Ignorant Village Boy

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Life was tough in the village. Financial challenges at home denied me the privilege to seek better jobs or even to wait for appropriate jobs offer. After sleepless nights pondering over the directions of my life, I made one final decision, join the others, move to town, take what ever job that pays.

That weekend, the village youths returned from their working places. Most of them construction labourers. They seemed to have so much stories to bring home. After seeking information on jobs and the employers, I decided to try out with Benedict, whom we fondly called Ben.

Sunday morning came, I carried a bag and $30 in my pocket, waited for Ben and two others. We waited at a small village grocery shop. Went all was ready, we boarded the 10am bus to town some 80km away. My dad and youngest brother were there to see me off.

By 1pm we arrived at the so called workers hostel. The hut was hot though spacy. There wasn’t any rooms/bedrooms, a spacy common room where we were supposed to sleep, a bathroom with toilet and a kitchen space. The walls were made of boards. After resting, Ben brought me to their employer’s house not too far away.

Boss, he’s my village buddy and would like to work, said Ben. The employer, a man in the 70s looked at me from head to foot then back. A can of beer in his hand which he seeped from time to time, ok, come tomorrow he said as he continued his beer. What a man I thought.

I was tasked with a wheelbarrow, ferrying sand, gravel, bricks and cement. It was quite fun I thought. 10am break, everybody crowded round the employer’s station wagon. There were packed noodles and packed and iced tea for everyone. The boss himself drank beer all day long. By 4.30 pm, the boss did his round to see the progress of our work. Then we called it a day.

Once a fortnight we’ll be having dinner at our employer’s bursa escort house. Then he’ll pay us our half month salary. I received $225. We were all treated to a night of beer, drinking at his garage space. All except me, drank pints and pints of beer. I drank coke. I was called into the house, our employer’s wife, a plump woman in her late 60s asked me if I was a new worker, my hometown, etc. I answered her positive for all her questions. Then told me to bring out a tray of dip fried chicken wings.

When all had enough, we headed back to our hostel. There I placed my hard earned money securely in my bag. The next day and days to come life was a routine. Another fortnight, and it was month end. We had dinner at our employer’s house as usual. We were given the balance of our salary. The drinking sessions resumed. There were also bottles of locally brewed wine. Knocking few workers out early.

I was again called to the kitchen, I was told by the boss wife to bring out a tray of chicken drumsticks and to return to the kitchen. As I entered the front door, a hand pulled me into a bedroom. Let’s fuck, quick take off your pants she sort of commanded me. I was shocked, I haven’t fuck a girl before. But I was thrilled, my cock immediately stood erect. She lifted her pyjamas top then pulled down her baggy pants. She rested her elbows on the bed and signalled me to doggy fuck her.

I dropped my pants and moved towards her backside. Just as the tip of my cock touches the smooth skin of her butt, I ejaculated. It was just beyond my control. As sperm splurted on her ass, she turned her head and giggled. I tried to penetrate her but missed her pussy. She then guided my cock in. This was my first time having my cock in a vagina. I started to pull and push, her hands massaged by testes from under. I ejaculated again. I just kept fucking her till bursa escort bayan my cock softened. She stood up, told me to dress up and go.

My knees felt weak, my balls empty and my cock rested limp in my pants. I join the rest pretending nothing happened. As I chewed the meaty chicken drumsticks, I kept on recalling, that’s how a vagina feels like. But I was quite embarrassed ejaculating early.

Somewhere middle of the week our boss called me. We were as usual working on a construction site. Tomorrow, you go to mow my lawn and tidy up the garage. He needed space for his new pick-up truck. I felt lucky to be working in shaded places. Back at the hostel, Ben and the rest teased me. You’ll be tidying bed sheets and pillows they joked. Pretending to be ignorant, I pressed for some meanings on their jokes. They all had been asked to fuck by the boss wife. It seemed the boss couldn’t fuck anymore while his wife still have strong desire. I wouldn’t mind if she’s young said a colleague.

I arrived at the boss house and was shown the tools corner, brush cutter, rakes, hoes, spades and all. The garage held empty buckets, crates of floor tiles, used tyres and all the construction related things. First I started mowing. Then I started cleaning up the garage. The boss left for town to buy break time refreshments for the others at the work site.

His wife came to the garage. I had a good look at her in broad day light. Her face was all lines. Her boobs though sagging was quite prominent. She smiled, then told me coffee was at the table. As she moved closer, I got a bit nervous. Your first time? I tried to smile. Come for your coffee. I followed her to the kitchen. There were doughnuts too, my favourite. I had an erection tried to hide. She must have noticed, she stood behind my stool. Her boobs pressing my back. I was half way through my escort bursa doughnut when she tug my hand. Come she said tugging me along.

Once in in the bedroom, she stripped nude. Elongated boobs, thick body and belly. Big at her hips with butt shrinking. She climbed and laid herself down. I stripped and into the bed next to her. She held my erect cock and started stroking. I played her boobs, I have never touch a woman before. I tried licking her nipples at the same time touching the pussy. I stroked while separating her pubic hair. You can have a look at my pussy she said at the same time folding her knees up. I gulped at the sights of her dark wrinkled labia. She must have known I never seen a nude woman close-up, my first fuck with her told it all. She smiled at my stiffened cock.

This time I managed to penetrate and pump her. She have lots of juice. But I didn’t last that long as I had wanted. The sperm came splurting inside her. I tried to maintain my hard-on. It was futile. My cock started softening. She pushed me over, took my cock and started jerking me with her mouth catching the tip of my cock. My cock got turgid, then she mounted on me. Sat on my cock and it went straight in. She started bouncing on me. I couldn’t feel much of her orgasm as her pussy was soft. She lay panting on top of me. Then we both hurriedly got dressed up.

As I was back to my chores, the boss came back. Told me to finish up and have lunch. After lunch he sent me back to the construction site where the rest of us had just began work after lunch. As I joined the rest with my usual task of pushing heap of bricks with the wheelbarrow, Ben asked, how was the boss wife? How many times did you screw her? I couldn’t cheat them. They knew the boss wife better. I just answered, once.

Back at the hostel, they all shared their experiences one after another the whole night through. Everyone was in a light mood sharing and at times laughing. Ben related how he was almost caught pants down by his boss. I didn’t find anything funny as I secretly treasured the experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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