I Looked Up , Saw Her Smile Ch. 01

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Leave Comments, Suggestions, Feedback, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I hope you enjoy the story along the way but keep in mind that this is not a quick “get off” story.

Just a quick note, this is fiction, all characters are completely fictitious, any place mentioned has no actual connection to reality. This is the beginning of a much longer story, and the action (and sex) will pick up as the story goes on.


I sat there in the locker room on a bench, in my sports bra and practice shorts. I still couldn’t believe I, Rebecca Barnes was about to have my first practice as a Cal Tech Roaring Lion! I remember my father forcing me to tryout for my high school team my sophomore year. And I was certain that I would leave it behind me as soon as the season was over. But, I was actually good, defensively more than offensively that first year, but still good. I was voted second team all-conference for my defense that year. And I had so much fun, and got to know the other girls too.

So 1 year turned into 3, and a scholarship to play for Cal Tech. Being from the midwest, I jumped at the opportunity to get out, and happily accepted the offer from the southern California school. And so here I was, a month before the semester started, about to practice in a facility that was bigger than the gymnasium where we played our home games.

As I looked around the room in astonishment, I saw my roommate, and fast friend, Rachel Barros coming my way. Rachel seemed nice, but very outgoing, like the type of roommate that might get you roped into a lot of shenanigans or hosting spontaneous events in our room. She was from San Diego, and had played basketball since she was like 8, I think she told me. She was built more for the sport than I was.

She was a good 3 to 5 inches taller than me and had a bigger frame. Not that she was overweight at all, she just knew how to take care of herself, and prepare herself for the sport. She was a freshman, like me (I think we were the only 2 true freshman) and so that’s kind of how we ended up rooming together. As she walked over to me she saw that I had noticed her, and smiled brightly as she closed the distance.

“Can you believe it, Rebecca?!” she cried. “God, I mean I’ve been waiting for this since as young as I can remember. All of my friends wanted to go play soccer or baseball, but I went and shot hoops every chance I got, and now…” her voice trailed off as she reflected.

I smiled at my new friend and that she was getting the opportunity to fulfill one of her dreams. As I did, I lazily looked around the locker room again, suddenly noticing that we were alone. “Shit, Rach, if we don’t hurry you’re going to be late to your first practice.” I exclaimed. as I slid my practice jersey over my head and began putting on my shoes and as Rachel put on her knee braces.

Just then a collection of girls entered the locker room. I immediately knew there were too many for a junior varsity team, even if the school had had one. My next thought, as I scanned the ladies as they walked in, was maybe this was the cheer team. But surely they had their own locker room, I mean this WAS college, after all. My musings came to screeching halt as my attention was directed towards one of the cheerleaders entering the room. I was watched her walk in, but became transfixed as I saw her look right at me, to the point that I couldn’t tie my shoe properly. My eyes followed her until she went out of sight, at which point I saw the botched job I had done tying my shoe. Rachel stepped in and started trying it for me. As she did I continued to dwell upon this new person that I had met, no…not even that, saw just moments earlier.

I struggled to put her physical details together, as it was her presence that captivated me and her eyes that bewitched almost. Her darkly tanned skin was radiant, brought to life by the myriad of psychedelic colors on her tight fitting blouse. Embarrassingly enough I remembered looking at her breasts, and noticed that they were about a cup bigger than mine, but displayed almost eloquently, unlike some of the girls she was with. Her hair fell down past her shoulders, straight and black with the luster that only true care can provide.

I can’t remember many other details, than her presence. She was on the outside of the group she was with, but was clearly not walking in anyone’s shadow. She had a certain assuredness that I found unnerving, yet intriguing. That alone would have promoted an attempt to search her out and at least met her, but then she looked at me. She stared beyond the point where she had to to be polite, and I found myself being consumed by the dark pools that were her pupils. As soon as she passed by, and looked at me, it immediately felt as if she was looking through me; not like she didn’t even notice me, but that she was looking directly at my insides…I know I’m not explaining that well, I guess I don’t even know how to describe it, but it was unlike anything I had felt before.

“Honestly, Rebecca, you’re lucky I’m around to help with these difficult tasks,” she teased. I nodded and giggled as her words finally sunk in. Finally ready, we headed Casibom out of the locker room and towards our first practice.

* * *

Because classes hadn’t started yet, we had a long practice. And I guess because it was the first practice of the year, our coach, Coach Heath Porter, assumed that we were all out of shape enough, that after our 3 hour practice we had to do some conditioning. The conditioning facility was in the main sports complex, so we had to walk over there. As we began our journey, I looked over and saw Rachel and she smiled, not as bright as before practice but a smile all the same, as she made her way to me, as we walked.

“I guess I should have expected that from our first practice,” she began. “I guess I was just figuring today would be a lighter day, just kind of getting to know each other.” She laughed a little as she finished her statement.

“Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect. I really regret not running track in the spring, though,” I said we walked.

“Well looks like you’re going to get to make up for it. The only reason we’re going all the way over to the actual condition center is to use the indoor track.” she informed me.

I groaned, a little loudly, as the girls in front of us looked back at us for a moment.

“Hey, so have you gotten to get to know any of the other girls?” Rachel asked.

“No, not too much. I did meet Paige, the backup point guard last year. She kinda helped me out as we went through the drills. She let me know the kind of things Coach Porter wants me to see, especially early on,” I responded. “Have you?”

“Oh, is she the cutie who went before you on that rebounding drill?” Rachel asked with some piqued interest.

“I guess so,” I offered hesitantly. “I mean she did go before me on that drill, but I guess I’m not the right person to ask about the other part of,” I said sheepishly. I knew I didn’t have to add that last part, but I was still uncomfortable with talking about attractions and what not, especially in public.

Rachel looked over and saw my face, “Oh god, you’re not a prude are you.” She teased as she jabbed me in the ribs.

“Nah, I just didn’t have a chance to notice, you know with that Seal Team 6 training in there,” I said motioning towards our practice facility.

That made Rachel laugh. “Yeah, well take it from me, kid, she is a looker.”

I giggled as we continued our trek to the indoor track. I contemplated this newest revelation about my roommate, that she at least found other women attractive and liked talking about it. I was by no means homophobic, I had even concluded that I might if I were ever attracted to a woman that I would have no problems acting on it. Though, that hadn’t ever really happened. I guess, when I’m forced to actually think about it, I’ve never really been that attracted to anyone. I mean I dated a some guys, and fooled around a bit with a few of them, but even then it wasn’t necessarily driven by attraction.

A most of them I was setup with, the closest thing I had had to a boyfriend was with this guy in my class, who on paper should have been everything I wanted. We dated for a few months, but mainly because I wanted my parents off my back, and it gave him a plausible excuse to go to Dungeons and Dragons tournaments, or con shows, hell a few times I even went with him. I had never really felt an attraction for someone else strong enough to act on, let alone talk about. That was the bigger thing to me, was that Rachel was willing to talk about someone she finds cute, before she had even really talked to that person. When I write I have no problem expressing emotions for my characters, and I can express deep emotion in poetry; but to another person, like face to face, the thought literally made me shudder.

Rachel noticed me shudder, and brought me from my contemplative state as she asked incredulously, “Are you actually cold?”

“No, I just got lost in thought,” I replied.

“That happens a lot, I’ve noticed,” she said. “But doesn’t matter now, time to run off all that graduation cake,” she joked as we had reached the condition center.

I again groaned, but quieter this time, “You think it’s too late to give the scholarship back?” I joked.

Rachel just giggled as we walked into the main conditioning area with the indoor track.

Coach Porter introduced us to Coach Debbie Richards who was an assistant coach, and handled the strength and conditioning. She immediately separated us by position groupings, all guards, all forwards and our 2 centers, then established the stations and the time allotment. The returning players looked relatively unaffected, this must be common beginning of the season procedure I thought. I quietly moved to stand with the rest of the guards as Coach Richards explained the safety regulations for various activities.

I scanned the very large room as she spoke, noticing the quality of the equipment. I was going to have to Instagram the weight setup, or no one from back home would believe me. I looked out at the track, not affected by weather, or the sun beating down on it, it was in great condition, and actually found myself looking Casibom Giriş forward to running on it. As I scanned the room further I saw a collection of bodies walking in from the weight room to the inside of the track. Coach Richards noticed their entrance and explained, “Those are the cheerleaders. They use the space inside the track to practice, especially during football season, the space is large enough that they can choreograph their routines. Just stick to your activities and remember why you’re here,” she concluded.

Our group was the first group to run the track, and we lightly stretched as one of the student mangers explained the sequence; 2 lap warmup, 6 lap timed session, 2 lap cool down. I looked around at some of the other girls. Apparently my face gave me away, as Paige came over to me. “It sounds tough, but once you get going it’s not too bad. And by next week you’ll forget that you thought this would be hard,” she offered reassuringly.

“Thanks, I did track for a few years back in high school, but much more the sprinting type,” I said. Paige nodded in understanding as we took our lanes, Paige giving me the inner most lane, and lining up to my right. I smiled in appreciation, but before I could say anything we started running.

Paige was right, at least during the warm up laps, I did settle into a nice groove. I even had time to examine my surroundings on the last curve of lap 2, and noticed the cheerleaders practicing nearby. I briefly scanned the faces, but didn’t see any I remembered.

As I made my way to the student manger, she indicated that she was starting her watch, and would be clocking my next 6 laps. I picked up the pace, moving myself towards the front half of the pack as we rounded the final curve of that first timed lap, I looked up towards the cheerleaders for a moment and immediately put my head down as I worked to start lap 2 without a drop off. The manger called out times, but I couldn’t figure out which was mine, so I just kept going. I found that years of track were finally paying off as I was able to stay in the front half of the group through laps 2 and 3. On lap 4, though I began to feel it, and by that final curve I knew it wasn’t going to be a pretty ending. As I rounded that curve though, my head absentmindedly looked over at the cheerleaders.

This time I saw her, the girl from earlier, and again she seemed to be looking at me. I chalked it up to a delusion as a result of exhaustion and tried to put it out of mind. I attempted to convince myself there was no reason she would be looking at me, and have about succeeded when before that final curve on the next lap I saw her watch me go around the curve. I wanted to look back to see if she was still watching, but I knew I had better not, and so all I could do was continue running and try to think of why I was so interested in this.

Unable to come to any meaningful answer I neared that final turn of the sixth lap, looking up, I saw her again and this time she was smiling. I looked around to see if anyone was near me, but there really wasn’t. I turned before finishing the curve, looked up and tried to smile back at her as I raced for the finish of the timed segment. As I passed the student manger I heard her announce a time and say something else that I couldn’t quite make out, as I lowered my speed considerably. Those final 2 laps went pretty normally, thought at the final curve I would exchange looks and even smiles with a mystery person.

As I reached the student manger, I saw only 1 teammate standing around. I slowed to a halt, and was handed a water bottle by the girl, who’s name was Kristina. I looked at her quizzically, as I graciously accepted the water. “Where are the others?” I asked.

She giggled, “You finished before them. You might have beaten me, if you ran the way you did the last 3 laps, during the entire run. And if I didn’t have a title to defend.”

“Oh, I beat them?” I asked turning to the student manger.

“Yeah, didn’t you hear me tell you, you were the second to finish?” the girl asked.

I shook my head. I crouched down as I felt my breathing and heart rate slowing. I couldn’t believe it, I guess when I quit worrying about which lap and where I was with the rest of the group, I did alright. As I stood back up, I couldn’t help but feel proud and smile at my accomplishment.

Kristina giggled as she saw my smile, “That finally sink, huh? Well don’t get a big head, I’m still the fastest” she teased, “grab a water bottle, 2 more are just finishing up.”

I grabbed a fresh water bottle, and gave it to Paige once she had stopped. She took it, as she glared at me with what I hoped was mock indignation. “So much for your nerves,” she said as a smile broke out.

“I have no clue what happened,” I offered. “I’ve never done that well. I figured I came in last.”

Paige just rolled her eyes, “You’re going to be trouble aren’t you?”

I laughed.

The rest of conditioning went by uneventfully. As we went through basketball specific conditioning drill, and then lifted.

* * *

As conditioning ended we finally made our way to the locker room. Because Casibom Yeni Giriş Rachel and I were freshmen, the team had found things for us to carry and put away. I had been given a stack of cones that I’m not even sure we used, but I took them willingly enough, and headed to the part of the locker room where we stored equipment. As I walked I searched for Rachel, who had been given another task, though I didn’t see what it was or what it entailed. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts about practice and the time on the track and where Rachel was, I didn’t notice the person coming towards me, and ran into them, my cones going everywhere as well as contents that I assumed belong to the person I ran into. I looked up from debris to see my mystery woman standing there in front of me. I stopped, just kind of starring at her. She smiled at me, which caused me to look down at my hands for a moment.

Finally she spoke, “Are you alright?” she asked, her voice light, but yet caring.

“Oh, yeah, uh I’m um sorry about that” I muttered. “I guess I’m just..”

“Are you ok, though?” she asked again, placing a hand on mine.

“Oh, yeah. I am. Thanks,” I said trying to figure out why I was so nervous around her. Delayed, I asked, “Are you, ok?”

She giggled gently as she bent down to begin collect things, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

I bent down as well, gathering the cones. Trying to help her gather her things as well.

“That’s quite the cone collection,” she said playfully.

Suddenly regaining a bit of composure, I responded, “Yeah, my mother wouldn’t let me leave for college without them. Been in the family for years.”

She laughed, as she gathered the majority of her things and stood. I handed her the rest as I stood up too. “Well I can see why. I’m Cheyenne, by the way. Cheyenne Warwick,” she said with a smile.

“I’m Rebecca Barnes, I play or at least I want to play basketball” I said, holding up the cones as proof.

“It’s nice to meet you, Becca. I’m a cheerleader. In fact, didn’t I see you and the team out running on the track during our practice?” she asked, looking directly at me.

Normally I hate being called Becca, but when she said it then, I smiled a bit and then quickly looked down embarrassed that she obviously had seen me starring at her. “I fidgeted with my hands. “Um, yeah we were out there,” I said trying not to draw attention to the fact that I had been staring.

“I thought,” she replied. “You’re a really good runner.”

“Thanks, I’m usually not. Kinda had a record day. Don’t think my old track coach would believe me,” I said trying to deflect the compliment.

“She shrugged, “Maybe you just needed a new place to run is all. You looked natural out there on the track,” she said smiling brightly at me.


“So, I take it your a freshman?”

“Yeah, how’d you know? Are you?”

She pointed to the cones and giggled, “Seems like you were given a freshman task. No, I’m a sophomore. Have you had anyone show you around the campus yet?”

“Oh, right,” I said, forgetting that I was holding the cones. “Well, like there was the tour we took when I visited over the winter, and then the tour to know where to go for this morning’s practice.”?

“So, you haven’t seen the real Cal Tech then,” she said definitively.

“I guess not.”

“Well, I’m not sure how busy they are keeping you, but if you want the real tour I’d be happy to show you around.”

“That’d be great. I actually tried to find the English building last night, and ended up near the physics labs.”

Cheyenne tried to keep from laughing.

“Was I close?”

“No, hun. You were on the opposite side of the academic buildings. But I remember how lost I was when I first got here last year” she said trying to be sympathetic. “So when do you want the tour?”

I’m free pretty much for the rest of the day. I have meeting about our playbook in like an hour, but then after that I’m free.”

She looked at her watch. “Ok, how about we met up at around 5, or 5:30. I can give you the tour and then maybe grab something to eat?”

“That’d be great.”

“Awesome! Are you staying in Tierman Hall?” she asked. As she waited for my answer she began writing something down.

“Yeah, I think all the basketball players are on the third floor.”

“Probably,” she said distractedly. Then handing me what she was writing, “There’s my number if anything comes up, but otherwise, I’ll see you at 5 or so in front of Tierman Hall?”

Looking briefly at her note, I responded, “Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Great, so am I. But hey, I’ve actually gotta meet up with a friend right now. But I’ll see you at 5, ok?”

Suddenly realizing how much of her time I had taken up, I simply nodded in affirmation, and watched as she jogged out of the locker room. At the same moment I realized that I still had the cones in my hand and hadn’t yet showered since the end of practice. I rushed to the equipment locker and deposited the cones, and then ran back to the other side of the locker room. There was hardly anyone left by the time I got over there, and had it not been for some whispering and stifled laughter, I probably would have thought I was alone. Excited by the opportunity to get to know Cheyenne though, I wasn’t really paying attention as I prepared to take a shower.

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