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As I looked down upon her, with deep brown eyes whose look of fear seemed better suited on a cowering school-girl than framed by her angelic face, long curly locks, and goddess’s body, I was able to whisper quite honestly that I knew how she felt. Years before, I had been the one looking up at my soon-to-be first lover, shaking in a mix of anticipation and fear…

I’ve never been one to date much. My rather inconsistent sense of self-confidence is of course the least attractive possible quality in a man raised in a world built and rooted on charisma. Some how my blazing red hair, freckles, and boyish grin had managed to spite even my best efforts of isolation, as I found myself in a torrid and emotional relationship with Danielle late in high school. As I entered my senior year, she had graduated, and looked forward to finally going off to college. I, being the notably less passionate, rational-to-a-fault part of the relationship, was sure that we could endure a simple year being apart, and would soon join her at the university. Dani, however, in spite of her own charisma, felt that she was abandoning both me and the relationship to follow her dream, and sought to secure it in any way she could before leaving.

Dani was also the closest I’ve ever met to a real life nymphomaniac, in spite of her religious upbringing, so it’s no wonder what occurred to her next. She had slept with a previous boyfriend, and though she enjoyed it (like I said, nymph), felt that her virginity had been taken from her, rather than given away, and vowed never to do the same to anyone. Being raised in white middle-class suburbia, I was more than conservative enough at 18 to in fact still be one of those virgins, for the moment at least.

A week into my senior year, and a week before she left for college, Dani surprised me, showing up with a “lunch” of sorts at my favorite spot to waste away the hour break before my final class of the day. I say “lunch of sorts” because it wasn’t at all what you’d expect: chocolate dipped strawberries, grapes, chocolate cake, even sparkling grape juice (the closest we could get to champagne under 21). Each bite she insisted on feeding to me slowly, seductively, damn near making me beg for every morsel! Little did I understand at the time just how ingenious of a natural psychologist she was, and how she had spent that entire hour classically conditioning me for the next.

She hooked my best friend’s arm as he passed: “Billy, you’d skip class with me if you knew you would get laid for it, right?” Billy’s eyes went wide, then narrowed knowingly as he looked in my direction. “I swear, I love you like a brother, but I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t follow Dani out of this school this minute!” Billy always had a particularly red-neck way of motivating me into action. I’d never skipped a class before, I was a good kid, and couldn’t imagine how my parents would react if they were to receive a phone call from one of the principals, leading me to resist (barely) her insistent pleadings to go “spend some time with her” at her (empty) house. However, being an 18 year old male, my response to the mere suggestion of getting laid was predictable, and Billy’s encouragement was nothing more than the final nail in the already-well-sealed coffin. I was religious, and had been resistant in the past, sure, but hormones don’t tend to take either of those into consideration!

Five minutes later, the tires of my Jeep were squealing around turns in a vain attempt to keep her Firebird in sight as we closed the last few blocks to her house. She had arrived a good 15 seconds before me, making me curious as to why she hadn’t made it to the front Şerifali Escort door by the time I’d parked. My question was soon answered as she stepped out of her car, one buckle of her overalls undone, and her bra hanging seductively from her left hand. She giggled as a gaped.

Inside, my expectations of what was about to happen, fueled by a full hour of various forms of teasing and public seduction, took over both of my heads, and we kissed as passionately as newly-weds leaving the chapel. She being a mere 5’3″, I had to lean down from my full 6′ to scoop her up into my arms. Not yet satisfied, and continually impassioned by her frequent little seductions, grasps, nibbles, and caresses, I slung her over my shoulder in my very best Tarzan impression, and carried her upstairs. Being about 200 lbs, broad in the shoulder, and in decent shape from martial arts, it wasn’t difficult to carry her 120 lbs, which would have seemed chunky on a normal girl of her height. She, on the other hand, could best be described as “luscious,” I think, femininely curved to a near-cartoonish degree, carrying full 36D breasts.

Though I had gathered her up rather roughly, and bound up the stairs like a mad-man, my nerves began to make themselves known as we entered her bedroom, and my knees about gave way as I laid her gently atop her comforter. My knees still go slightly weak at the mental image of her lying there, short brown hair framing a face which defines the epitome of “cute,” and flawless creamy skin, slightly tanned from the recent summer. A moment before, I could imagine a hundred ways to ravage this Aphrodite; now, I could think of nothing but the 2 pouty lips forming the most sexual expression I’ve ever seen on a woman. Needless to say, I kissed them.

Perhaps she could sense the new-found hesitancy creeping from the pit of my stomach and into my chest, or perhaps she had expected it all along, but just as I began to have familiar second-thoughts, she grasped me by the shoulders, and practically flung me on to the bed across and beside her, then rolling to straddle me completely. Whatever fires had been slowly ebbing away before that second were instantly re-ignited by her aggressiveness, though not yet at the cost of my fear. Never before or since have I been so fully conflicted; she was sure, however, of exactly how she intended for that conflict to end, and settled it quickly. Grasping both my wrists, she shoved them frighteningly forcefully beneath the hem of her shirt, and up, until instinct took over, and I was knowingly kneading those heavenly breasts. This was not a first for us; we had stripped naked and enjoyed many orgasms at the hands (or tongue) of the other in the past. With a skill only attained through hours of instruction from an occasionally aggressive girlfriend, I proceeded to tickle, tease, and otherwise pleasure her in every way imaginable short of sex.

Still straddling me, she unclasped the remaining strap of her overalls, allowing me to raise her shirt over her head, which forced her to bend slightly over me. Thankfully, the size of her breasts meant that a slight bend was all that was necessary to put them within range of my greedy lips, and soon her eyes were screwed shut in pleasure as her nipples grew hard between my gentle teeth. This time, I believe it was she that was overcome for the first time by the callings of the flesh, as she ripped my own shirt over my head, with no need for me to lean forward. Rising to her knees and un-straddling me, she pushed her overalls down, revealing two distinct, cock-throbbing surprises: one, she hadn’t been wearing any panties the entire time, and two, she had fulfilled Göztepe Escort a life-long dream of mine in shaving her entire pussy bald. I swear it must have been waxed, it was so smooth! Already, she was wet and swollen with desire, leading me to join her instantly!

Stripping the pants away from her ankles, she resumed straddling me, only this time sitting on my chest, with an ankle by each ear. Spreading her knees slightly, perhaps a bit self conscious of her overt nudity near the back of her mind, she none-the-less dipped first one, then two tiny fingers between her glistening folds, bringing moisture across every swollen inch between her legs. I pinched myself.

A second later, she had risen to her knees, hooking her calves behind my shoulders against the bed, now straddling my face and leaving no doubt as to what she desired! Being one to always return a favor, I gladly obliged her into her first orgasm of the afternoon. As I said, she could become rather aggressive when the mood overtook her, though she was usually quite shy and mild mannered, and during more than one of these impassioned episodes she’d described exactly how a woman deserved to be pleasured by a man’s mouth and hands.

I began by licking away all of her own moisture, replacing it with my own watering mouth’s instead. Knowing their sensitivity, I gently sucked on each side of her pink slit, working my way back and forth, slowly, tantalizingly closer to the most sensitive place of all. Just as I reached her clit, I gave it one teasing flick of the tongue, and instantly went lower, driving my body’s strongest muscle deep between her folds, only to find a honey-pot of her fluids waiting to please it. Lest I keep her waiting, I replaced my tongue with a single finger, and resumed flicking at her pleasure-pearl with my tongue. As her walls gave way, I added one more finger, and a moment later, a third, just to make sure she didn’t lack in any necessary pressure along her now sopping entrance. Just as I was really getting started, gently curling my finger tips up towards her g-spot, brushing against it for the first time, she drove her hips down on to my wrist and mouth, releasing the last of a long-held breath, gasping for another, and moaning that one out in turn.

“Oooohhhh!! Oh oh oh oh! Don’t!…Stop!….Now!…. … ….Ooooooooohhh!!!” At one point, as the overcoming orgasm fully consumed her body, I believe she was unable to either exhale or inhale, completely silent above me, but far from still! Her hips drove themselves down, nearly painfully now, fast and hard, in an immensely satisfying and pleasurable blur!

On the tiny twin bed, there was no room to roll off to the side, so she simply laid back, the back of her head now resting on my painfully hard cock, still restricted beneath my boxers and shorts. We were both sweating profusely now, but more than sweat was running between the sensitive places between her legs and down the crack of her ass, dripping on to my chest. This sight, knowing that I had provided that pleasure for her, did little to relieve the strong rush of blood in my own crotch. Lucky for me, Dani wasn’t the type to ignore a favor, either. Rolling completely off the bed with a thump and a giggle (orgasm-induced euphoria still slowly sweeping her mind), she popped back into view over the side of the bed with a look of desire I have yet to know myself glaring out of her eyes and boring a hole into my shorts, as if she was absolutely appalled that they were still there, hiding her long-sought prize from her. Neither they nor the boxers lasted long against her deft and greedy fingers, and soon I was wearing no more Ümraniye Escort than she; a situation which she found very enticing!

I normally stand a strong, though not overtly impressive 8″, but a solid 2.5″ in diameter. That day, I believe I may have broken 8.5″ x 3″! Just to make sure, she quickly downed the entire thing as far down her throat as she could manage and sucked hard as she came back up. Perhaps realizing for the first time since appearing again from beside the bed that I was there, she looked up at me from there, the head of my cock perched lightly against her lips while she beamed a smile so wide the Cheshire cat would be jealous. The need was still in her eyes, and this wasn’t satisfying it; but, she knew exactly what would!

At that point, she turned on her very best cheetah impression, crawling atop me, not neglecting my manhood, allowing it to rub down her throat, across her collar bone, between her massive hanging breasts, down her soft belly, and finally resting just above her pussy. All the while, she never took her eyes from mine, still wearing that wicked, seductive, knowing smile…that’s perhaps the sexiest thing anyone’s ever done for me to this day!

Her eyes still glued to mine, straddling my hips once again, she reached behind her with one hand to grasp the base of the longest, hardest hard-on I’ve ever had, and stopped smiling. Now, she seemed to be asking, no, pleading, to please let her take the next step. Her virginity had been taken from her; she would have simply lain against my chest and kissed me deeply without harboring a single bad feeling towards me had I asked her to stop. Because you are reading this story here, though, you can guess that something entirely different happened.

As deliberately as I could, partially afraid to ruin the moment, partially scared out of my mind at what I was about to do, and partially exploding with new-found excitement, I nodded my head, still never leaving her gaze. I panicked for a split second as she lifted herself from me, afraid I’d done something wrong, afraid that she’d sensed my fear and uncertainty, afraid that she would leave me there in torture forever…that faded quickly as a swollen head felt liquid velvet brush across it. She looked as if she were holding back a smile, perhaps on my behalf, perhaps just as afraid as I to ruin the moment; I couldn’t help but slowly crack a wide smile myself in anticipation, and partly at the funny look on her face, as well, I suppose.

In the moment I lost my virginity, the image of a lightning storm flooded my head first, followed quickly by sheer satin sheets engulfing me. I opened my eyes to realize that the lightning had been the stars on the back of my eyelids as I had closed them incredibly tight; the sheets were instead the inner depths of Dani, caressing me in a soft, yet aggressive way I had never expected. She leaned forward, driving me deep within her, and rubbing her clit against my pubic mound at the same time, once again placing those luscious breasts within my lips’ grasp. Whatever image of pleasure had been plastered upon her face before that was magnified a hundred times over, and her thrusts became more insistent and needy.

Passion. Pure, unadulterated, concentrated, pleasurable passion. That is what I experienced as I came into a woman for the first time. I had always been laid back, cool, non-committed, slightly pessimistic, purely logical my entire life; at that moment, I was a fiery ball of uncontrollable, unleashed, animalistic, powerful passion, as I drove myself upwards into her, meeting her thrusts two-fold, trying to scream inane, unintelligible things but finding my lungs were unable to comply. All I managed through the entire ordeal was a primitive grunt as I exhaled 18 years worth of pent up sexual energy. I think she understood, as once again, the Cheshire grin overtook her features, and she leaned downed for a final, deep, fervent, sweaty kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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