In Between Boyfriends

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After Brad transferred to Arizona and trying the long distance relationship for about a year we drifted apart and as they say long distance relations hardly ever work which is what happened in our relationship. Brad had taught me just how submissive I really was/am and how I get more pleasure out of pleasing men and being used my them just to get them off. After we parted ways I started cruising again (not sure way but I am horny 24/7 ) I keep pretty active and stay pretty slim even as I get older but the younger gays so no interest in guys over 35/40 it seems.

I would go to the local cruising spots and suck off guys or bend over for them if they were interested and on good days/nights I would suck anywhere from 4 to 8 guys and get fucked one or twice. I also started going to the local gay club (as there is only 1 close by) and seemed to be a hit and miss for the most part but did get to meet and make new friends.

When I was at the club and got lucky I would go out to the parking lot and suck the guys off in their cars or mine and on more than one occasion I was on my knees between cars sucking a guy off and even got fucked a few times in between cars (got caught twice LOL) but luckily no by the cops. After about 6 months going to the club those that I had made friends with and those that came to know me kind of nicknamed me Easy because pretty much all you had to do was ask me to suck you or fuck me and off to the parking lot we would go.

I became a real slut and actually seemed proud of it. I also realized I was (and still am) obsessed with sucking cock or getting fucked. One night this guy in his early 20’s came up to me and asked if I was easy. I laughed and said that’s what others call me why? With that he said he didn’t want to take me home or go to my place but could really use a blow job. I said okay and told Matt the bartender I would be back shortly not to throw my drink away. Matt shook his head and laughed saying have fun.

We headed out to his car but he wanted me to get on my knees in the parking lot between his car and the one next to him. We got between the cars and he tells me to get on my knees which I gladly did and undid his pants and pulled his semi hard cock out which surprised me how thick he actually was. He was about 6 1/2 long but at least 2 inches thick and a little hard opening my mouth that wide but if a guy is letting me suck his cock I will do my best to please him.

I started playing with his balls in one hand while working my mouth over his cock and was really starting to get into it when I looked up at him as he was making some moaning sounds and noticed that he had his cell phone out and was recording me sucking his cock. I stopped for a moment and he says he liked recording guys sucking his cock and asked if I minded. I kept sucking and not caring that he was recording it. We were out there about 10 minutes or so when he said he was about to cum. I started sucking harder and he pushed on my forehead to get me off his cock and with his other hand he Kadıköy travesti started stroking and started shooting his cum on my face and he had a huge load that seemed it wasn’t going to end and after shooting a lot on my face he shoved his cock back in my mouth and finished off in my mouth which still filled my mouth as I swallowed his remaining load.

Once he was done he told me to zip his pants but up which I did and then he closed his phone and said thanks. I didn’t expect to get a facial so had no way of wiping his cum off my face other than my fingers and as was doing so as I walked back into the club heading to the bathroom to finish cleaning up. I got into the restroom and one other person was in there and looked at me and said “been in the parking lot again I see” Which I replied and said how could you tell (grinning while I said it) he then stated “your such a slut”

Well I never did get the guys name that I just sucked off but he must have told a couple of his friends because I had 3 more come up to me that night which one of them I remember seeing hanging out with the guy and basically ask me the same thing which I went out to the parking lot each time and one other guy did the same thing by pushing me off his cock and cumming on my face. All in all that was a good night and even went home with another guy and he fucked me in front of his roommate but his roommate just kept watching the movie he was watching when we came in and only looked over at us a few times while my legs were over the guys shoulders that was fucking me and surprised he didn’t tell us (me) to keep it down being I was moaning pretty load but he didn’t say a word. After he got done fucking me I got dressed ad left.

Somewhere down the line (not sure where I got the idea) I started buying some tee shirts to sort of advertise I guess. I bought one that said I and a picture of a swallow bird on it and another one that said I heart and a picture of a rooster (cock) on it and a friend from the club gave me a gift for my birthday that simply said Easy (in rainbow colors) and not all the time but there were times when I was wearing one of them and actually been approached be it at a store or at the beach among several other places and asked if I would suck them off and of course we would find a place or go into a restroom and I gladly sucked them off and a few times got fucked also.

I had one guy approach me and we chatted a bit and he asked if by chance I shave down below. I told him actually I shave head to toe except my underarms. We went to his pace and we both got naked and he said he would be right back and when he came back he handed me a pair of pink laced panties and asked if I would put them on for him. I have worn panties a few times for men but I can take them or leave them as I just want their cock.

As I was about to put them on I noticed they had an open back just like a jock strap and found it interesting that they were just like jock straps but lace. I put them on and he had me Kurtköy travesti turn around a few times to look me over and he got rock hard (although he was only about 6 inches and average thickness) He said how turned on he was and told me to bend over and when I did he got on his knees and spread my ass cheeks apart and planted his face in my ass crack.

His tongue felt really good as he was rimming me and I kept pushing my ass back to get as much of his tongue in my hole as possible and it was driving me crazy with lust. After about 10 minutes he tells me to get on all fours because he needed to fuck. I did as told and he put some lube on my ass and his cock and pushed the head in me. He waited a short bit then pushed a little more in and was going at a mind blowing slow pace that I couldn’t take it any more and jammed my ass back against him and told him fuck me hard I need your cock to fuck me hard.

With that he started pounding my as hard and I just kept telling him harder, harder fuck me like there’s no tomorrow. I was slamming into his cock as he was slamming his cock into my ass and then I felt my little balls tighten up and I blew my load into the panties and shortly after he started creaming my insides and we were both shacking as we shot our loads. Once he was done he clasped on top of me forcing me to the floor. He kissed my neck as we both tried to catch our breath.

Have to admit it was one of the hardest and best fucks I ever got. After a few minutes he rolled off me and said that was hot and I agreed. As we got off the floor he says damn I didn’t think it was that late and I had better go because his wife was d home shortly. I said well if you need a quick piece of ass here’s my cell number and hopefully I can have him fuck me again. He said thanks and keep the panties for the next time. I didn’t even take the panties off and got dressed and headed out. It was about 6 pm and while heading home I was worked up pretty good so decided to stop at the adult store being I was going by it on the way home.

I was kind of surprised at how busy t store was at 6 but learned that day that there are many guys that stop there before going home to the wife and kids to get a quick blow job or quick piece of ass. I went into one of the booths that also has a glory hole in it and I took off my pants but kept the panties on. It didn’t take long for someone to go into the other booth and as I watched through the hole he pulled out his cock and was stroking. I ran my finer around the hole and it didn’t take long before he stuck his cock through the hole.

I got on my knees and started stroking his cock which was a nice size and when I started sucking him I could smell a faint smell of sweat from working that day I guess. But it didn’t have a over powering smell and his cock felt nice in my mouth (as all do LOL ) I sucked him for maybe 5 minutes when he blew his load down my throat which I eagerly swallowed it all. When he finished he pulled through and left.

I was rock Pendik travesti hard and rubbing my cock through the lace panty jock I was wearing and flipping through the channels until I found some gay porn playing and waited. It didn’t take long before another nice cock came through the hole and again I was on my knees sucking his cock when I felt hands on my ass. I stopped for a moment and turned to look and seen a guy about 45 o so and somewhat heavy set but I just turned back to start sucking the cock in front of me.

I hear the guy moving around behind me and feeling my ass. He says love the panties and want to fuck your ass pussy. With that I lifted my ass up a little and that was his clue to go ahead Me moved around a little more and it sounded like he was putting a condom on and then I felt him put some lube on my ass (although I still had some cum inside from earlier. As he positioned himself behind me the cock I was sucking sent his cum down my throat. As he finished and pulled away I turned to watch the guy behind me start to enter me and he said I love fucking ass but wife won’t do it so thanks to you faggots I still get to fuck ass.

He was about the same size as the guy earlier so he slide in pretty nicely. He said he likes my open end panties and must like being a bitch. I told him I love getting guys off and being fucked in the ass. He started pounding away and as I was moving my ass around another cock came through the hole and I eagerly started sucking it but about 5 minutes into it he pulled it back through and was gone. a couple minutes later the guy fucking me pulls out and spins me around while he took the condom off and told me to swallow his load. I went balls deep o his cock as he unloaded a fairly large load down my throat.

He finished and said thanks maybe we could meet again around the same time in a couple days. That’s when I found out that several married guys come here before going home and usually mid week it is pretty busy between 4 an6. I took a mental note of that and with that he left. I stuck around for maybe another 30 minutes and sucked one more guy off before heading out and as I was going past the counter I said to the clerk I didn’t know it was that busy this time of the day and Tom (as I later found out) said it seems to be the norm between like 4 and 6 with Wednesdays probably the best of all of them. I said hump day is a good day to break up the week.

I did check out the store over the next few weeks and did find out Wednesdays were the busiest and I also seen Sid a few more times and got a good rim job from him before he fucked me and each time I got a new pair of backless panties which I also noticed there are a lot of guys (mostly married) that love fucking a bottom with these on and I found I do enjoy it and to add my cock cage to it makes for some really good sexual play with these married men.

Over the next couple years I pretty much sucked or fucked just about anyone that needed a quick blow job or piece of ass and never even thought about fucking or even being with a woman and it seems the older I get the hornier I get and although a boyfriend would be nice I still love sucking or fucking when the chance is there and very rarely will I turn a cock down anytime or place I just love cock and being used.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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