How We Became An “Owned Couple” Ch. 04-06

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Chapter 4

In the months since I had first allowed Connie, my next door neighbor, to take my anal virginity and begin fucking my ass on a regular basis, it had simply never occurred to me that she was a lesbian. I just assumed she was a really kinky woman who got off fucking guys with a strapon. Now, lying naked on her bed, her girlfriend in the shower, and her cock buried deep up my ass, I realized what the two intended for me. Connie and her lover Sandra were going to seduce my girlfriend and I would help them do it.

Connie withdrew the slippery cock from my ass and retreated into the bathroom to clean off the rubber cock. Sliding it down her tapered lean legs, she took time in cleaning it with soap and water, inspecting and then laying it gently across her bureau before taking up a position beside me. Connie was wearing a black see thru thong but her gorgeous tits were on display to me for the first time. They were bigger than my girlfriend Laura’s. Perhaps a 36C capped off by two very pretty pink nipples which sat erect on her firm breasts.

“So you really didn’t know?” Connie inquired, seeing the slightly puzzled look on my face, she followed, “Me being a lesbian? That didn’t occur to you?”

“Well, it does now I guess,” I countered, “I don’t know. I just thought you weren’t into intercourse or something,” I added.

Connie smiled, and then dipped her finger in the small pool of semen that was still on my chest from having cum earlier. She took her finger, slick with the cum, and traced patterns around my erect nipple. “I’ve been a lesbian since high school. That’s where I first met Sandy.”

“But you said you were married right? I mean, what about your husband,” I inquired.

I saw the smirk and sort of gleam in her eye, “He knew. He always knew I had a thing for girls. It was part of the allure for him. He enjoyed watching me with other women, bringing them home to fuck. He got off on that. He liked me fucking him too, using my strapon just like I do with you. I guess that’s what the two of us really had in common,” she explained. “Brad liked watching all the lez action and then it seemed enough to jack him off or fuck him up the ass.”

“We’re still good friends and all but eventually we both had other interests and the novelty of being together got old. He knew he wasn’t going to change the way I felt about Sandy and the other girls I saw and I was never going to love him the way I love her,” Connie added.

“So Sandra, Sandy, which is it?” I paused.

Connie smiled again, “Sandy… you can call her Sandy.”

“Well what did she mean about ‘did you talk to me about the girl.’ What girl?” I asked.

Connie propped her head up on her hand as she stared into my eyes. “It’s time we took a big step,” she paused, “a big step for Laura,” she trailed off.

“What about Laura,” I shot back.

“Those nights you left us alone. When I sent you off on errands or before you got home and Laura was at you apartment. .. well we talked. At first she thought we were having an affair. Women’s intuition and good intuition at that. I told her then, weeks ago, I was a lesbian. I hoped she might be interested and she was. Instead of being put off, I could tell she was curious,” Connie explained.

“Even though she said she’d never done it, been with a girl, or thought about it, I could tell she was curious.” The more time we spent together, the more she seemed to flirt back with me,” she added.

“A few weeks ago, watching that video of the lesbians, you admitted how much it turned you on watching it. How much you wanted to see Laura going down on another girl. Getting fucked by a woman. Well, its time to make that happen. Sandy and I are going to introduce her to lesbian love. We’re going to fuck your little girlfriend and you’re going to help us.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying but then again, for the last few months I had become her personal sex toy. Doing whatever she asked. I liked submitting myself to her and the thought of both of us being dominated by this woman turned me on like nothing ever had.

She saw the reaction she was having on me as my own dick stirred, beginning to come to life from its slumber as it again filled with blood and began to harden.

“It’s what you want sweets. It’s what she wants. She wants to experience what its like to be with a woman but she’s scared to admit it. And it turns you on thinking about it. Laura’s face buried between my legs, licking her first pussy. Sandy taking her from behind, plowing that cock into her hot little snatch. You want that don’t you Gary? You want us to take her like I took you the first time,” Connie pressed.

My cock betrayed me as it pulsed and stood up from my stomach. There was no denying it. No use in me saying I didn’t want her to do it. The thought of seeing my girlfriend introduced to lesbian love had my cock aching as Connie wrapped her slinger fingers around the shaft and pumped slowly.

“That’s what you want isn’t it baby? You want me escort izmit to use you both. To make you both my little love slaves. You want that don’t you?”

“Fuck,” I moaned as she gripped tighter and jacked my cock more forcefully. This woman had some kind of spell over me and I knew I would go along with anything she wanted, “Yes, fuck yes, I’ll do it. I want to see her going down on you. You using her like you do me. I want us both to serve you, anytime you want,” I added as I saw her lover Sandra walk stark naked into the room.

Sandra was as pretty as Connie with long black hair and she scooted her nude tanned body behind Connie’s as she stroked her arm that was jerking my cock, placing soft wet kisses on Connie’s neck.

“Did you hear that baby?” Connie purred. “Gary’s going to help us with Laura. He’s going help us seduce his girlfriend. He wants her to be a little lezzy like us,” she smiled as she turned her head back kissing Sandy soft on the lips. I saw Sandy’s tongue slip into Connie’s mouth as they kissed. Their lips sliding back and forth, tongue’s probing as Connie moaned into her lover’s mouth.

I came hard watching the two kiss. My cum soon sailed through the air splashing hard against Connie’s breast as other streams fell on my own stomach. It wasn’t lost on Connie who broke from her kiss long enough to scoop up the hot load from her tit and bring her small fingers to my lips.

I knew what she wanted and parted them without hesitation as she placed the load into my eager mouth and returned her fingers to my chest depositing it all until I had consumed all of the cum that I had shot thinking about what these two older experienced lesbians intended to do with Laura.

Soon after, Sandy declared the show over and told me to get my ass dressed and home so she could get some attention of her own. “You want a lesbian show, then have Laura over here tomorrow night. I’ll cook something up and then afterwards Sandy and I will have desert,” Connie winked.

My cock was still hard as I thrust it into my shorts and trotted over to my apartment next door. I hurriedly called Laura, asking if I could come over. I took a shower and then headed over to my girlfriend’s dorm room. All the while thinking how I would be a party to the lesbian seduction. I would explain that Connie had a friend up from Atlanta and we were invited to dinner. Only Laura would be the main course.

Laura met me at the door and placed a warm, soft kiss on my lips. I couldn’t help but think how those same lips would be pressed to Connie’s the next night. Her gorgeous face buried between the older woman’s thighs.

In less than 24-hours I would witness her transformation. My shy little coed girlfriend would become a submissive lesbian sex slave to my next door neighbor and it would be a change from which we would both never turn back.

Chapter 5

I informed Laura we were invited to my neighbor’s for dinner, and the next night, Connie met Laura and I at the door wearing what appeared to be a black sports bra and tight green shorts. Sandy who was sitting in a chair rose to greet Laura for the first time wearing a sleeveless white tank top and beige shorts that did little to hide her tanned legs. Sandy was a mix of Latino and Portuguese with really dark features. Perhaps the most prominent was her big dark brown eyes which took in my girlfriend from top to bottom. It wasn’t lost on me that she was looking over the goods she intended to devour later that evening.

Connie had her long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail with a large black hair band. Both women were barefoot and I couldn’t help notice what appeared to be freshly painted toes. Connie’s were painted pink with Sandy sporting a burgundy color. To say both women were sexy as hell would have been an understatement. My cock stirred in my pants at the sight of these beauties.

Connie had prepared a few finger dishes of vegetables, chicken, and breads as we munched on the delicacies all the while enjoying a batch of margaritas that Sandy had mixed up. The drinks were pretty strong. I’m not much of a tequila drinker and they were having a toll on me as the girls chatted about one subject after the other. I could tell that Laura really seemed to be hitting it off with Sandy.

Sandy had slipped on some dance music and all three were soon dancing together to whatever song was playing. Laura had slipped off her sandals and was now barefooted on the solid oak floor. Connie would only allow a minute or two of each song before she seemed to wander over to the CD player and search for the next selection.

It almost seemed an after thought when Connie reminded Sandy she had made a special batch of Jell-O shooters. She brought out a tray from the kitchen and presented me with a shooter before setting the tray on the table and walking up to Sandy, put the plastic cup to her mouth, pried the Jell-O from the plastic with her tongue, and then turning to face Sandy, embraced her, allowing the shooter to slip from her mouth izmit escort bayan into Sandy’s.

Connie and Sandy seemed locked for a full minute as Sandy took the shooter from her lover’s mouth. All the while Laura looked on in wide eyed amazement, her mouth all but gaping open as she watched the two women kiss.

“Okay, your turn,” Connie said breaking the kiss from Sandy and picking up a shooter. She took a plastic cup filled with Jell-O and walked over to Laura.

“I don’t know,” Laura stammered as she backed up a little.

Connie stopped, and dropping her hand slightly, responded, “You scared of a little shooter?’

“It’s not the shooter I’m concerned about. You going to kiss me too?” she asked with a smile across her face. I could tell she wasn’t offended but she was still not quite sure of this girl-girl scene.

“I’m not going to bite you sweetheart,” she countered. Connie seeing the hesitancy in Laura, then countered. “Okay, what about Sandy? Okay if Sandy gives it to you?”

I could tell there had been a natural chemistry with Sandy all night with Laura and there seemed to be just a bit of breakdown in the resistance. Just enough that Connie slipped the shooter to Sandy who immediately walked over and took the cup. She ran her soft, pink tongue around the plastic freeing the grain laced Jell-O from the plastic mold and then looking into Laura’s eyes, moved slowly to her lips.

I watched as Laura’s and Sandy’s lips touched for the first time. Hesitantly at first. I could tell Laura was waiting for the delivery, her mouth open, but Sandy kept the Jell-O for some time, her own lips skidding over Laura’s.

It seemed to be a dance as my girlfriend’s lips seemed to slide ever so gently over Sandy’s until she was locked in a passionate wet kiss, abandoning any resistance she may have formally had. Eventually she was rewarded with the alcohol which I’m sure had melted from all the action taking place.

Long after Sandy had deposited the mixture, the two were still locked in an embrace as Sandy’s arms slipped around my girlfriend, her hands coming to rest on the soft round mounds of her tight ass.

“Okay, you two, my turn,” Connie announced. “Laura needs to give me my shot,” she directed.

Laura had thrown caution to the wind and didn’t hesitate picking up a shooter and this time proceeded to give it to Connie in the same manner. Once again my girlfriend was locked in a lesbian embrace and I could tell she was totally caught up in the moment.

As she kissed Connie, the older dyke’s tongue plunging into her mouth, Sandy slipped behind her, rubbing her breasts on her back, kissing Laura’s exposed neck.

I watched as Sandy’s lips slid up and down the nape of Laura’s neck as my girlfriend groaned her approval. Hearing this, Sandy moved her hands under Laura’s shirt, until they came to rest on her bra encased breasts. I watched the movement of Sandy’s hands under Laura’s shirt and took notice that my girlfriend made no effort to stop her.

Sandy in one fluid motion pulled the garment over her head as Laura and Connie broke their kiss long enough for the fabric to slide off. In moments, Sandy had unclasped Laura’s bra and let it gently slip off her shoulders as my girlfriend’s tits were on full view to the women.

Laura had small breasts at the time, 34B’s on her tiny athletic frame, but her nipples were at full attention particularly as Sandy pinched and rubbed the firm mounds with her experienced fingers.

I sat back in a chair and watched as the two lesbians took full advantage of the situation, determined now to press while they had Laura consumed by passion. Sandy slipped off the tank top which had barely contained her ample bosom. She had not been wearing a bra and her dark nipples had been apparent throughout the evening as the sheer white fabric did little to hide her large round nipples.

She slid her naked chest back and forth across Laura’s back as Connie, taking the cue, pulled her sports bra off revealing her 36C tits to my girlfriend. Knowing she had Laura past the point of return, she guided a hard nipple to Laura’s head as she pulled my girlfriend’s head down, drawing her lips closer and closer to her erect tit.

“Kiss it baby. Take my titty in your mouth. I know you want to,” Connie encouraged as she drew Laura down with her right hand. Laura moved her head slowly but she didn’t resist until her lips came in touch with the soft warm flesh of Connie’s breast. Connie purred as her nub pressed between Laura’s lips and then slipped in as my girlfriend opened her mouth to allow more and more of Connie’s ample breast inside.

“That’s it angel, lick it, suck my tit. Use your tongue, oh that feels so fucking good,” Connie encouraged her as she slid the other tit to her mouth. Laura took it in eagerly as she began to suck and lick in a frenzy. She couldn’t seem to get enough of Connie’s sweet breasts.

Sandy in the meantime had reached around in front and began to unfasten izmit sınırsız escort Laura’s shorts. Laura’s hand immediately went into defense mode as her right hand crashed down on Sandy’s in a vain attempt to stop the woman. It was the last act of defiance, which ebbed as Sandy continued to suck and lick on Laura’s neck.

Eventually she pried Laura’s fingers off the front of her shorts and dropped her hand to her side. Then Sandy returned to her mission of unsnapping the shorts, easing the zipper down, and then slipping the shorts down my girlfriend’s legs leaving her in a pair of black bikini cut panties. Those too would be short lived and this time Laura made no effort to resist the older lesbian, who stroked her ass, rubbing the front of her bikini bottom, teasing her pussy, until she finally slipped those off as well.

Laura now stood naked, sandwiched between the two lesbians who were determined to make her their bitch. Sandy’s fingers had begun to explore the front of Laura, rubbing the top of her flat stomach until they came to rest on her soft brown bush.

Laura, who now keeps herself shaved clean, had a small tuft of hair at the time just over her vagina. Sandy’s fingers slid over the outside of her pussy lips and I heard Laura moan as they found their way in between her folds. Soon Sandy was working her clit, moving her fingers in and out of Laura’s pretty cunt.

Connie knew it was time for Laura to have her first taste of another woman as she slid the shorts off revealing her own blonde muff. In the meantime Sandy took a handful of Laura’s hair in her hand and roughly pulled her face back, snatching her around as she brought her lips to Laura’s. The act of dominance, pressing her advantage on Laura, only seemed to make my girlfriend more excited.

It was at that point I knew Connie had been right, we were both submissives and Connie recognized that from the start. We both needed dominant partners in our lives. Someone who would take what they wanted.

Connie pulled Laura and Sandy over to the couch as she lay down and directed Laura’s mouth to her cunt. “Eat me baby. I want to feel your hot tongue on my pussy. Do me,” Connie directed.

Laura looked at the soft blonde patch of hair before easing down and sticking her tongue out, gently probing Connie’s cunt. It was subtle at first but little by little she began to lap in long strokes as Connie guided her head with her hands. “Oh that feels so fucking good. Fuck you eat pussy good. I knew you would. It’s good isn’t it sugar?” Connie purred.

Laura nodded her head as she lapped up the sweet juices flowing from Connie’s steaming hole.

In the meantime Sandy had moved between Laura’s legs and was eating her snatch from behind. I could see Sandy taking nice long licks, sliding her pink tongue all the way to Laura’s asshole before sliding down and zeroing in on her pussy.

Laura ground her ass into Sandy’s face who attacked her eagerly.

It was all I could stand as I unzipped my shorts as Connie looked lover and smiled nodding her head giving me encouragement to jack off. I stroked my cock, stopping only to spit into my hand to allow additional lubrication before getting back at the task. My cock was rock hard watching the lesbian scene unfold in front of me.

“Look over at your boyfriend baby,” Connie said softly as she turned Laura’s head away from her pussy momentarily. “Looks like Gary’s really getting off watching you baby. He likes seeing you eat pussy for the first time. Isn’t that right Gary. You like watching your girlfriend lez out.”

When I didn’t respond at first, I caught a glance of stern disapproval from Connie encouraging me to answer, “Yea, its sexy. Sexy as hell. That’s so fucking hot watching you three,” I answered.

“Yea, and in a few minutes I’m going to fuck her. I’m going to fuck her like’s she’s never been fucked before. Me and Sandy both. We’re going to fuck this bitch all night long. She’s going to spend the night with us. You can go home and think about it. Think about what we’re doing to her next door,” Connie bragged as she slid her wet cunt up and down my girlfriend’s face.

The more vocal Connie was, the more graphic the description, the more Laura seemed to attack her pussy. Sandy meanwhile had her finger’s buried up Laura’s twat and was pushing them as far as they would go before easing them out drawing moans from Laura,

“You brought your little straight girlfriend over to our place tonight but we’re going to send her home a lesbian. A snatch eating little dyke who can’t get enough pussy. That’s what she’s going to be. Look at her!” Connie directed me. “You know that too don’t you baby?” Connie said lifting Laura’s head up from her delectable pussy coated in Laura’s saliva and her own juices.

“You know you’ll never be the same. Now that you’ve had pussy, you’ll always want it. You’ll never be satisfied again with Gary’s little dick. You’ll crave the taste of cunt, ache for my hard cock in your tight little hole. Before the evening is over you’ll be on your knees begging me to fuck you again before I send you home. You know that don’t you baby,” Connie kept on. “You’re going to be my whore. My little slut. My little lesbian slut that I’ll use whenever and wherever I want.”

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