I Help My Aunt Move to Her New House Ch. 02

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I awoke Saturday morning forgetting for a moment what had transpired between my aunt and I the night before. However, as if on cue, a warm slurping sound came up from between my legs. I was still half asleep when I looked down to see my beautiful aunt devouring my morning woody. Out of ritual, I raised my arms over my head and began to do a full body stretch. It felt completely natural when she took this as an opportunity to swallow another inch of rigid cock. I lowered my hands onto her golden brown hair and pushed her down even more. After a couple of seconds, I relaxed and she then exhaled three quarters of my cock.

When she looked up I could see that her eyes were watery, a testament of how much of my cock she had handle.

“Good morning baby…” she said, a little hazy from having just awoken as well.

“Good morning aunt,” I replied, as she moved her hand up and down my now, fully awakened 7inch cock.

“Maybe we should take a bath before we get to work. What do you think?” Right after she had finished saying this she licked the tip of my cock.

I couldn’t help but stare in wonder at how hot my aunt was at this moment. She had traded the thin shirt she had worn the night before, for a white button up blouse. It was clear however, that her ample tits were still free and luscious inside, no braw to strap them down. Her bust was forcing the buttons to do more work than they were designed for. This in turn created nice peek holes down the center of the blouse, effectively displaying the naked contours of each beautiful tit.

The night before we had seen each other’s bodies under the yellow light of her room, today however, the sun shot through the open blinds, effectively making my aunt glow in splendor.

“Yeah that would be a good idea,” I finally stammered.

“Alright then, let’s go…” she said cheerfully.

“You want to bathe together?” I said stupidly not really thinking.

“You want to take one alone?” She said a little hurt.

“No, not really… I just wasn’t sure that’s what you meant.” I finally managed to say.

“Well then baby… let’s get going, we have to move all this mess today.” She was referring to the random things that were still in her room.

With that said, my aunt jumped off the mattress, my cock still throbbing şişli escort from her touch. Sometime, while I was asleep she must have gotten a pair of panties on. They were plain white without much flair. I’ll be the first to tell you that they didn’t need any. They were in fact, the most beautiful panties I had ever seen. They snuggly fit my aunt and her lovely curvaceous ass. They seemed to be in love with her as much as I was, for they slipped between her ass cheeks giving her a nice little wedgy which I very much enjoyed.

I got up as quickly as possible with my rigid cock bobbing up and down. I found my aunt waiting for me at the entrance of her room with her hand reaching behind her. I went to grab her hand but was confused when she swatted my arm away. She then reached further back, blindly searching for something… but what? Finally, her fingers brushed the side of my solid hard on. With that I realized what she wanted. I gladly rested my burning rod into her cool hand. With cock in hand, she headed down the hallway towards the bathroom. It was kind of awkward being led this way but I couldn’t complain. Who would right?

She finally released me when we arrived to the bathroom. She didn’t waste anytime. She quickly turned to face me and unbuttoned her blouse, each button showing more of her tits until finally they spilled out of their confines. I couldn’t help but to take a hold of one of her tits and begin sucking on it vigorously like a hungry child. She ran her fingers through my hair and I suckled on her nipple even more. I was about to switch to her left tit when she said,

“Baby, baby, let me turn the water on first.”

I belligerently buried my face into tits before I reluctantly let her turn around to turn the water on. I was riveted at the sight of my aunt bending over as she turned the knobs. Her legs were still smooth even at her age and her hair fell over her shoulders without a care in the world. Her tits too, dangled over the bathtub as she felt the temperature of the water. After a couple of seconds of testing the water she said calmly,

“It’s ready.”

She slowly began to pull her panties down. It was clear she was putting on a show for her favorite nephew. I was only 3 feet away from her when the first part of her pussy came into view. It wasn’t beşiktaş escort wet… yet. The panties where almost at her knees, when I finally snapped out of my trance and advanced towards the older female before me. I let the mushroom of my cock caress her pussy. She knew I was behind her yet she was still pleasantly startled as she felt the thick cock behind her.

The sound of the water kept droning on, as my aunt put both her hands on the side of the bathtub. She put her legs together allowing her panties to finally fall to the floor. I scampered to grab her hips and pushed my cock between her closed legs. I wasn’t inside her pussy but I could feel the heat as I thrusted my cock all the way in between her legs. From the other side, my aunt had begun rubbing the tip of my cock as it broke out on her side. On one of these thrust I got over zealous and pushed a little too hard, my aunt slipped and fell halfway into the bathtub… she wasn’t hurt but quickly said,

“Let’s climb in baby… we can still do it in there.”

I jumped in, right behind her, letting my dick rest dead center on the small of her back. The water covered most of my cock but the tip was still exposed. On the other side my aunt’s tits were right above the water but not by a lot. I reached around and squeezed both tits together. As I played with her tits she turned off the water. I was amused to find my aunt lathering her arms with soap.

“Oh, that’s right; we’re here to take a bath…” I said jokingly.

“That’s right mister, hurry it up we have to get everything out of the house today.” She said seriously.

For a second I thought she was really serious about washing up but then she did something I truly did not expect. She put both hands on either side of the bathtub and raised herself out of the water. Soap suds covered her wet skin. Her soap covered ass had water streaming down it. My cock ached at the sight of the splendid ass that started to make its way towards me. I took a hold of my shaft and held him skyward as the wet pussy began to engulf him. Unlike the night before, my cock easily penetrated my aunt’s wet, soapy pussy.

Once she had put her entire weight on my cock I proceeded to grab her from the hips. I wanted to assist her on her movements as she began to rise and fall, taksim escort up and down on my raging hard on. Once she felt the support of my hands she moved her hands from the sides of the bathtub on to her breasts and began fondling them as I continued to fuck her upwards at ease.

She squeezed her tits hard against her body… making the sides of her breasts visible from behind. The water splashed between us every time I fully impaled my aunt’s pussy. After a while water spilled on to the floor leaving a fine mess of what was supposed to be a cleanup operation. It would have been hard to tell when my aunt climaxed, given the fact we were covered in water, had it not been for the sudden spasm and shivers that took over her body as I punished what had only yesterday, been an abandoned, lonely, pussy.

While she was still cumming, I lifted her up, my cock still inside her. She flailed around for only a second as I thrusted my cock deep into her uterus.

With one last thrust I felt the beginning of my ejaculation.

“I’m cumming,” I cried out

“Wait baby!!! Don’t cum yet. Put me down I want to taste it,” she yelled.

I Immediately set her back down, my cock twitching and about to explode. I looked down at my aunt as she begged my cock to cum. She only had to jerk on my shaft twice before the first stream shot into her face, partially covering one of her eyes. Unimpeded and like a hungry tigress, she lunged onto the geyser that was my cock, swallowing every burst of semen that shot from deep within my balls. The night before I had pumped a full load into her pussy but today she wanted to taste my seed. She squeezed my ass and swallowed for a long time until finally my cock stopped the tireless stream. She however seemed to have enjoyed the taste far too much. She was still on her knees gently sucking on my cock even as it lost the battle against her hunger. She was draining every last drop from me. She was no longer moving her mouth back and forth on my cock. Instead, she held her mouth in place and sucked only with her tongue and the muscles in her mouth. She was truly milking what I had left and I was lost in pleasure.

“So much for washing up,” I told her tenderly.

“We really have to get a move on darling,” she finally said having taken my exhausted cock out of her mouth.

She turned the water back on and washed us both off. Occasionally she would daintily, rub my cock and balls as she washed the soap off.

Finally we were all clean and now the real work could begin, moving to her new house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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