I Thought We Were More Ch. 16

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Adriana Maya

Alex lifted herself slightly closer to Jacob. When she looked down she could see his hands resting on her pubic area. Beneath that the lips of her vulva stood out and swollen from her body. Further down she could see part of the shaft and the head of Jacob’s penis peeking out from underneath her.

“It’s up to you what happens Alex. If you want us to just keep using our hands that is more than ok.” Jacob said.

Rose was still knelt down between Alex’s legs. She had taken her hand off of Jacob’s penis while the three of them figured out what to do next.

Alex stared down at his cock just beneath her. “Can you get it in from this angle?” Alex asked.

“Shouldn’t be a problem. Just lift up a little bit.” Rose said.

Alex lifted herself off of Jacob ever so slightly. Rose once again placed her hand underneath his penis and lifted it up so that it pressed against her opening. As she lowered herself down he slowly slid inside of her. He went in much easier this time than he had the first time they had been together.

Because of the angle the head of his penis seemed to go straight into her g spot. He could feel the extra soft tissue of the most sensitive spot inside of her now pressing against him. But also because she was facing away from him it meant that only the last 2 or 3 inches of him would make it inside of her. Already he could tell that would be more than sufficient.

He moved his hips forward and the head of his cock pressed harder into her g spot. When he slowly moved himself back he could feel the walls of her vagina contract around him.

“What do you think?” Jacob asked.

Alex was quiet for a while. She finally leaned back against him again which only seemed to press him harder against the front inside wall of her vagina.

“I think both of you need to keep touching me.” She said out loud. “That is, if you want to see a girl have the biggest orgasm she has ever had.”

Jacob’s fingers found their way back around the shaft of Alex’s clitoris while Rose used her fingers just below Jacobs to rub and stroke Alex’s inner and outer labia. All together her clitoris, labia and g spot were being stimulated simultaneously.

Alex cried out in a way that showed she really didn’t care what the neighbors thought. Her body shook and she pressed herself hard against Jacob’s cock.

He could no longer keep a grip on her clitoris so he just pressed his fingers against it and rubbed back and forth.

Alex’s head came back and she seemed to be pointing her head towards the ceiling. With so many parts of her vulva and vagina being stimulated at the same time she seemed to be engulfed in a sea of pleasure. Her eyes were closed tightly and she was gasping out deep breaths as she came again and again.

Jacob finally wrapped his arms around her torso and kept her pulled tight against him to keep her from falling over. He felt himself pop out of her, spilling a huge amount of her juices into his lap. She lay down slowly. Her legs pulled up onto the bed and she lay there with her butt in Jacob’s lap.

Rose began to rub her hands up and down Alex’s sides letting her fingers glide across her rib cage and down to her hips. Jacob also let his hands run across Alex’s body but he focused on her stomach all the way up to her sternum.

Because the two continued to stroke her she felt the aftershocks and the pangs of pleasure echo through her body long after she had her orgasm. As they touched her, she continued to spasm and twitch until finally she seemed to be finished.

The three of them all took up a position on the bed and sat there for a second. It almost looked like a strange bedroom huddle.

“Well, looks like it is Jacob’s turn. What do you have in mind for us to do to you?” Rose asked.

Jacob looked at both of them. Then he thought for a while. Rose and Alex looked at each other and back to Jacob.

“Is he going to decide what he wants?” Rose asked.

“I’m just trying to think of something that all three of us can enjoy.” Jacob said.

Alex chuckled. “Rose wants you inside of her anyway. She said it at the beginning of this whole thing and you wound up inside me instead. That was kind of rude Jacob.”

“I guess I haven’t learned the rules to a threesome yet.” Jacob said. “Besides you didn’t seem to be complaining earlier.”

Alex stuck her tongue out at Jacob. The three of them continued to sit there until Rose decided to act.

She stood up and bayan escort grabbed Alex by the hand. She pulled Alex up next to her and the two girls stood in front of Jacob.

“Uh, did ya’ll decide what you were going to do?” Jacob asked looking up at both of them.

“We aren’t doing anything until you tell us what to do.” Rose said looking over at Alex.

Jacob scratched his chin. “Well, Rose you said you wanted to have me inside you, which sounds awesome to me. How about I lay down and you can do whatever you want.”

Alex looked disappointed. “And what about me you jerk?” She said.

“I would love to have that pussy in my face while Rose has her way with me.” Jacob said looking at Alex.

Rose pushed Jacob down on the bed so that he was on his back. She climbed on top of him and then placed her feet on either side of his stomach. She was facing his feet and she dropped down so that her knees were on either side of his thighs.

Alex crawled across the bed and moved herself so that her knees were on either side of Jacob’s head. He looked up to see her beautiful vulva was now right down in his face. Before he could even lift his head up to meet her, Alex pressed her crotch downwards, grinding her lips and clitoris against Jacob’s mouth.

He quickly reached up with both hands and grabbed her by the buttocks. He steadied her hips over his face and then licked her all the way from her opening up to her clitoris. Her legs seemed to give as he did this and her brazen attack seemed already somewhat stifled.

He held her fast with his hands as the strength returned to her legs and she held herself up above him once again. He continued to nibble and lick at her lady parts but it was about to be Jacob that would be overwhelmed with a sudden pleasurable feeling.

Behind Alex, Rose was lowering herself into position. Inch by inch Jacob’s penis slid inside of her. Because she was facing his feet, Jacob could once again feel the soft spongy tissue of a G spot, this time it belonged to Rose.

Jacob couldn’t see what was happening due to Alex’s vulva being pressed against his face but he could now feel that Rose was lifting herself up and down on him. Jacob breathed out hard and this only seemed to spurn Alex along.

As he began to sigh and his breathing picked up, Alex pressed the inner and outer lips of her vulva against his mouth. In return he began to lick and suck on them even harder.

“Oh god that is amazing.” Alex said.

Rose lifted herself up and down faster, slamming Jacob’s cock into her G spot again and again. She could feel his penis getting harder. The head seemed to get larger in size the longer she thrust into him.

Jacob tried to speak but Alex’s pussy was still smashed against his lips.

“I… I…” He mumbled.

“Aw did you want to say something?” Alex said. She reached down, putting her hand on the back of his head and pressed his face against her pussy.

He managed to pull his head back. “I’m gonna cum.” He cried.

“Hey Rose. Are you on Birth Control?” Alex asked.

“Yup.” Rose cried out.

Alex lifted off of Jacob’s face.

“Is this how you want to cum, filling Rose full of your hot load?”

“May…Maybe.” Jacob managed to gasp. He was clearly out of breath as Alex had pretty much choked him with her pussy. Rose stopped lifting up and down on him.

“You ok there, big boy? You out of breath?” Alex asked.

“I guess if I am going to choke on something it might as well be your vagina.” Jacob sputtered.

“You would have choked on my labia. My vagina doesn’t stick out away from body and block airways. I’d have to fit it over your nose to choke you with my vagina… but I knew what you were trying to say.”

Rose lifted completely off of him. “Aw I can’t finish him off with my pussy?” she asked.

“I have an idea.” Alex said.

Alex turned around and moved backward so that she could sit comfortably on Jacob’s Chest. Her legs went down on either side of his ribs and her feet seemed to slide just beneath his arm pits.

Rose moved down and sat on his thighs. His penis now stood up between the two girls.

“I think it would be a perfect idea for you to finish him with your pussy, Rose.” Alex said looking at her girl-toy in the eye. “But first, with you sitting where you are, and me where I am, we can put all four of our hands on him. I suggest you work his balls and I will work his penis.”

She paused for a second. “Oh and hey Jacob. You heard the girl. She calls dibs on your man-seed. You let us know when you are going to spurt and Rose will take it from there.”

Jacob’s penis was still plenty wet from Rose’s pussy riding up and down it a moment ago but Alex still grabbed the bottle of lube one final time and coated her hands thoroughly. She grabbed a hold of Jacob’s penis with her left hand on the bottom. Her right hand went on top of her left like two people grabbing the handle of a baseball bat to see who got to bat first.

Even with both of her hands one on top of the other, there was still a good three inches of Jacob’s penis still sticking out of her fists including his head. She began to move both of her fists up and down his shaft. As her right hand rolled over his head she squeezed slightly making sure she put plenty of pressure against the underside of the tip.

Rose reached out with both hands and began to stroke all 8 of her fingers across his balls. She let the pads of her fingers softly slide across the skin of his scrotum as some of the lube had run down his shaft and slickened him in this area as well.

Jacob couldn’t speak. He couldn’t even move really with both girls sitting on him. All he could do was open his mouth. A slight noise came out of him like he was trying to cough but couldn’t.

“I think he is already getting close, Rose.” Alex said laughing.

His body twitched beneath Alex and she looked up at Rose. “Why don’t you get a little bit of him inside of you? Just put his head in so I can keep using my hands on his shaft.”

Rose sat up placing her knees on either side of Jacob’s hips. She moved herself almost to where she was on top of Alex. Alex had to scoot back a little bit but there was enough room for Rose to lower herself down. Once again the head of Jacob’s penis barely pressed against Rose’s vulva.

All this time Alex managed to keep both her hands wrapped around Jacob’s shaft. Her hands continued to slide up and down him. Rose dropped her body slightly. She was facing Alex and her back was to Jacob’s feet. The head of his penis slid just inside of her. At once he could feel her body tighten around him.

The most intoxicating thing about all of this was that all Jacob could see was Alex’s back. He could see her arms moving up and down. Other than that he was using his mind to paint mental pictures of all the things his body could feel happening.

He could FEEL how wet Rose was. He could FEEL Alex’s hands working away on him. He could FEEL Alex’s own moist pussy, pressing against his chest. And most of all he could tell that all of this was way too much.

Alex’s hands were partly what brought him to climax. The soft yet subtle squeezing of both of her hands around his shaft seemed to keep the blood pumping to the tip of his penis. What set him over the edge was the way Rose was ever so slightly pressing herself down on the throbbing head on the end of his shaft. She was moving no more than an inch or so up and down.

But it wasn’t even this that did it. He could literally feel the walls of her vagina clenching and unclenching around the sensitive, apple shaped end of his cock and he could not hold back any more.

His hands had been at his side the whole time. Now they both grabbed handfuls of sheets as his body unleashed itself inside of Rose. Rose cried out as her body seemed to slide down onto him further. She could feel the ejaculate surging out of him and into her body as the head of his cock seemed to expand and contract with each squirt.

She stayed on top of him the whole time. She allowed every last drop to be expelled inside of her. As his penis seemed to retract and fall out of her she dropped onto her side. With nothing to hold it inside of her anymore, a long stream of his juices began to leak out of Rose onto the bed. It looked as though almost a half a cup spilled out.

“Holy crap,” she said. “You didn’t tell me you cum like a fire hydrant.”

“I guess I kinda forgot.” Jacob said speaking more to Alex’s back than anything else.

The three of them took turns taking a shower and they changed the sheets on Jacob’s bed. When everything was back to relative normal the two girls put their clothes on.

“You two going back to Alex’s house to keep this party going?” Jacob asked as they all gathered at the front door.

“I think I am actually going to go back to my own house.” Rose said looking at Jacob.

“Me too.” Alex said smiling at both of them.

The three parted ways and Jacob headed back to his bedroom. He noticed for the first time since they had started that his phone’s message light was blinking. He picked it up and saw that he had a message from an unknown number.

“Heather is coming over tomorrow. Do not have anyone over. Only her. You know what will happen if you do not comply.”

Jacob sighed. He plugged the phone into its charger and lay down for the evening.

The day went by fast. Jacob arrived back to his apartment after his classes and a trip to the gym. He cooked himself a fast meal and ate quickly. As he took his last bite his phone vibrated.

“I’m on my way.” Heather’s text said.

Thirty minutes later there was a knock at his door.

“So what will it be this time? Should I go ahead and strip down and lay on the bed so you can jerk me off again?” He asked doing his best to sound sarcastic.

“Why do you have to be that way Jacob? I’m only doing my job. Don’t hate me, hate my boss.”

“Oh believe me, I do.” He said. “And you never answered me. Are you going to use your weird little sucker thing again? I don’t even know why you did that last time.”

“I am happy to announce I will be having to give you an exam tonight. Unfortunately I won’t be bringing you to orgasm. I say unfortunately because believe it or not, I thoroughly enjoy it. You make it so enjoyable. You can tell you genuinely love it and you seem to crave every little touch. Plus the way your body moves when you climax.” She looked up at the ceiling and grunted in the most feminine and sexy way a woman could.

Jacob looked a little disappointed but quickly tried to hide this with a look of satisfaction. He didn’t trust Heather very much at all but he couldn’t deny how good her hands felt stroking and squeezing on his cock.

“If you could strip down and lay down on your back on your bed, I will be as quick as possible.” She said.

Jacob walked into his bedroom and removed his clothes. He lay down on the bed and Heather came in and sat down on the bed next to him. She put on latex gloves and looked down at him.

“You’re not allergic to latex are you?” She asked.

“No, but you didn’t wear gloves the last time you did this.”

“I forgot to follow protocol last time. I’m doing it right this time.”

“But you said you weren’t going to bring me to orgasm.”

“I’m not. Just lay still and this will be over shortly. I have to examine you.”

She squirted some clear gel into her gloved hand and began to rub them together. Then she began to massage the gel into his balls one testicle at a time. The feeling was pleasant and soon Jacob was fully erect with his eyes closed and his head back. She slowly stroked away at the skin of his scrotum, working the gel into every little millimeter of his skin in that area.

Suddenly she stopped and took the gloves off. She turned them inside out so that what was left of the gel was trapped inside the fingers and placed them inside her bag she had carried in with her.

Jacob slowly looked up at her and realized she had stopped touching him.

“I guess you really meant it.” He said. “That felt so good and all I could think about was you moving your hands up to my penis.”

“Believe me, I want to. But I have my orders.”

“Then you are done for the night?”

“Yep. I just need to give you this.” She reached inside her bag and handed him a sealed envelope. “Open this after I have left.”

He got off the bed and put on a shirt. Putting on soccer shorts or any kind of bottom would be pointless until his erection went away. His penis stayed up lifting the front of his shirt as he followed Heather to the front door.

“What exactly was the point of all of that?” He asked.

“You will know in two days. Read the letter in the envelope.”

He nodded and closed the door behind her. As she walked out one of his female neighbors walked by and looked into his apartment. She could see his penis standing proudly out from under his shirt and her face turned to surprise as she realized what she was looking at. He quickly closed the door and locked it, then headed back to his bedroom.

After what seemed like an eternity his erection finally went away. He was so turned on by Heather touching him he wondered several times about how bad it would hurt for the man known as the boss to use the device as a taser, that is if he was to go ahead and masturbate.

When his erection was gone he rolled over and went to sleep.

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