I’ll Cum Again

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“I thought you were going as The Phantom of the Opera?”

“Couldn’t find the mask so I’m gonna…whoa you look incredible.”

“Thank you. Do you think its too revealing?” Jill raised her arms and twirled slowly around.

“Loose the bra. I’m pretty sure there weren’t any Victoria Secrets back in the old days of Helen of Troy.”

“My boobs will show…won’t they?” Jill unlatched her bra and worked it down over her arms. She had to admit it felt better without the bra. Her nipples harden at the touch of the cottony gauze of her toga. She raised her arms again for her husband to see.

“Much better…everything looks perfect.”

“Are you sure? I feel kind of exposed.” Jill felt the cool movement of air across her breasts. She knew with her arms raised or bending forward that her breasts would be completely exposed from the side. She knew that Robert could see that. That he wanted her flashing her boobs at the party turned her on.

“So just what are you going as? You know the Halloween theme is “Sexy Past – Sexy Future”, you know a person or character that’s sexy. I’m not sure that you’ve got that going here.”

“No. No. I got it covered; I just need your help with some aluminum foil and Superglue.”

“There. Hey that looks pretty good ‘Arnold.”

“Great! Stay right here, I’ll be ready in five minutes.” When Robert returned he worked up his best Austrian accent, “Are you Sarah Conner?”

Jill started laughing, “Maybe you’d better go easy on the accent Mr. Terminator.”

“Oh, I’m not the Terminator…there’s not a lot sexy about a robot that kills people or hangs out with a young boy. No. (heavily accented)I’m the ‘Sperminator’ . Robert unbuttoned his coat and an all too realistic 14” dildo flopped down. “I must cum in you Sarah Conner.” He lifted up the cock and reached into his pants pocket with his free hand. He squeezed a bottle filled with rice milk. Fluid was pushed into a tube that ran from the bottle in his pocket to the base of the dildo and through the tube to the slit at the end.

“Ahhhh!” Jill screamed in shock as two spurts of white liquid erupted from the cock. “Oh my God. That’s disgusting. You can’t be serious.” She started to laugh as Robert chased her around the room. “Sarah …I must cum in you…Sarah.”

“Stop.” Jill was pined in the corner the Sperminator towered over her as he rubbed his cock between her thighs. “Robert I said stop it.” Jill glanced down at the huge phallus. “Put that thing away. We should get going or we’ll be late.”

On the drive over Jill was glad that Robert dominated the conversation, her mind was a swirl of sexual thoughts, images and memories. She was having a hard time not thinking about the large cock safely tucked beneath Robert’s jacket. While she’d always considered Robert a perfect fit past experiences with former boyfriends kept coming back to her. Longer cocks, thicker cocks none had satisfied her like Roberts…so why couldn’t she get the image of that monster out of her mind?

Robert talked about nothing in particular. He was thinking about last years party and how wild things had gotten. The theme had been ‘hero from history’ and he had gone as the Braveheart guy, William Wallace. Needless to say wearing a kilt had lead to the inevitable question of whether or not he was wearing any underwear. A number of women had said they didn’t believe him and had reach under ‘just to be sure.’ The result was an evening spent semi to mostly erect. And then there was the incident.

A very pretty drunk decided that she ‘just had to see for herself’. And she meant it. She had waited until Robert was in an isolated part of the house when she dropped to her knees ducked her head under his kilt and fondled him to a quick erection. While most of the other women had groped him to hardness, none of them had then proceeded to blow him. The woman took him from zero to orgasm in less then five minutes. When she was finished she stood, kissed him on the cheek and smiled before walking unsteadily away.

Feeling a tiny twinge of guilt Robert had sought out his wife. He’d actually been relieved to find Jill dancing way to close with a couple of guys. Robert was pretty sure that the guys were copping feels from her. When they had gotten home that night the sex was some of the best they’d ever enjoyed.

Jill was also recalling the sex charged atmosphere of last years party. She knew that things had come very close to getting completely out of control. Wives had openly discussed trading husbands for the night, although she was pretty sure it was just talk. One woman had said she was going to blow three guys before the night was through – Jill smiled at the though ofservicing Escort bayan a bunch of guys – except that she just wasn’t the type. Jill’s thoughts slowly turned to the one memory that had kept her company throughout the past year. What had happened in the bathroom – what had happened indeed?

Jill was just sitting to pee when a woman calling herself Erin had entered the bathroom. Jill had started to protest when Erin locked the door and stepped into the tub. “Sorry but I’m about to burst.” Jill watched as Erin placed her feet on the sides of the tub, lifted her costume and squatted. An absolute torrent of piss roared from between her thighs. Jill was mesmerized by the sight of Erin’s shaved pussy and the stream of water pouring forth from it. She seen women sit to pee, heard them pee, but she’d never actually seen it. The sight was strangely arousing. The sound of Erin’s urination triggered her own release and they were soon peeing in unison. When Erin had asked Jill to spread her legs so that she could see Jill pee, surprisingly she had complied.

When they were finished they stood, washed their hands, and adjusted their costumes. A prolonged silence was broken by a low sigh that found them making out furiously. Hands were quickly thrust between legs and clits were rubbed and diddled. Only a loud knocking on the door stopped them. Jill had spent the year reliving the experience and wondering just how far they would have gone. Jill had been so unnerved immediately after the incident that she had danced with a couple of guys and allowed them to take liberties with her that she would have under normal circumstances stopped.

She’d been relieved when Robert found her and indicated a desire to go home. They’d had great sex that night. When Robert had gone down on her she found herself thinking of Erin between her legs and then her between Erin’s. If Erin was here tonight, would she try anything…would Jill? Jill felt herself getting very warm and wet at the prospect.

They were hardly inside the door when the Hostess dragged them to a bedroom to leave their personal items in labeled paper bags. She introduced herself as Mary and asked them to describe their costume or name their character so she could fixed name tags on their backs with a little saying on it.

Jill lifted her arms and spun slowly. “I am Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships.” Mary nodded, printed something on the tag and placed it on Jill’s back. Robert looked at it and started laughing. “Honey, you may be playing the ‘face that launched a thousand ships’ but Mary has you as ‘the dress that raised a thousand erections.’

Jill punched Robert in the arm. “You said I looked fine.”

“Truer words I have never been spoken, and for the record I said. “…everything looks perfect.” Robert leaned in and kissed her. “And it still does.”

Mary gave Robert the once over and frowned. “This looks somewhat familiar but I can’t quite place it.”

Robert got Shwartzneggerian again. “Are you Sarah Connors. I must cum in Sarah Connors.” The jacket opened and the prodigious dildo appeared in one hand as the other entered his pocket. Robert advanced on Mary who was laughing hysterically, “I must cum in Sarah Connors.”

Jill stuck her hand over the end of the cock. “Watch out Mary, this thing is loaded. He’s got a squeeze bottle of rice milk in his pocket rigged to this.”

“Rice milk? Are you kidding? I’m lactose intolerant I drink rice milk all the time.” Jill and Robert looked at each other and shrugged. Jill’s mouth dropped open as Mary sunk to her knees and grabbed the head of the cock directing it to her mouth.

“I am Sarah Connor.” She opened her mouth and placed the end of the cock on her lips. She looked up at Robert and nodded. He squeezed the bottle twice and two streams of milk filled Mary’s mouth. She swallowed and kissed the end of the cock. “Oh, that is too much. You are going to be one popular guy tonight. If you run out of rice milk don’t worry I’ve got boxes of the stuff.”

She slapped a tag on Roberts back and left the room laughing. “I have got to tell Henry about this.”

Jill looked at the tag, “I’ll CUM again!” She sighed. Robert turned to her and saw her concern.

“Oh c’mon Jill. It’s not going to be like that. Mary was just fooling around.” He smiled at Jill as images of submissive women with their legs spread appeared before him.

“Bullshit Robert. I wish you could see the expression on your face – you’re in fucking hog heaven thinking about servicing a houseful of drunken women. I want you to promise me one thing. Any playing around with this thing happens with other people there. OK? No one-on-one Bayan Escort stuff behind closed doors. I trust you – I don’t trust them.”

“Hey, no problemo sweet cheeks. I’m a robot with no feelings. I am The Sperminator.” Robert kissed Jill and hugged her. He buttoned the jacket and turned to leave. “Hasta la vista baby.”

Jill kept an eye on Robert for the next hour. Mary was right, he was a very popular guy. What had shocked Jill was the number of husbands who egged their wives into doing what Mary had. Some would even rush in to kiss their wives before they swallowed the rice milk – kind of a strange ‘rice milk snowball.’ Weird.

As Jill relaxed she found herself causally scanning the party for Erin. She was getting anxious to see her even though she wasn’t sure what might happen or might not happened for that matter. As the minutes passed she realized that she wanted something to happen and she was actually looking forward to it. Robert was in a group of about ten or twelve – he looked pretty safe. Jill went looking for a bathroom – she really had to pee.

When she reached the first bathroom she looked around and not seeing Erin she moved on to the next. She got further and further away from the party until she reached the garage. No Erin. Since she was on the verge of pissing herself she ducked into the garage bathroom and peed gratefully. She sat for a moment wondering if Erin had forgotten all about her. Had she really planned on having sex with Erin if offered? She shook her head – what was she thinking?

She stepped out of the bathroom and was quickly pushed against the door. A soft had covered her scream as the other pawed her breast. Hard nipples and soft breasts pressed into her back. Lips kissed and nibbled at the back of her neck and shoulders – she remembered.

Jill spun around and kissed Erin back. Their hands were everywhere removing clothing and copping feels. Erin pulled Jill into the garage and laid her on a pile of blankets. She rained kisses on Jill’s breasts, nipples, stomach and thighs. Jill covered her mouth with her arm as Erin sought the wetness between her thighs. A muffled screamed marked first contact. Jill writhed in delight as she experienced a woman eating her out for the first time in her life.

“No…no…no. Too sensitive. Oh God, I haven’t come like that…in…in…oh hell, I’ve never come like that. Can I do that too you? Will you show me.”

Erin and Jill changed places. It took awhile but Erin finally got Jill set up. The ring and little fingers of Jill’s right hand were sawing back and forth in Erin’s ass. Her middle and index fingers were in Erin’s cunt squeezing don on her perineum. The left hand was even trickier. Jill had her middle finger in Erin’s cunt rubbing against the vaginal roof while her ring and index fingers held Erin’s clit as Jill licked slowly and softly. Erin murmured soft words of encouragement as Jill made her cum again and again. After Erin’s third orgasm Jill stopped pleading a sore jaw, tires tongue, and fatigued fingers. Erin pushed Jill onto her back and ate her to another orgasm.

They got back into their costumes and washed their hands and faces. They talked as they walked slowly back to the party.

“You seemed to really get off on my little smoothie, my shaved pussy. You stared at it last year and were just rubbing your face all over it this year. Maybe we can get together sometime and I’ll shave you.” Erin turned Jill to her and kissed her on the lips. “Maybe I could shave you regularly.”

Jill shivered slightly and in a very quiet voice, “I think I’d like that.”

Erin squeezed her hand, “I bet your husband will like it too.”

“Oh shit, Robert. How long have we been gone? He’s going to be pissed.”

“Whoa. Slow down. It’s OK. Nobodies missed us. No one came looking for us. Everything is fine – don’t worry. And don’t act guilty – we’ve just been doing girl things. OK?”

“Alright. It’s just that I’ve never cheated on Robert before and I’m pretty sure that he’s never cheated on me. And he I am talking about having sex with you on a regular basis. I can’t do this – I can’t do this.”

“Jill. Calm down.” They re-entered the main party room. “Look. No one is turning to look at the bisexual lovers. Everything is fine.”

“Oh my God – I’m a bisexual?” Jill started to smile. “I am a bisexual.”

“Well don’t go telling everybody just yet, OK. If you’re going to blab about it just make sure that you’ve got Robert covered. You don’t want him finding out from someone else.” Erin quietly acknowledged the smiles and nods of half a dozen women in the room. She whispered into Jill’s ear, “Welcome to the club. You’re Escort a full member now.”

“Member? I wonder where Robert is. What club?”

“You’re a member of “girls on girls with guys” – 3G for short. Robert is off being compensated for your initiation rites. It’ll be up to you if you want him to participate. Once your in he’s in. If you don’t want him to play, he will still be compensated once a year a long as you’re a member.”

“Are you telling me that Robert is off with a woman somewhere?” Jill tried to digest this new information – it was tough going down.

“Well, actually he’s off with two women.” Erin read Jill’s expression. “Look Jill, if you want to continue to play like we just did well that’s fine. Girls pleasureing girls is very important to one’s self-esteem. But we believe that married women are the happiest women when their husbands are happy too. And that a happy marriage must include lots of great sex to go along with a solid relationship.”

“Look Jill, most marriages and therefore most women are not very happy. Most couples get good at sex first and then try to develop a relationship between themselves = it’s not a very successful strategy. We try to work it the other way. Find someone who you have a great relationship with and them develop the great sex. I think you’ll find that our members are very happily married and that their husbands are happy and rarely fool around.”

Jill shook her head. “I don’t see how cheating on your spouse makes things better.”

“Look at the couples at this party Jill. Don’t you see that these are all long term successful relationships. Most of the women here at part of 3G. 80% bring their husbands here once a year to be compensated. Yeah, there is a lot of sucking and fucking going on tonight. The other 20% let their husbands participate throughout the year – meaning that when you have sex with another member the two of you decide if you want your husband involved. If he doesn’t’ get to play, he’ll get compensated here next year. You can play as much as you like, your husband can participate as much as you like or not at all.”

“This is all so sudden. You mean if you came over to shave me and we were OK with Rob joining in – then we’d have a threesome?”

“Yes – if a threesome is what we wanted and Rob was OK joining in with. And believe me, once the husband gets to play they become very trainable. I’ve seem some average husbands become great lovers. Personally, I think Robert would be a natural – but that’s strictly up to you.”

“What if I don’t want to do anything? Nothing happens after tonight. Robert and I go home tonight as if nothing happened at all. I don’t call you – nothing.”

“Then that’s what happens nothing. Next year at Halloween there’s no invitation. Nothing happens – ever.”

“So I’m either in or I’m out. And Robert playing is strictly up to me. Is that it?”

“Basically. Yes.” Erin saw Robert across the room. He had a big smile. “Call me at this number between now and next Halloween if you want that shave. We can talk about Robert then if you want, or his name need not even come up. Speaking strictly for myself – I hope you call soon and I hope you let Robert play.”

“Are you Sarah Connors?” Jill turned and kissed Robert hard on the mouth. “Yes, and I need you to cum in me –real real soon.”

“Whoa. What have you girls been up to? No, better not to tell me.” Robert hugged Jill and kissed her cheek. “Sorry Erin but I need to take my girl home so I can fulfill my mission with her. Although if I succeed she should be the one filled full.”


Robert and Jill said their good-byes. They held hands the whole way home.

“Are you awake Rob?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll have to wait for my heart to stop pounding before I can sleep. You are simply amazing. I love you so much.”

“I love you. You were a tiger tonight – what stamina.” Jill fought back the desire to ask him how he came to last so long tonight. ” Can I ask you something and I need you to be super honest. Would you like me to shave? You know, down there – down under.”

Robert rolled onto his side and stroked along Jills arm. He looked down at her thatch of hair. “If you want to. It’s your body, if you want to try it out – go for it. Need some help?”

“I do want to –and thanks for the offer of assistance. But…well I was talking to Erin tonight and she shaves and she offered to do it for me so if it’s OK with you I’ll ask her to do it.”


“Oh – you’re disappointed.”

“Not at all. I love you Jill. I love you with all my heart. I just want you to be happy. I’d be disappointed if you weren’t happy.”

“That is so sweet. I love you too – with all my heart.” Jill snuggled in tight to Rob as he wrapped his arms around her. She felt so loved – so safe – so cherished.

“Rob. Would you like to watch? Would you like to watch Erin shave me?”

“Hot damn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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