In an Oral Mood

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It’s about three am, I’m suddenly awaken by that urge. You know the one. The one that wakes you up, your pussy being tight, wet, hungry? Needing and searching for something to “scratch that itch” so to speak? Yes, the pussy is hungry, she’s always hungry, but this urge is different. I’m having a craving. An oral craving for something thick and chocolate to wrap my lips around. And I do believe that you can provide that “something” that I’m craving.

Ummmm, you are laying there next to me, sleeping soundly. I watch you, watch you sleep, fascinated by the sounds you make as you inhale and exhale. Stimulated by the rise and fall of your chest I slowly remove the sheet from the lower half of your body. Damn baby! Something about your body, your smell, just the sight of you that makes my mouth water. I’m going to enjoy you.

Especially your dick. If there was ever an obsession for a dick, I have it. And you have me addicted (excuse the pun) to yours. I lay myself gently across your lap. I don’t want you to wake up, not quite yet. I want to enjoy this, savor this. I intend to take my time and you are not going to disturb me from doing this.

There is something that makes my mouth water about holding Escort bayan a soft dick in my hand. I gently pick it up, look at it. Ummmmmm, an object that can be so soft like a sponge one minute, yet, under the right circumstances, get long, hard, thick. Feeling like a rod of iron. Nothing else in the human body is quite like a dick! Is that your dick seeking my attention? Then I shall attend to it as only I can do.

I take the tip of my tongue and gently touch it to the top of your dickhead. Licking all around the head, under the edge, along side the rim. I part my lips, slowly sucking your dick into my mouth. I love the feel, the texture of your dick. I take it all the way down to my mouth, being soft, it’s so easy to do. I alternate between sucking softly and licking gently, your dick begins to respond, starts to grow inside my mouth. You are still sleeping, but your dick is waking up!

Up and down I slide my mouth on your rapidly hardening dick. Increase the pressure, the speed. My other hand slides under and grips your balls, gently squeezing them. You start to moan, to move. I stop. Stop with your dick still in my mouth. Like I stated earlier, I’m in an oral mood and you are not going to Bayan Escort spoil this for me. Call me selfish if you like, but this has nothing to do with you, this is between me and your dick!

You drift back off into a nice steady sleep. Me? I allow your semi hard dick to slowly slip out of my mouth as I take your balls and bring them up to my mouth. I begin to lick and suck on them. I love that you have smooth balls, love how they feel as I run my tongue on top, the sides and under them. I can suck on one at a time, but oh what I wouldn’t do to be able to get both of them inside my mouth. Oh well, not my fault you have big balls!

Play time is over. I want what I crave. And this time, I’m taking no prisoners. I lick my way up and down along your shaft, it’s getting harder much faster this time. I have coated every inch of it with my saliva, when it stands at attention, taking on a life of it’s own. I lick up, part my lips and start taking all of you into my mouth. You’re fully erect now, so I’m feeling the head of your dick as it slips into the back of my throat. Oh yes, I have to moan as your dickhead hits my tonsils and you wake up.

I don’t stop. Up and down, slurping, sucking, stroking Escort your dick. Slowly at first, now faster. I’m craving your dick baby and I want to taste it, taste you. Is that precum? I suck it out, suck on your dick like I’m trying to suck a milkshake through a paper straw. I love how you taste, sweet, creamy. But I want all of your love, I want to taste that middle filing that you produce, that you know I want. And I won’t be denied. Stroking, sucking, licking.

Telling you to “give me that nut baby, you know Momma wants it” takes you to the edge and you can’t withhold your love juice from me anymore.

You grasp my head and with a loud growl you explode. Oh Yes! Hot, thick, sweet cream fills my mouth, my throat. You are fucking my face and I’m sucking with a passion, I don’t intend to spill a drop of this. My pussy is so wet that I feel myself sitting in a puddle of my own juices. But I don’t care, I need this oral “fix” and I must have it, all of it. All of you. I continue to suck, swallow, breathe. I don’t let go, I won’t let go. Not until no more drops come out. Your breathing slows down along with your movements inside my mouth. You are shaking, jerking, sweating. I love the smell of your “maleness” as it rises up into my nostrils from your balls.

Your dick starts getting soft, becoming smaller. However, I don’t stop. I continue to lick and suck and savor you. After all, this isn’t about you. This is between me and your dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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