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Being a clandestine operative presented unusual opportunities.

Sarah considered this as she regarded the woman in front of her. Just a few short months ago, the woman, Vivian, had been an unassuming graduate student; now she was the CEO of an major, if shady, international business empire. Despite the change in fortunes, Vivian remembered when she and Sarah first met. She had been impressed by Sarah’s worldliness and experience. Though just a few years older than Vivian herself, Sarah’s career had followed an utterly different trajectory.

Vivian considered herself as a normal, straight young woman but something about Sarah stirred her in an unfamiliar but unmistakable way. For her part, Sarah viewed her own sexuality as a tool to be used in furthering her objectives. One of the reason the Company had recruited her was her stunning looks. She exuded an innocent aura, seemingly unaware of the impact she had on other people. Men were the obvious targets but most women found her alluring as well.

In the course of her professional career, she had seduced any number of men and not a few women when it served the mission. Her skills in the sack were as outstanding as her other abilities and it was the whole package that made her one of the best in the business. Given her own preferences, her urges took her to men and, lately, to one in specific. It was odd, really, as he was not her equal in attractiveness nor was he nearly so worldly but all of that may be why she regarded him with such affection. That and his untutored but extra-eager sexuality and the cock to go with it.

Oddly, both women’s’ noses were somewhat broader and more rounded at the tip than current fashion dictated but each had eschewed the temptation for surgical refinement, accepting themselves as they were. Those things that were amenable to personal effort, such as their well-toned tummies, they were happy to work on but neither chose to hire the services of someone else in pursuit of corporal perfection. They each had high cheekbones, though Vivian’s were the more prominent of the two. Either face drew approving looks from those they encountered.

Looking Vivian in her pale blue eyes, she read the interest and that interest interested her. The 9 mm Glock she had trained on the brunette made the interaction oddly more arousing. She gestured with the pistol. “Take it off.”

Vivian was truly confused. She too had drifted towards sexual thoughts about Sarah but didn’t dare to hope that the lovely blonde might reciprocate them in any way. “What?”

“Your outfit, sister. Remove it.” This time the gesture clearly indicated the whole outfit.

“I see.” Vivian smiled a smile that she could not have managed in such a situation six months before. As the anonymous grad student, she would have been too terrified to retain her self possession but after just a short time in her new life, she had become accustomed to the sensation of power. She was realistic enough to acquiesce to the obvious authority of the semi-automatic but she retained her self-possession.

She started to undrape her gorgeous figure, starting with her beautifully tailored suit jacket, revealing the elegant silk blouse beneath, enticingly covering the soft curve of her nicely-shaped breasts. Vivian slowly began to undo the buttons, starting at the neck and working her way towards her waistline.

When she wriggled out of the ecru garment, Sarah bent down and set the pistol on the floor. She rose and ordered Vivian, “Don’t stop now.”

All pretense of coercion was past. Both women were into this moment fully and willingly. Vivian was not about to stop. She kept her pale blue eyes locked onto Sarah’s darker blues as she deftly undid her skirt and shimmied it down her nearly perfect hips.

Sarah eyed the slightly younger brunette approvingly. Few women she met had a body to rival her own but Vivian was, if anything, even more perfectly proportioned. orhangazi escort Her pale lavender lingerie accentuated her curves appealingly. Sarah stepped closer and brushed her lips lightly across Vivian’s fuller, redder ones. Sarah was unsurprised to see the matching garter belt that held up the silk stockings that covered Vivians legs. She had, Sarah thought, the legs of a casual athlete, defined but not overtly muscular.

Vivian shuddered and felt a clenching twinge within her panty-clad crotch. She knew her juices would soon be flowing and she was delighted with Sarah for the experience. She reached a hand to the back of Sarah’s head and locked her lips with hers.

The two women kissed for an age, relishing the soft, unhurried interaction with one of their own sex. Sarah continued their kiss while she reached around and undid the clasp of Vivian’s costly bra. Their embrace kept the undergarment in place until Sarah broke off the kiss and grabbed the lavender fabric, revealing Vivian’s stunning breasts. The firm mounds were surmounted by large, brick red nipples surrounded by nice, bumply areola. Vivian’s arousal was evident from their stiffness.

Vivian’s tan skin contrasted so clearly with Sarah’s pale while flesh.

Sarah slipped her thumbs under the waistband of the lacy panties and pulled them slowly down all the way to Vivian’s ankles. As she did so, the tip of her nose brushed lightly through the luxuriant thicket of hair that Vivian cultivated at her crotch, curly hair that matched the nearly auburn shade atop Vivian’s head. Vivian did keep it trimmed such that it did not peek out of her panties but otherwise, she preferred to remain as nature made her.

Sarah noted the pungent, stimulating aroma wafting from Vivian’s sex. Her meaty labia, which always protruded from the surrounding nest of auburn hair, were swelling with her excitement, glistening from the aromatic secretions oozing from the excited walls of her tight canal.

Sarah seemed uncharacteristically diffident as she reached for Vivian’s sex and slipped her right index finger between the steaming lips. Moistening it with a dollop of the creamy goo, she sought out the apex of Vivian’s lips, where the bulging bud that was the center of her sexuality nestled. Finding the ‘little ploughmaid’ in her fertile furrow, she gently circled it with her well-lubricated finger, causing Vivian to gasp in delight.

“Oh, yes!” she cried, loving the sensations brought by Sarah’s tender ministrations. She longed to feel the warmer, wetter attention of Sarah’s pink tongue but knew she wanted to gaze upon Sarah’s gorgeous form before that happened. Vivian had never considered herself an aficionado of the sapphic arts but, since taking control of the conglomerate, she viewed her appetites in a different way. No longer bowing to others’ definitions, she had made the surprisingly easy adjustment to seeing her desires as simply that which must be done.

At this moment, she wanted to see, to touch, to taste Sarah’s naked body and the fact that Sarah was also a woman made no difference. This is what she wanted so this is what she would have. Fortunately, Sarah was more than willing to be the object of Vivian’s steaming desire.

“My turn!” Vivian asserted, pulling Sarah to her feet again. She seized the lapels of Sarah’s pink blouse and ripped it off her fairer partner. Sarah favored dark underwear and her bra was of black lace, supporting breasts that were the equal of Vivian’s beautiful twins. Sarah was actually a bit self conscious because she knew that once Vivian removed the black lace, she would see that Sarah’s nipples were not as symmetrical as the globes they sat upon. Her right nipple was notably smaller in diameter than her left and slightly off-center as well.

Sarah need not have been concerned, no lover had ever thought twice about this characteristic. Who could focus nilüfer escort on such a minor flaw when those marvelous breasts were theirs for the taking? Sure, had she been a nude model, the issue might have arisen but real live people having real live sex just did not have time to take such a dispassionate position on her feminine charms.

For her part, once the bra came off, Vivian was slightly relieved to find a small imperfection in the woman who seemed otherwise her superior is beauty. She reached for Sarah’s slacks and undid the waist and zipper.

Sarah took the lead in removing them, making the act of stepping out of her slacks surprisingly sensuous. Like her bra, her lacy thong was black. When Vivian slid this down Sarah’s sexy curves, she was thrilled to find that Sarah also went largely unshaven. She kept her wispy blonde pubic hair trimmed into a neat triangle and she did shave her lower lips but she did not sport the kind of naked mound that Vivian associated with underage girls. For that, she was grateful. If she were going to have sex with a woman, she wanted it to be a woman.

Sarah stood there in her naked whiteness, contrasting with Vivian’s more coppery tan. Vivian still sported the silk stockings and lavender garter belt but Sarah was completely unclothed, revealing her curves, her lovely, if slightly imperfect, breasts, and her incredible ass. Vivian’s perfect breasts made up for a slight deficit in the fullness of her bottom, which was just a shade less round than would have been the ideal of feminine beauty.

Sarah again leaned forward and kissed Vivian, who responded just as she had hoped. Sarah felt her own sex warming to the occasion and soon her own scents commingled with her new lover’s. The air was redolent with their mutual arousal and Sarah loved the delicious feeling of the wetness growing in her sex as her tongue explored the younger woman’s soft, wet mouth. Vivian mewed her consent.

Another leisurely age of kisses gave way to more frantic movements fueled by increasingly urgent desires. Sarah bent down, taking Vivian’s gorgeous left nipple between her perfect, gleaming teeth and alternated light nips with soft sucking on the turgid nub. She circled her tongue around her areola, delighting in the feel of each excited bump. After spending a decade appreciating the one, Sarah switched to its perfect partner, less it wither from neglect. Vivian, used to the rougher, more insistent mouths of impatient, sometimes indifferent men, found Sarah’s thoughtful attentions completely pleasurable.

After slowly satisfying her desire for Vivian’s lovely breasts, Sarah put both her hands on either side of Vivian’s striking face and gently urged her to the floor on her hands and knees. “Down.” Vivian complied.

Sarah started by stroking Vivian’s smooth, curvaceous buns. True, they were a tad less full than a perfect sexual object’s might be but that was irrelevant. They were Vivian’s and they were right here, beneath her soft, white hands, quivering slightly as Sarah’s long white fingers lightly passed over the down hairs that covered Vivian’s coppery skin.

Vivian adored having her ass caressed so gently, so caringly. She leaned forward, resting her head on her forearms, leaving that almost-perfect ass to Sarah’s contented stroking. Yet she wanted more, more direct stimulation. She dipped two fingers into her now wide-open cunt and made sure they were thoroughly drenched in her sexy secretions. Then, she brought her slick digits to her engorged clitoris and began to frig herself enthusiastically.

Seeing that her lover’s clit was already occupied, Sarah slipped two fingers into Vivian’s tight tunnel and slowly finger fucked her wanton partner. With her other hand, Sarah pulled one of Vivian’s taught ass cheeks aside, revealing the coppery hairs lining the dark valley between the golden globes of her ass. Sarah spotted the unfamiliar türbanlı escort sight of Vivian’s starry pucker. Sarah was not typically a connoisseur of this sort of sexual stimulation, though her training ensured she was not unacquainted with the possibilities.

Sarah surprised herself when she dove in without hesitation and let her hot, pink tongue stimulate the darkly-pigmented ring around Vivian’s unexpectedly alluring anus. Sarah lapped away all the more eagerly as Vivian’s gasps and moans indicated her enjoyment of the stimulation. She pistoned her fingers in and out of Vivian’s clenching cunt as she lapped at that private place.

Vivian increased the speed and pressure of her fingers on her swollen button as she reveled in the sensation of Sarah eating her ass. She had never been rimmed before and found the sensations a delicious complement to the thrills emanating from her clitoris as she rubbed herself ever closer to orgasm.

Sarah pressed her hot, pink tongue to Vivian’s attractive anus, not seeking to penetrate (she was new to this, after all) but to stimulate all the more. This did the trick and in minutes Vivian announced proudly, “I’m coming! I’m coming!… I’m COMing!!” And so she did with a shuddering climax that rippled throughout her whole body.

With Sarah’s anal stimulation accompanying her own fingers’ stimulation, Vivian managed to draw the orgasm out for an extended period. She was unsure of whether she had one long orgasm or several continuous ones. Not that it mattered. In the end, she collapsed onto the floor, Sarah’s fingers still trapped within her drooling cunt.

Sarah withdrew them with a satisfying “plop” and popped them into her mouth to savor the flavor of Vivian’s vagina. It was as tasty as she could have imagined and she continued licking and sucking her fingers for several minutes as Vivian’s panting slowed to the rhythmic breathing of the thoroughly sated.

Vivian rolled onto her side and propped herself on one elbow, cradling her beautiful face on one hand. “What would you like?”

In response, Sarah rolled Vivian onto her back and straddled her face, lowering her blonde-haired sex to Vivian’s soft, full lips and eager red tongue. Not wanting to disappoint, Vivian eagerly explored as much of Sarah’s labia and vagina as she could reach. Sarah bucked her shapely hips in time to Vivian’s loving tongue and soon was nearing her own much-sought release.

When she finally orgasmed, Sarah did something she rarely did and squirted profusely over Vivian’s pretty face. Vivian, lost in the moment of sexual intensity simply went with the flow. She continued her eager lapping, easing Sarah down from her physical high as Sarah’s spray ran down her lips and cheeks. She wiped her chin and grinned.

She had only been with a woman once before and that had involved a lot of rubber hardware which made it seem that a woman was a poor excuse for a man. This was something more pleasant, where a woman was simply a woman and two women could enjoy each other without the need to bring masculine sexuality into it. Not that either woman disliked men but this was all about each other and they were women.

Sarah licked Vivian’s face and kissed it as she eased her friend into the next segment of their sexual encounter. She almost thought of it as ‘love making’ but she was not at all sure that she loved Vivian. She knew that she liked her and she knew that she wanted to enjoy more of what they were doing but she was not at all sure that love came into it.

Vivian purred her contentment as Sarah stroked and kissed her everywhere.

“What now?” She asked.

“Whatever you want,” replied Sarah and she meant it. At that moment, there was literally nothing Vivian might have suggested that Sarah would not have gone along with.

“Let’s call Devon,” she suggested.

Sarah considered the suggestion. She had long admired her brother-in-law’s sculpted, naturally athletic body but she had always drawn the line at actually trying to fuck him. On the other hand, Vivian was suggesting it and, under the circumstances, it felt appealing.

“OK,” she reached into her discarded pants and pulled out her cell. She flipped it open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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