I Call On Jenny

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Jenny is a really beautiful young woman who immigrated here from China a few years ago. She was born in China and her native language is Mandarin, and sometimes she has some problems with English, especially idiomatic English.

Because Jenny is so sweet and charming and beautiful, I have no real problem understanding her. I listen closely, and am patient so we are able to communicate with each other. When I quote her here, I will not be quoting her actual words, which are sometimes mispronounced and somewhat jumbled, but the sense of those words.

The last time I called on Jenny, which was quite recently, I was expected, and when she opened the door, she was wearing a short kimono that showed off her beautiful legs. We were very glad to see each other and there was a lot of hugging and kissing. When we separated, Jenny said, “I’m sure glad to see you again, George. I have been really horny for the last few days and you are a lot better than a vibrator or a dildo.” In China, Jenny was raised primly, so she discovered the joy of cumming relatively recently, and has embraced it enthusiastically, either with a toy or a cock, or a tongue, and made up for lost time. Jenny is especially enthusiastic about tongues.

Having me eat her pussy is one of her favorite sex acts, and she always cums at least twice, and usually three of four times from having her pussy eaten.

In the living room of her apartment, Jenny has a large sofa with some throw pillows, and she prefers making love on this sofa. While she stood in front of it, I slipped my arms under her kimono, feeling her soft, bare skin because she was naked under the short garment. “Not so fast”, she told me, and unbuttoned my shirt. While I was shucking off my shirt, Jenny unfastened my belt and pants and pulled them down. She untied my shoelaces and I raised one foot so she could remove the shoe and my sock and pull the pants leg over my foot. Then she did the same with the other foot and last, she pulled my underwear down, gently fondling and kissing my stiff cock as she did. When I stepped out of my underwear, Jenny said “Now we are even”, and slipped out of her kimono and let fall on the sofa behind her.

Jenny’s face, with its dark, almond shaped eyes and perfect pale skin, is really beautiful, as everything about her is beautiful. She is just over five feet tall and slender, with long black hair. Her breasts are large, firm and perfectly formed with adorable cherry-pink nipples, and her ass is a curvaceous delight to see and to caress. Jenny’s skin is a lovely, pale yellow-brown, soft and silky-smooth with no body hair. Running my eyes, my hands or my mouth over her lovely body is truly a delight, and Jenny delights in my doing it.

Especially, Jenny delights in having me run my mouth over her body and she sat on the sofa and leaned back to give me full access, to kiss and lick and suck her lovely and naked body. Equally naked, I knelt in front of her and started making love to her with my mouth. The first place I licked was one of her precious nipples, cupping one hand under either of her perfect titties and licking with short strokes of my tongue. Smiling, Jenny leaned back against the sofa, enjoying what I was doing, and when it was time to lick the other nipple, she presented that one to me. I licked the second one, again with short thrusts, using the tip of my tongue, then with broad strokes, painting the nipple with my entire tongue. Back and forth my mouth went between these two delightful and erect cuties, pleasuring both Jenny and myself.

After licking her, I took one of Jenny’s luscious globes into my mouth and sucked on it while my lips formed a seal and my tongue caressed her nipple inside my mouth. For several minutes I sucked on the lovely globe and licked Jenny’s adorable nipple, and then I moved my attentions to sucking and licking its beautiful twin. She revelled in what I was doing, writhing against the back of the sofa and purring happily as she enjoyed my attentions. Back and forth, I switched between the forgeous twins until I could smell the delectable aroma of Jenny’s pussy lubricating, and I knew it was time to move downward.

The channel between Jenny’s succulent breasts was the next place for my tongue, with one of the marvelous twins rubbing on either side of my face.

Slowly, for our mutual pleasure I licked and kissed my way down Jenny’s soft, smooth body, stopping to insert my tongue into her navel. She giggled because it tickled her, and urged me to go down lower to where we both wanted my mouth to be. What little pubic hair Jenny has is soft and downy, and I licked and nuzzled my way through it, enjoying the texture on my tongue, all the way to her mons, where I stopped. Jenny knew where I would be licking next so she scooted forward on the sofa until her ass was right on the edge, and slung her legs over my shoulders so her pussy was fully presented to me. Then she reached her hands underneath her ass and spread her lovely cheeks for Bostancı Grup Escort me. Saliva made a good lubricant and I slid the middle right finger into her adorable ass and slowly fucked it in and out while I reached my left arm around her thigh and prepared to eat Jenny’s beautiful pussy.

Her pussy was already humping toward my face while her legs rested on my shoulders. The first thing I did was to breathe deeply the incredible fragrance of Jenny’s fresh pussy juices, enjoying them immensely. After that, I admired her pussy, naturally bare and her outer lips a soft ivory in color, then fading to pink in her inner lips, then the inflamed pink of her delightful love hole, now dripping with her fresh juices. I licked the juices out of her pussy and they tasted even better than they smelled or looked. After licking up all the juices that were available, I started licking the outside of one of Jenny’s outer pussy lips. Although this part of her pussy is less sensitive than others, Jenny likes me to lick her all over her pussy, and I like it too, Besides that, there is a special feel of her soft, sparse pubic hair on my tongue that I find to be very pleasant.

After licking all the way to her mons, I brought my tongue back below her fragrant love hole and started to lick the other outer pussy lip. Once again, I licked all the way to Jenny’s mons, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin and her soft pubic hair. Then I moved my tongue to the inner surface of her first outer lip.

The inside surface is much more sensitive and, as I started to lick her there, Jenny’s purring got louder, both from my finger pumping in and out of her ass and from my mouth on her pussy. Slowly, I moved my tongue over the surface and when I reached the point where the inner and outer pussy lips are close together, I probed my tongue into the seam and gently licked all the available area of both lips, taking my time, and licking everything over and over. As I slowly proceded toward her clit, Jenny’s pussy fucked stronger into my face and produced more of its fragrant juice. When I reached the point where her inner lip ends by joining the other inner lip to form the clit hood, I continued on to the end of the outer lip. Both Jenny and I really love it when I eat her pussy, and the best part for both of us is when she cums, but the eating is so pleasurable that we both like to have it continue for a long time. Judging from the thrusts of her pussy into my face, the volume of juices dripping from her pussy and the fact that her pleasurable purring was turning to moans, I decided to stay away from her clit and clit hood until later.

Before I started licking the inner surface of Jenny’s other outer pussy lip, I feasted on the delicious juices that had been produced, running my tongue into her lovely pink hole to get them all. For variety, I started twisting my finger in Jenny’s beautiful ass. “Mmmmmm”, she murmurred. “That feels really good. Keep doing that.”

I did continue doing that with my middle finger as I fucked it in and out of her tight ass. I also continued eating her lovely pussy, licking her other outer pussy lip the same as I had the first. This time, after repeatedly licking every surface of her pussy lips all the way to her mons, when I brought my tongue back, I gently caressed the top of her clit hood, indirectly stimulating her adorable clit. Jenny’s purring changed completely to moans and she started fucking her pussy into my face even harder, while producing an even heavier flow of fragrant juices. I wanted to prolong the pussy-eating so I didn’t directly lick or suck her clit, and I didn’t spend much time on her clit hood before moving my tongue back to Jenny’s wet love hole.

After sucking out all the fresh juices, I inserted my tongue as far as it would go, and when I pulled it back out, I dragged it against the top of Jenny’s delectable love hole, indirectly stimulating her precious clit from a different angle, and enjoying the results. She was getting closer to being ready to cum but she still had a way to go. The next place I probed my tongue was at the bottom edge of Jenny’s pink love hole but to do that, I had to almost remove my finger from her ass, leaving it in only to the first knuckle so I could get my chin snugly against her soft pubic skin. When I finished pressing my tongue into that part of her pussy, I started probing the sides of her love hole, and when I did that, I put my index finger tightly against my middle finger and started pushing both fingers slowly into Jenny’s adorable ass.

When she felt the two fingers start to spread her ass open, Jenny squealed with joy, then she reached around her ass to spread her cheeks again.

“Oooo, George, that feels wonderful”, she murmurred. “Put your fingers all the way into my ass.” I did just that, driving my fingers into Jenny’s ass all the way to the knuckles, then slowly stroking them in and out while she fucked her ass back to meet them, while slamming Bostancı Manken Escort her pussy up into the mouth that was pleasuring her there. As I started probing my tongue into the inner surface of Jenny’s inner pussy lips, I noted her thighs rotating out, presenting her pussy even more fully to my mouth, and I knew she was almost ready to cum.

While continuing to fuck Jenny’s ass with my fingers, I slowly licked my way up her inner pussy lips, moving my tongue back and forth across her wet love hole to lick both lips. Her moans had now changed to whimpers, and Jenny was thrashing about on the back cushions of the sofa while begging me to suck her clit so she could cum. She was jamming her pussy into my face, while lubricating so heavily that the juices were running out onto my hand.

When my tongue reached the small area just under her lovely clit, I first probed her there, then curled my tongue under her clit hood to caress her precious and engorged love button. After a few strokes of my tongue, I knew the time had arrived so I sucked her charming button into my mouth, forming a seal with my lips, and sucked gently, while massaging the sides and top of Jenny’s adorable clit with my tongue.

I continued sucking Jenny’s clit while massaging it with my tongue for several minutes until she cried out ecstatically “Oh, yes! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Her pussy, which had been fucking strongly into my mouth, now seemed to be trying to wrap itself around my face. Jenny’s legs squeezed my temples and her hands pressed against the back of my head, mashing my face into her pussy, whch was exactly where it wanted to be.

While Jenny was cumming, I kept my mouth clamped around her clit, continuing to suck and lick, and I could feel her fresh juices gushing against my chin. My fingers were still wedged in her ass but her muscles were contracted so tightly that I could no longer move them in or out.

When Jenny climaxed, she dug her heels into me and arched her back, jamming her pussy even harder into my face, then she relaxed back on the sofa, releasing my head from her hands and legs. Although I couldn’t see her face, I knew there was a big smile on it because Jenny really loves to cum from having me eat her pussy. When I was sure she had finished cumming, I devoured all the delicious fresh cum juices, then I looked up at her face.

As expected, she was smiling. Then she said “That was wonderful, George. I really love it when you eat my pussy like that. I hope you can do it some more.”

“Well, Jenny, your pussy is so hot and sweet, I really love eating it, and I want to eat it some more. A lot more.”

“Well then, lie down here and let’s see what we can do”

I lay on my back with my head on a pillow. Jenny knelt between my legs and leaned forward to lick my balls, pushing my cock out of the way to get her clever tongue on the base of my scrotum. She licked the bottom of my ball sack, gently sucking each of my testicles separately into her beautiful mouth, holding them with her lips and caressing them with her tongue. After thoroughly licking my balls, she got her tongue busy on the shaft of my cock, first licking the bottom, then both sides, then the bottom again.

After she reached my cock head again, she took it gently in her lips and licked the head briefly. Jenny smiled at me, with my cock in front of her face, then slowly took my whole cock between her lips, enveloping the entire shaft and licking it while she enveloped it. Slowly, she stroked my cock with her mouth, caressing the shaft with her tongue, and then she took it out of her mouth again.

Jenny really likes to lick my balls and cock and she enjoys the feel of my cock in her mouth, but she thinks of it as foreplay. What she likes more than anything, even more than having her pussy eaten, is getting my cock deep in her pussy and rubbing against it with her clit until she cums, and she was saving my cock for later. What she was intending just then, and I was fully aware of it, was to sit on my face and have me eat her pussy from that angle. Basically, she was going up on me.

After she took my cock out of her mouth, Jenny crept up my body, licking my belly, including my navel, and my nipples, which are sensitive, but nothing like Jenny’s. Up my body she moved, and when her lovely titties were at my mouth, she stopped and held them for me to lick and suck. Jenny stayed there quite a while, while my tongue laved her nipples, and my lips sucked on her luscous globes, but what both of us really wanted was to have her pussy, dripping wet by now, plastered against my face. When Jenny was ready, she moved on, until she reached her goal. She stopped then, with her beautiful legs straddling my face and her hands on the arm of the sofa to support her upper body. I wrapped my arms around Jenny and spread her gorgeous ass cheeks and fondled her rosebud but I did not insert my finger because I would have been able to get it in Bostancı Masöz Escort only to the first knuckle.

After again enjoying the aroma of Jenny’s beautiful pussy, I enjoyed the taste, sucking out all the delicious juices she had been producing, then I started probing the lower edge of her pink love hole. “Oooo”, Jenny murmurred. “That feels really good. Put your tongue all the way in me”, and she spread her legs to allow me easier access. Since that is one of the many things I really love to do with my tongue in a pussy, I slid my tongue into Jenny’s wet love hole as far as it would go, and relished the taste and texture. She purred happily and started fucking her pussy down on my tongue.

My tongue is not as long or as stiff as my cock and after a few strokes it slipped out of the sweet place it had found, and I started licking at the bottom of the inner surface of one of her outer lips. “Oooo, that’s good too. Lick me there”, was Jenny’s urgent request, and I was more than happy to comply. As I licked the outer lip and then probed between her inner and outer lips on that side, Jenny’s pussy fucked down into my face and her fragrant juices dribbled out onto my lips and chin. Jenny knows what she likes and she was really loving, not just liking what my mouth was doing for her pussy, and she was not shy about telling me.

I was really loving what her pussy was doing for my mouth too, and when I finished licking the first inner and outer pussy lips, all the way to Jenny’s mons and back again, I turned my attentions to the other pair.

After sucking the delicious fresh juices from Jenny’s pussy, I started licking at the bottom of her outer lip and my tongue moved slowly upward, covering all the inner surface.

Once again, I probed into the seam between the two lips, covering all the area of both, all the way to the end of the outer lip. This time, when I brought my tongue back, I caressed her clit hood and Jenny, in between pleasurable moans and squeals, urged me to continue. “Oh, George, that’s wonderful.! Oh! Lick my clit! Lick my clit!.” Although I hadn’t actually started licking her clit yet, I didn’t correct her, because it was more fun to do what she said, and curl my tongue under the clit hood to gently massage her adorable love button with my tongue. Once I started that, Jenny’s pussy fucked even harder down into my face, and her pussy juices trickled steadily onto my lips and around my chin and onto my neck. Like always, I wanted to take my time about eating Jenny’s pussy, and bring her slowly to her climax.

One disadvantage of having Jenny sit on my face like this is that much of the juices from her pussy that I love to eat, drip away and go to waste but I devoured what I could, savoring every drop, and then I started inserting my tongue under her inner pussy lips. Jenny is very sensitive there and after just a minute of licking her, she was jamming her pussy even harder into my face and her purring had changed entirely to pleasurable moans. My lower lip was under her wet love hole while my tongue moved back and forth from one inner lip to the other so the juices that were flowing steadily from Jenny’s pussy flowed into my mouth and were not wasted.

As I moved my tongue from one inner lip to the other, I gently probed the side edges of Jenny’s pink love hole, where she is sensitive, but when I reached the top edge my tongue started indirectly stimulating her clit.

This brought more of the delicious juices and her moans started to turn to whimpers, while her pussy began fucking into my face with more of a rocking motion. I knew Jenny was close to cumming, and she wanted to cum. “Oh, George, lick my clit. Suck my clit. I wanna cum. Wanna cum”, was her plea. I knew she was ready to cum when her legs flexed so her pussy was jamming even more directly into my face. After licking up from her love hole, my tongue was once again under Jenny’s clit hood, gently massaging her sweetest of sweet spots. After caressing her there only briefly, I clamped my lips around her precious clit, and started to suck, while my tongue caressed the sides and top of the darling little love button. I could feel juices gushing from Jenny’s pussy onto my chin and down around my neck and I regretted the waste of so much nectar but I kept my lips where they were.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking, I heard Jenny sing out “I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! Oh, suck my clit.” That last request was unnecessary because my hands on her ass held her tightly against me, while her legs oscillated against the my temples and cheeks and her pussy continued mashing down, seemingly trying to wrap itself around my face. Jenny’s hands no longer supported her, and her upper body thrashed against my face and the back and arm of the sofa, as she continued cumming. Everything about eating a pussy is good, especially when the pussy is as lovely as Jenny’s, but the best part is when she cums, feeling her let go and reach ecstasy. For as long as Jenny continued cumming, I kept sucking and licking her clit, regretting the waste of the cum juices that were pouring out of her pussy onto my face. They weren’t completely wasted because I was able to enjoy their delightful fragrance even though I would not be able to enjoy the delicious taste of most of them.

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