I Remember

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I can’t deny it. I’m an old man now. Not so upright as I once was, I admit, not so tall either, not strong at all, that’s true. All true. All damn’ true. Down there, works still, don’t think me a liar, it still does, not often, I admit, but it does. Can’t remember the last time, but I tell you it does. Man has to have something at this age, old age.

They tell me my memory’s gone. Did I have breakfast? Must have, not hungry at all now, and it’s only ten in the morning. I’ll tell you though, there’s memory, and memory.

I remember, the first time. Well shit, you remember yours, don’t you? I do.

I still do, and I plan dying thinking of it. What a way to go. Best way I can think of, and I’ve done some thinking, I’ll tell you. Any day now, I

heard them say.

“Is he still eating?” First sure sign, they say.

Oh, my Lord, the heat, that blessed heat. The heat of her thighs, the heat of the moment, the inside heat. Oh me! That heat. Nothing else at all, comes close. I’ve been there, and I’ll tell you nothing, nothing at all.

The first time I met her, was so ordinary a dance. A college dance. She was

dancing long skirt swirling, smiling that wide smile. Fresh as a morning plum.

Innocent, happy, joyous.

She met me. We danced. Well, we started falling in love that night. Met the next day, for coffee. You know the kind of coffee that needs fifteen

refills, and ten cigarettes. Well, we fell further in love that day. Magic, I believed in magic that day. It was like the air sparkled, shimmered. Her voice, like bells in my ears.

Shit, I didn’t fall in love, I plummeted.

Well, we met, again and again. Kisses became cuddles, cuddles became caresses, caresses became demanding. We wanted, we needed, we had to.

We almost did. At her parent’s house. She was sitting on gaziantep escort reklamları a low chair. For some reason, I

was on my knees between her legs. Urgent kisses. That was it! To kiss her, I had to be on my knees. Anyway, she was soaking wet between her legs. I had my hand in there, feeling, arousing, trying to get her to take off her panties. It was a “No”. Parents might hear.

Her long hair shrouded my face, as she leant into the kiss. Wriggling with the passion, my hand encouraged. Still no. Then she whispered, whispered in case the parents heard.

“Ask me again, tomorrow at your place, ask me again. Now go.”

She was young. Eighteen she was, very young, and very wise.

The next day came, as it always does. Not as you plan, at times, but it always does.

She arrived, and we had coffee. We cuddled, and she let me open her blouse. She was beautiful. Puppy fat, still present on her ribs, simple white bra, best one she had, worn for me. Far too good for me, far too good. Lovely breasts she had, and silky, silky skin. Skin to die for. The smell. Oh, oh, me. The smell of that skin. A hint of soap, and all the rest just her.

We cuddled and kissed, then some more, and the bra clip was undone with her help. No, I’m not that clumsy. I wanted her to help, to underline where we were going. She knew better than I. She had a map that day, and her destination was marked.

She had small, neat breasts, very firm, pointing slightly out. Little neat nipples leading her, pointing towards my bed. We slid off the big chair and cuddled on the floor. Her skirt was well up, showing the smooth plump thighs, I was stroking. I went higher to her centre, and she struggled to open my belt. I left her to it, to underline again, where we were going.

She knew she wanted.She managed.

Then she opened the stud, opened the zip, avoided catching me there. Clever girl. Her hand so cool. Me so hot, burning burning hot. She said so.

It got silly, we agreed, and went to the bedroom. Well, floors are hard. Mine certainly were.

We must have looked a right sight. Her blouse undone, bra drooping unoccupied. Tits looking left and right. Very prettily, mind. Me with my

modest cock, sticking out of the jeans, I had to hold with one hand. Did we care? No! I took off her blouse, and the bra. She took off my shirt and we kissed. She put her arms around me, and I put mine around her. We kissed deeply. Her nipples, hard against me, pressed into my chest, pointy little fore-runners burrowing into me. The glossy, silky softness behind them. Oh, we kissed!

I dropped my hands, to her firmly plump, little bottom. Rubbed her there.

She squirmed herself against me. Torture. I must have found the catch to the skirt, it fell. She tried to skin off my jeans and I had to help.

She took my underwear with the jeans, stood back, as I got clear, and displayed herself. She did. She knew. She stood there with her little white

panties on, with the wet patch showing proudly, showing how happy and keen she was. Happy. The smile, her big smile, said happy. Proud, sure proud to be seen in her beauty, and why not?

We kissed. I slid my hands, rough hands, down her back, under her panties, and knelt to take them over her little feet. Sweet feet. I looked up at her neat, sparse brown bush, pink lips showing, shining, breasts jutting like only youth can, and at the top looking down the smile. The huge loving smile. I held her there, on my knees, arms around her thighs. The side of my head pressed against her soft bush. My heart bursting, her love lowing.

We clambered into the single bed. Arms about each other. Her left breast found my armpit and fitted sweetly. We cuddled and snuggled, skin to skin.

Her skin. Oh my.

As we turned, the sheet rose, and her scent, her girl almost to be woman scent, spun my brain. We kissed. A cool hand found me, stroked me,

experimented with me. I found her, I knew. Her breath gasped, little tight breaths, tighter. In my arms squirming, hanging, sharp nipple in my armpit, then coming, calling her joy. Telling the world my man’s made me come.

I waited, she calmed. I moved gently over her, and she guided me. Tight shut. No entry. I pushed, she urged her hips towards me. “Ow”! Shut tight.

We tried.

“Believe me, we tried.”

No go, dead end, shut tight.

Unhappily, she left. Plans in dust. No tears then, though probably that night, her pillow was wet.

Me. “Stunned, I think. So close, so near.”

The next time was the same. No, not true. We went to bed without all the chair bit. And the next, and the next. She knew about being rubbed with a

lubricant now, and having her bottom kissed and her centre kissed for hours. She found she liked a finger or two, in her pretty bottom, she knew

I did, too. She knew how to make me come, how to suck me, although never to a come.Never did come that way.

The next time we failed, she made an offer.

“What about the other way?” she asked. I was amazed. She was offering her bottom!

Gently I said, “No”.

Although the temptation, oh me. Never, was I so tempted. We tried her pussy again. No. Still shut.

The next time we had both come and recovered. Playing in bed we were, just playing, when I was in. Right in. All the way in. We looked into our eyes, passion white-hot from nowhere. I pulled back, then returned to her so hot depths.

“Oh! Oh, I do like that!” She said.

“So do I,” said I.

Nothing wrong with my memory.

“Oh!” Said the nurse, in surprise, “he’s gone smiling.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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