Ian’s Digression

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Ian hadn’t dumped in 5 days. He knew if he didn’t go soon he would have to go to the doctor for help. Its not that he MINDED it so much, after all the doctor was one hot man with a very soothing voice and great bedside manner and he has helped him out with this problem twice before. He told him he needed to eat better and lay off the pain killers he takes for his back, they give him major constipation.

Most of the time he can go after 3 or 4 days, this load was taking a bit longer. He had tried suppositories, enemas and fucking his ass with his longest dildo but nothing was getting this impacted dump to move. He had one other idea to try before calling Dr. Ramirez.

Ian purchased a special attachment for the shower head, it was a long narrow metal tubing device that Dr’s use to help patients get impacted dumps moving, a last resort before surgery. Dr. Ramirez had told him about it and gave him a note so he could go to the medical device store and purchase one. He drew himself a hot bath, stripped down, attached the device to the kemalpaşa escort shower head turned on the water as hot as he could stand and got in the tub.

The device had a water flow lever so he could turn it on when he was ready and ease up when he needed to. He laid back in the steaming water and closed his eyes. He secretly loved the feel of the long thin cool steel tube being inserted in his ass, snaking its way up his intestines, made his dick hard every time.

As he lay in the warm water Ian remembered back to the last time he had to visit Dr. Ramirez for the procedure. His hand unconsciously gripped his dick and he began to stroke slowly, spreading his legs slightly so his balls floated and the hot water lapped at his pulsing asshole. Dr. Ramirez had a special table for the procedure.

A typical exam table but it had an opening for your ass to rest so he had access to the anus. Ian’s mind drifted back to when he was laying on the table with the thin layer of paper draped over his konak escort naked lap as he waited for Dr. Ramirez to come in. He willed his dick not to harden but it was rough, laying there naked and vulnerable knowing what was coming. It was normal to get a raging hard on when Dr. Ramirez inserted the tube and worked it around, he explained to him that the tube rubbed against the prostate which caused an erection.

He didn’t want to get hard until the procedure had started so Dr. Ramirez wouldn’t find out that he was secretly attracted to him plus the tube wasn’t the ONLY reason he got a raging hard-on.

Ian snapped out of his wet dream and got to work. He laid down on the bottom of the tub, pulled his legs up to his chest and slowly began to insert the tube. Once it was deep enough he turned on the warm water and lay back and relax and let the water, hopefully, do its trick. He felt his belly swell as the water filled his intestines, his dick throbbed hard on his belly, already leaking precum.

Soon kuşadası escort he felt the urge to push, he imagined it was the feeling women had when they were ready to give birth. He grabbed his legs behind the knee and bared down. He did this several times, he could feel the log move, he knew it was going to be a big dry one. He grunted again and again, feeling his asslips open and close but the turd just didn’t want to come out. Again and again he grunted and struggled, “God, it hurts so good”, he said out loud.

His dick was hard and throbbing and ready to blow any minute. This wasn’t working so he slid the tube out of his asshole, got out of the tub onto the big bath towel, and squatted. His hard dick bouncing up and down as he tried talking the turd out. “yeah, that’s it, come on out, come on, I know you want to, come on out now”. He breathed and pushed with all his might, the longer he did so the more precum seeped out his dick.

Then, bam his body started convulsing, his hips gyrated forward and he started spraying cum all over the bathroom, screaming out, “oh god yes, fuck yeah, fuck fuck fuck”! He grabbed his dick and pumped the last few spurts out. When his orgasm finished he looked down hopeful, but alas, nothing there. Ian took a piss, cleaned up the bathroom, and made an appointment for the next day to see Dr. Ramirez.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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