I Made It Home, Finally

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Hello all you weary readers out there. I can appreciate those blood shot eyes I see, as I try sizing you all up, wondering what might be thought of me, once I expose my real true self.

This story may shock you.. It may rock you.. And if it makes you spew off a nice creamy one, well that’s just an added bonus for you.

I am putting this out there only to prove true love does happen and no one is immune.


I live in Houston but right now I am standing outside my white 2011 mustang, hood up, trying to identify my trouble. Normally I would have used Interstate 10 to get me back home but while heading towards Houston they announced a major wreck just west of Beaumont, so I snaked thru the back roads and towns, determined to get home and back to being my average self before my work week starts tomorrow morning. (Monday)

My name is Gary Allen Brandon but Brandi is what you will know me as. Three of my closest girl friends and myself had just spent a wonderful weekend together In Lake Charles La.

We drank and had many thrills at the casinos. Complimenting each other on our looks, outfits, etc.. Even daring each other to go a little further with baring more thigh or cleavage. I feel so much more myself when there are three or four of us together. It’s like we really are women. Sexy Women! We get asked by men to dance but mostly refuse politely, continuing to dance amongst ourselves. It is very hard turning down the really sexier men sometimes. (Sexy men!… EWwwwww. I did not just think that, surely.) I love, have always loved seeing sexy women. Not men. It’s really hard to explain.

I am thirty one years of age and most people would agree that I don’t look a day over 31.

I am five foot five and stay around one twenty five. My hair is wavy and just a shade or two darker than strawberry blonde thanks to my wig. I have green eyes and freckles. My measurements are 36 27 37 and my expensive boobs make me 36D.

I have been known to grab a boob or ass cheek of one of my girl friends and vise-versa, even some lite kissing now and again but nothing beyond that for me. I have been celibate for seven years and actually i didn’t have all that much sex before that. I do masturbate my little boy penis pretty much daily, sometimes 3 times a day.

Sunday morning, back in my hotel room, having just woken from a good 7 hour sleep, I reminisce about our fun times. How hot we all looked, the smells we gave off to one another, etc.. I get an over-whelming urge as I am looking at my man clothes sitting beside my girly garments. I pull my D boobs off, then my nightie and wig, and head to my restroom for a shower and inspection of my body. My whole body is quivering from the unforgivable idea that races in my head. Once I have touched up my legs with my razor, I finish my shower and get to the sink and use a different razor to shave my face and chest area. Once totally done, I stare into those green eyes. Who is this person? You know you aren’t really Brandi. You had your great time with Pam, Wendy and Karla but its over. You will be ruining it now, if you do what I think you are planning.

I give a go to hell look into the mirror… I start applying lotion to my legs and such. Minutes later, applying new make-up to my horrified self.. “Shut up!” I say, as my body starts seeing it my way. My hips swaying as I leave the mirror and sashay to my wardrobe. It doesn’t take long to find my sexy mid-thigh length, burgundy dress. It Plunges in front, showing lots of cleavage. I do have some natural cleavage and as long as I place my life-like boobies in my dress properly, any man or woman can enjoy mine without seeing the silicone puppies. All seven of my wigs are the same color as this one I just put back on. Some are shorter and or a different style.

Checking out of my room was probably very interesting to anyone who was seeing. For me, it was humiliating. This same, older Pakistani women who checked me in as a man Friday evening was trying to understand why I was dressed as a girl. She even called out a man or her husband to look me over, while speaking in Indian. Once I showed my license yet again. They gave me my cash deposit back.

Once behind the wheel and on my way down 10 west, I started feeling more normal. More excepting of this stunt. I had good tunes playing, even went thru the drive-thru at Wendy’s and got a little food.

Not long after passing the state line into Texas I heard of the wreck ahead. I thought of going on to Beaumont and using old highway 90 to get me back home but I realized that will be the route so many others will use for the same reason. Then I remembered I could use that farm road that would take me around to Mauriceville and then towards Vidor and such. I make it to Silsbee and decide to take FM92 north. Not more than twenty miles further down that road, my car starts surging and acting like my fuel filter needs changing or my fuel pump is on its last leg.

Now I get a flashing warning: Service transmission soon. That scares me plenty so I start slowing down, looking for a wide driveway or anything to stop at. After feeling a major thump or a clank, adıyaman escort bayan my ride is acting normal again, so I speed up to forty and start climbing a hill as the road bends hard and up.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Suddenly I was only coasting forwards, no help what so ever from my drive train, I put it in neutral and barely keep creeping up the hill. now stranded at the very top.

First thing I do is almost start crying… I will be seen, dressed like this by some old greasy, tow truck driving, racist mechanic… White, no doubt. I pull the lever and hop out to try to will the car back to normal. Yes I know what everything is under this hood.

My black heels jack me up to a height of five foot nine now and as I bend over the fender, My silky dress slips two inches higher up my silky thighs. I try to ignore the 18 wheelers traveling by, honking and the “Hot fucking slut” comment some dude slurred out at me, but kept on going. I have been tapping my cell frantically, ever since I hopped out, needing to search for a rescue.

I noticed earlier, the storm clouds building and even the radio had mentioned some major thunder storms were due in this area by five P M and it is already ten till now.

I tell myself to hop in the back really fast and change into my jeans, tennies and t-shirt but then I remember the make-up and perfectly polished toe and finger nails I cannot hide so easily. Just when my phone turns a page and acts like I’m getting some progress, it fails yet again.

Then I hear tires crumpling and a quiet engine coast in behind me. “Hey lady… Need some help?”

I barely peek around my hood to look at him before I hide once more, behind it.

“That storm up there is circling back around, it’s going to get bad. Right here.” He warns me.

I squeak out, “My cell won’t work… I have to get a tow, it’s not fixable from here.”

“Lady, I can get you to the mechanic in Fred, just up the road some… Cell phones never work in this area. you would have been better off breaking down in Silsbee. Everything is better in that big ole place.”

I lean away from the car standing up right, getting my first true look at this man. ” I need a certified mechanic, my tranny is out.” My eyes bug out at him and I cover my mouth with fright. I am almost positive my voice sounded manly, plus girls shouldn’t know such things about cars… And why on earth did I have to spew out the tranny thing… My God Brandi!

“Would you be a sweetie and hop in here… Let this old man get you out of this dammed storm. Miguel is a real fine mechanic and you will be back on the road in no time.”

“Ok!” I twinkle to him, sounding more like Brandi. Within a minute I have grabbed my purse, rolled up and locked up my ride.

I make my way around to the passenger side of his older, but well kept Mazda pick up truck. I smile and slide into my seat. “Thank you so much.”

“It is my honor Miss. I am Alberto Sanchez and I never seem to get to rescue beauties like yourself lately. Just spending a short time with you will make my Sunday a great one. My whole week, actually.”

“My gosh, thank you again… I’m called Brandi.” I smile and start relaxing, seeing no ill judgement on this man’s face. “You really are a lifesaver Alberto.. I was doomed back there for sure.”

The rain is coming down hard now. I watch him watching the road. He is Latino and older, maybe sixty. He is big all over, big gut, huge arms and legs. He fills every inch of his side of the bench seat we share. His face is almost handsome but a few pock marks and a deep scare above his right eye keep him from achieving that status. Listen to me critiquing this lovely soul who was kind enough to help me. I actually think he is very handsome, now that I have given it more thought.

“Buckle in for me Miss Brandi, it’s getting really hard to see the road.” We both take his advice and click it in. Ten minutes and two miles later we still have four more to go to reach this town called Fred. As we are making our way down a hill and around a bend, I find myself worrying about work (being late) and worrying how Miguel will receive my trans girl look. It’s not so much my looks, it’s my voice and the real fact that I am a man. Maybe a pussy of a man but still.

Then, without any warming, life as I once knew it, was no more.

A huge, long pine tree fell across the road. Alberto slammed on the brakes and swerved also but we still tapped a few of the weaker small limbs before coming to a halt.

“Chupame la verga!!… Hijoputa!! That was way too close Miss Brandi!”

I’m still in shock as he is shouting this to me. My right hand has a death grip on the OH SHIT handle on my side, my heeled feet are glued to the floor board at the highest part possible. My mind is still registering what we had just gone thru. “You are all right Miss Brandi. We got stopped in time…See?” He tells me, as he shifts into reverse and slow creeps backwards.

I feel relief by seeing this with my own eyes. “All is good young lady.. You did real good helping protect us.”

I akkent escort bayan look over at him, able to shyly smile at him, knowing I did absolutely nothing but hold on for dear life. I see him looking downward towards the gear shifter between us. I follow his gaze and see my dainty left hand gripping his right thigh. After zooming a little closer I realize I had and still have a death grip on his fat dick. I jerk away, my hand landing on the seat just an inch from his leg… “My GOD!! Oh Alberto! I am so sorry. I… I swear, I did not even know.” During me telling him this, my hand once again slithered over and slowly stroked it, as if I was trying to make it feel better, or maybe I was making sure I really was feeling his cock. I jerk away again but only two inches this time. “Please forgive me, won’t you? I cannot relate how bad I feel for this.”

“No way Miss Brandi. I will not! Nothing to forgive at all. You didn’t offend me lady. I am real happy we got out of that and having you give me comforting during the worst of it… Well, I’m extra… Agradecida! My wife was the last beauty to do that… That was more than three and a half years ago.”

We are slowly moving along, back in the direction we came. “Miss Brandi, I will take you to safety at my home. This weather is not slowing. please cross your fingers that we have a clear path.”

He has reached for my hand and gently parks it back on his swollen bulge. I look at my hand there, hypnotized by how it looks and feels. After making eye contact with him. I say, “Yes ok, maybe that is for the best.” He smiles confidently and drives while I smile inwardly, feeling like his captured slut.. Hoping he doesn’t beat me to death when he discovers I am no woman.

********** **********

The rain and thunder kept pummeling us but we did make it to his well secluded home. He impressed me yet again by insisting I stay put in his truck, while he dashes off into his house to retrieve an umbrella.

This whole scenario is overwhelming my mind, my being. If I were to tell any of my girl friends this was happening, they would strongly advise me to leave. But, They would also be happily surprised that I finally became confident enough to go out in public as my true Brandi self.

Once inside his home, I am fortunate enough to only have wet heels and feet. This massive man quickly has me on his couch, drying and pampering my size six and a half heels before securing them back on my dry feet.

He admitted while attending to me, having a real weakness for silky, legs and feet. He fondled and massaged my calves as he dried my feet. He even got a peek between my thighs twice, seeing my silky black thong. He was Letting me know I am petite, generally the same exact size as Maria, his deceased wife.

My whole being seems to be rapidly changing. I feel so feminine… My little dicklette is tucked but almost rock hard. My nipples are perked up but on top of that, my fake breast nips seem to have grown more prominent as well. (Impossible? I am only able to tell you what I see and feel.)

I inquire for a restroom and he gestures towards a certain door. Me, having hardly closed the door behind me, starts to realize I am in their master bedroom. Seeing so many photos of Maria and him, I feel like I am intruding. The space is so elegant, so feminine but more. I find the restroom and toilet, plopping down and wizzing, girl style. Some weird mood, or epiphany hits me… I know exactly where I am but some other entity seems to be compelling me to seek out hints of Maria… To take in my new surroundings and become at ease here. I already like Alberto more than i’d really care to admit. I find no signs of him laying up in here, it is much more like this space is a shrine of his pretty wife.

A jolt of lightening followed by two thunderous claps spins me back to reality and the fact that I have to go spend time with this man that has rescued me but is a treat to my safety at the same time.

Snide remarks my whole three, REAL female girl friends subjected me to, come flooding back in my mind. (puny dick, minute man, little guy, slight man) If I deserve this torture from my supposedly deformed body, then what? Just off myself?

It did cross my mind, some years back but I know God loves me just as much as the extra blessed people with perfect bodies and perfect everything.

Fuck every girl and boy that gave me a rash of shit back then. I really got a great thrill and natural tingle fondling Alberto’s manly cock.

********** **********

When I came back into the main part of his home, I found him sitting at the end of a bed. The lights were flickering every now and again. This bed was in a very odd location in my opinion. To my left is the kitchen and then the living room is at my right, as I travel to him.

“There you are. I was about to come searching for you.” He says, as I stand in front of him. My eyes once again start worshipping the alluring bulge in his pants. “This room seems set up as a bedroom but isn’t this the dining room?” I ask with curiousness but never really gaziantep anal yapan escort bayan retreat from lusting at his crotch.

“Yes it was but I made this my room. I love waking up and seeing out these huge windows.” He explains and then rubs and slightly shifts his dick. “Even at night I love being in here naked, imagining people outside maybe seeing in here, seeing me moving around or stroking my cock. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you, it’s just that I haven’t had companionship in such a long time. And, I’m not really getting any younger, as you can already see. I miss what we had together in this old house but especially in our bedroom. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any of her things. Me taking this room just seemed better.”

“No!… No I, it’s ok in my opinion.” I confess to him after finally looking up at his face, knowing he had caught me transfixed to his impressive tool. “If… If I were out there, outside in your land… I feel I would be looking in here… I hope this comes out right, forgive me.. But your age shouldn’t be any issue for you finding a new lady to spend time with. I like your age.. The way you have aged, I guess I mean. Maria would want you to be happy now. She would…”

“She made me promise!… I promised her I would move on and find a woman that I felt deeply for… And live my life.” We keep staring each other down but I say nothing.

“Miss Brandi, as you heard from the tv, this storm is going to keep right on us for a good while. I need to know if you feel safe here. Do you feel trapped or anything negative about staying with me, here tonight?”

“No, I feel very fortunate to be here. Everything is great for me… Maybe there is one thing you might need to know about me now… Something that might make you want to toss me out in the raining night.”

“No! Don’t tell me… You’re a nympho?… Or maybe you are secretly racist and you wish I was Caucasian?”

“OH.. Very Funny Mister Sanchez… I am no sex slut or racist.” Just as I get that out of my mouth, the whole home goes dark… Nothing, we are now without power…

“Stay still Miss, I will fetch the lantern and flash lights.” Just seconds later, he is illuminating the kitchen area. “That should tide us over till it comes back on.” He says, then sits back down in the same spot. “Now you were saying something about enjoying rubbing and fondling my Mexican cock. You say you’re a sex slut huh? Well, you caught me at a perfect time little lady. My dick is full blown wood right now and i’d feel really honored to have you bring it out for us and you pretty much can do anything to him that you desire.”

“Oh Alberto, I … I really need you to understand..”

“Me understands just fine Miss Brandi. It’s ok that you are used to being with white men.” He assures me as he is gently grasping my left shoulder and giving a strong nudge to direct me to my knees in front of him.

“We are both in the same boat, so to speak. I have never kissed or had relations with white gals. Maria knew I had a weakness for red haired white girls from way back in our younger days. She use to kid me about it almost every time we were around a redhead. In her room somewhere, she has two different auburn wigs she used to wear to bed for me on some nights and we would pretend different situations.

Imagine my humble surprise today, when I found you stranded and spread over that fender. I feel strongly there is a reason I haven’t yet moved on. Maria would be happy about you… She has made, or helped this happen.”

“But I…”

“SShhhh, I know it’s a little more sudden than if we had met at a store maybe and then went out on some dates…But we are sexual beings and we will be alone together at least all night long. Take it out Brandi.. Now!”

I want to confess so badly, the whole truth about me but I do as he wishes and start un- doing his pants, moving the under wear down and bringing the hard log out with my left hand. I have only ever handled and played with my own willy before now and that was more than fine by me. But my! This is no wee wee or willy. He has a real dick!

“Calmate y usa los dos manos… Eres tan Hermosa ahi abajo hacienda eso por mi.”

“Huh?” I ask, feeling my mouth watering, my tongue thickening with lust. I have had my goober sucked five times before and I have seen women on vids doing it. I know I at least know how to start doing his.

“Calm down Girl and use both hands. You are so beautiful down there doing that for me.”

I tell him, as I gently add my right hand on his brown shaft. “It’s a really nice dick! I… I think I like doing it for you. It’s so much bigger than min.. I mean, bigger Than I ever saw before! How big is it?”

“Feels so good Brandi and you will love the taste of my precum too… Its nine inches long and she found it to be eight inches at the base.. Just over six inches at the head. Maria was my first everything. we started young and had our first daughter before either of us were eighteen. I did screw one of her lonely friends here one night, only after Maria assured me she wanted it for her friend.. You are only the third woman to ever play with it… You seem a bit timid.. Maybe your first time holding a real, manly cock? You are lucky I haven’t already blasted off big sticky wads of seed on you. As long as I have been going without and as hot as you look with it in your white hands. I love the fuck out of all your curves girl… And those dick sucking lips. Chupar mi pene pecquena dama.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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