Imprinted Ch. 11

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In the weeks we spent together we fucked in every combination that two men and one woman would allow.

Except for one—us taking her both at once.

Mrs. D wanted to keep that for the finale. She called it my going away present. Whenever she said it I was torn between anticipation and sorrow. I didn’t want our time together to end. I’d left College so certain of myself, knowing exactly what and who I wanted. Now….I wasn’t so sure. So many doors had been opened, boundaries crossed—who had I become and what did I want?

It was our last night together, I had a couple of more days left before I went back to college, but their kids were coming back the next day and Mrs. D said it had to end.

She’d done the room up in candles, so many that the room was bathed in soft flickering light. The scent of vanilla lay heavy in the air—a smell I would forever associate with sex.

We’d just finished our last nude swim and we were all naked when we entered the room. Mrs. D had one hand and he had the other. It felt like some sort of ceremony.

“Close your eyes Jacob,” Mrs. D said.

They led me to the bed and lay me down. I heard the clink of glass and I wondered what they were doing and then warm scented oil coated hands covered me. Four of them. Mrs. D was at my feet, Mr. D at my shoulders. Fingers digging into me, melting my muscle. It was a luxury I’d never before felt.

By the time they turned me over I was putty—pliant and malleable. Happy for them to mold me however they wanted. They were both at my feet. Each held one, digging their thumbs into the arch. My groan of pleasure turned into a gasp of shock as I felt them both suck in a toe. It was like there was a direct line between their mouths and my cock. Each lick, suck and bite had my dick jumping.

Their mouths moved up my legs, discovering erogenous zones I never knew I existed. There was a spot just on the inside of my knee that when hit with a flickering tongue made me moan.

To my groaning disappointment they skipped over my eager cock—torturing me by kissing all around it. Then the mouths were at my chest, around my nipples, teasing, teasing until, in what could only be a coordinated strike, they simultaneously latched onto my nipples. The feeling of two mouths sucking at once had me arching off the bed like I was on marionette strings.

I was no longer pliant. No longer malleable. I was taut, rigid, ready and wanting. Mrs. D was at my ear. Her soft voice tickling me as she spoke, “You know what happens tonight, don’t you Jacob. I get you both, at once.”

I shivered at the thought and said, “Yes. I’m ready.”

“Me too.”

She straddled me. I felt her pussy rubbing bare on my cock—wet, hot silk. I wanted nothing more than to plunge bare into that wetness, but I heard the rip of foil and knew she was about to cover me in latex.

Using her mouth she put on the condom—the hot sucking heat removed some of the disappointment of being sheathed. Her grin wicked as she kissed my condom covered bayan escort helmet.

I sucked in a breath in anticipation. She took her time mounting me, teasing my cock at her wet pussy, until finally she lowered herself down. With her pubic bone down to the root of me I started to thrust up. Little rocking movements that made her breasts jiggle and sway. I loved the feeling of her on top of me. I loved the look of those soft mounds moving in time with the thrusts of my cock.

I reached up and held one of her breasts. First feeling the weight and then teasing her nipple into a budding point. I felt her pussy clench around me as I tugged on that puckered bud.

Behind her was Mr. D, his hand in the cleft of her ass—his fingers bumping my cock inside as he lubed her. He cupped my balls a moment gently rolling them in his lube slick palm and I sighed out a pleasure filled moan.

She clenched tight around me as he entered, bringing her head down to kiss me. I fed her long sucking kisses as she stretched to accommodate us both. Through the wall of her pussy I could feel him slowly enter. The added pressure was intense. I didn’t move and neither did she, until he was fully seated inside.

Mr. D kept pace. Slowly pushing and pulling, inch by inch in and out of her. I lay back and let the feeling ride over me. The slick walls of her cunt contracting, the pressure of his cock pushing against mine, her soft breasts on my chest and hard nipples brushing mine—the feelings, all of them. I wanted to remember them forever. Knowing this was the last time.

While I wanted it to last, wanted to stay in that feeling forever, it was too intense—for us all. Mrs. D was the first to tip over. The angle of Mr. D’s thrusts pushed her clit hard against me. She cried out her orgasm. The sensation of her pussy and ass contracting all at once made Mr. D lose it. No longer did he slowly thrust, instead he arched into her like a madman. Pushing hard. I grabbed her hips to keep her steady. I still didn’t have to move, my cock buffeted by his thrusts.

Again and again he thrust, until I could take it no more. I cried out my orgasm in an animal howl. My dick pulsed again and again. Coming. Coming hard.

Above us both I saw Mr. D. His face red, contorted in passion. His neck taut, muscles straining as he thrust out his own orgasm. Grunting his release, “Coming,” he cried and then again, louder, “Coming!”

He slumped down hard. I liked the weight of them both but Mrs. D complained about being squashed so we all ended up laying flat on the bed. We lay there quiet for some time. So long that I think Mrs. D may have had a little sleep. Her breath became a soft steady sigh at my side.

There was no way I could sleep. I felt spent…and a little empty. Knowing this was the last time.

I wanted more.

One more time with him.

“Shower?” Mrs. D sleepily asked as she rolled against me.

“Yes,” I said, grateful for one last time at seeing them both wet and naked.

She didn’t turn on the bathroom light, leaving the room illuminated only by the soft glow of the light from the walk in robe. I was the last in the room and when I entered she was lighting some vanilla candles.

She looked angelic, her halo of red curls back lit by the soft candlelight. She held out her hand and took me to the shower. Mr. D was already in the water. I stood back and watched him for a while. Loving the way the water streamed down his body.

“He’s beautiful isn’t he?” Mrs. D whispered to me as we stepped inside the shower.

“I’ve never seen anyone like him,” I replied honestly.

The spray from the multiple showerheads was like a watery massage. I closed my eyes and let it hit me, preparing myself to leave them. Leave the pleasure I had found.

His hands were at my hips pulling me back against him. I loved the feeling of those strong fingers digging into my muscle and the scrape of his stubble at my shoulder. His teeth bit into my base of my neck. I moaned and felt my knees buckle. He pulled me closer. The hardness of his cock against the small of my back and his chest hair rubbing my skin made my own cock surge with blood.

One more time. One more time.

I wanted so desperately just one more time with him. Mrs. D stood in front of me. Not touching just watching. Watching her husband caress me. His lips came up to my ear. Nipping and sucking at the lobe. As his hand came around my body and grasped my dick he said, “Can I have you please? Please Jacob just one more time.”

My “Yes” came out as a moan.

He kept one hand on my cock, with the other he spread my ass cheeks and lubed me. He must’ve wanted to do this all along. He must have had the lube ready just for this. Just for me. Knowing that he wanted one more time—just like me—made me moan again.

Mrs. D said nothing, did nothing, just moved to the side as I placed my palms up against the tiles.

I braced myself against the wall as he entered me. He took his time, slowly pushing through that tight ring of muscle. He wrapped his arms around me and when his cock was planted deep inside me he started. I felt his pelvis butt into me, as he thrust up on his powerful thighs. I was now almost flat against the wall, letting him take me. Take me hard.

“Like that. Like that?” He was grunting in my ear.

“Yes,” I cried out in reply, “I love it. Love it.”

And I did love it. His powerful body thrusting into me and his cock rooted deep inside. His hand wrapped around my cock, pulling hard.

I loved it. I loved it all.

My cum splattered on the tiles. White streaks against the deep blue. The contraction of my orgasm sent him over. I heard him grunt, felt his hips thrust hard and then he slumped against my back.

It was over. It was finished.

He kissed my back and Mrs. D moved in front of me to take my lips.

“Thank you,” I murmured into her mouth, “Thank you so much.”

We ended it there. I dried off, dressed and they both walked me to the front door. Mrs. D in her robe and Mr. D wrapped in a towel. My favorite looks for them both.

“I’ll be back Christmas break,” I said at the door, hoping not to sound too desperate.

They shared a look, like married couples do, communicating silently. “Maybe we’ll catch up then. No promises. But I’d like to,” Mr. D said and Mrs. D nodded.

* * * *

When I came back that Christmas we managed one night. The kids were sent to sleep-overs at their friends. We fucked so hard and so long that when I left I wasn’t sure I was good to drive. I was fuck drunk. Giddy with the pleasure I’d experienced.

The next summer when I returned to work for my Step Father they’d moved. Mr. D had taken a job at a prestigious Atlanta law firm. I still worked on their house, but there was a new family there, nothing like the Deans.

More than the Dean’s moving had changed, Mary-Jane was now married. I caught up with her briefly at Big Gulp one day. She told me she’d found what she needed in her husband. He was a slight man. Quite unassuming in looks, but Mary-Jane told me with a wicked smile that he had a firm hand. She’d found what she needed.

I didn’t find what I was looking for until long after college. No man or woman appealed to me. I had a long list of lovers. All female. I looked for a male lover but no one matched up what I had with Mr. D. It was both of them that did it. I was afraid to replicate it, not wanting to tarnish the memory with a poor facsimile. I was drifting, thinking that I’d never find what the Dean’s had in their marriage when I finally met my wife Mara.

It was at a work Christmas party for my architectural firm. She was the blind date of one of my co-workers. Our eyes met and suddenly I knew. I knew I’d found what I needed. Her eyes burnt with an intensity I’d only ever seen once before—in the blue black gaze of Mr. Dean. She took me into the copy room locked the door behind me and fucked me in a way that bonded me to her forever.

Six months later we were married. She opened my heart and my mind. We shared a wonderful sexual freedom. Despite all that I had never shared that summer. Never told her about Mr. D.

She reminds me of Mrs. D, in the way that she orchestrates my kinks. Keeping me hard and wanting more. I was a fool to think that I’d hidden anything from her. I realized that the day she introduced me to the gorgeous young man she’d hired to do the yard. Bronzed, buff and in his early twenties the intensity of the lust I immediately felt for him was shocking.

“I do the yard,” I said to her as I tried very hard not to look at his ass as he walked back to his truck.

“Maybe you’d like to do the yard boy?”

My mouth went dry. My heart pounded and I felt my cock thicken. She did too because she reached down and squeezed my growing erection.

“You like that idea don’t you Jacob?”

I nodded.

She slapped my ass. The last thing I heard her say before she walked away was, “Well, I’ll see what I can do about that.”

Just like Mrs. D, I thought as I turned to watch the sway of her luscious ass.

Just like Mrs. D.

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