Hunger and Thirst Ch. 03

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“…Please stay!”

Denuck and I spent many cycles in the cabin that season. He let go of all his notions of abandonment; and poured his heart into his new love interest…me! Anger and fear were replaced with joy and contentment for us both. If there was any doubt in our minds as to the bond we share…this final chapter sheds all the light we will ever need on just how much the two of us are united.

“Let’s go for a swim, Bay!”

Love to be in the lake with you, Den, but I’ve told you before that I can’t swim. Sink like a rock is more like it. How about we play in the shallow end and cool off before lunch. I hope I sound confident to Denuck. For all of the pep-talk I have given him to get past his own past…I find it very difficult to do the same for myself. When I was younger, I slipped into deeper water and almost drowned. I was pulled out and revived, but the scars remained. Fear of the water has been with me ever since.

“I’ll teach you how to stay afloat, Bay…it’s easy once you get the hang of it. It’ll make our time here so much more enjoyable to take the lake together.”

I do not want to disappoint him, so I nod in agreement, my heart beginning to pound in my chest. Loosen me up first, Den, so I can stop my limbs from locking up.

“Sure. Set down on the grass here. Let Denuck massage away your tension.”

Oh! So we are skinny-dipping?! Must be the case, because my shorts are now on the grass, instead of on my body. Denuck sidles up to me and we start to kiss. Goodbye tension!

“Let’s not go too far now, sweetie. You will need some stamina in the lake!”

Up on my elbows. I reach behind his head and pull him to me. Deep kissing Denuck has to be one of my favorite things to do. Okay, my man, lose your shorts and show me the body I love to look at. Maybe my cock will inflate and make a good life preserver in the lake!

“Damn it, Bay…I get sore in my belly from the way you make me laugh. Bless you for that.”

Denuck takes my hand and pulls me upright. We head to the lake together and I stop at its edge. I have a story to tell you, Den, before we go in. Let’s sit in the shallows and cool off for the tell.


He looks pensive. He should. Denuck and I have become linked telepathically as is the way with our race. He knows how I feel. He knows the fear that runs deep within me. I hope my story will help him be as gentle as I know he can be with me. This is no time for bravado.

“Let’s hear it.”

I was getting a swim lesson from a friend a long time ago. He and I were buds, and though I had the hots for him, I think he knew it, but chose not to let on. Anyway, it did not go well as I was really tense and scared. He told me he would take his usual long swim to an island, and come back for us to try again. After he started out, I decided to sit on the shore and watch. He glided through the water like he was born in it. Every muscle of his strong body glistened with his effort, and I easily slipped into a fantasy. I saw myself swimming next to him, stroke for stroke, keeping up the pace until şişli escort we got to the island. He smiled and told me he was waiting for someone to swim that way with him…for someone to be close with…to be very, very close with. Then he kissed me, and…

“HEY! Why Are You Watching Me?!”

It was an angry question that broke my daydreaming; and I jumped up in embarrassed haste, trying to pretend to go about searching for something just beyond the shoreline. He took his time getting out of the water and then he came up to me. His anger grew stronger.

“What were you looking at?”

I…I like the way you swim. You make it look so easy. Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the water. I felt a jab of fear. No! Don’t! Please!

“Learn to swim by yourself – keep away from me!”

He was about my height, but way stronger in his upper body. I couldn’t stop him from lifting me up and throwing me off the dock into the deep water. I panicked before I hit the water and sank to the bottom, swallowing lake water as I went down. I was going to die. How could he do this? My tears were nothing in the depths of that lake. I thrashed around a bit, then blacked out.

“You really need to learn how to float, at the very least, Bayler.”

I was flat on my back on the grass at the edge of the lake, naked.

“You lost your shorts in the water…tough luck. Get a pair of mine from the cabin and let’s cook dinner.”

You sure you want me in the same kitchen with you? I spoke boldly and with an edge – I was angry and hurt.

“Sure – what’s the problem?”

He gave me a knowing smirk, and had a look in his eyes that told me he understood how I felt about him. We never mentioned the swim ‘lesson’ again; and have stayed friends to this day.

“I promise not to throw you in the lake, Bay.”

Okay – let’s do this. So Denuck shows me the basics of floating. I can do this! Swimming requires a strong upper body to pull oneself through the water. I do not have that capability.

He teaches me to side stroke, and to my amazement, I can do that with some success.

“Go rest on the shore while I show off for you. I’m gonna dive from that high rock over there.”

My fear of the water may be ebbing, but it is not completely gone. Be careful, honey! He seems not to hear and makes his climb up the rock face.

“Here goes…”

DENUCK! He has slipped on the rock and I feel my stomach turn as his head thumps down hard, his body slipping lifelessly into the deep of the lake. Instinct takes over and I thrash through the water as far as I can walk. The bottom falls away and there is no time for fear. I side stroke with all my might and reach the point where I think he has sunk beneath the surface. Taking the deepest breath that I can, I plunge into the depths and desperately look for Denuck. The suns are high in the sky this day and the clear lake water lets me see to the very bottom. He is there! My lungs strain to keep the air in and the water out. I grab his body, and by the force of will, he and I break the surface beşiktaş escort somehow. We both gasp for air and that is music to my ears, indeed.

Denuck holds onto me and my side stroke gets us out of the deep water so we can trudge to the shore. We collapse there and cough; and revel in the air that hurts as it replaces the water in our lungs.

“You – how did you…?”

No time for fear, Denuck. I can’t lose you to this lake or for any other reason. I love you. Good thing your hair has grown in – it must have softened the blow of your head on the rock. You feel okay?

“A bit weak. Help me to the cabin, will you?”

We collapse onto the sleep platform and hold each other close. Words are not necessary. But he utters some anyway.

“I love you, too, Bayler.”

Sleep overtakes us. The evening suns have gone down, and Denuck and I feel revived. We cook some dinner together and sit and eat…and the bond between us tightens. Food becomes the least of our thoughts. He rises and extends his hand to me.

“Join with me, lover. Be my life mate. Pair with me and make us one.”

Once again, words become unnecessary. My kiss to his mouth speaks the volumes that he longs to hear. We go down on the platform, and Denuck goes down on me with a tenderness that I have become very fond of.

“You saved me more than once, you know.”

How? When?

“Today at the lake. Cycles ago, when you made me see that I could not afford to lose you. You were right. I can’t. You fill me with your love like…no one ever has. No one, Bay. Come fill me tonight, lover. Take me somewhere that I want to be with you.”

Until now, Denuck has been my breeder, filling me with his seed and creating the bond that we share as one. He has told me how it feels to seed me.

“Like my destiny is complete. When I flow inside of you, I get this feeling of utter joy, and of total union with you. There is no space between us. I am yours completely. A sense of peace comes over me and all I want to do is be with you. Nothing else matters.”

Do you want me to feel what you have felt, Denuck? I can survive on just the joy you give me now.

“My body is ready to take you in, lover. Seed me tonight, and let me feel what you feel when I am within you. It is a selfish request, Bay. I need to be you tonight. Please.”

I start the way Denuck does. My mouth meets his and my tongue gently and firmly takes control. I know every move he makes to take me where he does. Now I can take him to that place, too. He settles in and stretches his body as my hands explore his muscled frame. My goal is to have Denuck melt to me as I always do to him. It seems to be working!

“Take me. I will not resist.”

I smile down at my lover and enjoy hearing him moan to my ministrations. No part of his body escapes my tongue. He writhes in pleasure to my touch. On your belly for me, Rorgan! He swivels on his side and obeys my command. Nice cheeks, Denuck! let’s see what they are guarding! As my fingers touch his crack and start to pry his mounds apart, fındıkzade escort Denuck lets out a deep and guttural sigh. The hairs surrounding his hole feel soft on my tongue. His scent is strong and draws me in. I lick at his pucker and he bucks his hips to my tongue thrusts as surely as I do with him at my hole, My confidence soars. I will take Denuck this night. I will make him mine in the way that he does with me. I will feel the joy of inseminating my lover; and gain a new perspective on our union.

“You will be the first…I have only and ever been the penetrator. I am ready for you, Bay. Only for you!”

My finger rings him around and around until I sense that he is at ease. As it pushes into him, I feel his warmth, his strength, his power to love me. My man is very tight. It takes a while to play within him, but eventually I get two fingers where one hardly fit before. Then three. His excitement is mine, as well. I reach down and pull his shaft to me. He is very wet. I play with his cockhead a bit, until I feel my fingers within him gain a new and loose purchase. You seem ready for me?

“Ready.” His reply is breathless and comes as a whisper.

My cockhead is wet with my own fluids. It easily sinks into my lover and I hold there, looking at the shaft that has launched it into my lovers body. The head is squeezed by his ring muscles and the pressure must be relieved.


I sink within him as far as my length will allow. We groan together. The feeling is intense for me. For him as well. I am reminded of how great I feel every time he penetrates me. I revel at the thought that this night I am gifting Denuck the same feeling that he so often has given to me. My mind ceases to function in this euphoric state. My body takes over completely. I will fuck my man this night. I will breed his body and he will take in my seed. Denuck will delight in my fullness as I do with his. I will know the joy of breeding my lover and giving him my life force. My head is reeling. I can hardly get enough air into my lungs.

“Make me yours, Bay. Do it now. Please!”

Every muscle in my body tenses. I feel the fluids move within my body. They flow to the base of my cock and seem to wait there. I rear up as I have so often seen Denuck do when he loses control of his body. My shaft seems to double within him and as the cream rises within me, I collapse to his back and groan with every rope that forces its way into his body. My cockhead explodes with the shear volume of my seed. I feel lightheaded and can’t catch my breath. Our bodies shake and shudder together, and I feel his release.

“That’s it!”

Denuck has released himself onto the platform. I have filled him with my seed. We are sated and satisfied beyond words, once again. Now I know how it feels – how Denuck feels when he nuts into my body. No one can come between us. No thought separates us. The Universe is ours and ours alone. Denuck and I have found what every Rorgan seeks. We have found the complete and utter joy of joining with a life mate. Denuck and I have found each other. Our hunger is satisfied. We thirst no more. We will feast together on the love that we share; and every suns rise will reflect our joy. We have come a long way together. May you seek and find your mate in as short a time as possible. It is never too late! Life is good!

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