How We Started Pt. 02

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PART 2 – How we started sleeping together by Frisky_Fam

I originally wrote this as a series of posts for an anonymous website to get some things out of my head. Some hated my posts, some loved them. For me, I feel better when I post, so I decided to switch to here where I can type as much as I want (rather than being character-limited). I didn’t use names purposefully so for my posts so I kept that the same compiling them here. If I post again, I’ll be sure to create some names for the characters and write more fluidly since I’m not limited to a set number of characters and certain words were “monitored”. I take no credit for any similarities to any real life events.

Parts 1 — 4 are old posts repurposed as submissions, so they aren’t my best writing. Each post was limited to fewer than 10k characters and didn’t allow certain words. Putting a bunch of posts together, I realize some of it gets tedious and repetitive. This is just how I posted it, so I’m letting it go. I don’t expect many (any?) five-star reviews for these first few posts…

I had posted about my first two sexual encounters with my son, Ethan. Again I received numerous responses to my post, so I replied: I read the replies and there’s so much going through my head right now. I came on with more to confess but I also have been searching this morning for why I am physically having a different orgasm with my son. The laundry room experience was on a Wednesday night. I am still reliving it in my head. Yesterday I came home with groceries and my son was home but my daughter was still at school because of his senior schedule. But my husband was working at home in his home office.

Ethan greets me excitedly, “Dad is on a conference call, he just got on!” I didn’t think anything of it but my son said, “Come into the family room.”

I put down the bags, we went to the family room. My son turns and says, “I really, really want to taste you right now.”

I was determined to say no because my husband was home, but not because I didn’t want to do it. MY son was demanding, basically pleading with me and sort of agitated. When my son said he wanted to basically eat me out, I thought more about who would catch us than whether it was wrong.

I protested, “You’re father is upstairs!”

Ethan said, “But he’s on a call that’ll go at least a half hour I bet.”

I said, “You think but you don’t know…”

We argued like this for a minute then my son grabbed my arm tight, “If you don’t do it right now we’ll miss our chance, now PLEASE!”

I was still imaging him eating my pussy and then was jolted by him grabbing my arm so hard that it shocked and maybe scared me a little. I just nodded my head okay. He quickly started grabbing for the waistband of my leggings and pulling them down. I had on a cotton thong and he pulled them down quickly too. I stood in a sweatshirt and bra and nothing else but socks. I saw he held on to my thong again.

Ethan pushed me towards the sofa and I sat. He pulled my legs closer and spread me. He went down on me quickly. He started with my clit and the pleasure was intense. He did this for a few minutes at least and I just laid my head hard back against the sofa cushion. He pulled me more so I moved forward on the sofa more and he moved his mouth to my pussy and started sucking and licking as deep as he could. I also felt him take one hand off my leg. After a few seconds I realized he was jerking off while he ate me out. I looked down at his erection and saw he was using my thong to jerk off into. I pushed myself firmly against his mouth and he started penetrating as deep as his tongue would allow and his nose started tickling my clit. He even moved his nose from side to side.

I could feel an orgasm coming on so I tried to grind into him even more. I could feel Ethan jerking off faster. With his face still in me he came. He moaned inside me and he shook his head even harder. I left go of any control I had left and came on him and squirted again, right into his face. We hurried as much as we could to finish after that. We were trying to be so quiet. His face was wet around his nose and mouth.

I said, “You better go clean up. Use the downstairs bathroom.”

He handed me my dirty thong and I put them on along with my leggings. I later told my son we couldn’t do this while my husband was at home and we could be caught. I know I’m stating the obvious, but we took a big risk.

Even when I was younger I don’t remember squirting like this, but I did it both times my son gave me oral. I am guessing it is because of the excitement, obviously, but it just seems strange this would happen now that I’m 40 and not before. Later that same evening I had sex with my husband. I was turned on by having sex with him after what happened earlier in the day. Derek noticed I was wetter than usual, and I Bomonti Escort played it off like we hadn’t had sex in a few days and I was ready for it.

A couple of weeks later, I posted again: Yesterday I had sex with my husband and my son (separately). Believe it or not, but I for one am not shocked. It had to happen eventually considering how aggressive my son is being.

Yesterday both kids had games to go to. Derek coaches Hannah, so he automatically went with her. Derek came out of the bathroom from his shower and saw me in my bra and thong. I wasn’t in anything overly sexy, just what I wear under yoga pants for watching games from the bleachers for a few hours. He started poking me in the butt with his erection and after a minute of kissing the back of my neck he was pulling my thong to the side and having me lean over the bed.

“Have to be quick or we’ll be late to the game,” he whispered.

I love when he does this to me, and rushed me almost as if I don’t have a choice. It’s separate from anything that I’ve done with my son, I just wanted my husband inside of me, maybe even more now that I’ve had sex with my son I wanted to feel normal having sex with my husband. It felt great but my husband had to hurry, so it was quick.

They left for their games and it was my son and I in the house alone. As soon as I heard the garage door close Ethan knocked on my bedroom door. I said wait a minute but he came in anyway, and he had a full erection in his shorts.

He said, “We have time before we leave.”

So there I am with my 18 year old son with an erection standing in front of me in my thong and bra. I resisted, at least to him I did. When he came in the room and I saw his erection, I knew we’d have sex. He came up to me and stuck his dick between my legs. I felt him throb against my pussy.

I did ask, “Why are you doing this to me? You know we shouldn’t do this.”

He just said “It feels so good and makes me feel good.”

Ethan walked me backwards to the bed and I crawled backward to the middle of the bed. He climbed up to me and pulled down my thong. I undid my own bra and threw it on the floor. He mounted me and started pushing his erection against my pussy. He was surprised when he slid right in.

He said, “you feel so warm and wet!”

I just said right back to him, “You’re dad just fucked me, so I’m wet inside.”

I could feel his penis twitch inside of me and I started coaching him, “Take a deep breath, don’t hurry, go slow.”

I distracted him enough that he regained control without going soft at all. Before he began pumping, I also said, “Try sucking on my breast while you’re in me.”

He put his lips on my breast and began sucking hard. I laughed, “Easy,” I said, “be gentle.” He went slower and tried to be more gentle, but he also licked and kissed all over my breasts then came back to my nipple. It was sloppy, but felt good.

I put my hands on his side and guided him to slowly thrust into me. He kissed at my breasts still, but came up for air.

He said “That feels so good.”

“See,” I said, “you don’t have to be fast.”

I could still feel that he was rock hard and twitching, so I knew it wouldn’t take long.

I said to him “Go faster then just push all the way in when you start going.” That’s all it took, he sped up an in a few seconds I felt the first squirt of cum inside me.

I yelled, “Harder!” and he rammed me one more time. It was just enough that I had an orgasm too, and again I squirted my juices all over us, even though I hadn’t done that with my husband earlier. We were both wet when we were done. I tried to clean up and help clean him up. We got ready and left.

I wasn’t thinking when I got in the car for the game, but by the time we pulled in I realized I was leaking into my thong and pants. I started hoping my thong somehow caught it, but not all of it.

I asked my son to look and he said, “Can’t see it unless you bend over.” I spent the entire game sitting talking with other parents but all the time mortified someone would see my stained crotch.

Fortunately we got home before Derek and Hannah.

As Ethan went to get a shower, he said to me, “Can I have your thong?”

I stopped and thought about it and asked, “Are you going to jerk off in them?”

He didn’t even blink and said “Definitely.”

In my mind that moment I thought to myself that one more time won’t hurt since I’ve already has sex with my son. I said to him, “Let’s go in your bathroom.”

Without really talking about it, I pulled my waistband and thong down around my butt and bent over the counter in his bathroom. My son immediately pushed up against me, hard again. Without much effort he spread my ass and entered my pussy.

I said to him “We don’t have much time, just go fast.”

He did and he quickly filled me Bostancı Escort again, maybe it was a smaller load but it felt as good as earlier, and I squirted again. I think the riskier the sex is, the more likely I am to cum harder. It felt like if I asked him to my son would get hard again and we could have done it longer. That 18 year old intensity is a turn on.

As I pulled up my pants I heard the hum of the garage door opening as my husband pulled his car in.

I said, “Good timing, that was lucky.”

I told my son to get his shower and I pulled my pants up to greet my husband and daughter downstairs. I made sure to sit so no one could see any wetness in my pants, and stayed that way until bedtime.

I don’t have an excuse like I usually do. I pretty much willingly had sex with him twice in the same day, let alone having it within half an hour of having it with my husband. I know I could fight his urges and push back, but I don’t. Usually I don’t feel like I cheated, I just feel like it’s a way for my son to get his release, but today I feel like I cheated. Plus I know I’ve done something with my son the past three out of four days. I thought afterward and am thinking now I’m making myself too available and he’ll expect more. I told him when we were alone that he will have to use my panties for the next few days and that we couldn’t have sex or screw around in any way. He was still calm and said okay, so I will make sure we don’t do anything for a couple of days at least.

Several weeks later, posting again: I don’t know what to say anymore other than to admit I’m having an affair with my son. It started with him using my panties to jerk off, and just kept escalating until we had sex. Now we’ve had sex many times. It’s my son and it’s horrible. I was mortified when he started using my panties, gave into him for sex and now I’m giving into him all the time. Ethan’s 18 and he can have sex several times a day. It’s disgusting and I know it.

I sneak behind my husband’s back to do it with our son while he (my husband) is on conference calls from his home office. Pretty much every time Derek and Hannah are out of the house, we are fucking. We’ve done it in my car after he’s been at practice. I’ve gotten to where I make excuses so that my husband and I have sex early in the day. Ethan likes the taste of my pussy and has gone down on me after sex with my husband. Recently, my son had an online test and was very anxious about it, so I gave him a blow job to calm him down. Twice when we knew it was safe that no one would be home, we’ve done it in the shower after doing it in his bedroom.

We’ve arranged for my son to go on some campus visits. I’m going to drive with him to see the colleges, but secretly we’re also planning to use our time alone in the hotels. I’m so ashamed but I can help thinking about him in me now. He’s big and he can do it so often and he’s getting better at it. I’m 22 years older than him and yet he’s infatuated with me instead of other girls.

After that post, I received a lot of questions, so I replied: It was asked a few times, maybe by the same person: I’m 5’3″ 128 pounds. Good body, maybe not supermodel good but good. I don’t have a very pretty face. I know it because I used to get teased about it even by friends. Even my wedding pictures people either say the dress looked awesome on me (body) or I look “cute” (face). My cheeks are too round and my chin sticks out more than it should, even after braces. I’m not repulsive, just not pretty. The only upside is that it helps me look a little younger than I am. By next week I’ll post again. I did find cum in my panties and told my son to “save up” for the trip. I’ve sinned now, may as well go for it is how I’m looking at this trip. I want to believe it is just a phase both of us are going through.

I try to be a MILF…not a model or actress, but still a really good body in a bikini at 40.

My son does occasionally throw tantrums when he’s frustrated or having difficulty controlling his feelings. Leading up to the trip though he was very calm the whole week, excited to go on the trip, but not as earnest in hinting at sex or pressuring me to so something while his father is in the house.

We finally arranged to go on the first out-of-town visit to a college campus. It was just my son and I on the trip, alone in the car and hotel. In my next post I wrote: I feel like a high school girl. My son feels so good, he’s larger than average (not some weird big, just bigger…) and stretches me more than my husband does. He goes to college in the fall, so this is hopefully going to end. I say that because I know this is all horrible and shouldn’t be happening. Whatever our issues are, I don’t want to mess up our family forever. I imagine he’ll be off to college and find some girl his age and life will go back to normal.

We Esenyurt Escort left for the college trip on Sunday afternoon. We’d be staying two nights, before and after his two college visits that day. The drive was uneventful though he was restless. After we checked into the hotel and go to the door of the room, my son all but attacked me. He put his hand down my jeans while I unlocked the door and he started grabbing my butt. He was in one of his hyper phases again, very anxious and frantic. I closed the door and begged him to be calm and go slow but that rarely works.

He said “We can be slow later. I’m ready to go.”

He stripped and was on one of the beds before I even pulled down my jeans. I crawled over him on the bed and gave him oral for a few seconds, but he said “NOT THAT!” and pulled me up to him.

I mounted him and we started fucking hard. It always takes a little adjustment but this time he was in control even on the bottom and I was soon slapping against his lap. He hit all the right spots and I was able to orgasm when he did. His first load, especially since we hadn’t done anything for a couple of days, was so hot inside me and I could feel each squirt of his dick as he pumped into me. After the excitement of the sex he always calms down, and he did this time and we just laid there me on top of him.

We both had showers and got ready for dinner the first night. I surprised Ethan by wearing a short grey skirt, black boots and a tight black sweater and a jacket that just reached my waist. I had on a white satin g string and matching bra. I knew I looked hot and he was excited, but not frantic like before. I made sure to flash him a few times. Dinner was excellent and quiet because the restaurant could only be so full, but I didn’t eat much because I knew we’d be back at the hotel soon. My son looks a little older than he is and I look a little younger than I am, but people probably still assumed I was 10 to 15 years older than him, instead of 22. I got a couple of stern looks from women and leers from men, but nothing outrageous (I kept thinking, “imagine if they knew”).

Sex that night was fantastic. Ethan was much slower and loving than before, less like the raw sex when we checked in. He spent the first few minutes with my skirt pulled up kissing my thighs and then eating my pussy. He licked and sucked on my pussy and clit for a long time and it was wonderful. He’s still a little sloppy but he felt so into it and hungry for it. We took each other’s clothes off this time. I had him suck on my breasts for a while as we lay together, his dick hard against my leg while we lay. When he finally mounted me he went slow and pressed in slow. Everything was nice and slow. We had sex longer and I coached him to keep slow and not go too fast. I orgasmed first and that just made his sliding in and out feel all the more sensual. He asked if he could go faster and I said he could. He pumped harder and we kissed as much as we could until he exploded. After, we laid together him cuddling me with his dick pressed against my butt.

In the morning we dressed casually for the interviews. My son was so nervous about his interviews that I had him sit down and take his pants off. I gave him a blow job to completion, something we usually don’t do, we usually have sex. He loved it and nearly choked me holding my head down as he exploded in my mouth, but it felt great and relieved all the tension he had. We cleaned up and went to the college interviews. The first went so well that he went to the second one completely calm.

The night was planned like the first, a nice restaurant and the rest of the night in the hotel. This time I wore a nice dress that was slightly shorter than the skirt, heeled ankle boots and tights. I put on a black bra but skipped the panties since I had the tights on. When we got back to the room he licked me through my tights. We sixtynined for the first time, me on top. We did that forever, I don’t know how long, but I got him to go slow, not rush. Ethan came hard eating my pussy while I blew him. We laid a while then started out having sex doggy style, but ended up with him on top of me again, pressing into me deep and having great sex for a while. I couldn’t believe he could still be hard. We then laid side by side with him kissing up and down my side, then me to him. We ended with him fingering me gently as we talked. By this time he was pretty much spent.

We talked about what we’re doing. He doesn’t want to see me leave Derek for any reason, so we’re agreed on that. Of course he wants to continue to sneak around. I guess sex is better than panties. He suggested he could schedule more college interviews so we could do this again.

Yesterday morning was the drive back home. I was paranoid my husband would try for sex as soon as I got home (he did), so I pleaded no sex with Ethan that morning. Instead, I blew him again and he fingered me. We messed up the other bed so it looked as though we slept separately…why, I guess guilt or to keep everything secret, but it seems a little silly now. After that we drove back to our daily routine at home, and spent the evening telling Derek and Hannah all about the colleges, like nothing else ever happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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