I Missed You Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: I wrote this right after submitting Ch. 2 and I’m really happy with it. In Ch. 4 I’m including the scene that inspired me to write this whole thing. So look out for it! Thank you for the support!


“Ok.” Rose huffed, after they’d both picked up their drinks at the only Red Rocket Café in the city’s core. She sat across from John at their small table, playing with the straw in her iced black tea. “I need to know what’s going on in that head of yours John. Why so welcoming? What I did was horrible, and I felt bad about it every day for two years.”

For a moment John looked at a loss for words, his mouth opening and closing like he was unable to form his desired sentence. Suddenly he’d looked down at her again and Rose gulped at the intensity in his gaze. She closed her eyes in preparation for…anything really. Tears, screaming, coldness.

“What? Only two years?” John chuckled. Rose eyes snapped open and her temples had throbbed in anger. She couldn’t believe he was joking about this. Had she been the only one affected by how they split up? Did John never care? Rose knew it wasn’t truly her place to be mad but goddamn it, the two hadn’t parted on exactly fine terms. In fact she remembered that on their graduation day when she had tried to apologize again, John had stared at her with cold eyes, shook his head, and said “enough.”

“Oh my god! Will you stop laughing? My anxiety is actually going to make me explode.” She sipped on her drink to stop her from cussing him out. He tries my third nerve she’d thought, staring at him try to muffle his chuckles, and I’ve only got two.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Ok? I can be serious, I swear. Look, yeah, what you did hurt me. It nearly fucking killed me. Was I mad at you? In the beginning hell yeah! Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort It was like you ripped my heart out and sent it in a UPS package to NYC. But I couldn’t stay mad. If you hadn’t done what you did I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have stayed in contact with Dionte and Chris, we wouldn’t have started Triad, and…” He looked up from his drink to gaze at her. “I wouldn’t have gotten to see you again.” He reached across the table and laced his fingers with hers, lips curved into a soft smile. Rose got lost in it for a short moment before pulling back as if John’s fingers had burned her.

“Again?” John grumbled. “Why do you keep doing that? Why keep pulling away? I told you I’m not mad right?”

“It’s a reflex!” Rose defended. “I just didn’t want to let my guard down in case…” She trailed off realizing how silly it must sound out loud.

He laughed at her incredulously, “In case what? In case I have a diabolic plan? What would I do, hit you?” He stopped laughing when Rose refused to meet his eyes. Then he guffawed even louder, drawing the attention of their fellow patrons. “Jesus. You are crazy.” She bristled at that.

“Well excuse me for being cautionary.” Rose stopped fiddling with her drink and crossed her arms. “And no, fyi, I didn’t think you would’ve hit me. But I did think you would be mad. Any normal person would. And besides, I’m not pulling away because I hate you. I told you I wanted to maintain professionalism, and that is how I want to do it. No flirting, No dates, and definitely no sex.” She grinned at him. “It’s non-negotiable.” Rose laughed when she saw the stricken look on John’s face. Now the man had lost composure.

That’s one point for me Mr. Hayes

John buried his face in his hands for a Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort while before he stared at Rose. “There’s absolutely no wiggle room on those clauses? I mean since we’re both over the past” Rose looked away like she was pondering it for a second.

It’s kind of nice being on top.

“Mm,” She hummed. “Maybe I’ll concede on the flirting rule. I gotta admit you’re real charming when you lay it on thick Jay. But when it comes to the sex and dating, it’s not going to happen.”



“Not even if I promise that if-” John leaned in and searched Rose’s eyes. “When you let me make love to you, I’ll take my time?” he drawled. Rose sat up, ready to interrupt but John continued on. “Not even if I promise that I’d ruin you? Inside and out. I’d take you hard and filthy and wet, bounce you up and down on my cock until you forget all about your little rules. I’m going to make you submit, make you beg me to spread you open and reduce you to a sweet quivering mess. And I will, I’ll have your pretty smooth legs over my shoulders. How does that sound?” John finished on a whisper.

Rose unfolded her arms, face open in its shock. Sure they had tried dirty talk when they were younger, but it never had really escalated past the customary breathless “fuck me”. John’s words made her dizzy with lust. Rose couldn’t help but sway in her seat; so much for the upper hand.

“I take it you liked that?” the blond propped his chin up on his open palm and let his stare drop from Rose’s eyes to her lips, making a show of licking his own.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on who you ask) Rose’s phone rang shrilly, and broke the tension hanging in the air. For what seemed like hours Rose fumbled with her Bostancı Vip Escort purse to retrieve her cell. John looked heavenward and cursed whoever the hell was up there.

“I almost fucking had it.” He hissed. Rose glowered at him when she had her phone in her hand and quickly sassed “No you didn’t.”

“Boss, Sonya’s on the warpath. You’d better come back soon. That is assuming you aren’t in a motel 6 draped in a white sheet, smoking a cigarette, waiting for Mr. Hot Stuff to get out of the shower and ravish you again.” Calisto said over the line. Rose could hear the snickers of a female coworker in the distance. Of course Cal blabbed, it’s probably Erica. Rose thought, and did her best to ignore John waggling his eyebrows at her. When Calisto went on to tell her how Sonya was wreaking havoc in the office, Rose giggled at John’s display, mouthing at him to stop.

“Not that you’re listening but please tell Fabio that he is welcome back at the office anytime. And I mean anytime.” Another laugh. Rose tuned in and shook her head, despite knowing Calisto couldn’t see her. “Cal, I thought you were a lesbian.”

“Bi, actually. But I do lean towards woman, so there’s still a chance for you and me boss. Just let me know if Mr. Hayes can’t satisfy.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, sweetheart. I’ll be there soon. Bring Sonya some ginger tea, it’ll calm her down.” The women exchanged goodbyes and Rose ended the call. She stood and John was up in a flash, helping her into her blazer. John drove them back to Rose’s office building and pulled up in front. Before she opened the door he leaned towards her again and brushed an errant curl away from her brow.

“You know this isn’t over right? I’ll be seeing you very soon Rosie.” He insisted. Rose smiled at him, warm and genuine. “Of course I know that. We have a meeting Monday at 9:30. Don’t be late Mr. Hayes.” Rose said, gracefully stepped out of the car, and strutted to the glass doors, feeling more confident than she had in months.

Inside the car John watched her sashay away from him, and promised himself he would step his game up.

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