I Love New York Ch. 05

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Chapter five has arrived! I really, really hope you all enjoy it; the feedback I get on my chapters really inspires me to do well, and write more. For those fans of Gavin, you may hate me for this addition. For the fans of Kayden, your welcome!



You’re sure you don’t need any more help?” Gavin asked quietly, glancing around my new digs.

“Yeah, I’m just going to crash tonight. Thanks for helping.” I said with a groan, pushing my last suitcase against the wall.

“It’s big.” He mumbled, peaking around the corner. His smile never stayed when he was around me anymore. His dark, intense eyes never met mine, and when I asked him to help me with things like this, it was always a fight. It was hard for him to even talk to me anymore…

“Took me a month to find it.” I countered, trying not to touch his skin as I took my bags from his strong arms.

It was nothing special. In all honesty, it was a major step down from Gavin’s posh modern SoHo apartment on the sixtieth floor.

It was a simple apartment, big and empty. It was five-story, walk-up, renovated warehouse, and my apartment on the third floor was proof. There was one main room, massive and spacious, with a small kitchen and bathroom through a door in the very far corner. The walls were drab white, with two long florescent lights along the ceiling, and a single window with a view of the city skyline. Living in Brooklyn was different, but it was good different… a sort of on-my-own different. And it was, my first time truly alone, without Cassidee or Gavin to watch over me.

“You’re always welcome back in SoHo, you know. You’ll always have a place…” His voice trailed off, and his eyes fell to the floor. “You’ll always have a place to be with me.”

I watched him pull his dreads back, inhaling deeply. It crushed me to know I was why he was hurting. I never meant to hurt him. I never meant for any of this…

He left without another word, glancing back over his shoulder to look at me once more before he disappeared down the stairs. It had been about a month since I’d decided to let go of the past, and more importantly, let go of Lucas.

Gavin may have been the hardest thing to let go of. I didn’t feel the same way he felt about me, and I had realized that about halfway through my odd transition. I never would feel the same way, and it killed me. I had used Gavin. But to him, I was the first man he’d ever been intimate with (No matter how drunk or heartbroken I was at the time) and that meant something more to him.

I sighed, and sat down on mattress Gav had helped me carry up. Time was passing so incredibly fast. September was gone, leaving an early-November chill in the air, something I’d coined “two sweater weather”. Gavin and Cassidee had seen me off to my new apartment; Professor Wrought was busting my balls on the end-of-semester compositions, and Kayden…

Things were good.

Life was good.


“So are you going to help me paint the new place?” I asked, packing my sheet music into my messenger bag.

Kayden smiled, letting his hair down in the way he knew I liked. He set his gym bag down beneath the tree and sat down on top of it, wrapping his jacket tighter around him.

We’d begun meeting beneath this same tree every afternoon now that we were done collaborating on the ballet. I’d begun working with the orchestra now that I’d written and reviewed the composition, and my composing kept me pretty busy. I looked forward to the little breaks I got with Kayden.

Before he could answer, Vera’s tiny hands wrapped around my waist in a big hug. Her eyes darted to Kayden as Molly and Daisy arrived too, the dancers each settling down around us.

“Hey Mr. Bossman!” Molly chirped, poking Kayden’s cheek playfully.

“Hey ladies. Good rehearsal.” He said, high fiving each ballerina. The three girls had become accustomed to hanging out with us when we were on campus, usually after our classes or rehearsals.

“So Kayyyddeenn,” Daisy whined, “There’s a party tonight. I think it’s at Jared’s house. You in?”

Kayden half smiled, and shot me a small glance. “Well… I kind of already had plans. A friend needs my help. Painting or some shit.” He looked at his shoes but we could all see the red on his cheeks. It gave me butterflies, and managed to turn me on at the same time.

Molly looked at me and grinned. I just shrugged innocently.

“I dunno what he’s talking about.” I laughed, kicking at the fallen leaves around me. Vera’s smile only encouraged me to turn the same shade of red as Kayden.

I think everyone knew that slowly, it was happening.


I toweled my hair down quietly, listening to the bass drop in the next room. I swayed to the dubstep beats as I pulled my jeans on, pausing to fasten my belt around my waist. The mirror was clouded with steam, but I could catch little glimpses of my reflection, and I could see the boyish excitement in my eyes. Kayden was coming over, and Gaziantep Grup Escort it meant more time with him. Any time with him was great, because now that we were working separately, it felt like we never saw each other anymore.

We were still in our “getting to know” stage. I was fine with it, and he was ecstatic about it. We usually did little things together, coffee at the café, walks in the park, sometimes the occasional dinner or movie. It was very friendly. It was… perfect. This is what real couples do. They enjoy being around each other, and I really enjoyed being around Kayden, almost more than anything else.

As if it was fate, the doorbell rang. I grabbed my tee shirt frantically, sprinting out of the bathroom, tripping over drop cloths and paint tins, to the front door. I hesitated before I grabbed the knob, knowing that seeing him after I opened it was going to turn my knees to jelly and set the butterflies in my stomach off. I very bravely opened the door.

There he was. Dark hair tumbling out of its band, hanging down to his strong collarbone. His big hazel eyes covered by a dazzling pair of Ray Bans, his smile lit up his entire face. His coat hung in his arms, his rumpled tank top showing much more of his toned body than usual. I suddenly felt ashamed, standing in front of him and all his beauty, shirtless. I felt my cheeks burn red as I invited him in, and was surprised when his arms linked around my waist and he wrapped me in a hug.

“You look so cute when you blush, Dev.” He grinned. He tugged me tight against him, resting his chin on my shoulder. “Why are you blushing, anyways?” he asked, pulling away from me and walking into the empty room. He took off his sunglasses to look around as he spoke, his smile infectious.

“Uh…” I stuttered, pulling my shirt over my head. “No reason.”

He raised an eye brow at me, throwing his bag in the corner and sauntering back over to me. “What are you doing?” He asked, watching me smooth my shirt out.

I opened my mouth, but no sound came out, and I felt my cheeks burn again.

He smirked, and I felt his cold hands on the hem of my shirt. “You’ll ruin your clothes.” He scoffed, mumbling something about he was glad he wasn’t my mother.

I didn’t know how it happened, but Kayden was gently tugging off my shirt. It was an innocent enough gesture, after all he was just worried about my clothes, but there was that part of me that wondered what it would be like if when he slid it off, he pressed his lips to my chest and found that magical little line down my body that took him to my hard, wet, co-

“Have you been working out?” Kayden asked, staring at my bare torso. “You’ve always been so thin… but… I mean…I’ve never seen you with your shirt off and…” His voice trailed off and he reached out a cold hand to trace the lines of my stomach and chest. “You’re toned.” I caught a sparkle in his eye that succeeded in making my balls feel like they were lead weights.

“Don’t sound so surprised.” I managed a stiff chuckle, moving away from him to hide the bulge in my jeans his long fingers were provoking.

When I turned around, he was in the middle of pulling off his own tank top, exposing his long, tan body. The intricate tribal tattoo wound around his chest and shoulder, trailing down his ribs and waist, and disappeared into his dark jeans. His sculpted body twisted perfectly with every movement. It was the most I’d ever seen of him, and it was enough to make my mouth water and fill my mind with thoughts I was ashamed of.

I need to jack off, like, now.

I stopped, and took a deep breath. Calm the fuck down, Devon. Paint your fucking walls.

I stooped down and began to open paint cans, each top coming off cleanly.

“Gold?” Kayden scoffed.

“Yes, gold.” I answered.

“Tacky much?”

“Bitch, please.” I laughed. “The sun sets through that window. The light is going to hit the walls and its going to be brilliant.” I explained.

“Has someone been reading Home and garden?” Kayden teased.

“Well I’m going to make a fantastic house wife one day.” I said, my voice high and effeminate.

His laughter echoed around the empty room as he picked up a paintbrush, dipping it in the golden pool of paint.

“We miss having you in rehearsals.” He said quietly, propping the ladder up and ascending it.

“We?” I asked, raising an eyebrow in his direction as I began my own section of wall.

“The girls… me.”

“You miss my punk ass ruining your rehearsal?” I asked, taking the brush to the wall in long, wide strokes and eyeing him.

He chuckled. “Yeah. I do. How are things going with the orchestra, though?”

“It’s hard directing them.”

“Why?” he asked, surprised.

“I don’t like telling people what to do.” I shrugged, pulling a paint tin closer and coating my brush.

“That’s my favorite thing to do.” He snorted, looking down at me from his ladder.

I smiled up at him, our eyes meeting for a long second. I love it when he smiles at me like that.

“So… I wanted to tell you… at the café, my manager has been talking about bringing in a pianist for… atmosphere. I told him I may know this guy that could help him…” He said, long arms reaching high as he painted the wall.

I stopped. “Kay… did you just offer me a job?”

He glanced down and bit his lip. “Did you just accept the offer?”

I scowled.

“It could be fun! Think about working together, I mean, we did it fine at school, and look at how great the ballet is turning out!” He clanked down the ladder, one sneaker at a time. “And I cant say that its not fun being around you, I mean, the best time I’ve had in a really long time has been time I spent with you.”

I looked over at him, honestly wordless at what he’d just said. Kayden and I weren’t dating… to be honest, I don’t know what we were, but those words shook me.

I brushed them away, looking away from his perfect hazel eyes and back to the gold paint.

“I’ll think about it, okay?” I said, making another long stroke of gold against the dingy white wall.

His tiny smile said victory, but as he climbed back up the ladder, his mouth said “So did you catch that Cowboys game last Sunday?”


“It looks stunning.” Kayden whispered.

“I told you so.” I said, only half enjoying rubbing it in his face. I was too tired and too awestruck by the beauty of the room to enjoy it fully.

“Will you help me drag the mattress out here before you go?” I asked, pointing to the hallway were my mattress had been held for safe keeping.

He nodded and followed me out, taking one end of my full size mattress while I took the other, and dragging it inside. I lay it down on top of the dirty drop cloths, telling myself I’d clean up the mess tomorrow.

Even with the bed inside, the room was still huge. Kayden had admitted to me earlier that my front room was bigger than his entire apartment. Maybe that was why I couldn’t even turn around in the kitchen.

Kayden walked around the room, tossing used brushes into the paint tins, and stacking them neatly against the fresh wall. He stood in the middle of the floor, glancing around.

“This place would make a beautiful dance studio.” He said quietly, tucking his hair behind his ear. A long streak of gold ran down the left side of his face, in a very cute way.

I plopped down on my mattress and stared up at him.

“Would it?” I asked.

“Yeah. If you were to mirror the wall off over here,” he pointed, “maybe add a bar on the other side… This place could be beautiful.” The look in his eyes was new. He was in love with this apartment, and the excitement of his visions came through in it. “Its always been my dream to have my own studio.” He whispered.

“When did you start dancing?” I asked quietly, digging my elbow into the bed and propping myself up.

Kayden laughed, a light sound, rolling his neck slightly. “That… that’s like asking when the sun started shining… or when stars die.” He shrugged, avoiding my eyes. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve been dancing.”

“Just ballet?”

He smiled, shaking his head. “No way. Ballet, jazz, tap, modern, impressionist, and I dance street.” He looked over at me and smiled. “I may be classically trained, but I know what the kids are doing.”

I grinned. “Will you show me?”

His face lit up, and I knew he’d been waiting for me to ask. He practically ran to my stereo, flipping through my CD’s until he found the one he wanted.

He returned to the middle of the room when Big Chocolate started pouring from my speakers. With each heavy dubstep beat, he twitched.

When the bass dropped, the beautiful boy in the center of my room exploded with tight, tense motion. One by one, he began to pop, going from flesh and bones to machine right before my eyes. With each filthy note he ticked tighter and faster, his body moving in such strict, short, movements, I could’ve sworn it was impossible. For someone who danced ballet with such grace, his robotic movement was off-setting and amazing.

The song came to a quick ending all too soon, and so did Kayden’s incredible movement. I wanted to watch him forever. I wanted to watch him dance and see how happy it made him. I wanted to see his body contort in such stunning ways.

I applauded for him, and his smile was unmistakable. He let his hair out of its band and shook it out, and I could see that he’s somehow gotten paint in it. He stretched, his body extending as long as it could, his pink tongue poking out of his mouth.

“Do you dance, Devon?”

He cocked his head to the side, a tiny smile still playing on his lips.

“Um… uh… no. Give me a piano, guitar, drum set, cello, bass… I’ll rock your world. But I don’t dance.”

He rolled his eyes, slinking over to me. “Everyone dances.”

I sat up on the bed, trying not to smile back at his glowing hazel eyes. “No. Kayden.” I tried to stifle a laugh.

His hands closed around my wrists and pulled me to my feet, laughing as I protested.

“I’m going to look like an idiot!” I bleated. It was useless. His strong arms already had me in the center of the room, standing across from him.

“Just dance with me, Devon. Just try.” He whispered in this half-fascinated, half-pleading tone. “It’s just me. I don’t think the roaches will tell on us.”

I looked into his eyes and couldn’t help being swept away in the beauty of them. I smiled, a you-win smile, and took his hands.

He eyed me warily as he pulled me closer, until our bare chests touched. I breathed slowly, his arms wrapping around me in a way that made my heart ache with wonder and need. We slowly rocked back and forth, the city noises the only beat we danced to. His grin was small, but perfect, and I never wanted to leave this moment. This… This right here was all I wanted. I wanted to dance with him, covered in gold paint, with butterflies like a snowstorm in my stomach, forever. I wanted to breathe in the familiar scent of his breath, stay pressed against his skin, and feel the beating of his heart through his chest… I wanted to risk everything I’d ever gotten.

I wanted Kayden to never let go of me.

I closed my eyes and sunk into him, laying my head on his shoulder. I felt him sigh against me, turning his head into my hair.

“Devon…” he breathed. “You’re a great dancer. Promise me we’ll dance again.”

Instead of replying, I pressed my lips to his warm throat. A small shiver ran up his back as I trailed up his jaw, his skin sweet against my lips. I pulled away just long enough to glance into his beautiful face, to capture all the lines and colors that made him so gorgeous.

His lips found mine, his tongue pressing against mine in a way that made my skin itch with desire. My chest felt heavy, like there was no way it was big enough to carry all the feelings Kayden was provoking.

I felt something cool against my back, and realized he’d backed me against the freshly painted wall.

“I’m gonna fuck up the paint.” I whispered

“We’ll paint it again.”

It was hard to argue that logic with his scent flooding my senses.

I could feel the paint coat me as Kayden’s hands slipped from around my waist to my face, holding my lips to his.

My cock was getting harder, faster, especially when he pulled away from my mouth to nuzzle my neck. I let my hands slide from behind his neck down his smooth chest. His body was strong and rigid against mine, his smooth muscles tense. He felt so incredibly good pressed against me. His was biting his way back up my jaw, planting little kisses as he went.

My hands were still traveling, now smearing gold across his abdomen, and at a glance I could see his jeans tenting out. Just the thought of Kayden’s boner made me shiver.

“Oh mon dieu. Je veux vas te faire encule comme une chienne. Bon dieu.” He moaned.

Was that French?

“I don’t know what you said but I like the way you said it.” I managed to pant, letting his lips lead me into another kiss.

“You don’t want to know.” He whispered, shivering slightly as I toyed with the button on his jeans.

I slid my hand in slowly, gauging his reaction, watching his hazel eyes widen as I closed my hand around his cock. He was hard, his dick seeping with precum. His fingernails dug into my waist as I began to jerk his cock, harder and harder, letting my little moans of frustration escape my lips. His dick was long and fat, just as beautiful as he. His hips twitched with need, and I slid my hand up his shaft faster. He breathed in short gasps, and with one massive shiver, he came in my fist.

He slumped against me, letting his body drain, his orgasm ripping through him and leaving its bliss. I was quiet, thrilled. I’d just made him come. I just made Kayden Spark orgasm. That beautiful boy just let me make him feel that way. I was jubilant. I was on cloud fucking nine. His heavenly orgasm had been caused by me, and it thrilled me.

I kissed his shoulder, wiping my hand on my jeans. His eyes met mine, those brilliant hazel eyes, so filled with ecstasy it made my heart pound. He kissed my lips tenderly, one more time.

“The shower is through the back door and to the right.” I spoke.

He smiled at me, reached up to touch my cheek, and whispered, “Hey dev, you’ve got a little bit of paint on you.”


I walked out of the bathroom, the last of the gold paint finally peeled off my skin. Kayden had cleaned up the mess of paint mess, and neatly made my bed. Outside the window, the New York City skyline burned bright with lights, reflecting over onto the Brooklyn streets.

Kayden sat in the middle of my bed, wearing a fresh pair of gym shorts, wrapped in his sweater. His hair was still wet from his shower, pulled away from his face in a simple, but cute way. When I walked in the room, he smiled.

“We did some major damage to the poor wall.” He said with a shrug, pointing to the massacred golden area, distorted by smears and body shapes. “I kind of like it. It’s got memories, now.”

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