Human Sexuality 101 Ch. 02 Pt. 1

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Trevor hungrily watched the students begin to file in with Nikki and Edward in the front of the room laying down on the bed kissing passionately ignoring everyone as they came into the room. Student after student looked towards the bed with curiosity and surprise as Trevor smiled at them and asked them to take a seat in the auditorium. Other students came in that were not in his 101 class each glancing around and sharing knowing lustful looks that intrigued the passersby. Several had noticeable erections and there was some shifting and giggling as the girls noticed and pointed it out to other students.

Trevor with a pile of papers and some out of place people dressed professionally looking slightly uncomfortable said loudly “Please take your seats we have some documents to read, tests to take for participants, and I’d like to get started I’m horny and my cock is hard.”

He reached down to show the room his cock taking it out of his pants and letting his students get a good look. He was watching Kristy intently making eye contact. She shifted in her seat blushing while glancing back and forth at him, his cock, the students on the bed, and the boys with noticeable erections around her. Trevor glanced down at her tits and noticed the heaving breaths she took as she became aroused, scared, and he began to truly enjoy his seminar he wanted her breasts in his mouth but knew he must wait. She had to feel comfortable and accepting or she would get scared and walk out.

Trevor started the course in a brisk husky voice, “Welcome to my Introduction to Role Play Erotica Seminar.”

Several students hooted, whistled, and clapped in appreciation (the returning students). His 101 students looked around the room some looking curious, some fearful, a few embarrassed. None left the room.

Trevor continued, “I have prepared some legal documents to protect the participants today from malicious gossip, societal pressure associated with group sex, and to keep participation confidential. What happens in this classroom stays in this classroom or their will be punitive damages awarded by significant monetary compensation to everyone attending. I have a notary present making sure your signatures are documented and legally binding. Included are some seminar guidelines including free STD testing which is required for participation. I have medical release authorization forms for anyone needing to confirm their birth control methods. My seminars are safe, free from unwanted pregnancies, and Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort confidential. What happens in 101 stays in 101.”

Again, clapping and hooting from the returning students. Eric was smiling from the front of the room and lifted his shirt then pulled it off over his head while staring at the twins. Deborah was scrambling to get up and out the door but her sister was whispering under her breath.

Some of the students heard her say, “I’m staying whether you do or not and I need you here, I want you here, please stay.” Teva was pleading desperately with her hand on Deborah’s arm.

Eric had seen Deborah stare at him lustfully a few times before and he headed up the stairs towards the girls after seeing Deborah scrambling to get away and her sister holding her back. Deborah noticed him and turned crimson.

Eric looked into her eyes and asked, “May I kiss you? I want you to stay.”

The athletic Italian designer shirt guy stood up and walked forward whispering, “You are so beautiful we all want you to stay.”

Deborah looked back and forth between the two. These guys were stallions, hot as hell, both ripped, and dressed well. She stepped into Eric’s arms and let him kiss her. The other student slipping behind her to brush his lips against the nape of her neck. When Eric was through Jack gently turned her head into his kiss.

Trevor amused by the scene unfolding and at how great Deborah’s tits looked in her clothes as these two young studs took turns convincing her to stay said, “ok if you’ve had sex and haven’t been tested where we can confirm please line up. We have a nurse here to escort people to the planned parenthood van which has signed a confidentially agreement with the school, well actually with me specifically, agreeing to keep our students safe and prevent unwanted pregnancies”.

The testing and legal signings took a few hours but Trevor knew this was a liability issue that could potentially ruin his life so he took every precaution. The trouble it took was well worth it for the uninhibited free play that kept his cock hard and his eyes rested on Kristy. He looked at her reading the confidentiality agreement and smiled as she lifted her pen, looking down at his cock then glancing at his face, blushed, and quickly signed. He was throbbing. Going last today was going to be painful. He wanted to take her now. He nodded at Edward and Nikki and they began seducing the class with their well rehearsed audience fuck fest.

Edward stopped kissing Nikki, pulled her across the bed gently, and then helped her off the bed. They both stood facing the class. She looked shyly from face to face turning red. She’d never imagined she would be standing in front of the room letting Edward undress her in front of a class. Oh God what if they got turned off because of her tummy roll. She shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably nervous.

Eric was gazing lustfully at them next to Deborah and Teva. He was smiling in anticipation. Resting a hand against Deborah’s leg he stroked her hair with his other hand leaning into her.

Nikki felt more confident as Edward nibbled on her neck and unclasped her bra. Her huge tits cascaded out from their constraints plump and firm. He massaged her nipple until it was as hard as an eraser from behind and began pulling her skirt down to the floor letting it fall stepping her out of it. She had on some sexy panties but he wanted her completely naked so he pulled these down slowly making eye contact with some of the other girls knowing they would be wet.

Unbuttoning his pants, he let them fall to the floor where he kicked them aside. His rock hard cock was touching Nikki, he had her leaned back against his body pulling his cock between her legs, and rubbing it against her clit. He put the head of his cock inside her feeling her wetness surround him before pulling out and rubbing her clit again and again plunging a little into her before pulling out and doing this again and again.

Nikki was half crazed wanting to be fucked so bad he could feel it building. He walked her back both facing the class towards the bed. Edward sat down first and guided Nikki onto his cock where he guided himself deeply inside her.

Nikki let out a noticeable groan, “Oh oh, oh God”. She looked around at all the eyes on her. All the expressive faces knowing Edward was buried in her pussy, she was completely naked facing an entire classroom full of people, and she had his cock buried as deep as it would go.

Edward was rocking into her while she rode him facing the class. She moved her hips and grind-ed on his cock as he wrapped his arms around her so he could get his hands on her nipples and massage and twist her tits while she rode him hard. Edward buried his face in her hair kissing the nape of her neck while he nibbled on her ear as she rode him.

Nikki was looking around at a college auditorium completely filled with students. She was fucking her boyfriend while facing them, her tits exposed. This was really happening. She was naked. The class wasn’t revolted they were turned on and looking at them lustfully. Her weight didn’t matter. The fact that Edward was being so willingly fucked by her in front of them excited them. She wanted to change her position and let Edward lead. So she got off his cock and lay on her side facing the class lifting her leg for Edward to slide into her from behind.

Edward grabbed her leg and held it up for a good angle and pounded into her from behind. He really wanted to fuck her in the ass but would save it. He nibbled on her ear feeling the heat and momentum build when she started quivering.

“Oh, oh I’m about to …….” She started to shake and groan huskily.

Edward slipped out of her, then poured some lubricant he had laying the bed onto his cock, and plunged into her ass while he finger fucked her. He guided her hands into her pussy with his so they could both manipulate her cunt as she got fucked in the ass. She wasn’t expecting this. She was stunned she rarely let him fuck her in the ass and he didn’t ask her now. She was so close and their fingers felt so good writhing together inside her cunt and rubbing against her clit with his cock in her ass filling her. The pure shock of it all brought her over the edge. He was fucking her in the ass in front of everyone.

The shock of it also turned him on so much he almost didn’t make it out of her ass but he wanted everyone to see him blow his load all over her.

“Oh fuck yah, your ass feels so hot Nikki I love having all these hot girls seeing me fuck you in the ass before I fuck some of them.”

He pulled his cock out with his hand guiding it towards her as the warm wet release hit her tits and covered both breasts facing her towards their audience. “I can’t wait to fuck another girl in front of this sexy bitch like she fucked her teacher in front of me.”

The students hooted, clapped, and cheered. Nikki was surprised. Edward was still jealous and wanting to fuck another girl in front of her. The idea of this turned her on and she gazed around wondering who the girl would be. She lay there naked contemplative looking at Kristy. Kristy was gazing at her and her body. Nikki wanted to walk up to her and lick her pussy knowing she would be wet and probably tasting innocent and sweet but didn’t know how she would feel or react she was jealous of the plans Trevor had for her.

Trevor stood up, “Thank you for starting us off with a bang, he looked pointedly towards Teva and Deborah, now who wants to see the twins get fucked?”

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