I Raped my mom_(1)

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Warning: This is a story of the overpowing rape by a young son of his nonreciprocating Mother. It is a brutal rape story with no mercy and no saving grace, please consider yourself warned.

As a 5′ 10″ 150lb 13 year old boy with a new 6-3/4″ long and nicely thick playtoy, I had raging erections on a daily basis but the thirst never seemed quenched.

As I laid there sleepily grinding my cock into the living room carpet through my jeans and watching the half-covered asses of the dancers on the television, I heard the bedroom door open to my mom’s room.
I looked up to see this sheer white nighty coming at me and time just seemed to slow down. Watching the black outline of a pussy walk right towards my face made me almost cum, for some reason I stopped even the slightest motion and just gawked. A thousand thoughts going off in my mind.

I patiently waited for her final drink to make her fall asleep like it had done many times. Finally deciding how I was going to do this, I ended up sitting up and leaning back into the couch with a hard bump to see if she would wake up. Knocking her arm across her chest made her boobs bounce but she didn’t even flinch.
I reached up and touched her pussy with a light stroke across the white nighty and immediately became hard. Tugging on her knee to make her legs spread apart I still pretended to watch Porno hikayeleri television in case she awakened.

My hand, still frozen on her knee, began sliding up her smooth thigh and I began to feel the heat from her pussy. Dying from curiosity I played with it a little bit when my finger suddenly felt a wet suction and was almost pulled in, like the pussy wanted my finger.
I grabbed my cock realizing I was gonna cum and quickly squeezed the head tightly, which caused me to cum even harder and I let out a moan like I had never heard before.

Not daring to give up on this new fuzzy plaything I had found, I vowed to stay awake all night until I got hard again. Three hours later I woke up rubbing my eyes and wondering if this was all a dream, glancing quickly to the couch I noticed my plaything still laying there waiting for me to explore it. I touched it, it wanted me again. Spreading her legs gently I laid over top of her trying not to touch her.
“Just please, pleeeease don’t wake up yet” I kept thinking. I could feel the head slide in and get warm and I knew I was there, as soon as I began to push in I felt myself cum.

After five agonizing days of jerking myself to that picture in my head, she finally reappeared in the same nighty with no panties on and fell to the couch. Two hours later she was rolled onto her side and after working Sex hikayeleri on it for a while I had the nighty up and her ass uncovered.
Staring at where her thighs met her ass and imagining the position of her pussy, I knew there must be a way to get in there even from behind.

I licked my finger and rubbed where I thought her pussyhole would be, but it wasn’t. Starting to worry that she would wake up any second now, I rubbed faster and she would let out a moan every time I hit a certain spot.
I kept rubbing there and started searching with another finger and then I felt it slip in. Fucking finally! I put a second finger in and pushed a little deeper, still no sign of her waking up.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I stood and dropped my pants and stepped out of them. After stroking myself with spit I put my hand under her knee and lifted her leg, dropped my knee on the couch, and found, after a second or two…that glorious hole.
I lifted her leg a little higher and let out a groan of pleasure when I felt it slide all the way in. I firmly planted my hand on the back of the couch, holding her in that position and began to slowly pump into her.

“If this wasn’t the shit, I don’t know what was. There could be no better feeling on the planet.”

She made a noise distracting me for a second but there was no fucking way I was stopping. Sikiş hikayeleri “Unh, unh, unh” I heard her grunt as I smacked harder into her, staring at her ass.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh” was the next thing she said, then she moved trying to roll backwards to see who was fucking her. I pushed her shoulder down into the couch and this was it, I was gonna cum in that pussy and blast it to heaven, when she called my name and fucked it all up. She said “Shaun get off of me now!” then she started scrambling to get away.

I finally got her held back down and grabbed my cock to stick it back in and I shoved hard. She screamed so loud that my ears began to ring, yelling in a harsh tone “Shaun, that’s my ass! get! off! of! me! now!!!
It was way too late for that, I sunk deeper knowing I was gonna cum this time for sure and her begging for me to stop just made me more excited.

Feeling me pounding into her ass I got this big grin on my face, pumping a few more times, I fucking exploded into her ass. Pushing my cock in deep I held it there and her squirming was just draining every last ounce of cum out of me driving me crazy, pushing hard I forced my cock to stay inside her.

Two days later I was sitting by the pool at my new home, my dad’s house, when my stepmom walked out in a one-piece bathing suit. She was carrying a screaming naked boy in one arm and in her other hand was the even smaller hand of her daughter, dressed in a little bikini.

I said to her “Thank you for the soda” thinking to myself “Man, those are some great lookin’ asses.”

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