I Make The Most Of My Sis’s Absence

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It had been over a week since we got back from our holiday and I wasn’t able to get Dan out of my mind. Since that mind-blowing sex with him, I just wanted to get hold of him again and repeat the experience. I hadn’t heard from him since and was wondering if he was avoiding me or he just hadn’t had a chance to ring me. I knew it was going to be difficult for the 2 of us as he was married to my sister and although I knew it was wrong, I still wanted him.

I had had a bad day at work and was feeling a bit low so phoned my sister, Debbie, to see if she wanted to go for a drink. Turned out she was out of town for a couple of days on business so she couldn’t make it. I was disappointed for a minute before an idea started forming in mind. I grabbed the car keys and drove over to my sisters as fast as I could.

After fifteen minutes I was pulling on the drive, full of anticipation and hope that Dan was home. As I rang the bell I rehearsed what I was going to say. However as soon as he opened the door and I saw him standing there, I threw my arms round him and kissed him fully on the mouth, pulling him to me as hard as I could. His arms closed around and I felt his hands running done my back and onto my arse cheeks where he squeezed me firmly.

I eventually moved my mouth of his and said, “I’ve missed you.” He smiled and muttered, “So I see,” before clamping his mouth back onto mine. I could feel his hardness pressing against Escort bayan me and I really wanted to feel it inside of me. I moved my hands to his front and started massaging him through his trousers. I quickly undid his belt and trousers and pulled them down, taking his underpants with them. His cock stood out proud and I closed my hand round it, marvelling at the hardness.

I started stroking his length before dropping to my knees and running my tongue over his end. He shook slightly as I closed my lips over him and gave him a little suck. I ran my tongue down to his balls and gave them a lick and a suck, while holding his cock in my hand. I heard a phone ringing and looked up to see him picking the receiver up and answering it.

“Hi babes. How are you? Did you have a good day?”

I knew immediately it was Debbie on the phone and for a second I thought I should get up and go. I then thought I would see how well Dan could keep his composure, so slipped my mouth over his still hard cock and started sucking hard. I was slobbering all over him and didn’t let up at all. I looked up and saw a big grin on his face as he talked away to my sister. He was maintaining a normal voice, until I grabbed of his sack and gave it a hard squeeze.

“No, No, everything’s fine, I just trod on something on the floor” I heard him say.

I removed my mouth and started wanking him off while flicking my tongue over him. I so wanted to Bayan Escort taste his juices again I was like a person possessed.

“I love you too and can’t wait till your back tomorrow. Bye.” and he put the phone down. “You’re a dirty bitch!” he said looking at me, smiling. He reached down with his hand, putting it over mine and making my pump him even harder. “You want me to cum in your mouth do you?” he asked and I nodded back to him, my tongue sticking out of my mouth waiting for him.

I felt him tense and then his hot salty cum was shooting from his cock into my mouth, onto my face and in my hair. We kept pumping his cock until I put it in my mouth to lick the last drops from him. He flinched as I ran my tongue over his helmet, before it slipped from my mouth. I felt so good as I ran my hand over my face to get his cum and put in my mouth. I swallowed it down and opened my mouth to show him there was done left.

“I think it’s my turn to pleasure you now” he said and I wasn’t going to argue with him. He led me upstairs and slowly started stripping me, removing my blouse and bra first. He ran his hands over my tits gently caressing them, before lowering his mouth and licking and sucking on the nipples till they were rock hard. He ran his tongue down my stomach before undoing my skirt and letting it fall to the floor.

He slid his hand done the front of my panties and soon had his fingers on my clit. An orgasm Escort rippled through me as he touched it, before sliding his fingers between my lips and into my soaking wet pussy. He probed me with his fingers before removing them, lifting them to his mouth and running his tongue over them, savouring my taste. I reached up, pulled his fingers to me and sucked them hard.

He reached down and lowered my panties to the floor before guiding me back to the bed and laying me down, spreading my legs and my pussy lips as he moved into position. Another orgasm went through me as he ran his tongue over my lips before settling on my clit. His tongue flicked at it and he sucked it as he slipped his fingers back into my cunt. The feeling was sensational as he fingered and licked me.

My juices were flowing freely now and I shuddered as the biggest climax of my life engulfed me. “No more, please.” I begged him as I was so sensitive it was getting painful. He moved up the bed and we kissed, me tasting myself on him as he massaged my tits again.

“It wasn’t just a one off on holiday then?” I asked.

“No, I haven’t thought of anything else since we got back, and even when I am with Debbie, all I can think off is you.”

I had never felt so content as I was just then, lying there in the arms of the man I loved, not thinking of the consequences and where this was all going to lead. I reached down feeling his hardness before turning to him and saying, “I want you to fuck me nice and slowly. I want to feel your cock buried in my cunt and I want you shooting your seed into me because I love you.”

“Certainly” and I felt his mouth closing on mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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