Human Genital Response – Class 01

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***AUTHOR’S NOTE: All characters are above the age of 18***

I lay in a room naked. A sprinkling of goosebumps rose over my arms and legs as I sat on the examination table with my knees to my chest.

I had woken up here today, in some building with white walls and metal floors, alone in a small pen. Several hours after waking, I saw the first of them, which sent a shiver up my spine. I knew they weren’t human, though their form was not unlike my own species. Perhaps this was to make me feel more safe – I didn’t have a memory of the night before. I just sat exposed in the room, my clothes being gone when I awoke. I would sometimes see one of them look at me from a distance.

I was just brought onto this table, covered in a white sheet. There were several of them with me, all dressed in white, looking human but with something distinctly different that I couldn’t point out. They spoke a tongue I could understand, though none of them seemed to understand me when I spoke back to them. This room I was placed in next was full of machines, screens, and cords, with one of the aliens in the corner dressed like a laboratory worker.

A beep sounded and this copy of a man walked over to the door and opened it, letting a crowd of half a dozen similarly dressed beings pour in.

‘Welcome to today’s class session. This week, as you know, we are looking at the human reproductive system.” He looked at me. “Today, for a special occasion, we have a human subject to examine. She will be our anatomical model for sexual response.” The students formed around the table that I was sitting on, a little cold and crunched up from embarrassment. “Now, you should know that this human can understand me because of our implanted communication transference system, though today we have been having difficulties with the return function.”

The door shut loudly as the last student walked in. “As soon as she is finished with our demonstrations, she will be released back to her species.”

The students watched on, looking at my hands and my knees, my body hair. “To begin, I will ask that the subject sits on the table facing us with her legs spread.” I had no reason not to comply. There was nowhere for me to go, anyway. My face reddened.

My warm thighs lay bare in the sterile room. The students were all looking at my exposed vagina, vulva spread open from my vulnerable position. The humanoid instructor approached me. They watched for instruction from him as he suited up with blue latex gloves. He swung a large, bright light over. My body was cast in shadow except for what was between my legs for everyone to see.

“These are the subject’s genitals. During coitus, the male and female genitals stimulate each other.

“This patient is female.” His hands grew closer.

“I will now describe the different parts of the female genitals.” He gestured around the area “This entire outer area is called the vulva. The vulva is usually hidden between the legs.

“You see, modern humans do not often expose these organs, except for elimination or sexual intercourse. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as ‘private parts’. For a female human, this area of her body being exposed Kartal Escort to strangers will most likely feel a little frightening or odd, though possibly arousing for certain individuals.”

The instructor placed both his hands on my inner thighs, slightly opening up my legs more to make sure everyone had a good view. “I will now open up the vulva to view the rest of the genitals.”

He placed his powdery, gloved fingers on the small mounds of my labia majora, sprouting with hair. He smoothly pushed his fingers apart as he moved his hand downwards, making the once sealed folds peel from each other and meet the cold air.

“Here at the top is the hood of her clitoris. The clitoris would become erect and visible if she was aroused.” He let go of my lips and then placed his hand cupped over my entire vulva, rubbing a bit slowly. My body resisted, but also didn’t want him to pull away. “Different parts of her genital area can be stimulated with a the male sex organ – the penis – fingers, or sex toys.

“For those unfamiliar, a sex toy is a human invention meant to stimulate the genitals, with or without a partner. A sex toy can be made to resemble a penis or vagina, or can take the form of any shape for external stimulation. I will demonstrate this in a minute.

“Now, below the clitoris is the inner lips – labia minora. They are very sensitive and cover up the vagina, which is this orifice here.” He left the slightest touch on my vaginal opening, the presence of his hand this near to my private area stimulating.

“We are going to see how the female genitals function during an orgasm. Right now, I can see that the subject is becoming aroused. I can see her clitoris is erect and parting her labia slightly. The whole area is flush with blood and she looks to be well lubricated.”

He spread my vaginal opening firmly with two forefingers, stretching the delicate skin taut.

“I’m going to penetrate the vagina with my finger to see if she is ready for the intercourse simulation.” The rubbery finger slipped inside me an inch. I felt no resistance, only a wet pleasure.

“She is very wet, and definitely would be able provide for penile penetration.”

He went back up to spread my upper labia.” I can stimulate her clitoris briefly,” he began to rub it in circles and I gasped “so you can see the touch is pleasurable and results in the desire for more stimulation. This is often the precursor to intercourse. However, much of human sexual contact comes from themselves. So there’s no better demonstration than by the expert.

He stepped back.

“She will show us how she stimulates her own genitals for self-pleasure. This preference will depend on the human. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes sexual intercourse can be simulated by the insertion of a sex toy into the vagina and stimulating the genitals to orgasm by moving it in and out. For this first demonstration, it will be the manual stimulation of the clitoris. She will have her legs open so that we can all see. Now, will the subject begin masturbating?”

The stage fright grew. I ran my hand over my mons pubis, feeling the protective and wiry pubic hair. The peek of moistened, Tuzla Escort rosy pink flesh parted after spreading my legs wider and pointing my vagina towards these close onlookers. I peeled back the skin until my clitoris had emerged from its hood – swollen from the talk of my pleasure and eager for some play. I began to rub the side of it quickly with one finger, feeling a fast buildup of pleasure. It was hard and ready for an orgasm.

The muscles in my legs jerked as I continued rubbing. I began to feel the buildup of lubrication pool at the entrance to my vagina. I moaned as the instructor pointed out how aroused my vagina was and how it was ready for penetration and intercourse. I stopped touching my clitoris to listen.

“Today, we will also simulate intercourse with a sex toy machine.” A cart with a motor and a rod was rolled close to my groin. On the edge of the rod was a tan silicone dildo, textured and veiny like a real penis. “The rhythmic movement of this inside her vagina will eventually bring her to orgasm.

“This type of sex toy is what’s called a ‘dildo’, an insertable toy for the vagina or anus. This one in particular is meant to realistically resemble a penis, even down to how it will feel inside the body. This anatomical realism is often very arousing, as it more closely mimics sexual intercourse, a biological desire of the humans.”

The head of the penis was pressed gently against the opening of my vagina. My heart beat hard with excitement for my vagina to be filled.

“I will use this to penetrate her vagina now and start the demonstration.” A button was clicked and the object moved slowly into my opening, being lubricated by my secretions. It went several inches in and then pulled out slowly, my labia, grabbing it, being stretched forward.

“You can see the hymen down below. This subject still has hers intact. It is likely that she is a virgin – her vagina has never been penetrated by a penis before. The first penetration for a female human can be a scary but exciting. This is what her genitals are built to do.” I felt my vagina relax and take in more of the stiff but pliable penis with each thrust. My clitoris felt very hard, stretching tall. It excited me that everyone was so close to me, watching me masturbate and be pleasured by the toy. My clitoris felt so good as I rubbed it; the dildo shimmered.

“With this mechanical device in her vagina, the subject’s organs will more readily respond as if they are really having intercourse. The vagina will loosen and lubricate itself and the clitoris will become very engorged with pleasure.

“At this point, I’m going to start recording video to capture the subject’s orgasm for future students.” A camera on a rotatable arm was brought down close to my groin, lens pointing at the robotic penis slowly penetrating my glistening, relaxed vagina.

The stretch felt immense as if I had been wanting this forever. The students looked on with awe as they saw the girthy model of an erect organ be swallowed by the ruby red lips between my legs. The private was now public. These men were to watch my pleasure and witness the intimate ecstasy of my private parts. My Anadolu Yakası Escort face burned and my legs tingled.

The dildo sped up its thrusting as the red light on the camera flashed. From a distant mirror, I could see my labia minora hugging the fake penis and being pushed and pulled by its movement. The dildo felt so natural and blissful inside me. My clitoris glistened and stood tall atop it all.

“Now, you can see that the subject is aroused, but she may need some additional stimulation to reach an orgasm.” He moved the camera back several inches. “Here is an external vibrator that I am going to use to stimulate the clitoris. As we near the orgasm, the subjects genitals will start to reach an incredible amount of pleasure. She may start to vocalize involuntarily, so don’t be alarmed.”

Despite the loud sound of the motor driving the shaft parting my lips, the buzzing of the vibrator was audible as he switched it on. The outline of the bulbous head was slightly blurred by its strong shaking. When it touched the edge of my clitoris, my hips bucked. He had to hold my legs apart to let the students see what was going on.

“As I press this firmer onto her clitoris, her body will prepare for an orgasm. She may find that her private parts feel so good that all she wants is the man’s penis inside of her.” He brought the wand back towards me. “I’m going to intermittently touch this to her clitoris to bring her to an orgasm. It looks like this one will be powerful.”

He brought the head of the vibrator quickly and deeply onto my clit. I pressed my body forward into it, legs forced wide open with pure lust. I started to moan, rising up and falling onto that erect phallus with each frenzied heartbeat. I felt even more aroused by the possibility that some other human would later find this footage and masturbate to it. The rubber penis inside my vagina thrust in faster until I felt the wave start to build, then crash on over me as I pushed my hips into the air so that the penis reached further inside my gushing cave. Deep in ecstasy, I no longer noticed the monitor of the camera as it peered between my legs.

It was catching a detailed closeup of my genitals being brought to orgasm in a room full of strangers. The thought of that sent a wave of pleasure through me and I stretched my legs apart even further, trying to bounce on the penis to my vagina’s greedy content. The huge contractions furthered as I rubbed my clit through the panted moan. As the orgasm wore off, the thrusting slowed. The arousal turned to slight embarrassment at the men watching my climax. I could see in the recording the slippery dildo fall out of my gaping, hot pink vagina.

What was left of me was this spectacle of a sweaty guinea pig with a soaking wet and loose vulva that trembled as the dildo pulled out of me.

“Well, students, that was the human female orgasm. It is very rare to see in such detail. The orgasm for the female is characterized by strong and incredibly pleasurable contractions of the genitals and anus. Their entire bodies lose control from the pleasure. This example, as I mentioned before, was through clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation with a sex toy. Had this been genuine sexual intercourse, seeing a penis inside her and feeling the male’s ejaculation would be pleasurable on top of this. Now, tomorrow’s session will be important, for our subject will demonstrate an orgasm using penile stimulation from a live human male.”

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