I Love My Sub

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I am in a room with my sub. I have scented candles lit. There is no other light. The flames from the candles give out a soft warm glow. I had my sub slowly take off his clothes and mine, now he is lying down on his back on the bed.

I slowly walk over to him, take one of his hands, kiss his palm as I slowly tie his hand at the wrist above his head. I kiss his lips to reassure him and let him know how happy I am with him for being so still for me and for trusting me.

I have him spread eagle his legs, I slowly stick my tongue between his toes and suck on each one. I then tie his leg at the ankle. I move to the other side of the bed, suck on the toes of his other foot and tie that leg by the ankle. I move my tongue up his leg caressingly flicking it and licking it as I work my way to his other arm. I flick my tongue up his side, suck on his nipple and run my tongue around it.

I grab his other hand, kiss the palm and tie it above his head at the wrist. Now my sub is bound and is totally at my mercy. I move my tongue to his ear lobe and suck on it flicking my tongue around his entire ear as I move my lips down his neck, kissing it, sucking on it. I gently kiss his lips as and as he puts his tongue into my mouth I slowly suck it in and out.

My mouth inches downward, my tongue licking against his skin as I make my way to his chest. I take one of his nipples and suck hard on it, then I run my tongue all around it and blow on it, seeing it harden, I suck it in my hot moist mouth to make it soft again. I move to his other nipple, sucking and flicking that, blowing on it and using my mouth to soften it up.

I grab a bottle of warm oil, put it on my hands and gently rub it all over his chest, massaging it, as my mouth continues its journey downward. When I get to his bellybutton I stick my tongue in it and swirl it around as my hands continue levent escort to massage the warm oil down to his stomach.

I move my mouth to his side, flicking and nipping on it and then move across his stomach so I can get to his other side. I lick and nip on his other side then start to move my mouth down. I get to his throbbing cock, I flick my tongue on the tip under the tip and then down the length of it. I put his cock in my mouth, sucking hard, all the way down my throat as I hummm so he can feel the vibration. I move my head up and down slowly flicking it with my tongue when I get to the top, then move my mouth down again and humm.

I do this a few times, then slowly move my mouth to his balls, I flick them lightly with my tongue as I move downward and lick behind them. I put my lips on his inner thighs, flicking them and sucking on them. I lick behind his balls . I flick his ass cheeks with my tongue and slightly nibble on them. I carefully spread his cheeks and lick from his balls to his ass where I caressingly swirl my tongue around it before I slowly stick it in and out as I take his cock with my hand and move it in rhythm with my tongue.

As I move my tongue in and out of his ass, I suck on it, as my hand moves up and down faster over his cock. I hear my sub moan and realize he is getting to a point I don’t want him to be. I slowly take my tongue out and release his cock as I walk over to the table and take a drink of ice water. I stand there a few minutes, letting him catch his breath then I decide I need to cool him off a little.

I grab a small piece of ice and slowly run it down his neck as I suck up the trail of water it leaves. I move it over his nipples , watching them perk up as I lick off the water, run my tongue around them, suck on them once and continue moving the ice downward, I put mecidiyeköy escort it on the tip of his cock and run it down the length of it as I suck the remaining water away not forgetting to flick my tongue on the tip as I go.

Once my ice has melted, I get up and take another drink of water. I smile at my sub and kiss him lightly on his lips gently sucking on his tongue. I move down to his feet, stick his toes in my mouth, sucking on them. I do one foot then the other, I make my way upwards, kissing his inner thigh, my warm breath caressing his skin as my tongue rapidly moves along the length of it, nipping on it. I flick my tongue between his ass cheeks as I move up to his cock swirling my tongue on the tip and again suck on it hard as I take it all the way down my throat. I move my head and put his cock in my hand and move it up and down as I reach over and take a sip of hot coffee sitting on the night stand. I swirl it around in my mouth as I put his cock in it, he can feel the warmth of the coffee surrounding the head. I swallow the coffee and his cock down my throat then move my lips up as my tongue moves rapidly up his entire shaft.

When I get to the top of his cock, I lick the tip as I slowly move my mouth down, behind his balls, suck on the bottom of them and again open his cheeks and lick from his balls down to his ass. I stick my tongue in, take it out, swirl it around his ass and suck on it before sticking my tongue in again. I spend several minutes fucking his ass with my tongue slowly, deeply, moving it in and out, using my hand to stroke his cock, I move slower this time, wanting to extend his pleasure.

While still stroking his cock, with my other hand, I reach for a glass of carbonated water. I take a sip of it and keep it in my mouth as I engulf his throbbing cock so he can feel the bubbles on the tip. I swirl it kağıthane escort around the head and flick it with my tongue before I swallow it and his cock down my throat, sucking hard several times before I remove my lips and reach for a straw. I suck in the carbonated water, hold the end of the straw and gently insert the tip into my subs ass just enough so the carbonated water goes in, he feels the bubbles, I put my mouth on his ass, stick my tongue in and suck the water out as I put my hand around his cock, holding it tightly and moving it in a steady rhythm.

My sub moans and I know he is getting close to cumming. I move my pussy close over his face to give him access to it, I feel him stick his tongue in , he moves it in and out, he runs it across my lips and sucks on my clit, I moan because it feels so very good, I quit fucking his ass with my tongue and reach over for a package.

It is an envelope of candy, pop rocks. I open it and stick a handful in my mouth before I put it over his cock, making sure the pop rocks are still popping as I twirl my tongue around the tip. He can feel the pop rocks popping against it. I move my mouth faster, suck harder as I feel him burying his tongue deeper in my hot moist pussy. I want us both to experience heaven together, I tell him to cum with me. I swallow his cock to the back of my throat, I hum as I move my mouth up and down, fast, feeling his cock start to throb.

All of a sudden I feel him stiffen, he raises his hips a little, he buries his face in my pussy and flicks my clit, hard. I feel my body explode, that burst of heat, from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, as he also cums,I feel his body shaking with the intensity of it. Squirting into my mouth I suck hard with each burst of hot cum, running my tongue over the tip with each swallow. I suck him dry and deep as he does me, my hot pussy juice filling his mouth.

I turn my body around, still quivering, and kiss him softly. I lay my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat. It was beating fast but is slowing down. I run my fingers over him. Loving the feel of him. Then I start wondering what we can do next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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