Idaho’s Revenge Ch. 03

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It was late on Friday afternoon but the Nevada sun was still warm as Idaho, assisted by her 30-year-old Mexican helper, Donita, marched the naked 19-year-old Kelly Shaw out into the lawn by the pool and strapped her into the flogging frame.

No sooner had the task been done than the phone rang in the kitchen. Idaho sprinted inside to get it. The caller was the prison super, Tania Harding.

“Yo, Idaho, how’s my slave hangin’,” came her cheery inquiry.

“Funny you should say that,” said Idaho, “but we’ve just got her suspended outside in her lovely little flogging frame as a sort of arrival present for you.”

“She nekkid?” asked the prison boss.

“As the day she was born,” replied Idaho.

“I’m pressin’ the pedal to the metal, or whatever the fuck they say, honey, don’t touch her till I get there,” said Tanya and the connection was terminated.

Back outside, Idaho, dressed in an ultra-teeny bikini, walked over to the 19-year-old, who was starting to sweat in her strapped position. Stroking her softly between her dragged wide thighs, Idaho told her: “That was your former prison superintendent, my dear. Seems like she’s really looking forward to playing with you again. Don’t get too hot and bothered, now.” And with a slap across the youngster’s toned thigh, Idaho walked back into the cool of the house.
There she and Donita, who was also wearing a sexy little satin bikini and high heels, sipped on long, tall bourbons and coke, and then the buzzer from the guard at the ranch entry went.

Idaho pressed the intercom: “Yo, Pedro?”

“A Mees ‘Arding, madam,” he told her.

“Send her on up,” said Idaho and then she and Donita strolled out to the large reception area in front of the house. It took two minutes for the prison boss’s Ford Explorer, in the dull Pueblo Gold colour, to drive up. Out of the vehicle came a statuesque black woman. Idaho instantly realised what Kelly had said about “a body to drool over”.

Tania Harding was a stunner. Possibly a year or two older than Idaho’s 39, but not much. She wasn’t tall – certainly shorter than Idaho’s model’s height of five foot 10 – but she carried herself with a hauteur that signalled: “Don’t mess with me!”

The black beauty was wearing white sox with her smart, brand-new looking white Nike trainers. The sox and shoes contrasted starkly with the tight leather shorts she was wearing and which gleamed tautly across her prominent pudenda. It also gleamed across her majestic buttocks.

On her top, Tania was wearing a black T-shirt with a white lettered logo reading “Look all ya like baby, but don’t EVER touch!” She was wearing dark shades.

The prison super climbed from the big Ford and held out her hand to Idaho: “Hi, honey, great body, like the way you work out. And this must be the bossy bitch, Donita. Hi ya, hon.”

Idaho shook hands with the statuesque woman, then said: “I’ll show you to your room, then I’ll re-introduce you to Kelly. She’s hanging around out back.” The remark brought laughter from all three of the women.

Upstairs, Tania dumped her overnight bag, pulled off her T-shirt to reveal a magnificent pair of large breasts – 40-plus, thought Idaho – with the perkiest big nipples and extra large black areolae surrounding them. Tania pulled on a little military cap and brought a large leather paddle from her bag.

“Take me to the little slut,” she grinned, and Idaho led the way.

The two women walked downstairs where they were joined by Donita and the trio marched out into the blazing sun. Out on the lawn, Kelly’s nicely suntanned naked body was pouring with sweat as she hung in the flogging frame.

Tania strutted in front of the teenager and grinned a big, toothy smile. “Hiya hon, missed me?”

Kelly looked at the wicked leather paddle and gulped: “Yes, madam superintendent, very much, madam superintendent.”

Idaho recognised a tone of utter respect and loyalty ringing through every word her young sex slave uttered.

Tania grinned, moved close to the blonde hanging helplessly before her and kissed her warmly on the mouth, while the leather paddle-holding hand went behind the girl onto her buttocks, and her free hand stroked between the slave’s toned thighs.

After a long, lingering kiss, the black woman pulled back and placed the paddle onto Kelly’s quivering sex trench. “Time I warmed up that cute little white ass, eh, Goldilocks?” she said, smiling at the perspiration-soaked nude girl.

“Yes, madam superintendent, please, madam superintendent,” came Kelly’s obedient response. Idaho was again impressed at the way the teenager submitted to the prison woman’s suggestions – not, of course, that there was anything the youngster could do about it, her ass was going to be warmed whether she liked it or not! And Idaho knew that she liked it.

The stunningly-built black beauty then walked around behind the girl, but after laying the paddle gently onto the blonde’s ass, she turned to Idaho and Donita.

“I’ll warm her up prior to otele gelen escort a little bit of exercise. Do we have a little haversack she can wear across her shoulders, one that’ll take, oh, say three bottles of piss?” she inquired of the two women.

Idaho nodded: “We have one which three pint bottles fit into perfectly. Donita, bring it and three bottles from the fridge.”

“And while you’re there, get Kelly some sox and trainers, she’s gonna do some runnin’ for us,” said Tania, as Donita headed off towards the house. “And a buggy whip, somethin’ I can use from a distance.”

Then she pulled her arm back and in a majestic sweep the paddle cut through the air to land with a “Craaaaack” on the girl’s buttocks. They bounced and quivered erotically, thought Idaho. The blow also brought an immediate response from the recipient: “One, thank-you madam superintendent, more please, madam superintendent!”

Idaho watched admiringly as the black bird demonstrated her flagellatory prowess, flinging the heavy paddle sexily against the blonde’s bouncing buttocks. When Donita came back from the house carrying a heavy knapsack, a five-foot long buggy whip, sox and Nike trainers, Kelly had just panted out: “Sixteen, thank-you madam superintendent, more please, madam superintendent.”

But the prison worker had stopped. “Time to get you ready for a nice run,” said Tania, and indicated she wanted Idaho to assist her in freeing the blonde from her bonds. When this had been done, Kelly was told to get her sox and trainers on.

After she had straightened up, Tania took the knapsack and placed it over the girl’s shoulders, hooking it into place using the two shoulder straps. Kelly struggled under the weight and then stood obediently awaiting further instructions.

“Right, I know you’ve got a jeep for her tow-rope crotch punishment, so how about gettin’ that out here and Kelly and me’ll go for a little run roun’ the property,” said Tania.

Donita went towards the large garage to fetch the jeep, while Tania swished the buggy whip through the air several times, testing its flex. “Nice, jus’ nice,” she announced, then Donita drove up with the jeep. “You climb aboard and enjoy the action, Idaho,” said Tania, “while’s me and Kelly work up a sweat.”

Idaho swung her superbly-built body up into one of the two rear-facing seats and instructed Donita to move off, slowly. When she did, Tania cracked the buggy whip across Kelly’s bare buttocks and barked: “Git runnin’, Goldilocks.”

Kelly began to run after the jeep ahead, her lovely 34-inch breasts bouncing freely as she tried to keep pace behind the vehicle. Beside her, running surprisingly swiftly for such a large-breasted woman, came Tania, her big boobs jumping and bouncing like a pair of basketballs as she easily kept pace with her co-runner.

After almost a mile of running, occasionally spurred on by the buggy whip, Kelly’s body was a mass of gleaming sweat and she was panting as if her heart was going to come up through her throat. Tania, Idaho noticed with admiration, was sweating profusely, but nowhere near as much as the 19-year-old.

“Whoa,” called Tania, “comfort stop.”

Donita braked the jeep to a halt and Tania stepped behind the gulping blonde girl. Unstrapping the knapsack, she removed a bottle that had once held Coke, but which now was full of a dark amber fluid.

“Time for a little drinkies, eh?” she grinned, removing the screw cap and handing the bottle to Kelly. The young woman gulped some of the saline liquid down, then some more. Finally, after three gulps, Idaho saw that only a few ounces remained in the bottle.

“Here, bitch,” said the superintendent, “save some for me!” And to Idaho’s utter amazement the black beauty sucked down the final gulp of the urine, smacked her lips together, announced “Lovely, just what the super ordered!” and placed the bottle back in the knapsack on the girl’s back.

So the arduous run continued, the super easily keeping apace with her former inmate, the buggy whip sometimes singing out onto the girl’s bouncing backside, a stop after another mile or so, the lion’s share of the liquid for the blonde, a swift suck for the super, then back on the run.

By the time the two runners arrived back beside the superbly manicured lawn by the pool, sweat was pouring down both their bodies, only Kelly had ingested large amounts of urine – more than two and a half pints, Idaho estimated, and was wheezing as if she was going to heave the contents of her stomach all over the grass.

Idaho dismounted, Donita put the jeep away, and Tania stripped off her sox and trainers, her leather pants, now sopping wet from her exertions to reveal a little black latex thong. She then flung her cap away, helped Kelly out of her knapsack, sox and trainers and the pair leaped into the pool to cool down, closely followed by Idaho.

Later, after a fine meal of Mexican food catered by Donita and accompanied by several cold Coronas, mecidiyeköy escort Tania announced: “Now, I know you’ve gotta lovely little torture chamber, so I suggest a short session of fun with Goldilocks before we all fuck off to bed.”

Idaho nodded her agreement.

“Right, little missy,” said Tania, “get your scrawny little white ass up to my bedroom, from my brief case get a book – you’ll know the book – and my whip, then get back here. Jump!”

As Kelly scampered to her task, Idaho told the superintendent: “Before you start on her down in the chamber, there’s one little after-dinner humiliation I make her undergo. That OK with you?”

Tania grinned one of her big, toothy grins. “Long as I get wet watchin’ it, Idaho, it’s fine by me,” she said.

Idaho, who was wearing a metallic blue itsy-bitsy bikini, and Tania, who was nude but for her high heels, then settled on a couch and Idaho nodded to Donita to take center-stage.

The busty nude Mexican, stood with her feet a yard apart, her hirsute pussy revealing glimpses of pink labia lips. As Kelly returned and handed the book – a thick volume of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, Idaho noticed – and the whip to her former prison boss, Donita snapped into action.

“Don’ think that because madam superintendent’s going to have fun with you, I can’t, little missy,” snapped the Mexican. “You know the after-dinner dessert you like so much, so get down to it.”

And Tania watched in appreciation as the young blonde sank to her knees and crawled across to the Mexican’s hairy pussy. Placing her hands just beneath the maid’s chubby buttock cheeks, the girl began to worship at the 30-year-old’s pussy.

“How’s she smell?” Tania asked, driving directly to the point.

“Highly aromatic,” said Idaho, watching her sex slave working earnestly at Donita’s quim.

“Translated means she’s gotta smelly snatch,” laughed Tania.

“Agreed,” said Idaho, as Kelly began to bring Donita closer and closer to her orgasm.

“You should lend her to me,” said the prison boss, “I’ve got a few little bitches who’d get really on heat if they had to worship at that mighty minge.”

Just then the Mexican woman let go a guttural groan and plunged herself hard down on the panting girl’s mouth before shrieking to a noisy and obviously extremely satisfying climax.

The maid then grasped Kelly’s blonde hair and pulled her face until it tilted upwards. “Thank-you, missy,” she hissed, “now to show my appreciation here’s a little treat. Open wide.”

And as Tania and Idaho looked on the Mexican woman completed the white teenager’s humiliation by letting loose with a torrid stream of yellow urine. Kelly gulped it all down, not spilling a drop – a feat not missed by Tania – and then she licked the 30-year-old’s snatch clean of any residual traces of piss.

“Right,” said Idaho, rising from the couch with Tania. “Get that book and whip and carry it down to the chamber for the superintendent, Kelly,” and with that the statuesque Idaho handed the bok and whip to her sex slave, who trotted obediently downstairs to the chamber, closely followed by her trio of torturers.

Once inside, while Tania inspected the room’s equipment, Idaho checked out the leather lash which would play a part in Kelly’s next punishment. It was an expensive-looking little piece of punitive paraphernalia. The handle was a mere eight to 10 inches long, made from beautifully bound leather.

But it was the “business end” of the flogger which interested Idaho. This consisted of about six inches of plaited leather leading to three one-foot long lashes. At the tip of each lash was a leather ball, about half the size of a golf ball.

Tania took the flogger from Kelly and made the naked girl – naked, save for her high heels – stand about a foot in front of the large leather couch on one wall of the chamber. “Idaho, you’re the masturbatrix,” she announced, “so you sit in front of lil Miss Goldilocks.”

Idaho did as she was told, placing herself within easy stroking distance of Kelly’s semi-shaved blonde-haired pussy.

“Donita, you’re the book depositor,” said Tania. “Put the book on the top of her head. When it falls, pick it up and wait till I tell you to put it back.”

Donita carefully balanced The Grapes of Wrath on top of the blonde’s head.

“Now into position, slut,” snapped Tania and Kelly, very carefully, spread her legs until her feet were about a yard apart. Tania then stood off to one side, just behind the girl’s body.

“Now all she has to do is balance the book,” said the prison super. “But since that’s a fuckin’ borin’ task, we’ll make it a bit more interestin’ for her by allowin’ Idaho here to finger her nasty lil sex slit. Ready Idaho?”

The beauty of the punishment was starting to be revealed to Idaho, who knew Kelly was extremely sensitive to being finger fucked and would find it difficult to control herself during the masturbation process. Idaho guessed that an inability to balance türkmen escort the book on her head would result in Kelly being flogged. She awaited that part of the “game” with interest.

“Start the finger friggin’ Idaho,” said Tania, “we haven’t got all fuckin’ night.”

Idaho’s right hand reached out and began to stroke the youngster’s sex trench, flicking into her cunt – sopping wet – tracing along her labia – sopping wet – then stroking her clitoris – erect, engorged.

Kelly began to moan as Idaho started her delicious work, trying to fight back the desire to buck and heave on her mistress’s fingers, knowing that any movement would dislodge The Grapes of Wrath – and incur Tania’s wrath!

But after a minute or two, Idaho’s insidious digital domination of the 19-year-old’s sex became too much for the lovely young blonde. A sudden jerk as her clit was flicked, and Mr Steinbeck’s book was toppling from the girl’s head into Donita’s waiting hands.

“That’s one, Kelly,” called the black beauty. Then her arm was pulled back and the triple-thonged flogger cracked against Kelly’s ass. The three leather balls all struck at about the same instant, all on different parts of the blonde’s pert buttocks.

“Right, Donita, put the book back, and Idaho you can git goin’ again, baby,” said the lead dominatrix.

Idaho thought that one stroke for losing the book was a mild punishment for Kelly, but made no comment. Then, after about another minute of masturbatory manipulation and the book fell once more.

“That’s two, Kelly,” announced Tania, “so that’s a double up – two strokes this time.” The flogger flashed down, once, twice, on the teenager’s beautiful bum.

Idaho suddenly cottoned on to what was happening. Tania had spoken of “a double up” so Idaho guessed that the third overbalance of the book would lead to four strokes. She was correct! The flogger burned four cracks onto Kelly’s ass after the third failure to control her body’s tremors during Idaho’s relentless finger work.

The next time the book fell, Tania delivered eight strokes, the next time 16 strokes, and – finally for their poor, trembling victim – 32.

“I’m goin’ easy on you, lil Miss Goldilocks,” announced the prison super. “I was thinkin’ of givin’ you 64 next time, but I think since I’ve had a long drive here today, we’ll call it a day. But tell me, lil Miss Smarty-Pants, how many strokes you had, eh?”

Idaho looked up as Kelly closed her eyes tight shut to work out the number. “Er, 63, madam superintendent?” said the girl, more a question than a statement.

“Very good,” said Tania, “that’s dead right, missy. But 63 – now what kinda fuckin’ number is 63? Tell you what – let’s make it 69. Now that’s what I call a fuckin’ number. That OK with you, Miss Goldilocks?”

Kelly nodded her head and spoke quietly: “Yes, thank-you, madam superintendent, that’s fine.”

And with that the black bird whipped six more strong strokes onto Kelly’s already battered backside. At the conclusion of the punishment, Idaho walked around behind her sex slave and looked at the girl’s backside. It was a mass of small red circles which had been emblazoned on the ass cheeks by the cruel little whip’s triple thongs.

“I think it’s time for bed,” Idaho announced, firmly.

Tania put the whip down and nodded: “You’re the boss, my dear, you’re the boss. And what are the sleepin’ arrangements, Madam Boss?”

Idaho knew it was time to assert herself. “I’m sleeping with Kelly,” she said, firmly. “Donita, sleep with the super if you want. If you don’t, I’m afraid you’ll have to sleep alone, Tania.”

To Idaho’s surprise, the black woman took it “on the chin”. “I love a woman who knows her mind,” she said. “How ’bout it Donita, care for some slap and tickle or do I have to tickle my clit all by myself?”

Donita grinned: “Don’t let it be said I was a spoilsport, you big black hunk of meat. Lead the way – only I warn you, I’m musky as hell and randy as hell.”

Tania roared: “That’s you and me, baby!” And the pair left the chamber.

Idaho took Kelly in her arms, kissed her gently and they went to bed, sleeping cuddled in each other’s arms, their breasts rising and falling and pressed together as the rhythms of sleep overcame them.

The next morning, as Kelly was providing Idaho with her first orgasm of the day, came a rap on the bedroom door. “Come,” cried Idaho and two naked women entered.

“We’s gotta problem,” said Tania, as she and Donita looked down at Kelly, her face buried between Idaho’s muscular thighs, working her mistress to an orgasm.

“What’s that?” asked Idaho, slightly annoyed at being interrupted during her pleasure and also pretty confident that she knew what “the problem” was.

“We’re both bustin’ for a pee,” said the prison super.

Idaho nodded, her confidence now proved. “And you want to use my little lady as a piss pot,” she told them.

“Any objections?” asked the black woman.

“None,” said Idaho, honestly, “but we’ll do it down in the torture room. I’ll bring her down when she’s completed her task here. Presumably you can wait that long?” She knew damn well they could.

“Sure, we’ll see ya down there, Miss Goldilocks,” said Tania, slapping a hand heartily across Kelly’s still striped and splotched buttocks.

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