How my sister became my sex slave. Intro

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My name is Adam and my sister’s name is Mary. I am 5 years older then my sister. I was planned and well she wasn’t. I lover her to death she is just amazing. Now let me tell you how she ended up being my very own personal sex slave. It all really was an accident.

It all started when I started to go though purity. I was horny all the time so spent a lot of time in my room jerking off. Since my sister was innocent she happen to walk in on me now and then. At first I would tell her to get out because I was busy. Her being the innocent girl and curious soon learn when to come into my room. At first she would as what I was doing and I just told her to get out that I busy. After a little while I knew she would come in on me and was hard to get privacy. One day while I was close to done she burst in wanting to play. I didn’t notice because I was so close to cumming. When I started to cum she was next to by bed watching as cum shot out of my dick. She let out a small scream and I saw she was there. Then she said “Eww you pee yourself!”

Without thinking I quickly told her to be quite someone might hear. Still with my now dick in hand. Once I realize what happen I tried t grab a sheet but they were all on the floor and my sis was standing on them. She then started to ask “Why are you always pulling at it, every time I come in you are pulling at it.” Not knowing what to do I just got up and put on some boxers and grabbed a sock go clean up the cum. “Just leave my room okay. Oh and how many times must I tell you to knock.” I told her trying to avoid the questions but my sister being herself didn’t and just kept nagging me.

“Okay! If I tell you what I was doing you must leave me alone.” I finally gave in because she would end up asking our parents also and tell them what she saw if I didn’t end up explaining everything. “So what I was doing is called jacking off. Guys do it all the time because we have to or else it hurts us when we don’t.” Without a pause she ask “Why?”. “Like I said if I don’t do it then it will hurt me and I won’t be very happy. As for what came out it is called cum and it is nothing like pee. Happy now?” She left it at that because she could see I was getting annoyed and wouldn’t answer any more questions. Rest of the day went by without any mention of what happen. I was happy thinking she had forgot Sikiş hikayeleri moved on!
The next day after I got home I quickly made it to my room to jerk off. Soon after my sister comes in and sees me I quickly cover up and she just ask, “Your jerking off again?” I say yes and to please let me finish. She hangs her head and goes out but what I didn’t see she didn’t complete close the door on her way out so she is now watching me as I jerk off and soon cum.
Some time goes by and now my sister just watched me from the crack on the door when she opens it. Soon I realize and let her keep doing it. At a point I even start to enjoy it. Then one day as I start to jerk off I just say out loud. “Come in here and watch since you always do from out there.” In no time my sis is in the room with her eyes fixes on my hard dick. I am used to her watching so I just go about jerking off. Now it becomes normal for her to watch me as I jerk off even sitting on my bed at times.

Then one day she ask me “Can I try?” I am lost for words I’ve never had a girl touch me and didn’t think of my sis that way. At first I say no but after days of her asking I finally give in. It was not the best at first she didn’t know how to handle my dick and well was all over the place. At first whenever I came we would quickly move her hands away and I kept being that way for some time after. She became pretty damn good with her hands after a while and fished me all the way to the point cum would end up in her hands sometimes.

Summer came around her and I would be home alone a lot. While our parents would be at work during the day. Being the older one I was left to take care of her and even some money for ice cream or if we needed to order food. Whenever we didn’t spend the money I would keep it just like every summer since I was old enough to take care of her. Then one day after asking her many times to try and suck my dick I came up with a plan. It was just the first week of summer I told her if she sucked my dick I would buy her ice cream. I knew our parents left me money to do that already but she didn’t she had always thought I got it for her. After telling her how much I wanted it and how she would also get ice cream if she did she gave in and said okay. Again first time was not the best, she used teeth, just sucked and licked the Sex hikaye tip but made me cum pretty quickly. As the summer went on she kept doing it and get really good at it I even talked her into letting me cum in her mouth and be swallowing it for more ice cream and candy. By the end of the summer she was amazing at sucking my dick and swallowing my cum that she did it for fun but I always rewarded her. Time went on and it became a routine that she would suck or jerk my dick off every day after school and sometimes in the morning.
A while went by like this she became my personal jerk off or cum bucket whenever I wanted it.

More time passed and I just loved my alone time with my sister. She couldn’t get enough of my dick at this point now. I started to look at her more as a real girl when she started yo grow some books. I even had her now going topless when she did stuff with me. I started to cum on her chest and made her rub my cum on herself.

Soon she also started to get horny herself. Since I was older I had seen more porn then her and saw many girls playing alone. I started to make her go naked when she would suck me or work me off. Once she made me I would finger her. At first it was only one finger in her pussy going in and out. Later it became two and then another for her clit. She learned that she had to get me off before I get her off so it became a reward. Later I started to use my mouth on her pussy and this just sent her over the top. She would beg for me to do it but this is when I knew that this was one of the things I could control her with.

One day when she came home from school and in the middle of her sucking me off she made a comment, “Frank’s dick isn’t as big as yours or as tasty.” That is when I first found out that she had done something with other guys. I quickly stopped because I wanted her for myself only. She was sad but then I started tell her how she was my special girl and that she shouldn’t be doing anything with anyone or I would stop playing with her. That was one of the first times in a long time I just finished myself off because I wanted to make her feel as she was punished. I couldn’t stay away from her so she apologized and said she would do anything to make it up to me. I just told her I’ll think about it but she could start with a BJ. She wanted me to Erotik Hikaye eat her out but I told her no and that she wasn’t allowed to play with herself till I said it was okay once again.

That day I spent thinking a out her sexy pussy and how much I would love to fuck her but scared to get her pregnant. Then I recall about seeing some porn were girls would take it in the ass. That day after school we sat to watch some porn. She enjoyed watching as I fingered her. This time I did choose some anal pro that she didn’t like and thought was a bit nasty. After the ass play in the porn she wanted me to stop it but told her if she wanted to make it up this is the one thing. After a bit of time of talking her into but mostly telling her that if she didn’t I would no longer do anything with her. She just gave it once I told her that. That was the first time I played with her ass though not the last. After a week of none stop ass play and learning to use some sort of lube and her sort of enjoying it now a bit. I decided it was time to fuck her. I was 18 now and hadn’t do anything with other girls but my sister so I was very excited. I had to set it up so she seemed to be sick that day and miss school while I offer myself to stay home and take care of her so our parents would be at work all day and I could have my way with her all day. That was the first time I fucked her ass and abused her. She was sore for the next two days but still was happy to suck my off.

When I was 20 our parents had a car accident that ended up killing them it was a very bad year for her. She was depressed for a long time I would sleep with her every night to just keep her company. For a while we didn’t do anything. She was set to go live with our mother’s sister but I ended up talking them into letting her stay at home with me so that more things don’t change in her life. I was now working and in college so I able to keep an eye on her most of the time. With our parents days we also got money from their life insurances. She was going to be 16 soon and was in a bit of a better mood still not her old chipper self but now was sexual again with me. I planned to take her pussy for the first time when she was 16 and we did end up doing that. After we had sex she cheered up once again now I was cumming in all her holes at any time I wanted.

End of part one. This was mostly a intro to how my sister became my sex slave. If people like it will write a part two with a lot more sexual detail and focused on one event. Plot would be 18th birthday present.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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