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Each morning I was amazed anew with the view from my room. The cabana was just off the beach exactly as the travel agent described.

Practically steps from the bed, I was on my balcony. Steps again, and I was on the path surrounded by palms on my way to the warm white sand and the ocean’s edge. I felt as if I was the only one on the island. The island seemed deserted, but it was just an illusion the hotel staff worked hard to maintain. I admit I panicked, when the concierge took my watch, my cell phone and my computer. But now, after just two days, I am rather glad they did. I haven’t thought about the office or reports or meetings in all the time I have been here. The only downside — I am here alone.

Just weeks before, my boyfriend decide to look for some one more available and responsive to his needs. Sitting on the beach I knew what has brought me to this. I spent too much time working on my career; too many meetings, too many late nights. I laughed as I realized no one would put up with an invisible girlfriend. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had sex with a man and not a machine. Hell I couldn’t even remember my last non-business date.

Yet here I was sitting on the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, alone and horny. Each breeze was fanning an already smoldering fire deep within me. The warm sun felt like fingers on my skin, trying to bring the fire to life. My nipples strained beneath the cloth of my swimsuit, my legs moving apart of their own volition. Shyly I brushed my nails against the straining cloth sending shivers along my spine and into secret valleys below.

I heard the splash in the surf before I saw him. I watched as he walked through water, tall and lean, with bright brown eyes flecked with green. I was mesmerized as I watched his face light with his smile. My eyes roamed over this tall and broad shouldered stranger. His shirt seemed painted on, collar spread pulled nicely into a narrow waist and hips ending with the best pair of legs I had ever seen in shorts. They seemed to go on forever. All I could imagine was feeling those muscled thighs against me. I shivered just at the thought and laughed as I realized just how badly in need I was.

“Good Morning. I was wondering if you would like to explore the rain forest which has make this island famous?” His voice was deep and as smooth as glass.

“Um, yes.” Before I knew what I was doing I had answered him, although weakly. He looked me up and down and laughed.

“Good then you should change” was all he said.

I just smiled as I realized my two-piece bathing suit would do little good while hiking. I winked at him and took his hand as he offered to Escort bayan help me rise. I gave him a generous view of my rear as I tried to walk away. I was practically shaking as I started walking back to my room. My body abuzz with a fire I haven’t felt in a long time.

I was standing by the trees on the beach when I heard someone behind me. I am not sure what came over me but I turned, and stepped toward him, wrapping my arms around his neck. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and back, pulling me against him. It was at that moment I melted completely. I don’t even remember who maneuvered whom, or how it all happened, but suddenly we were on the sand together. All I remember is him pushing me, my hands being held over our heads, passion filled kissing and his tongue exploring my mouth. I felt his hips grind into mine as a soft moan escaped from my lips. He leaned down and scooped me up, holding tight, and carried me deeper into the grove. Once there, he pinned me against a coconut tree.

Instinctively he seemed to know exactly where my erogenous zones were, and he made the most of them. His mouth roamed over my neck and throat, slowly working his way down my body. He deliberately found every single one — behind my knees, my inner thighs, slowly back up again to the sides of my breasts. He slowly circled and caressed each breast with his fingers and tongue, working his way in towards the nipples, taking his time, enhancing my pleasure. I felt his tongue flick at the tip of each nipple before roughly dragging his tongue in wet lazy circles on the areola. My back would arch toward him as he gently pulled on the swollen points with his teeth. He built wave after wave within me, trailing his hot tongue and allowing the ocean breeze to cool me off. Shockingly I climaxed as soon as I felt his breath on my nipple. It was a huge shuddering orgasm. I’d never experienced anything so immense, so intense, so satisfying.

My legs were shaking, but he held me firmly between the tree and his body. After only a short pause, he regained the momentum that caused my first shudder. As his mouth slowly trailed heat down my body, his hand has been kneading and caressing my butt and thighs. I spread my legs as wide as I could, hoping to lure his tongue lower. Instead he proceeded to lick up the inside of one leg stopping just mere inches from my pussy. Then he did the same with the other leg. This time, as he got there he blew softly on my clit. I practically jumped from the excitement. I felt a finger stroke from my ass up slowly up to my clit, where he stopped and gently pushed a bit. I whimpered as he then opened the pussy lips with his thumbs and began Bayan Escort to stroke me with an index finger, slow at first, then a bit faster. The rhythm was building as he moved, back and forth, back and forth almost using his thumb as a mini dildo. As his thrusts get stronger and longer, I can feel my legs starting to tense up and quiver. My breathing stops all of a sudden and I start shaking all over. I felt my knees start buckling and he allowed me to slump to the ground before he caught me and gently lowered me back onto the warm sands.

My hands grabbed him and pulled him into me. His chest was strong and tight as my hands roamed over his body. A bolt of lightening ran through me as I felt his large warm hands touch my breast, and his soft palm gently rubbed over my nipple which was still tight and pert. I searched his mouth with my tongue as I ran my hands down to his shorts, and felt the tip of his cock that had sprung out of the top. Pulling back and looking down in shock I saw that at least an inch of his cock was showing proud. The head was swollen and hot to my touch. Pushing him back I tore at the buttons on his shorts to expose his full length. To my delight he was not wearing underwear. As I pulled them down, the full magnitude of his cock was clear to me. I sat back and looked at him. It was long but best of all, thick and veined. I had only seen a cock like his in porn movies… or on horses. “

Are you pleased?” He asked. The look of desire in my eyes said it all.

I looked back at him and then began to lick and gently bite the side of the shaft. Slowly I licked and sucked his rod, taking him into my mouth until my lips are touching the base of his shaft. While keeping a steady suction I slide up and down his manhood. I wrapped my hands around his hips and held onto his butt – lick up and down his shaft, taking his balls completely in my mouth swirling them gently as I sucked them. Taking each of his heavy swollen balls in my mouth in turn, I teased them with my tongue before returning to his shaft tickling the throbbing veins on the underside. Then taking him inside my mouth as deep as I could, I gently caressed and fondled his jewels, touched his inner thighs and let my hands roam over the skin of his thighs.

I curled my fingers around the base and began tightening to apply pressure to hold his rod still. I wanted to swallow him whole, no matter the girth. All I knew, all I wanted, was to drive him over the edge. I was soon rewarded with a groan. I swirled my tongue around the head, lapping at the drizzle of pre cum that had leaked out, a grin of appreciation growing on my face. He had just the right combination of sweetness Escort and salt that made me want more. Glancing back at his head searching for a reaction, my tongue presses to the underside of his cock. I lapped right along that huge vein that pulses blood into the engorged head and slowly worked downwards to where my hand was wrapped around the base. I smiled, raking my tongue gently over the head that made his body jerk and a sharp gasp escape. I was going to love trying to drive him to the brink of insanity. The groans and moans of delight were enough to make me work harder not to lose my hold. I wanted to take every drop of it. My hand continued to work, pumping as my lips trembled around the vise-like grip on the head. I wish I had the time to savor it but I was in high speed trying to keep up with him!

He reached down for my head but I had begun to pull away. A sly smiled crawled along my mouth as I crept up his body, my mouth planting kisses wherever it met skin. I could see his tremors just under the surface as my breath brushed his belly. I placed my hand on his shoulders, then lifted my leg over him. Achingly, I settled myself down onto him, my glistening sex coming to rest over his aching erection. I rocked my pelvis on him, grinding against him in an excruciating pleasure for us both. His hands were free to explore me, stroking shoulders, arms, breasts and thighs. My riding took on greater urgency, and I reached down between us, lifting myself to guide his shaft into my dripping cunt. I shuttered as my tight pussy yielded to his powerful manhood. Hungrily I seated myself until all of him was buried deep within me. I rose up, no more than an inch or two…paused…and back down.

I pulled back, placed my hands on either side of his thighs, and began to slowly fuck him. His moans were getting louder, but still muffled as his mouth was glued to mine. Together we began a slow rhythm, a pulse in and out of my slick hole. Every touch, every movement registering as heat along my skin. As he pulled my hips driving his cock deeper into me, his mouth pulled a nipple in. I felt his teeth gently clamp unto the already sensitive skin while his thrusts grew faster and harder. I reached around and clasped his balls in my hand, when he suddenly erupted inside me sending me spiraling into my own orgasm.

He slowly lifted my hips and eased my back onto the sand. My eyes were closed as I felt him gently messaged my body and moved to my belly. I opened my eyes and just looked at him questioningly. He moved lower and gently opened my legs. I was sure he could see a small stream of his cum slowly running from me. He leaned down and licked my thighs clean then moved on to my pussy. I throbbed anew as he cleaned my body with his mouth and tongue.

Finally he pulled his head away, “Would you like to go back to the room to change?”

I had no idea what I was changing into, but we did go back to the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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