fact that in the 3 weeks that I had known Ezekiel I have used up all 12 of my sick days.

The good news was I managed to bullshit my way into getting the time off but had to give up my July vacation time. Everything was fine now but what was I going to tell my ex in July when I suddenly can’t take the kids fishing? I’ll deal with that later. My priority at this time was being with Ezekiel.

Because Ezekiel was here working from Nigeria and the diamond mining company sent him here to do a specific job, he couldn’t get the 2 weeks off. But he was willing to leave an hour early every morning to drive from the cabin to work.

He also mentioned that he was supposed to throw a dinner party with his work friends at his place the weekend after next so we would have to be back by then. I told him that’s not a problem and when the time comes I’ll do the clean up and the cooking for the party. It just felt so natural.

He kissed me and said I was so sweet. I loved being held by him and kissed and loved. We drove up to the cabin in my car but he drove. I sat in the passenger seat holding his hand and putting my head on his shoulder while he drove my car. I totally felt like his wife and I loved it.

When we got to my cabin he picked me up in his arms and carried me inside like a newly wed wife on a honeymoon. He told him where our bed was and he carried me there and threw me on my back onto the bed. My legs were wrapped around him as we kissed passionately.

He ended up fucking me in that position as I screamed for him to give me his babies. He came inside of me and it felt like my whole body was being flooded. I cling onto him tightly as he extracted every bit of it inside me. He kissed me again and said he loved me.

He laid on his back and sucked his cock for an hour or two, I lost track of time. I kept on edging him savouring the moment.Eventually he came down my throat escort şişli and I swallowed every bit of his sweet nectar. He mentioned he was hungry and I made him some burgers on the bbq.

After dinner we had sex 4 more times before he decided he wanted to get some sleep because of the early morning drive to work. We cuddle close with my ass pressed against him. In the morning I was woken up with it pressed into me.

I let him fuck me again and got up to make him coffee and breakfast and pack a lunch for him. He kissed me goodbye and drove off to work in my car. That day I spent cleaning the cabin and making it nice for when he got back. I cooked an amazing beef stew this was cooking when he got home.

He came in and immediately grabbed me from behind at the stove complimented me on how delicious whatever I’m cooking smelled. He gave me kisses on the neck and I felt his hard cock press into me. I pushed back against it as hard as I could. I turned around to kiss him passionately and our tongues entwined. I let him fuck me on the counter while the stew cooked.

After dinner we had sex a few more times before bed. We cuddled and kissed and I laid my head in his chest and listened to him talk about his day. We got to talking about having his babies and that it was normal.

He told me that when we have his work party and his Nigerian friends come over they will bring white men just like me so I won’t feel so weird. I had no idea what he meant by that but it really excited me.

The next week and a half went pretty much like that day. I was the typical wife cooking and cleaning while he was at work. When he’d come home I’d have the dinner ready and I’d literally of spent the day waiting for him to come home and fuck me. He was the man and I was his wife. That’s how it felt anyways. I relished the feeling.

The fact that it was my vacation property and he was driving my car to work didn’t matter. When he came home every night I ran to him and hugged him and kissed him and jumped into his arms like an appreciative wife who’s husband was the provider and took care of me and our babies. It was that same type of appreciation.

When our time at the cabin came to an end I was bummed out about having to return to my regular life and having to answer my ex’s missed calls wondering where the hell I’ve been and why I haven’t shown up to pick up my kids when I was scheduled to. I’ve been dodging her calls. Soon I’ll have to deal with her again.

The only thing that was positive about leaving the cabin was getting to go back and do the prepping for his party. I remembered the first time I met his friends at the bar. They were all really attractive and touchy feely and made me all giddy and talk and act all ditzy and girly.

What got me really intrigued was when Ezekiel mentioned that I’d meet their White friends and will realize I’m not the only white man who feels this way about black men. I kept wondering what he meant by that as I cleaned Ezekiel’s apartment spotless for him.

That day I spent 5 hours preparing all these fancy appetizers and snacks for the party. I decorated the place putting balloons and banners up and even made a big black correct cake for Ezekiel and his friends. I set the table and put all the drinks together and set up a bar.

Ezekiel came home from work and saw what I did and was very pleased. His big smile made me feel so appreciated. The kiss he gave me on the lips was my reward. He told me that he and I both needed to shower and get ready for the party. Without saying another word he picked me up in his arms and took me to the bathroom for a shower.

I had the privilege of sucking his cock when he took his clothes off. After he pulled out and came all over my face he laughed and said “now you really need shower”. I got to lather up his body in the shower and we kissed hard as the water splashed on us.

He had cum inside me a lot the past couple days so I had to scrub the inside of my butt crack with soap to get it all cleaned out. When we got out I watched him getting dressed and was staring at how handsome he looked all dressed up. I felt like a lucky wife.

When our guests started arriving I got the door. The first guest to arrive was Simon. He was Nigerian of course. He was really tall and bald and had full lips and really muscular. Probably about 6’6 and 230 pounds of ripped solid muscle. He looked like he was in his early 30s.

He smiled at me and I’m his thick Nigerian accent and said “it is nice to see you again sweetheart” and hugged me and kissed me on each cheek then a peck on the lips. I didn’t notice that behind him was another man. A white man.

This man was about 50 and was short and chubby like me, he was smiling nervously and waited escort nişantaşı for Simon to introduce him. He shook my hand and said his name was Paul. When I shook his hand I saw a wedding ring on his finger. He then grabbed Simon’s hand and they walked into the living room. I took their coats.

Just then the doorbell rang again and this time it was Abeo. Ezekiel said his name meant the bringer of happiness and I could see why. He was tall too but more toned and slim than bulky. He kind of looked like Usher with nice dimples and seductive smile. He looked younger like maybe 25. With him was another white man.

This white man was about 40 and looked like a computer tech nerd with glasses and all. He was really scrawny and wimpy looking and seemed absolutely enamoured with Abeo as he followed him unable to take his eyes off him. Abeo greeted me with a kiss and hug and I giggled like a little school girl.

Abeo introduced the guy to me saying his name was Eric, Eric barely acknowledged me because he was fixated on Abeo and couldn’t stop staring at him smiling in a lustful glazed over look. I knew that look. I took their coats too as they walked in hand and hand.

Finally the last guest showed up but he certainly wasn’t least. His name was Samuel and he was beautiful with flawless skin and an infectious smile that made my dick twitch. He greeted me with a hug and kiss and patted my ass as we hugged. With him was yet another white man.

This white man looked really nervous as he looked behind him to make sure nobody saw him coming in. He looked to be about 40 and a little chubby but not as chubby as Paul or myself. He looked like the business executive type with a family. He did not look comfortable being there.

Before Samuel could introduce him he grabbed him and held him and said in a soft whispering tone “it is ok, these are good people. Do not worry, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok…” and he started giving him pecks on the lips and hugging him.

This was all the assurance he needed as he walked hand in hand with Samuel and introduced himself as Victor. I noticed he had a wedding ring on his finger too.

After I put their coats away I joined the party. They were all eating the food and enjoying themselves. I noticed the white men were all bringing drinks to Ezekiel’s friends and waiting on them. When they brought drinks or whatever they were rewarded with kisses.

One of my biggest pet peeves about being married to my ex was no matter what I did or how hard I tried she never appreciated my effort. I’ve helped her with plenty of parties for her in family or whoever and she never even indicted that she was even remotely appreciative of it. She always looked at me with a scowl on her face.

Ezekiel however was the complete opposite. As soon as he saw me walking into the living room he greeted me with a warm loving smile and gave me a kiss saying how great of a job I did preparing everything. He pulled me by the hand to sit on his lap on the couch. I was so proud to be on his lap.

Ezekiel whispered in my ear that I should talk and get to know the other white men and see why they’re here so I don’t feel so strange. I needed to do some more food prepping in the kitchen and as I got up, the Nigerian men all told their white dates to go help me in the kitchen. So I had all 3 of the other white guys helping me.

As we prepped the food I got to talking to them. Paul, the first guy that arrived with Simon said this was all new to him. He met Simon at a pub a month ago, ended up sucking his cock that night and has been with him ever since. His wife thinks he’s working extra hours at work. Before he met Simon he thought he was straight.

Eric, the nerdy computer tech guy who arrived with Abeo said he worked at Best Buy and sold Abeo a iPad about 2 weeks ago and Abeo asked him out for coffee during his break. He seduced him that day and has been with him ever since. He was straight until he met Abeo.

The third guy Victor had the most interesting story. When he arrived with Samuel, the reason he was so nervous was he just met Samuel TODAY.He was at the mall with his wife and kids and somehow got talking to Samuel in the food court and Samuel persuaded him to take off to his apartment with him.

He couldn’t resist and had been sucking his big black cock all afternoon avoiding his wife’s calls wondering what the hell happened to him. He too was straight until today. Samuel had a magic spell on him and dragged him to this party. He kept on hitting the reject button when his wife called.

Hearing these men’s story gave me the indication that what I have been feeling about Ezekiel is completely normal. Obviously it’s not something people talk about openly but in this setting escort mecidiyeköy we were all free and open about expressing our desires. There was no shame in being attracted to beautiful black men. We were all straight men with families and wives who got turned by big black cock.

When the food was prepped we all walked in carrying trays for our black husbands. I immediately put my tray on the table and climbed into Ezekiel’s lap straddling him kissing him passionately. I was grinding myself on his hard cock and wished he’d fuck me while we kissed. Unfortunately we had guests to entertain.

I turned around and started grinding my ass into him, I looked around the room and Victor, the nervous guy was making out hard with Samuel. Paul and Eric were twerking for Abeo and Simon. It was quite the sight. I was a horrible dancer but something inside me made me want to twerk.

I kissed Ezekiel really hard and got up and started shaking my hips for him. I dunno if being fucked by a giant black cock loosened me up or what but my hips were gyrating almost in a subconscious way and I couldn’t stop twerking. My ass was doing it by itself.

Samuel broke the kiss with Victor and told him to twerk too. Victor got up and started shaking his hips for Samuel every once in awhile leaning in to kiss him then pulling away and dancing again. He looked like he was exactly where he wanted to be. I knew that feeling very well.

The music they were playing was something I’ve never heard before. It wasn’t rap or hip hop like the typical black guys listen to. This was tribal dance music from Nigeria and it was awesome. I felt it in my soul and it made me dance like I never have in my life.

My hips were gyrating like a 19 year old girl in a night club. But I was i was a 46 year old heterosexual man.

We were all dancing in a group and it was so much fun. I was all giddy and giggling and felt like a girl. I felt so free and happy. I was twerking away when Simon came up to me and started dancing with me, I looked at Ezekiel and he smiled and nodded his head with approval.

I immediately started pressing my ass into Simon on instinct. There was no rush quite like the one I felt at that point with his giant hard dick pressing into me through our pants. I pushed and pushed into it bending over, shaking my hips for him.

Without even realizing it he tilted my head back and shoved his tongue down my throat. I open my mouth for him and kissed him back passionately. I had never been so turned on in my life.

I went and sat in Simon’s lap and continued to twerk for him and kiss him and feel his hard cock pressed against me. Ezekiel was dancing with Paul and not surprisingly at all Paul had his ass pressed against him. I think it’s just a natural instinct for White men to do when dancing with beautiful black men.

I was twerking for Simon and suddenly Samuel grabbed me from behind and I immediately started grinding on him. I turned around and started kissing him passionately too. Simon grabbed me from behind and suddenly I was between both of them being pelted with kisses all over my neck and face. I was in heaven.

Abeo was dancing with Eric and Victor and they were putting on a show for him. Ezekiel gestured for me to come sit on his lap. I practically ran to him and jumped in his arms.

I told him I loved him and was his and only his but was ok with dancing with his friends. He said he thought it was hot to watch me with his friends but only he gets to fuck me.

I couldn’t wait to go to bed with my husband that night. As the night wore on all the guests left. As they all left they all kissed me and hugged me for a long time thanking me for having them there. I actually stood in the doorway making out with Abeo for like 15 minutes before he finally left.

When me and Ezekiel we’re finally alone he picked me up in his arms while we kissed, he threw me down on his bed and we made love harder and more intensely than ever. I was literally pushing into him with all my weight when we fucked. I had more passion and desire to be fucked by him than ever before.

I was screaming “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. You are my husband, I want your babies. I love you so much” as he fucked me to orgasm. He came inside me and I came almost at the same time. We laid together cuddling as we caught our breath.

Ezekiel said “so did you talk to those other white men? You see now that it is normal and common to desire what you desire. Don’t you?” And I nodded and we kissed passionately. I had butterflies in my stomach. I realized for the first time in my life what true love feels like.

I looked into his big brown eyes and told him I loved him and wanted him to be my husband for real. He just smiled like he already knew this. I told him the next day I’m quitting my job and cashing in my pension and changing my phone number. I was going to be his live in house wife from now on.

I didn’t care about my job or my Ex or even my kids. All I wanted was to be with Ezekiel and to serve him and to love him. That’s what makes me happy in life.

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