I never did like long skirts Pt. 2

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I never did like long skirts.

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

The following evening Elise told me that I had an appointment on the Friday at 16:00 and that she’d come with me as it was my first time. I admitted that I was a little nervous because I hadn’t been to see a doctor since I was a little girl.

The Friday arrived and Elise and I walked into the doctor’s surgery only to be told that all the doctor’s were only doing zoom appointments.

“All we want is some contraception for my friend here.” Elise said.

“That’s okay then, one of the nurses can take care of that. Take a seat and we’ll call you when you can go in.” We were told by this officious looking old woman.

“I’d hate to cross her.” Elise quietly said when we were seated.

“Is that common with doctors?” I asked.

“You mean the zoom appointments, yes,” Elise replied, “doctors rarely see a patient face-to-face these days, over a hundred grand for sitting behind a computer all day, and I bet that they keep the patients waiting while they google their symptoms, cushy life being a GP these days.”

Just then the dragon called out my name and gave me a room number. I told Elise that I’d be okay and that it shouldn’t take long to fill in a form to get me some pills.

In I went and a middle-aged woman in a nurses uniform started asking me loads of questions and by the nature of them I was glad that it was a woman asking them. Then she shocked me a little when she told me to take my clothes off and climb onto the examination table.

I started to relax a little when she was prodding my little tits and telling me that I should examine them for lumps. I had a silent laugh and thought,

“Well that won’t take long, I’ve only got 2 little lumps on my chest.”

Then she moved down and started prodding my stomach and telling me that she’d seen that I wasn’t wearing any knickers and that it was the healthy option. Again I had a silent laugh and thought,

“I can’t imaging for one second that you are knickerless, I bet that you wear knickers like I used to.”

Prodding and pressing over, the nurse started attaching some metal bits to the end of the table and as she was doing it she told me that she had to give me a quick internal examination and that it wouldn’t hurt me.

I blushed a little when when told me to put my ankles on the stirrups and shortly after that she said in a surprised voice,

“You are still a virgin Cassie, I’m unable to do the full examination, not to worry, I’ll just have a quick look around.”

Less than a minute later she was telling me that I could get dressed as she went back to her computer. Once dressed I sat in front of her and she told me that I had 2 options, either I could take the contraceptive pill, one every day, or she could inject a little capsule into my arm that would have the same effect as taking the pills and it would last for years.

“I like that idea.” I said, “how big I it?

“About the size of a grain of rice.”

My horror thought of having a tennis ball sized object in my arm disappeared and the nurse started to read out loud a list of possible side effects, the only one that attracted my attention was that my periods might stop. I liked that idea so when she finished talking I asked for the implant. I was a little worried that it might hurt all the time but I never felt a thing,

Minutes later I was walking out with Elise knowing that I was ready to loose my virginity.

“Now all we’ve got to do is find you a man that you fancy Cassie.” Elise said as we walked back to the house with our arms linked like 2 best friends.

There was more good news when Tom got home. Not only did he have some dates that we could have the party, he’d got us all an invite to a party the next evening.

Never having been to an adults party before I asked Elise what I should wear.

“Well Cassie, definitely none of your old, cut down clothes. You don’t have a lot of choices do you,? Any of your new skirts would be good, they’re all short and definitely not tight which is good if you want to show off your assets. Tops, well, your new, tight top certainly shows the shape of your tits and nipples but your baggy tops will let the guys see down the front and let their hands slide up the front. Are you going there with the intention of loosing your virginity?”

“If the guys aren’t fat or ugly probably, I’ll have to wait and see.”

When I went to bed that night I was already feeling quite horny thinking about the possibilities, and Tom and Leo looking up my skirt and down my top just made it worse so I rubbed out a quick orgasm then a long, slow one as I imagined what it would be like having a guy’s hands playing with my tits and his cock sliding in and out of me. That second orgasm of the night was a really intense one.

The next day dragged but finally we were heading off to the party. We went by bus as neither Tom nor Leo wanted to drive and neither Elise nor I have a car. The bus was a double-decker and Leo led us up the stairs. Elise followed him, then me, then Tom. When we sat down Tom whispered to me that I really do have a nice butt.

I’d opted for a wrap skirt and a baggy top and I assumed that he’d seen up my skirt to my bare butt and pussy.

“Intending to loose your virginity tonight are you Cassie?” Tom asked.

“If there’s any cute guys there that are interested in me.” I replied, “It’s about time don’t you think?”

“After your upbringing Cassie,” Leo added, “it wouldn’t surprise me if you let all the guys there fuck you. You’ve got to catch up with Elise somehow.”

“Hey!” Elise replied, “are you calling me a slut?”

“I would never say that Elise.” Leo replied, “All I’m saying is that you have a healthy appetite for sex, perfectly normal, and it looks like Cassie is about to join you.”

I giggled a little and thought,

“Yeah, it’s about time that I started enjoying myself, there can’t be many 19 year-old virgin girls around.”

The house that the party was at is shared by 3 guys and by the time we got there there must have been at least a dozen guys and nearly as many girls there. Everyone was drinking and talking in groups and some of the girls were dancing to the loud music. I was nervous and when a drink was put in my hand I drank it down in one go.

“What the hell was that?” I asked Tom who was stood beside me.

He took the glass off me and sniffed it.

“Vodka and little orange. Have you had any spirits before Cassie?”

“No, but it looked like orange juice.”

“You be careful Cassie,” Tom said, “I’ve seen what alcohol does to you.”

“Oh I intend to be careful,” I replied as I pointed to the tiny little mark left on me arm, “this implant will look after me, no unwanted kids for me.”

I’m sure that Tom was about to reply but a guy walked over to us said hello to Tom and introduced himself to the rest of us as Ethan, one of the guys who lived there. Tom pointed to each of us and gave Ethan our names.

“Ethan is a tall guy who towers above me and he was looking down at me as he said,

“So you are Cassie, Tom has told me all about you, come, let me introduce you to some of the others.”

With that Ethan took my hand and gently pulled me away from my housemates. He led me to 2 groups of people who were talking and at each group he introduced me and at each group I got nice comments about my clothes. There were too many names for me to remember but I did remember one guy in each group because they were Ethan’s housemates, Luke and Harry. Both of them I thought were cute looking.

After the second group Ethan led me to the kitchen where he got us both a drink. I didn’t see what he was getting but the glass that he gave me looked like water with a slice of lemon in it. I didn’t give it a second thought, maybe because I was already feeling quite happy after the first drink, and I took a huge gulp of the drink. Then I coughed.

“What was that Ethan, I thought that it was water?” I said.

“No Cassie, that was a gin and tonic, nice wasn’t it?”

“I guess so.” I replied. “I’m starting to feel a bit warm.”

“Let’s go outside where you can cool off.”

As we walked out I saw that Ethan was looking at my front and I giggled to myself at the thought that he was trying to see my tits or pussy. He led me over to a garden swing that he said had been left by some previous tenants and he backed me onto the seat. I was grateful for that because I was feeling a little light headed.

As I held onto the chains Ethan sat on the grass in front of me and we talked small talk escort gaziantep olgun bayan trying to get to know each other. After a while I realised that he was probably that low that he could easily see up my skirt. I looked down at it and saw that one side if it had folded back and that my pussy and part of my pubis and to the side of it was uncovered.

I giggled a little to myself and the alcohol made me not care that I was partially exposed and I looked at Ethan’s face and saw that he was indeed looking at my pussy. Something made him look up to my face and I smiled. I was about to say that it was okay to look because Tom and Leo looked at my pussy all the time but Ethan spoke first.

“I like your clothes Cassie, are they Coco Chanel or Vivienne Westwood?”

I’d read about those fashion designers and had always dreamt of wearing some of their designs and here was a man thinking that some fashion designer had made what I was wearing. I almost laughed.

“No, no, I made these, you won’t find any designer labels on these, do you want to check Ethan?”

Ethan surprised me then by putting his hands between my knees and easing my knees very wide apart. This was possible because I hadn’t sat on the swing seat properly, my bare butt was perched on the front edge.

Ethan’s hands went to the velcro fasteners on the skirt and before I knew he was holding the skirt up between us.

“You’re right Cassie, there are no labels on this.”

He looked into my eyes which were already glued to his and we both just stared at each other for what seemed like hours, then his head moved towards mine and we kissed. That was the first proper kiss that I had ever had and I was in heaven. Ethan’s tongue gently eased my lips apart then started exploring the inside of my mouth.

I realised that my hands had left the chains and my arms were around Ethan’s neck.

As the kiss went on and on, Ethan’s hands went to my bare hips then my legs automatically went around his waist and I felt the front of his jeans press against my bare, and by then, very wet pussy.

I wanted that kiss to never end.

But of course it did and as I stared at Ethan I realised that the spinning in my head wasn’t all induced by the kiss. My body wasn’t used to alcohol and those 2 strong drinks were having an effect on me.

“Fuck me Ethan.” I blurted out without really thinking about it.

“Are you sure Cassie, Tom told us that you are still a virgin.”

“Fuck me please Ethan.”

“Are you sure Cassie?”

“Yes, just fuck me Ethan, now.”

I was still staring at Ethan’s face but I was aware that he was lowering his jeans then I gasped and looked down to see his big cock pointing straight at my pussy.

“Do it Ethan, do it hard.”

I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance and start to go in.

“Oh, ohh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, fuck that hurt.”

“Do you want me to stop Cassie.”

“No, I’ve read that the pain is only the first time and that it gets better after that.”

Ethan pulled out then re-entered me.

“Ooohhh that’s so nice.

Ethan slowly fucked me until I said,

“Faster and harder Ethan.”

And he did, me almost grunting each time that he thrust forwards and I nearly fell backwards off the swing.

“Keep going.” I said as I could feel an orgasm rapidly building.

Then it hit me and exploded inside me like a bomb going off. My head went back and I screamed the loudest that I ever had. Thankfully Ethan didn’t stop and I soon felt him empty his balls inside me.

“Oh my gawd,” I said when I was finally able, “that was amazing, thank you Ethan.”

“It’s me that should be thanking you Cassie, you’re right, that was amazing. So Tom was right, you were a virgin?”

“I was, and I’m so pleased that it was you who took it from me but I wish that it had happened years ago, my mother has a lot to answer for. And that was my first proper kiss as well”

“There’s plenty more when that came from and you can have me inside you anytime that you want.”

“Will you teach me all about sex Ethan?”

“It will be my pleasure Cassie.”

Ethan got to his feet and put out his hand to help me get up but as soon as I was on my feet my legs gave way and Ethan had to catch me.

“I think that I’m a bit drunk.” I said, “I need a drink.”

“Of water.” Ethan said,

“Of water.” I repeated and started to walk towards the back door.

But Ethan stopped me and wrapped my skirt round my waist saying,

“I thing that you dropped something my lady.”

I giggled and replied,

“Oh yes, I shouldn’t go inside without it someone will think that we’ve been fucking.”

Ethan helped me inside and to the kitchen sink.

“Here, give her this.” I heard a guy say.

Ethan handed me the glass that looked like it was full of water so I started drinking it. When it was empty I passed the glass back to Ethan and said,

“The water here doesn’t taste too good.”

Ethan sniffed the glass and said,

“I think that we’d better get you sitting down Cassie.”

Ethan helped me through to the lounge and he sat me on a sofa at one end of it. There was 2 other guys sat on it and the one in the middle looked towards me, at my bare legs and his eyes moved up my body. When Ethan had put me down my skirt had opened up and I’m sure that the guy could see my bald pubis, and he could probably see into my top and see my tits as well, but I didn’t care, I was happy, I’d had my first kiss and my first fuck, life couldn’t be better.

Well that wasn’t quite true, if only my head would stop spinning, I was regretting not asking what those 3 drinks were before I drank them.

I started to feel very strange, I could see, hear and feel, and I was aware of what was going on around me. I tried to lift one hand to straighten my skirt but my arm wouldn’t move. My knees weren’t together and I tried to close them but my legs wouldn’t move but my eyes were wide open and staring straight ahead. It was weird.

Ethan knelt in front of me with one of his knees between my feet and I could hear him asking me if I was okay or I needed to throw-up. He got no response from me so he got up and left me with my knees about shoulder width apart.

The guy next to me looked at me and he too asked me if I was okay. He too got no response. Then I watched as his hand pulled back my skirt at either side displaying my whole pussy to the room but I couldn’t see anyone looking my way.

Shortly after that Ethan came back and put a bucket between my feet and he straightened my skirt. He tried again to ask if I was okay and got no response. Then he put his fingers on my neck and found my carotid pulse. Satisfied that I was alive he got up and left me telling the guy next to me that I needed to ‘sleep it off’.

With Ethan gone the guy pulled the sides of my skirt off my thighs and put my pussy on display again.

I could see all the people in the room talking or dancing but I had no way to communicate with them. Whenever anyone came over to look at me the guy next to me just said that I’d had too much to drink and was ‘sleeping it off’.

I wasn’t surprised that the guys who came over to me left my skirt as it was but I was surprised that the girls just left my skirt as well, that is apart from Elise. She knelt between my feet, straightened my skirt and checked my radial pulse. Then she left me.

Yet again the guy next to me opened my skirt.

I noticed that the number of people in the room started dwindling, even the other 2 guys on the sofa disappeared and when there was hardly anyone there Tom, Leo and Elise were stood in front of me looking down on me.

“What are we going to do with Cassie?” Leo asked.

“The taxi driver will never let her in his cab like that, I knew that we should have kept a closer eye on her.” Tom said.

“Yeah,” Elise added, “too late now. She needs to sleep it off. Funny how her eyes are wide open.”

“Yeah, I’ve never noticed her sleeping with her eyes open before.” Leo said.

“When did you see Cassie sleeping Leo? Have you been sneaking into her room at night?” Elise asked.

“No I have not.” Leo replied in an indignant tone, “she dozed off on her chair one evening. I had to wake her to go to bed. On her own I might add.”

Ethan and Luke appeared and Tom explained the dilemma.

“No problem mate, leave her there.” Ethan replied, I’m not working tomorrow so I can give her a lift home in the van. I’ll get a blanket to cover her.”

Ethan escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan went off and the rest of them were talking about me.

“I hope that she had some fun before she passed out.” Elise said.

“I didn’t see her talking to anyone other than Ethan?” Tom asked.

“Neither did I.” The others said all at the same time.

“I was hoping to talk to her,” Luke said, but she passed out before I had the chance, she’s quite cute.”

“You can come to our party Luke,” Tom said, “we haven’t fixed a date yet but it should be soon. She needs to talk to guys a lot more. She’s still a virgin you know,”

“Cheers mate.”

“TOM,” Elise said, “you don’t go around tell guys that. That’s up to Cassie to tell them if she wants to.”

Ethan reappeared with a blanket and said,

“Help me turn her so that she’s lengthways please Elise.”

They did and Ethan put a cushion under my head. In the process of moving me my skirt got pushed up around my waist and I heard one of the velcro fasteners come undone. The blanket was soon spread over me but Elise lifted it off my feet and took my shoes off then covered my feet with the blanket.

Ethan moved the bucket so that all I had to do was roll over and I’d hit it if I wanted to throw-up. I heard a car horn and Tom said,

“That’s us guys, come on, Cassie will be okay. She probably won’t see daylight until lunchtime tomorrow.”

Ethan went to the door with them leaving Luke and Harry looking down on me.

“Shame that she can’t take her booze,” Harry said, “I was hoping to get to know her and take her cherry.”

“Me too.” Luke added.

It was then that I noticed another couple of guys in the room. Both were unrolling sleeping bags and I guessed that they were crashing there for the night. Ethan came back and said that he was going to bed. Luke and Harry agreed but Ethan seemed to hang back and when Luke and Harry had gone Ethan sat on the edge of the sofa and quietly said,

“Sleep tight Cassie. I really liked our bit of fun, shame that I didn’t get to see you naked, maybe some other time.”

Then he kissed me on my forehead and left telling the 2 guys to switch off the light before they crashed.

I looked over to the 2 guys who were crashing and I saw them looking at me.

“What do you think Jason?” One said.

“Yeah, she’s out cold, she’ll never know Andy, come on.”

I hadn’t noticed before, but as Jason and Andy walked over to me I saw that they’d both taken their jeans off, presumably ready to climb into their sleeping bags.

They stood right next to me looking down at me and me looking up at their boxers and their hard cocks bulging out the front.

“So what are we going to do to her?” Andy said as he pulled the blanked off me.

“Strip her for starters, she’s half way there already.” Jason replied.

They lifted me like a rag doll and within seconds I was back on my back totally naked with those 2 guys looking down at me.

“Fucking hell mate she’s got a pussy of a girl half her age, well apart from that clit.” Andy said, “zero padding around her pussy, she’ll be having boney fucks when someone does take her cherry.”

“Yeah, I heard that she’s still a virgin.” Jason said.

“Yeah,” Andy replied, “I heard that too. Better not bust her cherry otherwise she’d know what we did to her. I’m surprised that she’s still a virgin the way that she dresses, no underwear and that skirt. Jeez, talk about eye candy.”

“I had a girlfriend who never wore underwear, she had little tits as well.” Jason.

“Cop a handful of these.” Andy said as he put a hand on one of my tits and started playing with my nipple.

“Before we start playing with her,” Jason said, “let’s take loads of photos of her, I definitely want some of that pussy.”

“Good idea mate.” Andy replied.

I then watched as the both took lots of photographs of my body, including lots of my spread pussy. I wondered if any of them would find their way to the internet.

“Bloody hell, her nipples are hard, never felt one this hard before.” Andy said when they finally put their phones down and started groping me again.

“Yeah,” Jason said, “and their so big. My ex had big nipples, maybe all girls with little tits have big nipples to make up for their tits being small.”

“Do you think that she’s enjoying us playing with her tits?” Andy said.

“She’s out cold, I doubt it.” Jason replied.

“Do you think that girls have wet dreams like us guys do?” Andy asked.

“No idea, maybe we should try to make her cum, have you looked at her pussy? It’s so skinny and that clit, fuck, I’ve got to have a chew of that.” Jason said.

They went quiet but they didn’t stay still, I watched as Andy pulled his boxers down and I would have gasped if my muscles would have let me, his cock looked enormous, and it looked even bigger as it descended to my face. Andy’s hands took hold of my head and turned it to face him then he opened my mouth.

If I had been able I would have screamed. Instead I felt Andy’s cock move around in my mouth then go into my throat. I remembered reading about blowjobs and gagging and I feared that I would gag and choke to death but I didn’t. As he started to fuck my throat I guessed that the alcohol, or whatever, was relaxing my throat muscles and stopping me from gagging.

Meanwhile, Jason’s fingers were busy playing with my pussy. He’d spread my legs wide apart and was sat between my legs with his face so close to my pussy that I could feel him breathing. It felt nice, so did what he was doing to my clit with his fingers.

Then it stopped and I felt him lick all the way up my slit. When he started sucking on my clit I just knew that I was going to cum soon. If I could have wrapped my legs around his head I would have. Oh my gawd, I have never felt anything so pleasurable, well apart from when Ethan fucked me.

Not only was Jason chewing my clit but one of his fingers was circling around the entrance to my vagina and going in just a little bit. It was all driving me crazy.

My orgasm hit me like a train but the only part of my body that moved was my chest as my lungs took lots of quick breaths.

But Jason chewing my clit wasn’t the only pleasurable thing that was happening to me. Andy’s cock was fucking my throat, and it felt sort of weird, but nice, when I felt him shoot his seed down my throat.

I was pleased that he was at least pulling out often enough to let me breathe.

Just when I thought that the assaults of my body were over they swapped places and Andy made me cum with his tongue and fingers, and I got a load of Jason’s seed in my stomach as well.

Then it was more photos before they finally pulled the blanket over me, turned off the light and went to their sleeping bags.

I just lay there staring at the ceiling in the dark. I was trying to decide what my feelings were about what those 2 guys had done to me. I knew that it was sexual assault but how could I prove that I wasn’t consenting to it? I had never objected and I was drunk, or drugged. But at the same time it certainly had been educational, I’d been eaten out for the first, and second time, and there was no way that I could deny enjoying it, and I’d given my first blowjobs, although I’d been unable to participate. At least I now knew what to expect when my boyfriend, if I ever get one, asks me to blow him.

The last thing that I remember from those thoughts was that I had actually enjoyed the experience.

I woke to the sounds of birds and cars. The first thing that I did was try to move my arms as the memories of the previous night started to flood back. My arms moved so I tried my legs. I was really pleased that my body had returned to normal. I started to sit up then fell back as my head started pounding. I groaned and put my right hand on my head and closed my eyes.

I’d had a bit of a hangover before so I guessed what the problem was, only his time it was 10 times worse. Then I heard Ethan’s voice,

“Ah, you’re awake.”

“No I’m not, I’m dead, or at least I wish that I was.” I replied

“That bad eh?”


It was then that I opened my eyes and realised 4 things, firstly that I was totally naked, secondly that the blanket was on the floor, thirdly that my legs were wide open (one foot was on the floor), and fourthly, Ethan was stood next to me looking down on me and he was holding something in one hand and a small bottle of water in the other.

“I hope that that’s proper otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan water.” I said as I tried to pull myself up.

Ethan saw me struggling, put what was in his hands on the coffee table and then put his arms round my chest and pulled me up into the sitting position. They felt nice on my bare flesh.

“Better?” He asked as he put the blanket round my torso and tucked it behind me.

“Yes thanks, sorry about last night, I guess that I’m a booze lightweight.”

“Don’t worry about it Cassie.”

“Did we err, fuck last night Ethan? My memory is a bit vague at the moment.”

“Yes we did Cassie and it was wonderful. You appeared to be enjoying it.”

“Oh good.”

“Take these and drink all of that water then lay back down for a while. I’m sure that you’ll feel a lot better in a couple of hours.”

I did as I was told and then lay over sideways until my head rested on a cushion. Ethan lifted my feet up and I closed my eyes.

Sometime later I woke again and dare not move, my head felt okay but I feared that it would start pounding if I moved.

My brain started trying to remember the previous night. I started from when we arrived at the house and worked forward. When I got to when I was sat on the swing I was pleased that I could remember every detail. Ethan and I had kissed and it was wonderful and then we fucked which was even more wonderful.

As I was remembering his cock sliding in and out of me I felt my pussy get wet and I moved my hand to one of my tits and started playing with my nipple. Things felt so good.

Then I realised that I was naked under the blanket and I started to remember all the other things that had happened. The thing was, the hand playing with my tits kept going and my other hand moved to my pussy and started playing there.

I’d remembered that I had been sexually assaulted by Jason and Andy but I was still trying to make myself cum as I remembered it. I remembered the cocks in my mouth and the mouths eating my pussy. My hands worked faster.

I moaned and my body jerked as the orgasm hit me and as it started to disappear into the past I opened my eyes and saw Ethan grinning down to me.

“Having fun under there Cassie?” Ethan asked, “It’s okay, I often feel horny when my hangovers starts to go. It’s supposed to be a good cure.”

“Will you fuck me again please Ethan?” I asked.

“When you can convince me that your hangover has gone, has it?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t really moved yet, what time is it?”


“Oh good, I don’t have to be at work until 2. Oh I’m naked under here, where are my clothes?”

“I don’t know, you were wearing them when I put you there, you must have taken them off. Are those your shoes?” Ethan said as he picked up my shoes.

“Yes, they’re mine, help me get to my feet please.”

He did, and when I got there I put my arms on Ethan’s shoulders and the blanket dropped to the floor leaving me totally naked in front of my first ever fuck partner in an otherwise empty house.

“How’s the head?”

“Okay I think.” I replied as I rolled my head.

“Try walking a little Cassie.”

The totally naked me let go of Ethan and walked to the other side of the room and back.

“Slight headache but otherwise okay. Will you fuck me now please Ethan, I need to prove that last night wasn’t all in my imagination.”

“My gawd you are beautiful Cassie.”

“Thanks but I’m not, my tits are too small.”

“Cassie, you have to stop believing that all women should have big tits and that men only like big tits. Small tits really are beautiful and I’m sure millions, no, billions of other men would agree with me.”

My thoughts went back to the previous night and the 2 guys who had taken lots of photos of me dressed like I was right then. Would those photos find their way to the internet? Maybe millions of men would see my tiny tits. I felt my pussy and nipples start tingling.

“Ethan,” I said, “will you stop looking at me and fuck me?”

Ethan smiled and moved right up to me. He bent his head and our mouths met.

I quickly realised that last nights kiss wasn’t a one-off, my second ever proper kiss was just as good as the first. After goodness knows how long I reached between us and started unfastening Ethan’s jeans. As they fell to the floor I pushed his undies to the floor as well and I moaned as I took hold of his rock hard cock, It felt so wonderful.

Our kiss finally broke and Ethan said,

“Ride me Cassie, you control how you want to be fucked.”


Ethan showed me how to ride him cowboy style (he later told me the name) on the lounge floor. After a while he got me to spin round facing away from him and as I went up and down I looked in front of me and saw that I could see out of the lounge window and see the people walking by. I wondered what they would think if they turned their heads and saw us. But I didn’t care, I was having the time of my life.

I orgasmed twice as I rode Ethan and we only stopped after he pulled me down hard onto him just before I felt him shoot his seed into me then I just sat there, savouring every second, even when I started to feel his cock go soft inside me.

He slipped out of me when I leant forward, thanked him then kissed him.

“Thank you Cassie, that was amazing, the best fuck that I have ever had.”

I felt proud of myself as I got to my feet and when Ethan got to his he wrapped his arms around me and we just hugged for ages until he said,


“Yes please.”

Ethan took my hand and led me to the kitchen. It was still a bit of a mess from the previous night but Ethan managed to put the coffee on whilst I stood and watched him. I was still totally naked but Ethan was wearing his boxers and a T-shirt.

“Grab a chair.” Ethan said when he turned back to face me.

We sat and talked then drank and talked. Telling each other about ourselves and me including my hatred for the heavyweight and huge clothes that my mother made me wear.

“That explains your skimpy clothes and you sitting there with nothing on.”

“I guess that it does, I just love the feeling of the air on my skin.”

“Going to become a naturist are you Cassie?”

“I never thought of that, maybe I should look into that.”

Coffee finished Ethan asked me if I wanted a shower. The chance of a shower with a naked man was too good to turn down,

“Besides, he might fuck me again.” I thought.

He did, half way through soaping each other we kissed and I felt Ethan’s cock get hard and press against my stomach. His hands reached for my butt and he lifted me up until my head was level with his when he stood up straight. Then he slowly lowered me down until I felt his cock enter me. With my arms round Ethan’s neck we kissed as he raised and lowered my butt over and over, slowly fucking me to another glorious orgasm. This time Ethan orgasmed at virtually the same time as I did.

We parted as the shower water started to get cold then we dried each other.

“I suppose that I should find my clothes and go home.” I finally, and reluctantly said.

“I have no idea where your clothes are Cassie.” Ethan replied.

We finally found my skirt and top stuffed down the back of the sofa and I wondered if I’d put them there or if the 2 guys had.

As Ethan drove me home I asked him,

“Who were the 2 guys that crashed in the lounge last night?”

“Jason ad Andy, Harry’s mates, why, did they disturb you?”

I thought for a couple of seconds then lied,

“No, they didn’t disturb me all night.”

Before I got out of Ethan’s van we exchanged phone numbers and tried to fix up a date but neither of us were sure when it could be. He had to visit his parents and I wasn’t sure of my work schedule. We promised to phone each other in the next couple of days.

The following evening when the 4 of us were all at home, and sat eating, Tom wanted to know if I was still a virgin. I blushed a little and told them that I was not. Of course they all wanted to know who the guy was, although Elise correctly guessed, and they also wanted to know if I was going to see Ethan again. I limited the details that I gave them to just about Ethan, I still wasn’t sure about the 2 guys. Ethan and I still hadn’t fixed up a date so I told the others that I didn’t know if I’d be seeing him again.

The conversation changed to the party at our place and the only date in the near future that was convenient was the coming Saturday. I then told them that Ethan would be away visiting his parents.

“Never mind Cassie,” Leo said, “you can check-out the other guys that will be here or you could just drown your sorrows.”

I thought for a few seconds as I remembered what had happened to me when I’d got drunk, or was it drugged, at the last party. I felt my pussy get a bit wet then I said,

“Can one of you invite Jason and Andy to the party please?”

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