How to Stop Smoking Ch. 26

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After steaming in the sauna for 15 minutes or so, Gloria and I headed for the showers. Taking the soap, I began scrubbing her back. After I had her all lathered up, I reached around her waist and pulled her against me.

I began applying soap to her front, paying close attention to her budding little nipples. As I soaped her, she reached between her legs and pulled my hardening cock against her pussy.

Clasping my cock between her thighs as she held the crown between her hands, she began moving back and forth stroking my cock until it was soon hard as could be.

Sliding one arm around her at the waist, I bent her forward with the other hand. As she spread her legs to maintain her balance, I inserted the crown of my cock into her steaming pussy.

I began stroking back and forth until I had all 21″ buried deep within her. I slowly fucked her. In and out. Ever so slowly until I could feel her legs begin to shake and her orgasm overtook her.

As her legs buckled and she wilted to the floor, I followed her, maintaining contact with my cock inside her the whole way. When we reached the floor of the shower, in the doggy position, I began stroking my cock in and out of her again.

Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her body was one mass of quivering sexual flesh as her orgasm began again and continued until she totally collapsed on the floor.

For some reason, I hadn’t cum yet. I suppose it was the result of the previous evenings activities. We had pretty much given everything a try the night before.

Helping Gloria to her feet, we entered the water and rinsed off. She spent a lot of time stroking my cock and sucking on it, trying to make me cum. All she succeeded in doing was keeping me hard as a rock.

We toweled off and headed back to the bedroom. Falling on the waterbed, Gloria straddled me in the classic ’69’ position and slid down until her steaming pussy was scant inches from my lips.

I slowly licked her puffy cunt lips as her hot mouth engulfed my cock. I licked and she sucked. Soon, her juices began to flow as another strong orgasm overtook her. I lapped up her pussy juice until my tongue was tired.

Raising up, she slid down my body until she could straddle my cock. Taking the crimson head in her small hands, she raised up and, after getting it in position, lowered her hot pussy on my rock hard cock until it was buried deep within her.

After she had taken it to the hilt, she lay her head between my feet. In this position, the rosy bud of her asshole was plainly in view.

I placed a finger at the entrance of her ass and pushed. It was tight. It took some working to get my finger inside her. Meanwhile, her pussy was working on my cock. I began to cum.

As my cock spurted deep within her, Gloria was writhing back and forth on my cock having another orgasm of her own.

When we finished, I pulled her off me. She turned around so that we could cuddle and we drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke, she was astride me. My cock was again hard and was deep within her. As she slowly rocked forward, her tiny little tits brushed my lips. Opening my mouth, I took one of her nipples between my teeth and bit down, letting her know that I was awake.

Her gyrations increased. Pumping the full length of my cock. God, this lady loved to fuck.

Soon, her body began to shake. As her orgasm came, her tight pussy was squeezing and releasing my cock until I thought my balls would burst. I began fucking her in earnest until my cock began spurting red hot jism deep within her womb.

We rested like this for awhile with my cock buried inside her until it softened and slipped from her hot sheath.

We headed for the hot tub and a nice long soak. Helping her out of the hot tub, I led her to the bedroom and put her in the “love chair.”

The love chair looks a lot like an ordinary wooden patio chair. There are some subtle differences, though.When someone sits down, a hidden mechanism clamps a metal band around their waist. Pressure on the wooden arms, causes two more bands to clamp around the wrist and forearm. When the legs are in the right position, two more bands clamp around each of them. The chair also several hinged sections to move it into different positions.

Once seated, Gloria couldn’t move a muscle. I turned several levers and began lifting her legs and spreading them.

As the chair opened, it revealed a small stool between her legs. It was just the right height for licking pussy.

I sat down on the stool. Spreading her pussy lips, I leaned forward and placed Bostancı Esmer Escort a wet kiss on her swollen clit. Her response was immediate.

Though she couldn’t move, there was an imperceptible twitch of her hips. Gloria was turned on. Being bound in the chair had her pussy creaming.

I got up off the stool. Taking the leather strap at the top of the chair, I fastened it around her forehead.

Then, I took hold of my cock and began to rub it around her face, teasing her with it. As her lips opened to accept it, I drew back out of reach. After a few minutes of this, I sat back down.

Then, I licked her pussy until she was ready to cum. Each time I felt that she was on the verge of cumming, I stopped. I kept her on the brink until she was begging me to fuck her.

Standing up, I placed my cock in her waiting mouth. As she began to suck, it got harder and harder.

Finally, when I could take no more, I sat down and slid the stool toward her. As the stool moved into position, my huge cockhead spread her pussy lips.

When she felt my cock enter her steaming pussy, her body began to quiver in orgasm. I began to stroke back and forth. The tightness of her pussy was massaging my huge cock and the cum was building up in my balls.

Just before cumming, I stood and forced my cock in her mouth. A couple of sucks later and I began to cum, spurting thick gushes of cum down her throat. Gloria kept sucking until my balls were drained.

I took a phallic shaped dildo from the dresser and inserted it into her cunt. Then I repositioned the chair where it wouldn’t fall out.

I cleaned up and lay down for a nap. Leaving her in the chair with the dildo in place would keep her pussy hot while I regained some strength.

When I woke up, she was looking in my direction, but not really seeing me. Her eyes had a glazed look to them and I knew the dildo was working. My cock began to swell.

Taking a hand vibrator from the dresser, I plugged it in and placed my hand on the chair. Just touching the wood anywhere set up vibrations throughout it. Since the dildo was resting against the wood, the vibrations were sent to the inner reaches of Gloria’s cunt.

She began to cum and her copious juices soaked the chair beneath her. Withdrawing my hand from the chair, I turned off the vibrator. Pressing a button that released her from the chair, I helped her up and over to the bed.

Replacing the dildo with my massive cock, I began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Gloria was having one orgasm after another.

Soon my balls began to tighten and I began to cum. After I finished cumming, I rolled us over with her on top and we just cuddled savoring the aftermath of a good fuck.

After resting awhile, we cleaned up and dressed. Gloria’ told me that she loved bondage and hadn’t had anyone tie her up for a long time. She had really enjoyed it. I told her that I had other surprises for her later.

We lazed around most of the day, swimming in the pool and laying in the sunshine.

While Gloria’ was pool side, I slipped into the house and gave John a call. I told him that I had a girl here that loved being tied up and invited him to join in the fun. He said he’d be right over.

When the doorbell rang, I went to answer it. Gloria’ was asleep on the lounge and didn’t hear it ring, so I knew the surprise would be complete.

When John saw that I didn’t have anything on, his eyes went straight to my cock. My cock began to swell from thinking about the time he sucked it.

I led John to the window and pointed out Gloria’. Her nude body glistened in the sun. He began removing his clothes.

When he was stripped, John and I walked out to the pool. I sat at the table and John walked over to the lounge.

Positioning himself over Gloria’s head, he brushed her lips with his stiffening cock.

Gloria’ never opened her eyes, but she did open her mouth. Her lips engulfed the crown of his cock and she began to suck on it.

As it got hard she realized that it wasn’t the cock she had been sucking earlier and her eyes opened.

When she saw the big black cock in her mouth, she tried to remove it. She was too late.

John had taken a firm grip on her head and began to stroke his cock back and forth, fucking her mouth.

The more she protested, the more excited his cock became until it began to fill her mouth with hot sperm.

In order not to choke, she was forced to swallow his cum. Soon her mouth was overflowing and thin trickles of cum ran down her cheek.

While Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort this was going on, her hips were responding to the sexual pleasure that she was giving John. My cock had gotten hard watching them.

I moved into position and placed my cockhead in her pussy. As I rubbed it back and forth across her clit, it began to swell. Her hip movements told me that she wanted me to fuck her.

I eased the crown of my cock into position and shoved. The entire length of my cock slid in with ease. Her hot pussy was well lubricated. I fucked her until I came.

John continued to fuck her mouth until his cock got hard again. When I withdrew from her cunt, he moved around and stuck his massive cock in her.

Gloria began to moan with pleasure as John slid his cock in and out of her sopping pussy.

Picking up the bottle of baby oil, I motioned to John. When he saw what I had, he leaned forward and picked Gloria’ up. Then he sat down on the lounge and reclined with her on top of him.

As they fucked away, I began applying baby oil to Gloria’s ass cheeks. Rubbing it in, I made sure that plenty was applied between the cheeks and her asshole. Then I put some on my cock.

I slid a finger into her asshole and began working it around to loosen her up. Gloria’ was bucking furiously on John’s big cock.

When her asshole was lubricated and loosened, I placed my cockhead at the entrance. Timing my push with their upstroke, I forced my cock inside.

The crown slid in with a big plop and Gloria’ screamed. She hadn’t expected this and her body stiffened, tightening her ass hole around my cock.

After a few minutes, she began to relax and I could force a couple more inches inside her.

As the feeling of eroticism overtook her, I managed to get more and more inside. Soon my entire length was buried deep within her ass.

We all lay still for awhile savoring the moment. I could feel John’s big cock working on her pussy. It took a little doing, but finally we established a rhythm.

As I stroked in, the force drove Gloria’ forward and her pussy slid up John’s cock. When I pulled back, she moved her ass toward my cock. This movement stuffed her pussy with John’s cock.

A few minutes more and we were all cumming. The feeling of John’s big cock spurting in Gloria’s pussy excited me even more and I began to cum.

Gloria’s body was quivering between us and I knew she was having one intense orgasm.

After resting awhile, we went into the house. Hunger had overtaken us. As we were eating the pizza we had ordered in, John said that he had a couple of ideas that he wanted to try. Gloria’ asked what and John replied that she would see.

We lounged around having a drink or two and John called me aside. Asking where he could find a few articles, I could see what he had in mind. Gloria’ was in for an exciting evening.

I took Gloria’ to the bathroom and told her to get on the massage table. John came in about that time and we began to tie Gloria’ up.

As we strapped her in position, legs spread and pussy wide open, her breathing became more ragged. I could see that she was beginning to enjoy this.

John had retrieved several items from the kitchen, one of which was vegetable oil.

He opened the bottle and, holding it over Gloria’s body, began to pour it on her.

As the cool oil hit her hot skin, Gloria’s nipples stiffened until they were as hard as little cocks.

Once he had emptied the bottle of oil, John and I began to rub it in. We covered every square inch of her body.

As our fingers rubbed the slick oil, Gloria’s body began to heat up. Her hips were moving up and down and she was breathing faster and faster. She was hot.

John and I took turns rubbing the oil on her thighs, working toward her shaved pussy lips. Gently brushing them in passing, we continued massaging her until she was in a frenzy.

Both of our cocks had begun to stiffen during the process, but we didn’t want to fuck her yet. We wanted to keep Gloria’ worked up until we got her to a point where the slightest touch would send her into orgasm. We stopped the massage.

John reached out and put a hand on my cock. The feel of the slippery oil as he stroked my cock was highly erotic. I didn’t want him to have all the fun, so I took hold of his cock.

As we slowly masturbated each other, Gloria’ took it all in. Both of our cocks had swollen to capacity. John’s 20″ cock looked massive in my hand and I wondered how it would feel in my ass.

He must Bostancı Evi Olan Escort have read my mind because he told me to lean over the massage table.

As I did, he began to rub some of the oil on my ass hole and inserted his finger. Moving his finger around in circles, he loosened it up enough to put in another finger. After a few minutes of prodding and poking, he pulled them out.

Placing his massive cockhead at the entrance of my asshole, he pushed. The crown plopped inside and he stopped. Giving my ass hole time to get used to it.

Then he began slow in and out movements, working the crown back and forth until he could put more inside. His cock was so huge that he could only get 8 or 10 inches in. The feeling of his cock working on my prostrate made my cock stiffen even more.

John then reached around and took hold of my cock. As he moved his cock in and out of my ass, he stroked mine. His balls slapping against mine and his stroking caused my balls to tighten and I came.

My cumming made my asshole tighten around his cock and John began to cum. I could feel the heat as his cum spurted deep within my ass.

Gloria’ had been taking all this in and her breathing continued to be as rapid as ever. When I came, John had aimed my cock at Gloria’ and I saw that she was covered with cum.

After a quick clean-up, John and I returned our attention to Gloria’. We didn’t want her to cool off too much.

Un-strapping her, we carried her into the shower and placed her on the scrub table. Tying her down, we turned on the shower and began to soap her.

Using plenty of water and lots of suds, we scrubbed her body in much the same way we applied the oil earlier.

We rubbed her down very slow and sensuously. I could imagine the feeling of 4 hands rubbing her sleek body.

I started at the feet and John started with her chest and shoulders. As I soaped her feet, I treated each toe to a sensuous massage. Moving to the ankles, I soaped them and her calves.

Rubbing slowly, I spent some time with her knees and then on to the thighs. Meanwhile, John was soaping Gloria’s chest and stomach, staying away from the nipples.

Occasionally, John would just brush a nipple in passing, sending electric jolts through her. When he reached forward to work on her sleek belly, his cock brushed her lips and her mouth opened.

Gloria’ gave his cock a little suck and John moved it out of reach. As he was doing this, I was soaping up her inner thighs. The texture of the skin was soft as could be.

Working slowly toward her swollen pussy lips, I applied a thick coating of lather to them and rubbed it in slowly. As her hips began to move in rhythm to my ministrations, I left them and move back down the thighs.

John leaned forward and inserted his cock in Gloria’s mouth again. As she began to suck it, his 20″ cock began to get harder. John wouldn’t let her have much more than the crown. That was the most sensitive area anyway.

When his cock was rock hard, he pulled it out of her mouth. John and I changed positions and continued to apply the soap and water.

I leaned over to begin on her belly as John started on her inner thighs. Spreading her legs a little more, he zeroed in on her clit. Flicking it a couple of times caused Gloria’s hips to begin their gyrations.

I squeezed both tits, rubbing her nipples between my fingers. This served to excite her even more. Slipping my cock into her mouth, we began to rinse the soap off her.

As I applied water, John did the rubbing. Her thrashing hips told us that she was ready to fuck. John climbed on the table and inserted his massive cock into her pussy.

As he began to thrust, her hips rose to meet him. Meanwhile, she was sucking on my cock as if there were no tomorrow.

As John began to cum, he withdrew his cock from her steaming pussy and aimed the jets of hot cum at her belly. The sight of his cum and Gloria’s sucking caused my balls to tighten anew. I started cumming.

As I did, I pulled my cock from her mouth and let the jets of cum cover her tits. Stroking my cock to drain the last of the cum, I noticed that John was doing the same.

When I finished cumming, I put my cock back in her mouth and Gloria’ continued sucking it.

As she sucked my cock, it began to stiffen again. John was sucking on her clit, licking her pussy with his broad pink tongue. Gloria’ was still hot.

By the time my cock was hard, John and I traded places. I eased my cock into her steamy pussy and began to fuck her.

John offered Gloria’ his cock and she began sucking it. It was very erotic watching her suck that black cock.

After we finally came, John and I cleaned up Gloria’, untied her and helped her to the bed.

With Gloria’ sandwiched between us, we fell asleep. After breakfast the next morning, John left with Gloria’ to take her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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