How Many First Times are There?

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[I preface my stories because I have received complaints that I don’t always write stories that fit people’s ideas about how a story ought to go. This story is about three sisters and the extended family connected to them. The category says “First Times, Memories & stories of people’s first times”. It doesn’t specify First Times doing what. It contains discussion about teaching their young daughters about periods. It contains hetero sex between the sisters and their husbands, oral sex between two of the sisters and two husbands they aren’t married to. It also contains the details of a secret. The story is set in Southern California.]


Almost all our friends know what I do. They don’t all say it the way I do, but they know. When I was in college years ago my own mother asked me what I was going to be when I graduated. I said I was becoming a sex educator and therapist. A year later I had graduated and started working within the local school system as an educator. Mom told everyone who asked that I taught high school.

On my own I discovered that telling anyone I was a sex therapist ended almost any chance I had with a nearby woman. I did finally meet one who wasn’t put off by what I did. She was a physical education teacher at a neighboring high school and had put up with misconceptions about her life too.

We dated for months, got to be really good friends and on one of our monthly camping/hiking trips we decided to move in together. In the phone call she made to tell her mother we were moving in together her mother asked what I did for a living.

“Mom, he teaches for the district. He teaches the health and sex ed classes.”

There was a long pause in the conversation and I never did find out what her mother said. When the call was over I asked about it and she said, “She’s decided she likes you. You aren’t a lesbian.”

“Oh, but I am. Lesbians like women. I like women. Generally, lesbians are more oral in their sexuality and so am I.”

“I’ve noticed. Let’s not have that discussion with my mother. Ok?”

I nodded. Six months later I met mom. We were invited to her home for Thanksgiving dinner. I met the whole family. Jo, my lady, has two sisters who are a bit more traditional than she is. Carol, the oldest married the guy she dated all through high school while they were in their sophomore year of college. They now have two daughters. Next in line is Patricia, who got a teaching degree and taught second grade for ten years. After teaching four years she married a man who is now an administrator for an insurance company. They have two daughters. Every Sunday the whole clan sit together as an extended family in church in the same pew with Mom and Dad. Jo and I are missing.

During the Thanksgiving meal Carol asked Jo, “What do you guys do on the weekends?”

“We hike, go camping, explore things we can recommend to parents, and lots of other things.” Jo said.

Carol’s husband said, “When I was a kid we went camping as a family. It was lots of fun. Where do you go?”

“We went to Sturdevant Falls two weeks ago. It was just a trickle this time of year but it was still fun.”

“I went there as a kid. We went swimming in the pool.”

The sisters had not gone camping as children. From mom’s comments she thought camping was dirty and girls should be clean. Carol’s husband, Jack, asked me to keep in touch with our hiking and camping plans.

Jo warned me on the way home that Carol would never allow the girls to go camping. Carol shared her mother’s opinion about dirt.

Two weeks later we planned our next camping trip. We wanted to go out to Twenty-nine Palms and camp at Joshua Tree National Monument. It would be cold at night but the sky would be spectacular. I called Jack and told him of our plan. He told Carol during dinner with their family and their girls wanted to go. One of their girls was interested in astronomy and even had a telescope. He called me back and we made plans to go together. Carol had not decided if she would go.

She went. I did most of the cooking and Jo, Jack and I set up camp. We brought extra blankets, good air mattresses and made sure everyone brought lots of clothes to layer. The campground was almost empty. When it got dark we set up the telescope and looked at the sky. We started by looking at the moon. At about ten Janice, their ten year old, saw a shooting star. It was the first one she had ever seen. Ten minutes later her sister saw one too. Then I helped them see a satellite passing over us. Even Carol got excited about all the things there were to see. None of us went to bed until after one in the morning.

Jo woke me in the morning as she often does when we camp. She wrapped her warm mouth around my morning hard on and quietly drove me crazy. Usually I can just make all the noise I want but with Jo’s sister and nieces less than twenty feet away I needed to stay quiet.

After I gave Jo her morning juice she licked her lips and said, “I’ve had my breakfast. Now we need to feed everyone else.” We got up, dressed and exited Escort bayan our tent. There was a thin layer of frost over our campsite. I started the fire and got it going good and strong. Carol came out of their tent and quickly went to the nearby bathroom. I smiled, knowing that when she sat her naked butt on that toilet she would want to scream. That toilet seat was frozen. A few seconds after she went inside I did hear a yelp.

When she came back I had a steaming cup of coffee waiting for her. She accepted it with gratitude. I added eggs to the frying pan along with the potatoes and onions I had already put in. Jo crumbled bacon we had cooked at home into the mix. Jack and the girls were soon out of their tent and hungry.

As we ate we talked. The girls wanted to know when we could go camping again. They wanted to know where as well. Jo had thought ahead and brought one of our camping notebooks. They looked through it and picked a good spot. We sat around the campfire and planned the next family campout.

It was after one in the afternoon when we left Joshua Tree. We had only planned an overnighter for their first trip. The next trip would be a three day, two night trip to a beach near San Diego. We would introduce the girls to hiking on the beach while we were there.

Jo was impressed with how well her sister had done on a campout. On Monday I got a call from Jack.

“We’ve got a problem and I don’t know what to do.” He said.

“Can I help?”

“I hope so. Janice is ten, you know. She’s panicky because her best friend started her first period while we were gone, camping. Now she’s asking lots of questions and Carol doesn’t know what to say.”


“And… you’re the professional! What can we do?”

‘Get off the phone. Go to the library and get a book called, “What’s Happening to Me?” Sit down as a family and read the book together. It answers ninety-nine percent of her questions. It is illustrated. It does tell the truth. After you read it together hand the book to Janice and Jenna and let them read it by themselves.”

“Then what?”

“Carol should go to the store and buy supplies for the first periods. She should show the girls how to use the supplies and give the supplies to the girls.”

“Show them?”

“Yes. Show them.”

“I’ll tell her you said that.”

“Tell her I am willing to coach her and you in how to do all this. If it isn’t done soon their first periods will be a trauma they don’t need.”

“Thanks. This being a parent doesn’t get easier does it?”

“Yes! When Janice is thirty-three and living somewhere else it will be easier.”

“You promise?”


Jo had listened and when I got off the phone she said, “Mom never talked to us. My best friend in sixth grade showed me. The very next day I started. I was surprised but not scared. When I asked my sisters they both said that when they started they thought they were dying.”

“That is so unnecessary.”

“Mom never talked about s-e-x either.”

“You discovered it on your own?”

“Not really. I knew sex had something to do with making babies so I didn’t want to do anything that might make babies. I talked with the older girls at school. They introduced me to no-risk sex.”

“No risk?”

“Eating pussy carries no risk of pregnancy.”

“So your introduction to sex was an introduction to lesbian sex?”

“Yes. Our whole field hockey team would get together after practice and go crazy. Word got out somehow and the boys at the school started calling all of us lez or bitches. I wasn’t a lez but I was terrified of boys.”

“I wouldn’t ever want to be a teen again. It’s so stressful.”

“If I could go back now, and keep my knowledge from now… I think I could really enjoy being a teen.”

“Hmmmm, maybe.”

At school I taught the sex ed classes and again was confronted by knowing that the district wanted the classes taught when the girls were eleven, after twenty percent had already had a period.

The weekend beginning Christmas vacation the two families drove to San Diego County and camped at the beach. Jo and I arrived first and set up camp. When Jack, Carol and kids arrived I already had dinner cooking in my Dutch oven and dessert in a slightly smaller one. The kids and Jack explored the area until it was nearly dark and then we ate. Carol didn’t say much at all, even during dinner.

By nine the girls were bundled up by the fire and we adults were in our camp chairs also by the fire.

Janice spoke up. “Uncle Nick, can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure. I may not know the answers. I don’t know the capitol of Nebraska.”

Jenna answered, “Lincoln.”

“Dad got us this book.” Suddenly I knew which book and where this conversation was going. “And we read it. I still have questions.”

I turned to Carol and Jack, “What do you want me to do here?”

“As I understand it our job is to make sure they learn the truth. Since we are so uncomfortable, you can teach them.”

“If you will.” Bayan Escort Carol added.

“Ok, Janice ask.”

“Where does the blood come from before it leaks out of me?”

“Do you still have the book?”

Jenna flew to the tent and came back with the book and a flashlight. We talked about all their questions and I put the answers in a form they could understand. The book is really good, but some kids need a little more help. All kids need it reinforced, too.

Janice got up and went to the tent and came back with a small bag. She held it out to me. “Mom says these are for me to use when the time comes. I don’t know what to do with them.”

“Did she show you?”

“No. She gave me the bag…”

“And she gave me one too,” Jenna said.

Jo took the bag from Janice. She took them items out and looked them over. “Wait right here.” She said. She went in our tent and came back out with a bag of her own. “Girls, follow me.”

Jack, Carol and I stayed in our chairs. Jo, Janice and Jenna walked to the ladies bathroom. I looked at Carol and asked, “Aren’t you wondering what they are doing?”

“Yes, but I’m embarrassed.”

“Go. Whatever Jo shows them they will have questions tomorrow. Go. Share in the education.”

She got up and went. They were gone almost half an hour. When they came back the energy between them was very different. Carol and her girls went into their tent. Jo came to us and sat down. She took my hand and Jack’s and softly said, “I think it would be best if the girls all slept together tonight.”

We nodded and she joined Carol and the girls in their tent. It wasn’t even ten and the fire was dying, the campground was quiet and only the sounds of the surf and the occasional pop from the fire were heard.

Jack and I sat in silence until eleven or so and then I put out the fire and we went to bed.

The day began with Jo and Carol making breakfast. After we cleaned up the site and went for a family walk. We walked two miles north on the beach, looking at birds, seaweed, rock outcroppings and we even saw a sea lion. Carol was more interested in the huge beach front homes we passed than the wildlife. Just before we turned to walk back Carol saw a woman walk to the edge of her deck and look out at the ocean. The woman was nude. Janice and Jenna saw her too and asked, “How come that woman and Jo don’t have any hair down there?”

Jack and I didn’t say anything, we just slowed down and let the women answer. I would have liked to listen in, but I didn’t.

Jo caught up with us a few minutes later. I asked, “So why do you and that woman not have any hair?”

“Because eating pussy is so much better when there isn’t any hair in the way.”

Jack’s head turned to look at Jo so fast I thought he hurt himself. Jo smiled at him and said, “Some women find it easier to be clean without any hair.”

“Last night, you showed them didn’t you?”

“Yup. As it happens I started my period yesterday. It wasn’t a sterile demonstration. They now know that I’m bleeding and I won’t die. When I headed for the bathroom this morning Janice followed me and wanted to see again. Now, when her time comes she is ready.

Jack stopped and said, “You actually showed my daughters your… down there?”

“No, Jack. I showed them my vagina, my vulva, a pad and a tampon. I showed them how to use each one and we talked about why I use what I use.”

“Oh, God. Carol must have been so embarrassed.”

“Actually, she was, at first. Then she got past that. She saw how important it was to her daughters and she undressed and showed them on her. We may be sisters but we aren’t exactly the same.”

“Yeah, one of you shaves.” Jack said.

“Not the only difference.” Jo turned and went back with Carol and the girls. Being the experienced camper I had a cell phone in my pocket. I took it out of the waterproof bag in my pocket and made a call. The guy promised they would deliver to site twenty-eight at exactly one o’clock.

At ten until one we were back in camp and the ladies went to the bathroom. When they returned Jack and I were enjoying pizza. They joined us and we enjoyed lunch together. Clean up was easy, we put the empty boxes in the fire pit.

It was too cool to swim but warm enough for some sun bathing. Janice was still self-conscious about her budding chest so when she went to the beach she wore a t-shirt over her suit. Jo went and sat with the girls. Jack and I went for a walk.

“Do I ever get them back?” He asked.

“Not the way they were. They are changing from girls into women. Everything changes. By the way, with both Carol and Jo on their periods and it being a full moon tonight Janice just might start tonight.”

“Isn’t that old wives tales?”

“Yup. Accurate old wives tales.”

He was quiet for a long time. When he decided to speak he stopped walking. I stopped and waited.

“Does Jo like you to eat pussy?”

“God, yes! And I love doing it.”

“Carol won’t let me anywhere near her.”

“I’ve Escort met her mother. I’d be pretty sure Carol’s Dad never tasted her Mom, either.”

“Rather than making me feel better it makes me feel worse for both of us.”

“Yeah. Jo is the freest of the sisters, that’s for sure.”

“That reminds me, Carol and Patricia have been talking. Specifically about missing church and about camping.”

“Are we going to Hell?”

“No. I think Patricia and family would like to be invited along. They just feel bad about leaving Mom and Dad alone at church.”

“We can arrange a trip for a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and all sit in the pew on Sunday.”

“You and Jo, too?”

“Sure. Not every Sunday but often enough that Mom might just think she is winning the battle against heathens.”

We went back to the site and looked at calendars and made a call to Patricia’s husband Paul. He was a good guy and took to the idea of camping with us as a great idea. We let him know we were looking at certain dates as possible dates to include them in a campout. He suggested that Carol talk to Patricia about it.

When the ladies returned from the beach they saw the calendars and maps out and wanted into the discussion. We acted like we had just started talking and over the next hour they decided that the weekend they didn’t know we picked was the best one for the next campout. Carol even had the idea of inviting Patricia and family.

Jo was in charge of dinner. She taught Carol, Janice and Jenna how to make Jambalaya in the Dutch oven. It was one of our favorite camping meals. Rice, ground turkey, veggies and spices. They piled the charcoal on the Dutch oven and relaxed while it cooked. Jack and family had never eaten Dutch oven cooking before we took them camping. That first meal turned them into big fans of Dutch oven cooking. I don’t know if it was the stew or the peach cobbler that convinced them.

Now Jack’s girls could make a Dutch oven dinner. Over dinner they talked about buying some new camping gear. We advised them about where to get good stuff without paying top dollar.

Jack and I shared the tent again that night. At about four I was awakened by hushed voices and the sound of the tent zipper on the ladies tent. All four of them went to the bathroom. Janice had started her period.

Jack sat up and whispered, “What’s going on?”

“Your girl just started her period. Go back to sleep.”

We did. When I woke up breakfast was ready. Janice kept looking around like she expected people to be able to tell she was different. She was also afraid her Dad would say something. He didn’t.

We went for another walk. Carol walked beside Jack and held his hand. After a while he said, “Welcome back.”

She squeezed his hand and said, “You do understand how important all this is, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Nick, splained it to me.”

“You get something out of it too.”

“What’s that?”

“I shaved this morning.” She smiled up at him. He stopped walking and pulled her close.

“You shaved?”

“Yes! No nicks or cuts either. I’m as smooth as a baby down there, just for you.”

“God! Are you going to let me touch you?”

“Better than that. Jo and I have been talking, a lot. When my period is over we are going to play. Jo has volunteered to baby sit while we play. Lights on, and everything!”

“God, I love your sister!”

“Save it for me!”

She ran off to rejoin the girls. Jack looked at me like someone had slapped him.

“Did she just promise me what I think she promised me?”

“If I were you I’d spend the next three days limbering up my pussy eating muscles.”

“Shit! I didn’t think of that! I’m in trouble.”

Jo slid up beside us and asked, “Why would you be in trouble?”

Before he thought, he answered, “Because I’ve never eaten pussy.”

“Nothing to it. Once you’re past the smell, you’ve got it licked.” She paused. Jack couldn’t believe what she had said. “It’s just something I heard when I was in high school.”

“Seriously. I may only get one shot at this. If I screw it up I won’t be invited back.”

“Hmmmm. I have an idea. Just relax, I’ll think it over.” She kissed me with tongue and a sparkle in her eyes and went back to her sister.

“What will she do?” Jack asked.

“I have no idea.”

Back at our site Jack and I sat and popped a beverage. The girls changed clothes and went down to the beach. We could see them from where we sat. Jo walked up to us and asked, “Nick do you love me?”




“So, no matter what I do, you will still love me?”


“Jack, I just talked to Carol. She wants this to happen. I’m going to take you in the tent and teach you to eat pussy. You only get one lesson. Pay attention. When I cum, the lesson is over. The second lesson you’ll get from Carol. Ok?”

He turned to me, “Are you Ok with this?”

“Yes. She’s a good teacher. Pay attention and you’ll do great.”

“How long does this take?”

“If you are a really good student it could take an hour.”

“Jo, where is Carol?” I asked.

“In the bathroom, cleaning herself.”

“For lesson two?”

“No, Nick. For her lesson number one, with you.” Jo smiled at me.

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