How To Become a Tambourine Chick

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I loved the band Satellite from when I was just a very young girl. They had long hair and masterful bodies that they strutted across stages from coast to coast. I suppose you would call me a groupie. I listened to every song and knew every beat and nuance of Satellite’s rowdy, velvety music that enhanced the sexual energy of both genders.

Step 1 Know the music/words to your favorite band. Step 2 Hone your sexy body/ wear sexy clothes.

Yes, pedicures, gorgeous hair colorings, and workouts at the gym all add to your ability to become a seductress that men can’t resist.

So there I was, jumping up and down in the crowd in front of my favorite band. The tickets were $100 a piece for this interactive and casual setting. The lights were low and the place was packed with sexy bodies gyrating to the music. Everyone was ecstatic while bouncing to the provocative music. The lead singer, Johnny, pulled a few sizzling women on stage and I happened to find myself in the mix.

I grabbed the tambourine I saw resting on a chair, and beat it with expert precision to the sounds of the music I knew so well. Gradually, one by one, the other pearlescent women were asked to leave the stage. I continued to swing my hips and beat the tambourine, arousing numerous cheers from the excited crowd. Perhaps it was my straight long blond hair, my big mascara lined eyes, and my slender chiseled freshly worked out body, including flush cheeks in a tight cleavage revealing dress that kept me on stage. I don’t know for sure, but I was definitely getting a rise from the audience.

At one point I called over the waitress and ordered a round of tequila shots with instructions to keep them coming. The spectators went primal as the lead singer licked my stomach, and then poured salt on it while I leaned my young flexible body in an alluring arch. When the audience chanted “Lick her Johnny”, Johnny licked his lips and repeated the tequila gesture again and again. The other guys drank their tequilas at the same time causing another surge of exuberant energy from the lucky spectators.

I knew that not wearing a bra would make my ample tits bounce when I danced. What I didn’t realize is that I would be dancing on stage. The result was more eye candy for the audience. As I danced I looked down, noticing the outline of my nipples made them look like rosebuds ready to be plucked. I kept shaking my sexy body and kept perfect time to the music enhancing the wild rocking experience that made the audience vibrate. Men in the audience continued to whistle as I rocked my vivacious curves all over the stage.

During intermission I hung around with the band backstage. With a nymph attitude I walked towards Johnny. I gushed as I talked to him, eliciting sensuous vibes. We were both drunk and wildly turned on by one another.

“You’re pretty hot little tambourine chick baby,” he said looking at me lecherously.

“I aim to please,” I said lightly with a very sexy, seductive tone.

“Have you got anything you could aim right into my mouth,” I asked coyly; dripping sex appeal.

“I sure do. At the back of the bus would be a good place for me to work on my aim. But if a little spills over, you’ll lap it up, won’t you babe.”

Johnny licked his lips and looked at me seductively.

“I’ll be right back doll, just got to do something.”

With those words he sauntered off. He was on his way to find some condoms so we could fuck like wild beasts into the night.

It was just then that a twist of fate made my life amazing. An employee of the Avalon theater/bar that we were playing at came up to me in a flurry.

“Oh, good,” he said. “You’re with the band. You can help me.”

Step 3 Suck up to the band, literally.

“I don’t know who to issue these checks to. Can you tell me the names of the band members?”

He had his checkbook out and started writing down the names as I gave them to him. I silently thanked myself for my Satellite obsession since being a devoted groupie meant I knew exactly how to spell their names.

“And me, I’m Lindsay Madison,” I added.

Minutes later he was gone and I was holding 6 checks worth $10 000 dollars each. My hands trembled. I tucked my check into my purse and found the other band members back stage. I was in a remote section of the stage and fingering my 10 000 dollar check in my purse when the drummer saw me and with his expression ablaze he pulled me towards him and put my hand on his stiffened member. I put the hand with my opened purse behind my back and moaned my pleasure at his beautiful hard on.

“Why are you with that fuck Johnny, when you could be with me?”

With those words he planted an intimate and passionate kiss on my lips.

We both turned when we heard the crowd cheering, knowing it was time to get back on stage again. I walked out with the drummer and felt the thrill of the audience applause.

During the second half I again offered a purely, sexual, seductive experience to the audience with my very fine sexy moves. I bent over and slowly özbek escort raised my sexy body up to the beat of the music while shimmying.

I looked over at the drummer after a particular erotic shimmy and saw his lips mouth the words, “I’m going to fuck you gorgeous.”

I felt my juices flow. I don’t know how I became such a slut, but I sure love everything about sex.

Johnny was preoccupied with singing a tender solo to the swaying audience, and didn’t seem to notice the drummer’s attraction to me.

Before I knew it the concert was over and I was stumbling into the bus with the band members. Johnny and I lip locked until we hit the bed in the back of the bus and had wild, hot dirty, messy sex on the bed. We started with a tangy 69 session that, after a half an hour, ended with him erupting into the condom in my mouth. Streams of wet hot liquid poured into the condom as my pussy pulsed an orgasm at the helm of his expert mouth and tongue. Within minutes his cock stood hard and erect again. I straddled him and put my hand over his mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you with my hot little pussy now Johnny, just lay back and enjoy!”

That’s when I started to ride him. I knew I looked amazing riding his cock with my long torso swaying overtop of his muscular body. My soaked pussy rode his big cock like the gorgeous little slut I am. He spurted hot cum inside the condom as I orgasmed around his cock. After fucking our brains out we feel asleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime in the middle of the night the bus must have taken off because when I woke up, we were on our way to Cincinnati and the stadium there.

The sun was shining through the window when we woke up and the bus driver announced that we were a half hour away from Cinci.

“Johnny, I don’t have any clothes to wear. Can I join you again on stage tonight?” I asked exuberantly, alarmed, yet pleased at the turn of events.

“You keep perfect time doll and the audience goes wild over your sexy moves. You sure got them steamed up last night. I’ll tell the driver to make a stop at a sheek boutique and you can stock up on lingerie, jewelry, and sexy clothes doll, on me. Here is my black credit card. Go for it!”

“Thank you Johnny,” I said. Then I kissed him full on the lips.

I couldn’t believe where I was and how this all came to be, but I was riding the wave and loving it. The bus stopped downtown and the boys in the band ate a local diner while I found gorgeous clothes and lingerie at a high end store. By the time they were finished their lunch I had spent four thousand dollars and was walking towards them with numerous bags and a mini suitcase.

Before the show I phoned my roommate and told her I was on an unexpected trip and to forward my calls to my cell phone. Luckily I was between jobs and no one expected me to be anywhere. I was totally free. I told her I would mail her a money order for the rent. She happily agreed. She was obviously eager to enjoy the place to herself and told me to be careful.

I knew I needed to look the part to keep riding the wave. For tonight’s performance I wore a silver sequins short mini bra along with a matching short mini skirt, with sequined tassels that would sparkle and catch the light, along with my new and very elaborate diamond studded belly button jewelry.

The boys in the band didn’t seem to mind that I was still there, nor did they look surprised when I hit the stage with them a second night. I soon learned that Johnny called the shots and if he wanted me there, I was in.

On the fourth trip, during the middle of the night, while sitting in the bathroom, peeing, Rolve, the drummer picked the lock, came in to the small space and closed the door behind him. I didn’t speak so as to not wake anyone up. Calmly I wiped my pussy and pulled up my thong. I went over to the sink and was washing my hands when I felt his breath on my neck. It was hot and steamy.

I felt his tongue licking soft clean lines along my neck. His hands started running down my back and landed firmly on my round firm buttocks. Rolve’s hands started kneading them then, while pushing my pussy into the sharp corners of the vanity, creating an erotic rhythmic pressure that hurt, but was deliciously painful. I started to swim in sensation. He inched up my skirt with one hand as he held my wanton gaze in the mirror. His hand attached to my thong and pulled it down off my legs viciously, while his other hand massaged my tits and pulled roughly at my hard nipples.

Seconds later I felt his hard cock pushing against the entrance to both of my holes. I didn’t know which one he would settle on. I didn’t care. So long as he fucked me, and filled me, all would be right in the world. I needed him to fuck me hard. And then he was there; deep inside me. I turned my head and kissed him while his hard shaft grinded back and forth inside me. I squeezed and contracted my gluts around him and heard his moan through our kisses.

“Hey what’s going on in there?”

On those words mecidiyeköy escort Rolve blew his load inside the condom.

“Nothing babe, just fixing my makeup, and I dropped something so I moaned. I’ll be right out. Go lie down and stroke your cock nice and big for me, so I can give you the best blow job of your life,” I whispered.

He absentmindedly started stroking his hard cock through his sweat pants, and walked back to his bed and waited.

Later when Johnny was distracted and fucking my ass from behind, Rolve snuck by the partially opened door. I offered an extra loud whimper as a greeting, when I heard him walk by. I had captured the hearts of the two strong members of the band. The rest were submissive and simply looked at me with admiration. They were tame.

The checks had however stopped coming after the first one and something needed to be done. We all had a free day so I decided to give the manager a visit.

Step 4 Fuck the manager.

I dressed in a sleek; slightly see through white lace mini dress with matching white tall heels. Sparkling gold jewelry dripped off my wrists, fingers and neck. From the moment I introduced myself and looked into his eyes I felt an instant attraction.

Ken was in his late fifties and in great shape. His hair was long and styled casually. He looked like a man who knew what he wanted and was used to getting it. I was a little apprehensive; not knowing how these cards I was playing would play out. I knew I wanted this and I was ready to work for it. I licked my lips as I sat down and crossed my legs knowing my short skirt would ride up higher and higher the more I moved.

“It’s a little chilly in here,” I said as I sat down.

On a whim I opened my mouth seductively and circled my aching hard nipples with my finger tips, over top of my dress, as if to warm them.

I saw Ken swallow hard as he watched me blatantly add spice to his life.

I smiled at him sweetly.

“I don’t know where to start,” I said looking at him with my big beautiful eyes and running a hand up and down my legs to warm them while bending forward, offering him a clear view of my sexy cleavage.

I watched Ken move uncomfortably in his chair then and slightly adjust his package. From what I could tell he had a very nice package.

I looked at the picture on his desk and the absence of a ring on his ring finger and realized the woman in the picture was his girlfriend. She was young and looked like a librarian in demeanor.

Seeing I was cold he took off his jacket, came up behind me and wrapped it around my luscious frame. When his hands moved to my frontal area, in a bold move, I took his hands and massaged my nipples with them. We stood in silence for an eternity while he did this. I expected him to make the next move, but he didn’t. He just kept massaging them quietly.

His hands fell to his side as I stood up.

“Lift up my skirt and massage my ass cheeks Ken!”

“Gladly,” was his response.

“Is that too hard, or too soft, my lady?”


As he touched me, a moan of pleasure escaped my lips. I felt very powerful all of sudden. I was in charge and it was exhilarating. What else would this sexy man do for me? He was more than twice my age, yet I felt incredibly turned on by his willingness to let me lead him.

“Now bend me over this desk and take off my thong slowly.”

Ken started to take it off when he felt a slap on the hand. A moan escaped his lips.

I said, “Slowly Pet”

He did exactly as I told him, taking them off extremely slowly. By the time he was finished I felt my exposed pussy swimming in wet need. After being pursued by countless men, I was surprised at how turned on I was by this incredibly sexy older man who let me be in charge and looked at me like I was a goddess.

“Lock the door, close the blinds tight, tell your secretary that you don’t want to be disturbed, and then stand in front of me.”

I watched him do exactly as I told him and smiled. Having a powerful man do exactly as I tell him to do made me feel overwhelmingly horny. Here was a man, a powerful man, who made major decisions and represented big names in the business and here he was allowing me to guide him sexually. I’d never been more turned on in my life.

“Take off your pants and let me see what you have.”

Ken took them off, one leg at a time.

“Your underwear too.”

“Mmmm, you do have a beautiful cock Ken. Show me how you stroke it!”

“With pleasure my lady,” Ken responded with alluring look.

He was obviously enjoying himself. Ken pulled up on his cock a couple of times and wet precum seeped through the little hole. I put my finger on the wetness and brought it down the length of his cock while physically moving his hands out of the way.

We stood face to face. I started jacking him off with one hand.

“Twist my nipples Ken!”

The erotic appeal of this experience was overwhelmingly heady. Milking his cock was exactly what I needed. I decided azeri escort right there and then, that I would trust this man. I needed to feel his cock fill my mouth and taste his cum. I lowered myself to my knees and wordlessly wrapped my mouth around his big hard dick.

Ken started to move his hands towards me.

“I need to touch you Lindsay, you’re so beautiful.”

In an authoritative voice I called out, “No hands Pet, you’re all mine, to do with as I want, unless of course you don’t mind being punished, because I woooould like to punish you. I’d like to go to a sex shop and find lots of things to punish you with. Would you like that Pet? I would punish you but then I would make it up to you after.”

I heard a submissive moan of obedience as a response and felt the exhilaration of power surging through me once again. I felt his balls between my lips and pulled on them slightly with the outside of my red lips. My long tongue traced a path from his balls around his base and up towards the crown head of his manhood. Ken’s strong shaft slipped effortlessly inside my mouth. I controlled the speed and the intensity by fucking his cock with my mouth, in a variety of ways eliciting numerous moans. I started to compete with myself trying different techniques and sucking motions to create increasingly louder and more expressive guttural expressions of intensity. I held the cheeks of his ass firmly and squeezed hard as I slid a finger between his cheeks and inside, deep.

“Lindsay, Lindsay, Mistress Lindsay, I, I, I, have never felt like this before.”

I continued to suck Ken’s big cock with vicious intensity.

“Come now Pet!”

His white liquid instantly filled my mouth. I gulped some of it down eagerly, loving every drop. The rest I let settle in a pool, underneath my tongue.

“Kiss me,” I beckoned mockingly.

He swirled his tongue along my lips, tasting the first drops of his cum. Then he kissed me hard and swirled his tongue around my cum filled mouth. I was pleased with the way he embraced the taste of his cum, and filled my mouth with his passionate enjoyment.

I felt below and found him hard as a rock again.

“Let me watch you stroke your cock Pet. Do exactly as I say. Three short strokes followed by a long one. Good. Now four short and one long one.

I continued directing him and he did as I asked. Ken gaze was on my hot body and he appeared mesmerized by the way I touched and caressed my body in front of him. It was as if I was his pin up girl, but in full, living, breathing color in front of him. As he stood before me I lifted my skirt and slid over my thong. I looked at him steadily as I rubbed my fingers back and forth on my clit, while uttering soft moans as I hit my hot spots.

I whispered in his ear, “Fuck me sexy.”

He came up behind me then, and I leaned over the desk. I wondered if the innocence of my little white dress, draped over my small sexy body made him even hornier. I felt his slippery wet cock at the entrance to my tight little bud.

“It’s okay baby, you do that, you go ahead, fuck my hot little ass. Rip me apart with your big cock Pet. I know you want to. I want you to. Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Do it! Do it now!”

Then Ken was inside me. He pushed in with amazing fortitude, penetrating my little hole with precision. His hard steel rod felt like it belonged inside me. He fit perfectly and filled me completely. Then Ken started to move and I began moving with him. His stamina was amazing. We rocked back and forth for a long time, sometimes slow, and other times hard and fast. I greeted every strong stroke with equal force, pushing back into his hard cock. I reached behind me and played with his balls while he fucked me. The taste of his cum was still in my mouth.

“Mistress, may I cum now please?”

“Mistress? I had never thought of myself as one; usually men were the dominant force when engaged in sexual play. Here was a rich powerful man asking me if he could cum. The power I felt made me dizzy with lust.

“No Pet. Not yet. 100 more strokes or I will need to punish you. I’ll count with you.”

Somewhere around 54 I felt his cum start to flow between my cheeks with his orgasmic cries of pleasure behind it.

“I, I’m so, so, sorry Mistress,” Ken said while cumming. I squeezed my gluts hard and held them in that position, intensifying his orgasm to epic proportions.

I had been swirling my sexy ass and squeezing him tight and knew how hard it must have been to hang on even as long as he did.

I turned my head and kissed Ken sweetly.

“It’s okay my darling Pet, I understand, but I will need to punish you later so you learn to build endurance, because we’re going to do this again tonight. Cancel any plans you have and meet me at the Clarence Hotel at 7:00 pm sharp, in the lobby. Get there early and book us the penthouse jacuzzi suite. I have some ideas I want to try.”

Ken trembled and smiled as I said those words.

“Yes, my beautiful Mistress, anything you say,”

“Ohh, and there is a little matter that I did come to see you about. I’ve recently joined the band but I’ve only received one paycheck. Here is my banking information. Make sure I get the same pay as the other band members and deposit the funds for me after every concert. Is that clear my sexy Pet?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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