I Just Wanted to Be Fucked Pt. 03

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This is a unique story about a husband and wife, written from two perspectives under two different titles. This one is about the woman who thought her sex life became ordinary and scripted to the point of boredom. Its companion story is titled “I Just Wanted to Fuck”. I suggest you read them both chapter for chapter and gain some insight into why people who love each other end up cheating. Like I said it is Unique, and I hope you enjoy hearing both sides.

I Just Wanted to be Fucked

Chapter Three

Sir teaches me new rules and how to serve

My new master had me on my knees in front of him, and just informed me that he would be spending the day teaching me, no I think training me, to be a proper whore. I didn’t go looking for this type of relationship, really all I wanted to do was find someone to fuck me with abandon, but I wasn’t objecting to his commands either. He told me that up until now, I had just been getting fucked and now I was going to be taught new talents. I was scared but intrigued and excited all at the same time. I didn’t have time to ponder what was to come today, as he wasted no time starting my training.

“First you must learn how to present yourself as a true whore, offering your entire body to your master. Put your heels together and keep them there, then spread your knees as far apart as you can. Good, now sit your ass cheeks down on your heels and I’ll show you what to do with your hands and the rest of your body.”

“Like this sir?”

“You don’t speak or look up when you are in your submissive position. Do you understand that?”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir.”

“Now, your hands go one of two places. The first pose is the back of your wrists on the top of your thighs with your hands open and palms up. The second is you put your forearms in the small of your back. Either one is acceptable unless your master tells you he has a preference. If nothing is instructed, you use the first pose until you’re told different.”

“Yes sir.”

“Did I ask you to speak or reply? If not, you remain silent.”

I didn’t speak this time, waiting for him to tell me what he wanted me to do next.

“Very good, now in your mind, draw a line from the top of one knee to the top of the other. Pick a spot equally between them and fix your gaze in that spot until your spoken to.”

I took the position he instructed me to and oddly enough I felt at ease. There was some type of comfort in turning complete control over to this man, there was no guessing, there was no worrying about if I was doing or saying the right thing. I knew exactly what he expected from me, and I didn’t have to play that game most men and women do. This was simple, concise, and all I had to do was submit to his instructions and wants. Surely over time I would learn all the rules and be his perfect partner, I should I say, whore.

Then he did something that surprised me, something he had not done since we started this journey, he showed me his loving side. He walked up to me, gently stroked my hair, and removed it from my face, carefully laying over my shoulders. Then he petted my head in a loving manner and kissed me on top of my head.

“Very good my sweet whore, you’re doing wonderfully. I know today is going to be difficult for you, probably the most difficult day we will have together, but it will be well worth it. Once you learn what I need to teach you, your life will be easy and enjoyable. How do you feel so far, my dear slut?”

“I feel good but I’m full of anticipation and trepidation sir. Although I feel safe with you, I have some fears running through my brain. I don’t want to disappoint you, and I’m a bit scared I will screw up and you’ll have to punish me.”

“Fear is normal and part of your training my sweet, but so is punishment so be careful in what you do and say. Don’t take the initiative when you’re not sure, just wait for my instructions. If you don’t understand something you can give me a confused look, or simply say “SIR” in a questioning manner and I will address any confusions you might have. Just remember, it is not worth my time and effort to end up with you untrained, we are both going to put forth the time and effort to get you to a place where you don’t need my constant instruction, you will instinctively know what to do in any situation. Is there anything else before we proceed?”

“No sir and Thank you sir for listening.”

“Believe it or not that is my job here, to listen to you so that you can be trained properly.”

I can’t describe what I was feeling deep inside, on one hand he was being loving and caring and on the other he told me this would be the hardest day we spent together. I was so filled with anticipation and the jitters, and I couldn’t make my mind come to a decision about anything. If you asked me what I wanted for lunch I wouldn’t have been able to tell you, that’s how bad my mind was in a twist. The only thing I could decide was just to do as he instructed and see where this goes and where it ends up.

“Now, first we’re going to start with your oral skills and training there. They call Didim Escort it sucking cock for a reason, they don’t call it bobbing your head on cock. Also, you have to be skilled at a man forcing himself down your throat, which is an area you need some improvement in. So, I’m going to teach you both techniques so you can practice on dildo’s or bananas to become proficient at both.”

He took out a short length of soft rope and tied my hands behind my back insuring that anything I did was with my mouth only.

“Now listen carefully and follow my directions to the letter, and if you don’t understand something ask me about it. First before I put my cock in your mouth, I want you to get as much saliva in your mouth as you can. As I enter you want to wash my cock with your spit and get it as coated as you can, and do this on the stroke going in. When I’m all the way in your mouth you suck and create as much as a suction as you can with your tongue beneath my cock. Then As I pull out, you are to wipe your tongue against the underside paying special attention to the head. This will give me maximum pleasure and still preserve the saliva in your mouth for the next stroke. When you feel me getting ready to cum, you suck like you’re trying to get a thick milkshake through a small straw and rub the head of my cock with your tongue. You should be able to suck the cum out of me instead of me shooting it in your mouth. Do you fully understand what I have explained to you?”

“Yes sir, but I have one question. When you cum, if I choke or gag sucking that hard, I won’t be able to get what’s in my throat out.”

“That’s right my sweet, if you don’t swallow, you will choke and gag and it won’t be pleasant for either of us, so make sure you don’t. Now get to work and see how well you can do what I just described.”

From what he was telling me, I was a bit frightened, it sounded like once he was Cumming, he wasn’t going to afford me the opportunity to choke or even breath. I had to time my breathing and gag reflex and make sure I didn’t mess this up, or another punishment could be in store for me. I saw him getting ready so I gathered all the spit I could in anticipation of receiving his cock. At first it was a little difficult to perform exactly as he instructed, but he was going slow, and I picked up a rhythm to his strokes in and out and seemed to be doing well.

“Very good my slut, now you’re making love to my cock with your mouth, next we’ll try it with you unbound.”

He backed away and untied my hands, then brought a dining room chair and set it in front of me and sat down, spreading his legs with his cock standing straight up in the air.

“Now, start again and be aware of your hands. You can put them on my thighs, or around my waist, you can fondle my balls and even massage my asshole. Your own drool will run down there to help you with the last one, so get started.”

I mounted his cock with my mouth and began giving him the most loving blow job I had ever given anyone, slowly going up and down on his shaft, lubricating and sucking in it as he instructed.

“Go further down all the way to my pelvic bone when you take it in your mouth.”

Each time I went down the shaft, I went a little further and could feel him hitting the back of my throat, but remembering what he had told me, I controlled my gag reflex and got almost all of it in my mouth. Then I felt his hands on the back of my head and when I went down again, he pushed my head against him causing his cock to enter the back of my throat. Scared and almost choking, I tried to pull up, but he held me there and spoke to me.

“If you don’t figure out when you should breathe, you’re going to end up choking to death. Now come up, breath, and go all the way back down.”

He released my head and I moved off his cock, gagging and trying to catch my breath when he pushed my head back down. I took a hurried breath and took him all the way into my throat, but this time was not so violent when he held me there. We repeated this action over and over and in a matter of minutes I had the technique down and I was taking him fully without him pushing me there and holding still when I reached the bottom with his cock in my throat, then released and started again.

“Now you’re sucking like a true whore, keep practicing and make it your specialty. I want you so used to and good at sucking my cock that I brag to my friends about your talents. Now we’re going to train you in getting your throat fucked.”

Without any instruction he got up and went to my bedroom, returning with four robe ties (belts). He placed the chair behind me with the spindles closet to me and the legs trapping my heels to the floor. He then tied my forehead to the spindles of the chair, and then my neck and chin with the robe ties. He used the last to tie my hands next to my ears, leaving me totally immobile and unable to resist anything he did.

“Are you ready my pet?”

“Yes sir, feed me your cock but please don’t hurt me.”

“The only pain you will endure is pain you cause yourself. Remember what I said Didim Escort Bayan about learning when to breathe and you’ll be just fine, now relax your throat and I’ll do all the work.”

This time I was not making love to his cock, he was going to force it in my mouth and down my throat. That thought caused me to tense up and my throat to contract, and master saw this.

“Relax my slut or you’re going to choke to death or pass out. Either won’t stop me from finishing so get your head right and prepare for this.”

Well, if I didn’t understand fully before, I did now. He was going to fuck my face even if I choked to death on his cock, and he was going to finish and pump my stomach full. I had no time to think of plan, so I just relaxed my throat as I had done earlier and gazed up into his eyes with a look of desperation. He started entering my mouth slowly, but then pushed hard to lodge his cock in my throat, giving me just two choices. I could swallow and take him all or I could gag and end up loosing all the air I had in my lungs. I swallowed him and felt his cock start to go down my throat and it seemed like forever before he pulled out and I exhaled and took another breath. The second time there was no hesitation in his movement, he just forced his cock to the rear of my mouth, and I gulped to give him entry again. He increased his pace, and I took my breathes quicker as he fucked my throat without showing any care for my situation. After a few minutes I couldn’t seal my lips on his shaft anymore, so I just opened my mouth and let him do his will. By this time, he was brutally forcing himself down my throat to the point I was no longer gulping him down. He had grabbed the spindles on the cabin for leverage and he used all his strength to fuck as hard as he could. I was finding it difficult to catch a breath every time so I just did when I could, my eyes welling up with tears, drool running down my chin onto my tits, and his balls slapping my chin in each thrust. I was wondering if I could survive this kind of assault when he rammed his cock in as far as it would go, feeling him twitch inside my throat and he pumped his entire load straight down my gullet. He held in place still throbbing and I was needing a breath when he finally pulled out and gave me that chance.

“Now whore, suck my cock clean.”

I dutifully cleaned him off, being gratified that I made it through his forced fucking of my throat. When he was clean, he untied me and sent me to clean up and I felt weak in the knees as I tried to walk. As I cleaned myself up, I calmed myself and started to wonder what else I would endure today as part of my training. He walked in behind me as I leaned on the vanity and gave me a cold sports drink, telling me I would have to keep my vitamins and electrolytes up to make it through the day.

I drank my sports drink, cleaned up completely, and came out to the living room to find him sitting on the couch, patting the spot beside him. I went over and sat beside him and sat straight on the sofa with my hands on my knees and like a lady close to the edge of the cushion. He immediately showed displeasure in my posture and removed my hands, pushed my knees apart and gave me instructions.

‘When you sit with me, you will either sit back on the couch, or curl up beside me. You must never put your knees together, keeping them open a minimum of 8-inches and don’t put your hands on you lap to cover yourself. Now curl up here next to me and start fondling my cock, as you either use you hands or your mouth when we’re sitting like this.”

“Yes sir.”

I sat with one leg bent with the side of the knee on the couch and the other leg bent with my foot on the cushion and my knee straight up. He reached down between my legs and started gently playing with my clit when he spoke again.

“You will always be open to me, you will not dress in a manner that it would take you more than 15 seconds to strip naked, your body is mine to use, and you will make access easy for me.

“Do you understand slut?”

“Yes sir, I understand”

“You’re going to be a great whore for me, but this will go easier for you if you start thinking like you’re a whore rather then a wife or a lady.”

“But I am a wife, please tell me you haven’t forgotten about Brian?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten about him at all, it’s just that right now I know more about your situation than you do, and I care very little about him or what he may think.”

“Excuse me for saying sir, but I don’t have that luxury to not care about what he thinks. And what do you know what I do not?”

“Relax my slut, you will know all that I know soon enough, but for right now you are not to concern yourself with him or anything about him. You are mine and I will protect and shelter you from any problems that might arise.”

I was silent in thought after he said I will soon know what he does, and that he would protect me from any problems. What problems was he referring to? How could he know more about Brian and I than I did? And how was I supposed to not concern myself with Escort Didim what Brian might say or do if he found out what I was doing?”

“Hello Whore, what are you thinking about?”

“Oh, Nothing sir.”

“STOP: You don’t get to not answer me when I ask you a question, got that?”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir. I was just worrying about what you know that I don’t.”

“Listen to me and listen well: I will do any worrying that needs to be done, and you will do exactly as you are told. Make sure you don’t make this mistake again.”

“Yes sir, again I apologize, but this is just a lot to process in such a short time.”

“Make it easy on yourself. You are a slut; you are my personal whore, and you only need to concern yourself with learning your place and the skills I am teaching you. Nothing but sex and how to please me should occupy your thinking from now on. Answer me that you understand what I’m telling you.”

“Yes sir, I understand what you’re saying.”

The entire time we were talking I was gently fondling his cock and he was very simply massaging my clitoris. It felt amazing, not like building to an orgasm, but so nice and pleasant as he toyed with my nub, almost like a lover might do when not trying to build up to fucking. I hadn’t ever experienced that feeling, as every time Brian touched me there it was all about fucking me. This was just touching and massaging for the sake of touching, and it only worked to confuse me even more. If I am just a slut, just a whore, why would he do these simple loving things to me and why would he care if he made me feel good? And do whores enjoy themselves when being touched, or do they just sit or lay there and let the man do whatever he wants? I was so confused and had so many questions, and now he tells me I am not to concern myself with anything other than what he tells me to.

“Listen carefully and do exactly what I ask you to do. First, I want you to go get the shortest most revealing dress that you own. Then choose a set of heels to go with it, and anything else you might want to wear, keeping in mind that you need to be naked and ready in 15 seconds should I ask. Lay them all out on the bed, do your makeup and hair, no whore makeup, then bring me your plug, tail, and the bottle of lube I left here last time.”

“Yes sir, should I jump in the shower to clean myself?”

“If you can do it quickly, then yes.”

“Yes sir, I won’t be long I promise.”

I rushed to get up when he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to him and gave me a loving passionate kiss on the lips. I was so taken back by it that I put my arms around him and kissed him back, enjoying every minute of it. It started to dawn on me that by separating sex acts from loving ones, and controlling when I felt loved, I was appreciating those moment more than I ever had. I knew in my heart that when he was being sensual with me, that it wasn’t for the purpose of sex, as he would just take sex whenever he wanted it. After we broke our embrace, he slapped me on my ass in a playful manner.

“Now go set out your outfit and get yourself cleaned up my slut.”

I hurried into the bedroom and started looking through my old wardrobe of sexy and short dresses. I chose a dress that was a light yellow, with a halter type top, buttons down the front, and an A-Line bottom that was super short. I thought about how I had tried to act naughty when I bought it a year ago, and that naughty would be nothing compared to what would happen wearing it for/with master. I instinctively went to grab panties out of my drawer, but remembered that whores don’t need panties, and just took out my plug and tail instead. Then I chose a pair of four-inch heels I had bought just for this dress, which I had only worn once or twice. Now my outfit was ready, and I headed to the shower, and I heard him walk by the partially open bathroom door. I suspected he was going to see what I laid out to wear and realized I forgot to lay out the bottle of lube. Should I run back in or just get it when I was done? I didn’t know the rules for getting ready to go out with him, the only rule I knew was to do exactly as he said, so I ran back to the room and took the bottle out of the nightstand and laid it next to the plug.

“Very good my slut, if you had forgotten it I would have inserted it into dry, and I don’t think you would enjoy that very much.”

“No sir, I don’t think so either. I’m going to head back and get clean for you, inside and out.”

I ran back to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I had a unique feeling inside that felt like a warm embrace, he saw the dress and shoes I set out and didn’t make any remarks about it. Surely if he was displeased, he would have said something to me. He doesn’t wait to tell me if I do something he doesn’t like, he stops me and explains what I did wrong in that moment, so he must have liked the dress. When I bought it, I wasn’t buying it for anyone other than me, it made me feel young and sexy and now I know he likes my taste in clothes when I’m in that type of mood. I quickly washed and cleaned everywhere knowing he was bound to use all my holes before the day was out. I got out, toweled dry and wrapped the towel around my body like always, but stopped thinking about he wants me naked when I don’t have to be dressed, so I out the towel on the rack and proceeded into the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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