How I Started Sucking Pt. 03

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My life had turned upside down in just a matter of weeks. From having my first sexual encounter with a guy, following a fantasy, to now virtually having cock on tap in my very own house.

Despite only being meant as a half-way house for Robert, he didn’t seem to be trying too hard to find a place of his own. I didn’t mind, I loved having him there to fulfill my sexual feelings which were growing stronger all the time.

Every opportunity was taken, when my wife Sandra was out, to satisfy Robert’s cock. My taste for his cum knew no bounds.

However, I knew he had a goal in mind and that was my virgin ass. I admit I was scared to take that next step, as it seemed the only step stopping me from being ‘gay’. I did enjoy him fondling my cheeks and he did like to rim me, which nearly had me blowing my load. I had allowed him to finger me but the thought of his huge cock entering me was terrifying.

Matters reached a head one Sunday when Sandra said she was visiting her mum and I assumed she would be away for the whole afternoon. That had me excited, as it had been three days since I had enjoyed Robert’s cock. No sooner had Sandra closed the door behind her than I was sitting beside Robert, with my right hand on his thigh, gently rubbing.

A bulge soon appeared in his jeans and I gasped at its size, even though it was now a common sight for me. My hand went to the zip of his jeans but before I could pull it, he stopped me. Robert leaned in and kissed me, his tongue searching immediately and I felt myself melt, at that moment I was his for the taking and he knew it.

Like a whirlwind he had pulled my jogging pants down and pushed me back on the sofa. My cock was hard but he had no interest in it. He lay on top of me and kissed me again and I could hear his zip being pulled down. I was not used to being so out of control but I knew this moment would come sooner or later.

He now had my legs over his shoulders and I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing tantalisingly on the outside of my ass. Then everything changed.

“What the fuck is going on?” It was the unmistakable shrieking tones of my wife Sandra. Robert actually fell off the sofa with shock, at her sudden appearance. I didn’t know what to say, I could hardly defend myself, having my own cock stiff and his about to enter me.

Sandra was next to speak.

” I knew you two were up to stuff. I actually didn’t mind. That’s why I got you to meet each other in the first place.”

The penny dropped in my head. How could I think she was so daft not to know.

Sandra hadn’t finished though.

“Robert, I told you I was fine with him sucking your cock but I said no anal.” Her voice was hurt and a little tearful.

Robert piped up now. “I was just doing what your hubby wanted, he’s been begging me to fuck him for the last two weeks but I care more for you than to do that.”

I exploded. “You lying little shit! It’s been me keeping you at bay, until tonight.”

“Just as well I forgot my purse” Sandra added with barely concealed anger. “Go and put your pants on you pathetic creatures and Robert, I expect you to have gone by the time I return this time.”

“Oh, come on Sandra, where can I go?” he pleaded.

“Hell, as far as as I care.” she added, a touch of steel in her voice.

With that, she turned and went back out the door.

Robert started pleading “you can change her mind, can’t you?”

“And why would I try? You just showed your true colours. Lying about what I wanted.”

He tried to smile. “Tell me honestly, you did not want me to fuck you.”

I blushed a little. “Just now, yes, I did, more than anything.”

Robert took a step towards me and put his arms round my neck. He had a Eryaman Escort tear in his eye as he said “this is the end, just once more for fun.”

I dropped to my knees not caring if that door was going to open again, my only focus was on his hard-again cock, which I lapped at with my tongue. He pressed forwards and his helmet entered my mouth. i started to suck at the length as he held my head still, jutting his hips back and forth. I knew he would cum quickly and he did, firing three hot creamy jets into my willing mouth. I made sure I captured every drop and then he pushed my head back, with the parting sneer “good boy.”

He was gone in thirty minutes, as I sat downstairs, feeling used. I could still taste his cum, which I had developed a real taste for. What now, I wondered?

Sandra came home five hours later as I was idly watching a documentary about Egyptian mummies.

I felt I had to break the silence. “Look, I’m sorry about all this but you did set me up.”

“Only because I knew what your fantasy was. I wanted it to be safe, with someone I knew.”

“Well he’s gone now and he wont be back.” I tried to reassure her.

“You sucked his cock after I left, didn’t you?” Sandra accused.

I didn’t try to deny it but asked “how did you know that?”

“Because Robert sent me a text to tell me. He said he filled your mouth and you loved it.”

There was a measure of disgust in her voice.

Again, I could not deny it but I was now very angry with Robert and resolved that he had now burned his bridges with me.

Not surprisingly, Sandra banished me from the bedroom that night. I could have used the spare room but the sheets still had Robert’s aroma on them and so I tried to sleep downstairs, on the sofa but with little success, as I tossed and turned, considering all I had done and what my future would hold. The atmosphere was frosty in the morning and I couldn’t blame Sandra wholly, although she had admitted to bringing me and Robert together in the first place.

Work on Monday was a relief and even more so when I found out I was going down to Southampton on Tuesday to help train some new starts. One of my colleagues was to join me, Leon. I knew little about him as our paths had rarely crossed.

I was worried how to break it to Sandra though, in case she suspected me of going back to Robert.

Her response to my news hit me but with hindsight shouldn’t have surprised me.

“That’s good. I think we need a break to think about what we both want. How long are you away for?”

“I’ll be back on Friday. Look I’m sorry.”

Sandra wasn’t impressed. “Save it. If there’s a suitcase on the step when you get back, you’ll know we’re over.”

It was an early start on the Tuesday, the short flight was at 6am. There was no point in asking Sandra to drop me off at the airport and so I ordered a taxi for 4.30am.

Just after 5am and i was sitting with a strong black coffee in front of me, waiting for Leon. Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder and I started and turned round. It was Leon, with a broad smile on his face.

“I hope you’ll be more awake during work. I was waving at you from under the departure board. I felt a real prick when you didn’t wave back.”

“Oh Leon, I’m sorry, my mind is mixed up just now.”

“Don’t apologise, I normally like feeling a real prick.” There was no denying the glint in his eyes as he blatantly flirted with me.

“Wait until we’re on the plane” I retorted laughingly.

“Promises, promises” he said and sat opposite me.

We chatted idly for the next 15 minutes, waiting to be be called to the departure gate. We actually had a lot in common, liked Sincan Escort the same music and films and I somehow felt comfortable knowing that I would be in his company for the next three days.

At that moment, I took real notice of him. He was in his early 40’s and was a shade taller than me. He had sparkling blue eyes and full lips and a shaved head. He seemed in good shape and his light blue suit and tie made him look good. I couldnt help but think about sucking his cock, not that it would be possible, of course.

Less than 3 hours later and we were in the office in the heart of Southampton, on the south coast of England. Leon was in a different department to myself, specialising on HR, whilst I was a systems man and so our paths didn’t cross until 5pm, when we met up to go to our hotel.

Our work normally put us up in decent accommodation and on first sight, this place looked up to the mark. It was Leon who strode up to the reception area of our hotel.

A young lady, with the name Ashleigh pinned to her chest checked our bookings. Every time I had been sent away for work, I had been given a room to myself and with a double bed to luxuriate on. This time there was a problem.

“There’s only one room booked, gents, but it has been booked for you both.” Ashleigh stated, a little sheepishly.

I said “you must be joking, we always get separate rooms, I’m phoning the work to get another one booked.”

Ashleigh quickly added “it won’t do you any good, we’re fully booked this week.”

I groaned as Leon laughed but secretly I was quite excited, feeling sure I would see his naked body at some point.

As we trundled our luggage to the room, Leon turned and with that sparkle in his eyes said words that made my heart dance.

“Maybe I’ll get to feel a real prick after all.”

I couldn’t stop my answer. “Only if I get to suck one.”

“Oh sweet cheeks, you have a deal!”

I knew as soon as we entered the room our clothes would be discarded and I was right.

I only just had time to see it wasn’t even 2 single beds but the big double. I locked onto his full, luscious lips and savoured his tongue, darting around, exploring my mouth. We stopped only to remove our clothes in a mad frenzy. I kissed his hairless chest and sucked on his left nipple, as he caressed my ass cheeks. We were on the bed now, both of us kissing and licking whatever was in front of us.

I was now licking his belly and he gave little moans to tell me to continue. Just a little lower and my tongue made contact with his hard shaft. It was 6″, so less than I had recently been used to but I didn’t care, all I wanted was cock and cum. I used my lips to peel back his foreskin and tasted the sweetness of his cock, which was already dripping pre-cum. Our eyes locked and he moaned with pleasure. I sucked on his shaft and started to rub his hole. That did it and within seconds he was dumping a creamy load into my mouth.

“Oh sweet cheeks, that was so good. Now I need you to fuck me!”

I was a little startled as Robert had never invited me to do that and I could count on my thumbs the amount of times that Sandra had let me take her ass.

I must have looked lost, as Leon geed me up. “I need my hole filled now.”

Leon got on his knees on all fours and edged his ass towards me. There were still a few drops of cum on his cock and I used those to moisten his ass. When I pushed a finger in, he howled in delight. I then rubbed the tip of my hard cock against his wet hole and then pressed forward. I could feel him open up, then close on my rod, he certainly was no novice. I wanted more leverage, so jumped from bed to floor and pushed him over, Etlik Escort so his sexy ass was wiggling for me. I now took a literal plunge and buried my cock inside him, my balls slapping his as I did so. He was moaning with pleasure and I got into a rhythym fucking him.

“”Do you want me to cum in your ass?” I asked genuinely.

“Please, yes, I need it!” Leon begged.

That was all I needed and I could feel the cum welling up inside me. Another few strokes and my cock erupted, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Three, four spurts of my juice flew into him as his ass gripped me tightly and milked every last drop before I softened and dropped out.

I don’t know why but I suddenly went for his ass with my tongue and he started to squirt some of my cum out, which I gobbled greedily. Once there was no more cum to find, Leon hopped on the bed and motioned for me to join him. He rolled over on top of me and we started kissing.

“Well you were the dark horse, sweet cheeks. I was hoping for a flirt but never expected a fuck.” Leon said softly.

“You’ve not been in my shoes recently. If you had, you’d know I love cock.”

“And ass too, evidently” giggled Leon.

“I don’t know about you but I’m starving. Man cannot live on cock alone.” Leon was looking into my eyes intently.

“I’d be willing to try” I countered and we kissed some more.

Half an hour later, after two quick showers, to small to even think of sharing, we sat in a booth downstairs in their cosy restaurant. The main rush had been and gone and there were only a few guests dotted around. We were both looking at our menus when Leon asked

“So tell me how a married man got into cock?”

“I”m sure you’ll have heard it a hundred times before.”

“Not from you I haven’t.” Leon said softly.

I gave him the full story, starting with my fantasies. I included everything, right up to my last conversation with Sandra. Leon loked wide-eyed at my exploits and then, right on cue, my phone pinged. It was a message from Sandra. It read ‘Don’t bother coming home, I’ve had the locks changed. You can share the same homeless hostel as Robert’. I was stunned at first and showed the message to Leon.

“Oh my god, you can stay with me, you know that. Leon offered sensitively.

“Thank you, I may have to take you up on that.” My next action came from nowhere. I leaned over and kissed him. In public. He smiled but said nothing and we barely spoke throughout our meal. Leon was respecting my need for some private thinkng time. We left the restaurant area and we were passing the bar when I suggested

“Fancy a drink. Before bedtime. Together.”

My words made him grin.

“Are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“You better believe it.” I replied deeply.

“No need for a drink sweet cheeks, you can have me anytime.” Leon said in his flirty manner.

We did go for a drink though, no, make that five and Leon loved to rub at my crotch whenever he could.

We were a little drunk when we went up in the lift at 11pm, knowing we had work the next day.

The frenzy that ensued on our last entry to the room was not repeated. This time we slowly undressed each other whilst kissing and we slipped under the covers, me spooning him. My arms were around his chest as I kissed his neck and he pushed his ass back on my stiffening cock.

Then he uttered a sentence that would change everything.

“I’m falling in love with you sweet cheeks”

I was hesitant but I replied.

“I’ve already fallen, Leon.”

Was it the drink talking? For him? For me? At that point, did it matter? Leon pushed his ass back on to me and my left hand grabbed his cock and pulled. His ass was tight but wet and I slid in, with him moving back and forth. He came first, from my pulling him. Then I erupted and fired into his ass. We were both exhausted and fell asleep in our cum-stained bed and didn’t waken until the 6am alarm.

Leon turned and looked at me and softly said

“Remember what you said last night? Are you in love with me?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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