Hypnosis at Work Pt. 02

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If you not read pt1 this follows on a bit. This does not relate to anyone I know but I wish it did as this would never happen to me.


Previously I told you how I was able to hypnosis one of the girls in work called Becky who never spoke to me unless there was something wrong with a piece of work she had, otherwise I was invisible to not only her but most of the girls in the office.

I firstly wanted to find out more and sent a new email to the address I had been given to ask a few questions. They were;

-How long does the hypnosis last for?

-How many women can I use it on?

A few days later I had a reply.

It lasts until you say the special word 3 times and then that will be it, the word will never work again on that person.

You can only use it 4 times after that the person receiving the email will be able to see everything that is written, be warned.

I wanted to ask more questions and quickly sent off another email to the address but within 30mins it came back undeliverable which was a bit of a downer even though I thought the act itself of being able to hypnosis someone was too good to be true.

I started to think of all the women I could use it on I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, I kept thinking of what I could get them to do and how often, till it got a bit much and my work started to be effected. I had to calm down I was 30yrs old I did not have to use them straight away, I could use it when I wanted too, controlling the urge to use them straight away was hard but I had to make sure it was 100% the person I wanted. Do not forget I only had 4 chances, I had used one. They did not have to be in work either as long as I had access to their email.

Anyway back to Becky.

Myself and Becky met up regularly either after work or at the weekend, all though not too often as I did not want to raise suspicions with anyone. I had met her boyfriend and he was just like I expected, big fella, all muscles and he could see I was not a threat to him and just took me as one of Becky’s friends from work.

Winter had now set in and it was dark when I went to work and dark when I came home, Becky had decided that she needed to lose some weight as she felt fat. There was nothing wrong with her.

She asked if we could go for another walk by me, “bring your walking shoes, a coat and a change of clothes,” I said.

“Why a change of clothes?” she asked.

“In case we are stuck in the middle of no were when it rains and you are not sitting in my house with mud and rain all over you ok,” I said.

Becky’s boyfriend dropped her off with a kiss and a wave, I stood on the door step waiting for him to go.

As soon as she was in the house I said “Becky cotton” she went in to the trance like state still smiling at me. “Go into the room and remove your clothes so I can inspect you, you have 1 min”. Becky went past me removing her coat and hat as she went passed, each item came off quickly but it still took more than 1 min. Becky stood in the middle of the room I told her to spread her legs and put her arms out in a star shape she did it straight away and what a nice sight it was. Her tits looked good they were a bit cone shaped but the nipples got hard when I played with them I rang my fingers up and down her slit and she moaned a bit. I pushed 2 fingers in and she did not move just looked forward. I went round the back to her ass a bit flabby so I told her as it had taken more than 1 min to strip she would now be punished with a spanking. I also got some clothes pegs twisted her nipples and then put the pegs on them. She let out a bit of a “ouch” I led her over to the arm of the settee bebek escort and pushed her back down so she was now leaning over with her nipples with pegs on her legs spread and waiting to be spanked.

I told her that she had to count each spank and apologise for being slow.

I raised my hand and bought it down on her left ass cheek, she just went “ouch.”

I said “you had to count and apologise.”

I did it again this time she said “1 sorry it took me so long sir” then the other cheek “2 sorry it took me so long sir.” I got a dap after 5 as my hand was hurting and I told her that she had added 5 more for not responding the first time. By the time I had finished her ass was a nice shade of pink and she had tears in her eyes. I told her to stand up and removed the pegs from her nipples as well, she went to rub them but I held her hands down and sucked on each nipple myself, rolling the nipple around my mouth before biting it a bit. After I finished I could see her juices running down her leg, I pushed my fingers in her again and Becky lead against me and moaned loudly.

Becky wanted some exercise so I had her lay on the floor with her legs slightly apart and bent and I removed my clothes sat on her knees and told her to do sit ups so my cock went into her mouth and she had to do at least 10.

Becky started her sit ups and there is nothing like a woman doing a sit up and finishing with your cock in her mouth, at 6 she started to struggle so I help her by pulling her up by her nipples, that was an good way of helping her although you could tell she did not like it much. On the 10th one my cock was in her mouth and I face fucked her forcing her mouth right down to my balls, I came and you could see that it staying in her mouth a bit before she swallowed, I released her and she fell back spluttering.

The next exercise was push ups with a twist, I told her to get in the right position which she did quickly as she did not want to be punished again. I then got my condoms told her to put one on me. Then I got behind her told her to push up. I put my legs under hers so my cock was in line with her hole, then I told her to go down to push her tits into the floor, my cock was now in her fanny and I told her to raise up but to keep my cock inside her if it came out the pegs would go back on. Becky went up and down but started to struggle coming back up so I spanker her till she did come up, she started to make a noise as well so I got a 2 tea towels and made a gag for her and we started again. Becky eventually with a bit of persuasion did 15 press ups. On the last one I told her just to move her fanny only and that we would stay in this position till I came. With that she moved her ass up and down still keeping my cock in till I shot my load in the condom in her and she came loudly which if the gag had not been in place the neighbour would have heard.

The sweat was coming off Becky now so I told her to get on her knees remove the condom and put my cum in her mouth. Then to suck my cock clean. It was only after this that I realised I had forgotten my camera, a bit annoyed with myself at that, I would remember next time. When Becky was finished I told her to stand up again so I could do a quick check on her body although it was not too quick. I wanted more today but I told Becky we were going for a walk. I told Becky to get dressed but leave her top bare until I was ready. Becky stood there in a pair of jeans and bare tits for 2 mins before I told her to put her top clothes on, I even made sure her tits were nicely in the cup by giving them one last feel. If I had my way at the moment I would make her do the walk mecidiyeköy escort topless but I live here so that would not be a good idea.

I went and made a cup of tea and looked at the time. The whole thing had only taken 30 mins which just made me think of other stuff we could do. I went and sat Becky down and said when I say the word you will go to sleep for 1 min you will not feel any pain any where and you will ask were your cup of tea is. It was a bit surreal as that is what happened. I gave her a cup of tea and I went up to change in to my other clothes to go for a walk.

Off we went for our walk.

The walk would take us to a place called Upton which was a village that had a pub were we could have a bite to eat and rest up a while. We got to one of those displays which shows were you are and I explained to Becky the route we would take to take us around, up a hill along the ridge and then into Upton before following the track back down through the woodland path and home.

We started off and after 5 mins I said “Becky cotton” and she went in to the trance.

“Hold my hand” I told her, Becky reached out and we carried on walking, I know it was a total farce but it was nice as well even if she would never remember it. We turned left up the hill which was quite steep and we stopped for breathe and turned to see the view which considering the time of year was quite nice even if it was a bit cold, “Remove all your top half clothes,” I said.

Becky removed them, giving me a good view of her tits which I never got tired of. I played with her nipples till they were hard and we carried on walking, I was now more aware and kept my eye out for other walkers while Becky just carried on topless which was worth it. I stopped after 5 mins or so and sucked on each nipple and played a while as Becky just looked ahead, I wanted to see her naked but not here it was too risky at the moment. “Put your clothes back on I will help you with your bra”, I gripped each tit and put it in the cup.

We walk on till the ridge, then down to the wood, I turned to Becky and said “Strip.”

She took her clothes off without battering an eye lid and stood there waiting I put my fingers straight inside her and started to move them in and out she leant against me, I told her to “stand up straight!”

“Sorry sir” she replied and I carried on playing. Beckys juices were flowing and she came quite quickly, I carried on just because I could, as I pushed my fingers in she started to shake a bit whether on the brink of cumming again or because it was cold so I stopped told her to put her clothes on the bottom half only which she quickly did, and we carried on walking towards Upton. After playing with her tits again I told her to put the rest of her clothes back on as we were nearly to the pub which was at one end of the village. I told her that she would remember the walk and the views and what we talked about but nothing else. I said “Becky cotton” and she came out of the trance, just smiled at me and we carried on just like friends with no physical contact, we talked about work, TV and her dogs and then we were at the pub.

After an hour or so I paid the bill and we left it was close to 3pm now and it started to get dark my main concern is that if it rained we would not be able to see the bigger pools of mud in the dark. We were about 100yards from the small wood and the heavens opens and it started to rain very heavy. By the time we got to the wood we were a bit wet on the outside but dryish under our coats. We stood for a while looking to see if might stop anytime soon and I could not resist. “Becky Cotton” I said and she went straight in to florya escort her trance like state.

“Remove all your clothes and put them at the base of the tree” I was working on the fact that nobody else had run to here in the last 5 mins so what the hell. Becky removed her clothes and stood up, Every time I see her naked I just smile her tits are firm and her fanny is tight and I love to play with them both, “get on your hands and knees and crawl around the tree”.

This she did as I stood and watch her crawl. “Do the same again but this time your nipples must drag along the floor and through the mud”. Seeing her with her tits in the mud put her ass up high and I could not resist just tapping it a few times as she went around.

“Suck my cock then put my condom on me” This she did as if she was loving every minute.

“Turn around put your tits in the mud and ask me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me from behind sir Please.”

“Ok” I said after she asked 6 or more times. “Every time I go in you will thank me do you understand.”

“Yes sir” she replied. Now I had already cum several times today with Becky’s’ help so I was able to last longer than normal but it still was really good and each time I went up her from behind she said “Thank you for fucking me sir” which was even more of a turn on.

Becky is not allowed to waste any of my cum so after I had cum I told her to rub the cum into her face as if it was her normal face cream. Time was ticking it was still raining but not as hard so I told her to get dressed but as normal not to put her top half on as I would help her with that. I played with her tits one more time sucking them and pinching them for a min then told her to put her top clothes on. I told her to sit by the tree and sleep and when she woke up she would not remember what had happened when after we got to the wood.

This is what happened. I said to her “Becky cotton”.

She slept for 1 min woke up and her first question was “Shall we start back now as it’s eased off a bit?”

“Sure ok” I said and we started down the track which because of the rain had become very muddy and we both nearly fell over several times. We nearly made it to the bottom when Becky slipped and grabbed my arm for support, which pulled me off balance and we both ended up on our asses going down the last few feet of the track before coming to a stop just before a big puddle which would not have been fun.

Becky was not impressed but when I told her that “I was fine till you grabbed me” she laughed a bit. We both walked the rest of the way with mud on us, I wanted to put Becky in the shower when we got back, but after what we had done I thought better of it.

When we got back to the house her phone went saying her boyfriend would pick her up in 45 mins. I told her “she could have a shower if she wanted.”

She said “no thanks I’ll have one when I get home.” She went up to the spare room to change out of her muddy clothes and as she was at the top of the stairs I could not resist.

“Becky cotton” she went in to her trance state.

I told her to “go in to the spare room and remove all your clothes” this she did and I carried out another inspection putting my fingers in her one last time and then making her lick them dry just to make sure.

I told her “to put her clean clothes on but leave her tits free”. This she did and I could not help just playing with them for a min or so. “Remove those clothes” I told her and she quickly took them off again. When I say “Becky cotton you will shut your eyes for 30 seconds then wake up and carry on getting dressed” I waited till the door was shut and said “Becky cotton” and I went down stairs to make a cup of tea for us both. After 10 mins or so her boyfriend turned up and asked “why she was in different clothes”, and why was I so muddy Becky told him and he laughed as well and said he wished he’d been there. I on the other hand was glad he wasn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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