How It All Started Ch. 01

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“Did you rat us out?”


I felt a sharp sting on my butt-cheeks. Even though I was wearing my jeans still I felt as if I am naked. I am not good at lying especially before two of the greatest bullies from my class but what could I have said? ‘Yes I did rat you out’, not very likely. Jojen and Theon both stood around 6′ and pretty muscular too, towering over my 5’8″ and skinny frame. Theon kneed me behind my knees making me drop on the cold wooden floor right on my knees. Jojen grabbed my hair, smiling. I didn’t like the smile, Jojen and Theon were gays openly, now that I don’t have anything against being gay still I have always felt uncomfortable whenever a guy checked me out. Everything was happening in the college gym where no one normally comes in after college hours. Theon walked up to my front realizing that I am too weak to free myself from Jojen’s grip. We were all college students and above 18, so legally they were doing nothing wrong but sexually bullying me.

Theon: “A rat and a liar, this one is a handful. Anyway, Candy, the question was rhetoric. We know you snitched us out as the ones who broke the hallway lights to the principle. No need to lie now and makes this worse.”

Me: “My name is Cam, not Candy.”

Jojen: “Not to us. To us you are only a Candy.”

Without giving me a scope to reply Jojen pushed his index finger inside my mouth, sliding it in and out in slow rhythm. I tried to pull my head off but Jojen was so much stronger than me, not only I failed to free myself but also it seemed it didn’t affect him at all as he held my head with his hand and using my mouth in the obscene way with his other. Their amusement was so palpable I lowered my eyes and blushed deep.

Theon: “Told you this one would break easy. I mean, look at his mouth, his lips. He was destined to be a cocksucking twink boy. See how he is blushing, it is just a sign that he is loving this more than us but need us to force it on him so that in the future no can say he is a fag.”

The comment turned me red but I was so helpless to do anything. I was never a fighter, let alone fighting two stronger guys alone. I feared I was submissive but was skeptical about it so far, only to be proven right by this incident. I didn’t say anything nor tried to pull myself away again. Jojen looked down at me and scoffed. After couple of minutes my mouth loosened a little, saliva dripping down along my under-lip down to my chin, then on the floor. Apparently Jojen was waiting for this to happen. He pulled out his finger from my mouth and wiped it over my cheeks. Pulling down the zipper he whipped his hard cock out, before my mind could register the size of it he placed both Bakırköy Escort of his hands behind my head and pulled my face into it so hard, within an instant I found my nose under his balls and his monstrous 7 inch lying over my forehead. As I gagged from the sweaty smell both of them laughed and took their turns to pet my head like people pet a dog out of pity.

Holding me down there for a notable time Jojen pulled my head up a little so that I can see the aroused monster, just before my wide eyes. His hands guided me towards it and till I felt the damp tip of his cock. Though I fought, it was weak and a tight slap landed on my face as a reward. Partly out of fear, partly out of arousal I opened my mouth spontaneously letting Jojen push his dick inside my eager mouth. I was so confused, I always thought of myself as a straight guy but now feeling his dick sliding in and out in slow rhythm, doubt started to crawl inside my mind. I always felt uncomfortable around gays, was it because I didn’t like the way they eyed me or was it because deep down I was always a submissive gay, who craved to be someone’s bitch? The doubt only heightened when I felt my eyelids becoming heavier and before long I closed my eyes.

I heard footsteps and got a bit alerted. It cannot be Jojen so I understood it must be Theon. I thought to myself, ‘why is he getting behind me?’ I knew the answer only pretended to be innocent and unaware. Theon gently placed his hands beside my waist and pulled me a little behind. I felt a bit ashamed when I realized he wanted me to be on my fours and ready. I yielded, like a weak willed prey and why wouldn’t I, when I loved it? Theon unbuckled my jeans and pulled it down gently along with my underwear, leaving my ass bare. He slapped my ass cheeks gently and let his fingers feel the deepness between my bubbly ass-cheeks and from the moan he made I guessed he wasn’t unsatisfied.

I was still drooling. Theon gently wiped my chin, collecting my saliva on his index finger. Jojen kept on sliding his cock in and out, in the same rhythm with occasional hike in pace. Theon used his finger and my saliva to lube up the entrance of my asshole. When he was happy about it, he wiped my chin again. Getting enough of it, he pushed his finger inside my asshole. Till today, I still recall the way Jojen moaned when I tightened my lips around his cock, as if seeking solace when Theon pushed a finger inside my virgin butthole. I started to slide my head up and down along Jojen’s huge shaft as Theon was busy loosening my asshole the same way Jojen loosened my mouth. Before long Theon pulled out his finger and slapped my ass-cheeks a little. Jojen: “Wow, you were motherfucking Bakırköy Escort Bayan right Theon. See how this little bitch is sucking my cock on my own. I am not even pushing his head down or anything. Poor slut finally realized his place. Good little boy, suck me harder.”

Theon: “I am always right, thought you would know that by now Jojen. Candy, I hope you got that you are not purely straight. I mean, you can be gay, you can be bisexual but not straight. My advice is better stay gay than bisexual. Since with this size you surely cannot please a girl with the thing hanging between your leg and I will really hate to see your eyes full with tears, face buried on a pillow when she says you are just too small for her.”

I paid little heed to their cruel words, they did slap me, they did strip me down, they were fucking me in the middle of the gym from behind like a dog takes his bitch but I knew deep down the words both of them cared and wanted me to be their cocksucker out of serving needs and love, not fear. They were being rough and mean because they wanted to play it like that, it was sort of a role-play for them. I moaned as Theon placed one of his hands on my waist and pushed himself inside me gently but I moaned louder when he began to stroke my little thing with his other hand. I felt like a little closet sissy who was guided by two men and now the closet sissy must pay his due. Within minutes I began to cum, all over the floor, sweating like a hog. Jojen smiled silently as I ejaculated and Theon gave out a cackle.

Jojen: “Oh, you ejaculated pretty quick Candy, another reason for you to stay gay. You cum quickly for a gay man, he considers you to be cute and his little sissy bitch but you cum quickly for a woman, she considers you to be premature and not man enough. Now keep up Candy, we two last much longer than you and I don’t want to be sleeping down there.”

Theon: “As if you are sleeping Jojen. Think, he cannot feel your veins popping out almost too eager to fill his mouth and throat with your jizz? Oh, this Candy has a butt simply so amazing and tight that I am finding difficulty in controlling myself.”

As Theon started to thrust in and out in a beasty lust I tried my best to loosen up. Theon was right though. My tongue could feel the veins appearing all over Jojen’s dick, which weren’t there few minutes back. I tightened my lips around the cock and began to deepthroat it like girls from porn movies. Had I not been sucking his cock for at least 5 minutes or so, it would have been extremely difficult to deepthroat but now after a couple of strokes my throat seemed to adjust to the size and soon enough I sensed Jojen’s Escort Bakırköy body trembling a little. He placed his hands behind my head, holding my head still and began to moan. I looked up at his face, loving the way his expression changed as his moans turned into a squeal of pleasure. I loved how hot semen began to fill up my mouth with his seeds, few strands directly hitting the back of my throat seeping into my stomach. Though I couldn’t taste it all but I was never happier because I just made a man cum and have enough jizz in my mouth to taste.

Theon was doing his best from behind. The pain was receding with each thrust and before long it was reduced to naught leaving nothing but pure intimate pleasure. Jojen kept his boy inside my mouth for as long as it took to swallow his semen. It tasted a bit different than what I had hoped but nevertheless it tasted good. When I saw long after he ejaculated Jojen wasn’t in a hurry to pull himself out I guessed what he might want next. I was proved to be right when I began to lick his cock clean and was rewarded with a kind smile. Before long I felt another warmth inside me as Theon began to shoot out his love seeds (asshole). Pulling myself away from Jojen I turned around, the popping sound when Theon’s dick slid out of my ass made him moan. I brought my mouth close to his cock, it smelled a bit nasty but I didn’t mind. I started to lick his cock ignoring the surprised look of his face. Eagerly I tasted his semen along with the weird taste of my own ass, starting with a long slurp from his base to the tip.

Theon: “I never expected a boy to lick my 8″ member clean, right after I had taken his ass. It tastes weird and is humiliating, they all complained. Wait till I show them our newest find and remind them why I had dumped their asses long ago.”

Jojen wasn’t much of a talker, he only nodded and pulled up his pants, enjoying the sight of my cum-filled ass he gave me a couple of pats over my cheeks and sat down on a nearby chair, still smiling. Theon didn’t linger around for long either after pulling up his pants he dragged a chair next to Jojen and sat down, all sweaty a smile of satisfaction on his lips.

Theon: “Did you like it Candy?”

Me: “Oh yes.. I mean, yeah I was a bit shy and scared and hated it at the beginning but in the end I loved it. Thank you so much, both of you.”

Theon: “Good girl. I will see you tomorrow at the same time, bring a slutty maid costume in your bag and get dressed once you are inside the gym. Now shoo Candy, Theon and Jojen are about to play now and surely a little girl can give two grownups some privacy, don’t you think?”

I wanted to stay, to watch them maybe also join them but I did as Theon told me to. We have just started today and excessive curiosity and participation may spoil the whole thing before it matures. As I walked out of the gym, I heard the unmistakable sound of chair falling down on the floor followed by a passionate smooch and lovers’ moans.

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