If You were on Your Knees…

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How would I react if I came home to find you on your hands and knees?

I would hand you crawl on your hands and knees slowly to me. Once at my feet, I’d have you rise to a kneeling position and look up at me so I can see the hunger in your eyes. I’d instruct you to undo my belt and open my pants and take me in your mouth while I grab your hair and enjoy the feeling of you just pleasing your master.

I’d eventually stand you up and take your clothes off of you and survey your body. Move behind you and pull your hair back from your neck and shoulder so that I can bite the area between your shoulder and neck. Deeply. While I do that, I’d grab you around the throat and pull you in close to my chest.

You’d want me to take you right then and there but I’d push you away from me. No I need to please my tastes before I give you that.

I’d lay you back on the kitchen table and tell you to grab the chair behind your head. Threaten you that if you let go that would be a paddlin’. I’d then proceed to eat you with a ravenous hunger.

In the past, you would feel awkward about this. It’s not really your thing. But the combination of how good my tongue is and how much you like to please your master gets you into it. You’d feel it so intensely that you’d grab my head to pull me up.

I would pull back again and tell you to get up. I’d bend you over the table, your breasts pressed down and the feeling of the table edge pressing into your thighs. I would proceed to spank you. Firmly. Left, right, left, right. Rub your ass to ease the sting.

After this, I’d enter you. Just the head and I’d stop. That tease would be too much for you and you’d wiggle your ass trying to get me to fill you with my huge cock.

Another sharp slap on the ass. Stinging you this time. As you begin to react to it I would slam myself into you fully and hard making you stop. After that, I’d pull back slowly until just the head is still inside of you and wait. Then slam back into you, shaking the table.

After doing that to you a few times, I’d likely grab your hair close to the scalp and try to inch my way into you from hilt to deeper. You would feel me stretching you out further and further and suddenly I’d retreat from you.

I would have you get up, drop to your knees, and take me into you as deeply as you could. On the way out you’d know to use your teeth and you’d feel me growing even more than I was inside of you.

I’d pick you up and place you on the counter so that I could feel you bite me and feel Escort bayan your huge gorgeous tits against my chest.

The counter wouldn’t work for very long. The cabinets above are too close for you to be comfortable and the counter is too high for me to please you right. I’d lift you up and you’d wrap your legs around me. I’d pick you up keeping myself inside of you and walk to the doorway to fuck your tight pussy right there.

I would take you to the living room and set you down on the couch. I would sit down and you’d likely take me in your mouth again. While you did this, I’d reach over your back and use my fingers on you.

I wouldn’t let you do this for too long. You get carried away and I’m not gonna be ready to cum yet.

I would pick you up and have you straddle me. Your tits would be in my face and I’d have to play. I’d grope them and kiss them and bite the nipples gently but firmly.

Once you’ve cum again, I’d stand us up again and head to the hallway.

When we reach the hallway, I fuck you upright. Because I can. No walls, doors, or anything else.

I would put you down and lead you into the bathroom. You would begin to understand that I intend to fuck you just about everywhere in our home that I can.

I’d bend you over the sink, but not in half. You’d still be upright and able to see yourself in the mirror. I would come up behind you and whisper in your ear to see how sexy you are when I fuck you. I’d instruct you to keep your eyes on the mirror as I enter you from behind. I would grab your throat again, coming up between your pendulous breasts. Your arms would be supporting you by grabbing onto the edges of the sink.

As I start fucking you, invariably you’d start to look around and you would see me in the mirror. I would be looking you in the eyes, the hunger and passion almost frightening but very electrifying. With your subordinate nature I’m sure you’d look down and I’d have to punish you again.

I’d do this by stopping, bending over, and biting your ass cheek hard. Painfully hard.

You’d react and I’d have you spread your legs further and bend over more. I’d then lick you from hood to taint before going back down and sucking your clit. You want to cum again but standing up it’s hard to do. I would relish this torture. You would not.

I would spin you around to face me and pick you up over my shoulder to carry you to the bedroom.

Once in bed, I would restrain you. I like you tied down. You want to buck or to push me away or pull me closer Bayan Escort depending on what I’m doing to you at the time but you can’t. You’re stuck spread wide and at my choosing to what happens to you.

I envision us having our bed centered in the room with a special headboard that telescopes down to be level with the mattress. From there I have full access unrestricted to you.

I would drop the headboard. You’d hear the click and know something is up. I’d lean over your head and kiss my way from apex to forehead. I assume that you’d take a nip at me.

Now assuming I’m right and you took a nip at me, I’d need to punish you again. I go to the bedside toolbox and select something special.

I go to the foot of the bed and start working my way up your legs. I’m going to alternate between soft kisses and hard bites. As I reach your inner thighs, those kisses and bites become more of a sucking kiss with teeth. Not biting down, but pressing in against your soft flesh.

The pleasure is intense, but somewhat painful. I would have every intention of leaving my mark on your inner thigh. Above the hemline of your shorts. Only visible to you and me.

As long as it took me to work my way up your legs, I suddenly recede from betwixt your thighs.

I would then come up and lay beside you. I would want to feel your lips on mine. I’d work my fingertips across your body; tracing your arm from hand down to your ribs. I’d trace the edges of your breasts and down your stomach. I’d continue south and go up over your hip bones then down the top of your thighs.

From that light touch going south, my touch becomes more firm going back north. The emphasis is on the nail tracing the same lines as my fingertips in reverse.

I’d dig the nail in as I cross the hip bone. I’d continue north and press your nipple between my thumb and forefinger. When I finally reach your shoulder, I’d grab you behind the head, thumb along your jaw and pull you in closer to me.

I would transition from your side to between your legs; leaning over your body having not taken my lips off of yours.

I’d work my way down with my mouth; kissing, sucking, and biting where I think you need it.

When my mouth finally makes it to my favorite meal, I start working you with my fingers.

I stop using my fingers shortly and you feel something press against your asshole. I tell you to relax and accept what’s coming.

It’s cold and lubricated. Not my finger. You do as instructed and relax. As it starts to Escort enter you, you recognize the feeling. This is one of our butt plugs. The largest part finishes entering you and you can feel it pressing your insides.

Once it’s inside of you and seated properly, I stop eating you. I get off the bed. I loosen but do not remove the leads on your ankles.

I come around to the head and pull you up to the edge. From here, your head can lean back and you can move it around more freely.

I instruct you using one word. Open. I’m sure from your upside down angle you’ll look at me slyly and I’ll have to punish you again. If necessary, this is achieved by a quick slap on the top of a thigh.

When you open your mouth, I tell you that I’m going to insert myself. I want you to please me from this position. If you start to panic, open all fingers on your hands and I’ll remove myself.

You nod your understanding and I enter you. You won’t be intimidated on how to please me this way. You know you’ve got the best mouth that I’ve ever experienced.

As you start to take stride, I will start to thrust. Not a full thrust, just a little. I don’t want to kill or choke you that way.

Just when you get to stride, you’ll hear a click and a buzzing. That feeling of the plug is surprising. I’ll feel the change within you.

The buzzing is distracting. You’re having trouble focusing. I’ll confirm this by pulling out of you and asking. Then I’ll admit that’s your punishment for nipping at me earlier.

I will decide that I want to fuck you. Hard. I will remove your restraints and instruct you to get back on your hands and knees the way I found you when I got home.

I’ll position myself behind you and press my cock head right against your lips. I want you to feel it there; waiting patiently to return to its home.

You squirm. It can’t be helped. There’s a vibrating sensation inside of you and my cock head is sitting at your opening putting a different sort of pressure on you.

When I enter you, it’s slow. Extremely slow. Inch by inch in, spreading you wide. I will feel the vibration and you’ll feel it more with me filling you up.

Once inside you fully, you’ll cum. When you’re done, I will start pounding you hard. Every thrust I’ll hit the end of the plug making the pressure even more for you.

When I’m ready to cum I start pounding harder and faster. Just before I start, I pull the plug out releasing that pressure and creating a huge release for you. When I cum I will go deeper and deeper, practically trying to climb inside of you. I will fill you with my seed and we will collapse on the bed together

And that’s how I’d react if I came home to you on your hands and knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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