In Control

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The television wasn’t doing it. Just sitting in this hotel room wasn’t doing it. Billie needed something to do besides sit and play with herself. She had been on a two week education tour for her company and this was the tail end of the last week and she couldn’t have been more bored. Five cities and seeing nothing but the inside of a conference room or the inside of a hotel suite just wasn’t cutting it. She had to get out of here or go crazy. Just waiting for the flight out tomorrow at noon was excruciating for her.

Billie stood about five foot ten and weighed about one twenty five. She was firm and slender for her age and she supported her finest asset, (in her opinion), a pair of thirty eight D cup breasts. Men found them irresistible and they also enjoyed her long muscular legs and tight ass. However, being blonde and having brains was a complete turn off to a lot of men. No matter how they were packaged. That and the fact that she spent two weeks of every month teaching classes for her company all over the country did not help her with relationships. Most of them were short lived, hot and furious sexual romps that led nowhere. She was as bored with that as she was with these stupid hotel rooms. “Time for a change”, she thought.

She went through her baggage and found herself a sexy satin black dress that flattered her form. She also found some nylons and a garter belt with a set of black panties and a bra to match. She set about doing herself up. She showered and shaved and spent a long time getting her make up just right. She dressed carefully admiring herself in the large mirrored bathroom. She was well satisfied with the results of her work and picked up her small hand bag and took the elevator down to the hotel bar.

This town was not a large metropolitan center of commerce, just an average town and the residents used the hotel for everything from dancing to romancing at night. When she entered the bar, several male heads spun to admire her as she confidently strolled to the bar and took a seat. The bartender was on her like a hawk, “What can I do for ya?”

“In a tall glass, I would like to get a ginger ale with a squeeze of lime in it. I don’t really drink, I just like to socialize.”

The bartender eyed her with caution and then nodded his head and fixed her drink to her specks. He placed it before her and the large wedge of lime resting on the rim of the glass. He observed the low cut black dress showing her cleavage and studied her overall appearance. The paleness of her legs shown through the stockings as she crossed her legs and the glimpse of a garter strap holding up the stocking was visible. Looking at where his sight was fixed she adjusted her dress to cover her undergarments and gave him a smile. “Are you working”, he asked?

She was taken by surprise at his question and at first she was offended but then caught herself before she answered, “As a matter of fact, yes, but I’m particular,” she answered. This was not what she had planned. She was more in line for trolling for some guy for the night, but the sound of this aroused her in a way that mere sex did not.

The bartender leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear, “at my bar you pay ten percent of your trick and I’ll steer you to the money, how about that?”

The thought intrigued her and she had a lascivious smile on her face, “how about a flat rate of twenty bucks? You can get something off the John when he asks.”

The bartender picked up a glass and began to clean it with a bar towel inspecting some microscopic dust particle invisible to the naked eye, “make it thirty”.

“Twenty five and you got a deal,” she replied.

The bartender smiled and put the glass down, “deal, the drinks are on the house, but if a John pays for ‘em your drinking silver ladies, got it”.

“Got it”, and with that he was off down the bar working the crowd. Billie was experiencing a rush of excitement with this new development in her life and she was enjoying it. She had never before considered sex for hire and it occurred to her to be a sweet deal. She was intoxicated with the idea of it. It brought forth all sorts of ideas and possibilities and appealed to the bad girl inside of her. She wanted to play this role. It had nothing to do with money, but the opportunity to be a whore really excited her.

While she sipped her drink a man approached and sat beside her, “Can I buy you a drink?” He had on a pair of jeans and a nice sports coat with patches on the elbows.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the bartender shake his head. He rubbed an index finger around his thumb for money and followed it up with his fingers in the shape of a zero.

She looked the man right in the eyes and in a husky voice she said, “You can’t afford me”. The man looked like he’d been slapped in the face. He mumbled an apology and left.

At the other end of the bar she saw the bartender talking to a well dressed man in an expensive suit. Bayan Escort Gaziantep She watched as they engaged in conversation and the bar tender nodded his head in her direction and the man looked at her. She gave him a coy smile and winked at him. She saw the business man nod his head in approval to the bar tender and he passed him some cash. They spoke a few words to each other and the Bar man eased toward her, taking drink orders as he went down the bar. When he got to her he picked up a towel and wiped the space next to her, “this guy has a wad of hundreds that would choke a horse. He’s looking for some action.”

A surge of adrenalin flooded into her and she seemed about to explode with it. She made her best effort to control herself and sounded calm as she spoke. “Tell him to wait ten minutes and come on up to room five twenty five, I’ll be waiting.” She reached into her purse and took out a twenty and a five and placed it on the bar next to her drink. “Thanks hon,” she said and slid off the bar stool and walked toward the elevators. She stopped half way and looked over her shoulder and saw the business man watching every step she made. She gave him another coy smile and continued walking.

Once in the elevator she felt her knees buckling and she had no idea what she was going to do when this guy showed up. Who knows what kind of weird sex he might be into and what she should charge him. She could feel herself sweating and it seemed like she didn’t have enough air to breathe. When the elevator got to the fifth floor she fell out of it as if she had been trapped in there for weeks. She straightened her dress and got a grip on herself and found her room.

She checked her make up in the mirror and repaired any damage her excitement caused. Next she turned the air conditioner up and the cool air felt welcome to her. Then she dug around her suit case and found a couple of condoms she had in there from god knows when. She was nervous and didn’t know quite what to do and then she noticed the television bolted into the wall of the room and turned it on. This hotel had cable hook up to all the rooms and she went down the menu and found what she wanted, (a pay channel for porn movies), and charged it to her room. She closed the drapes and it was the ideal setting for an evening of paid sex. There was a little refrigerator there and she took out a few airline bottles of booze and placed them on the dresser next to a tray with a couple of paper wrapped glasses. Her suite had two double beds in it and both were made in the fashion of hotels everywhere, so tight you could bounce a quarter of it. She sat on the edge of one of the beds and lit up a smoke and waited for her trick. Outwardly she appeared calm and in control but inside she was tense and wired. She felt like a coiled spring.

After about ten minutes, she heard a soft knock at the door. She smoothed her dress and opened the door and let the business man in. He stood a little over six feet tall and was in his early thirties. He had a trim frame and looked as if he used the gym on a regular basis. He carried a bottle of scotch with him and placed it on the counter next to the airline bottles.

“Got any ice,” he asked?

“I’ll get some in a minute; let’s get the business out of the way first, shall we?”

“That sounds reasonable,” he replied and she noticed that he was nervous. This eased the tension in her and she actually smiled at the thought that he might be more nervous than she was.

“I begin at five hundred and from there it just gets better.” As she said it she placed her hands along her sides and seductively moved them up her body and cupped her ample breasts.

“What do I get for five hundred,” he sounded like all business but his eyes were locked on her cleavage.

“Straight sex and a blow job that would know your teeth out,” she let her hands run along the hem of her short dress and she raised it just a bit and showed him her thigh high stockings and the snaps from the garter belt. “Guaranteed satisfaction I promise you that.”

“I have no doubt,” he was smacking his lips and his eagerness showed, “what if I want more?” She could detect a movement in his trousers.

“What did you have in mind,” as she asked this she assumed a sort of shy girl stance with a ‘come on get me’ look in her eye?

“Well ah,” he was visibly nervous and had a hard time asking for what he wanted. She went up to him and stood against him and spread her fingers along his chest and looked at him with her most lustful expression she could muster.

“What is it baby, just tell me and I’m yours?” He was even more nervous now than before, but he ventured an answer.

“I’ve ah, well I’ve ah never had anal sex before and well I thought that you, being who you are and all,”

“Relax hon, let me take care of you proper. Twelve hundred will get me all night and all the anal you can handle.” She put her arms around his back and pulled him into her and she rubbed her large breasts on his chest. He let out a gasp and brought his arms up and hugged her.

“All night, twelve hundred, deal babe.” He gave her a deep lingering kiss and she took his tongue into her mouth.

She disengaged him and tapped on the dresser, just put the money here baby and I’ll go get us some ice. She picked up the empty ice bucket the hotel provided and went down the hall to the ice machine and filled it up. She felt like she was going to explode with excitement and felt like she was entering into something that she would be a natural at. She had this guy eating out of her hand and she liked that, very much.

When she returned she found the money on the dresser neatly tucked under the bottle of Scotch. She placed the ice bucket down and retrieved the cash and put it in one of the drawers of the dresser. He was sitting at the table in the corner of the room watching a couple engaged in licking each others private parts. She fixed a couple of drinks and placed them on the table in front of him. He was about to thank her but then she got down on her knees and addressed herself to getting into his pants. He pushed the chair back a little for better access for her and she undid his belt and unzipped his pants. He wore boxer shorts and she found him easily and began to lick his penis in long strokes up and down his shaft. He already had an erection going but this was making him good and hard. She stopped for just a moment and untied his shoes and removed them. Then she tugged at his pants and he rose slightly and she removed them along with the boxer shorts and laid them on the empty chair on the other side of the table. His cock was beautiful and about nine inches long. Not to big not to small, just right. She licked the head of his dick and the plunged her mouth over him and he let out a groan and placed his hands on her head. She took him all the way in and down her throat and he began to buck a little and she encouraged him to fuck her in her mouth. At first he was hesitant and then he went to town and griping her head he fucked her in her mouth and she felt him in her throat. He was off the chair and bucking into her mouth when she gently sat him back down and started to lick his dick again.

“I don’t want you to cum to fast now, honey, we have a lot of fun ahead us, OK baby?”

“Oh yeah,” was all he could say. He was immersed in his own lust and nothing else mattered.

“Let’s get you out of your suit here,” and she undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, while his stiff cock waved between them. She got him to stand up and she removed his jacket and shirt in one swift move and the man was naked. She sat him on the edge of one of the double beds and she turned with her back to him and her legs spread and unzipped the back of her dress and let it down her shoulders slowly. When it came to her hips she wagged them side to side and let the dress fall to the floor, and then she kicked it out of the way like a stripper on stage. When she turned back to him he was in awe. His eyes were wide open and he was thoroughly impressed at the sight of her. Her black panties and bra and the black garter belt with black stockings make her look like something out of pure erotic fantasy. His cock was throbbing like a flag in the wind. She let her panties down and when they hit the floor she flipped them up into his face with her foot. He caught them and smelled them and let out a moan of satisfaction. Just watching him get off on her was getting her a little wet. Controlling what she did to him, was getting her a lot wet.

She found a condom and tore the edge of the wrapper off and placed it on the head of his dick and with her mouth she put it on him. He was groaning with pleasure. She rose and straddled him. She guided his stiff dick into her wet pussy and slowly squatted down on him. As she did so she pushed him back onto the bed and brought her knees up to either side of him and began to rise and lower herself along his stiff shaft. He reached up to fondle her breasts through her bra and she deftly undid the clasp behind her and slid the bra off exposing her large breasts and raised nipples. She caressed his arms as he kneaded her and she raised and lowered her damp pussy onto him with a steady rhythm. She reached behind herself and felt his shaft as she moved along it and this cause him to arch his back and begin to grind himself into her.

“That’s it baby, give here,” and she began to move faster on him as he thrust up to meet her. “Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me hard,” she never closed her eyes but kept them on his face and watched as he contorted and struggled with his on coming orgasm. She made sure that she was touching his cock as it entered her because she knew it pleased him and his wife or girlfriend would never do that for him. He gripped her by her ass and began to pound her lifting his body off the bed to do so. She let him go for a few minutes saying things like, “that’s it honey, oh yeah baby, what a big dick you have”. She could feel his balls tighten up and she stopped him before he came. She slid off of him and caressed his torso pinching his nipples with her teeth and giving him little kisses all over his chest and neck. He was beside himself with want and his hands were everywhere on her. He stuck his fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit and grabbed her tits roughly and pinched the nipples between his fingers. He kneaded her ass and rubbed her wetness on it. All the while his sheathed cock waved like a flag in the wind. Straining to release it pent up juices.

Then she crawled on to the upper portion of the bed on all fours and slapped her ass and said, “I want you to fuck my pussy hard. Really hard, make me hurt!”

He was behind her in a flash and he rubbed the head of his dick along the length of her pussy and it slid into her with a slurp and he was pounding her as if he had gone wild.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me harder,” she cried although she was not so much stimulated sexually as she was over controlling her johns actions. She arched her back and gave him the best shot at her pussy she could and let him go to town, all the while she coxed him, “Oh yeah, baby, oh your so good, you monster you, Oh yeah.” Then she felt him jam himself into her and she knew he was shooting a stream of hot cum into his condom. He groaned loudly as he pushed himself into her deeply several times and started saying, “Oh shit, Oh yeah, Oh my god that’s good, oh yeah.” She let him finish emptying himself and then she turned around and slid the condom off him and sucked his penis clean of his cum. He couldn’t be happier. His whole body glistened with sweat and his eyes were half closed in ecstasy.

She laid him onto the bed and said, “Oh you were so good, I love you cock,” she fondled his limp penis. “Now you get a little rest for a moment and then we’ll do it all over again and this time we’ll get to what you really want, OK, baby?”

“Oh yeah, I’d like that.” He was trying to quiet down his breathing and she got up and fixed him another drink and brought it over to him and cradled his head in her lap while he sipped on the drink. He was a lot more relaxed now that he had cum and he began to talk. Listening to him talk she was a lot more relaxed and feeling in control of this guys every move. She listened to him as he babbled on about some business deal he was working on and how he was the hero of the day, bullshit. He got around to talking about his wife and how she was very limited when it came to sex but that she was a good wife and a fine mother to his children. She listened and when appropriate she fed his ego and soothed his conscious. After three more drinks he fell asleep and she let him.

As he slept she went into the bathroom and freshened up. She took a wash rag and cleaned her self up and fixed any make up damage and brushed her hair. She adjusted the garter belt for maxim effect and sat at the table and had a cigarette as he slept. She briefly thought of the money and thought that this was the easiest money she ever made. And then she began to watch the porn movies on the screen and she began to get ideas for the second half of the evening. She rummaged around her bag and found her trusty and most valued possession when traveling, her dildo.

As she watched the movie she rubbed her clit with one hand and used the dildo on herself with the other hand. As her trick softly snored she was getting herself worked up and wet. She began to rub her breasts and pull at her nipples as her breathing quickened. On the screen in front of her was a lady getting fucked from both ends and this got her excited at the possibility of such fun? She began to use the dildo around the opening of her anus as she rubbed her now hard clit. The dildo sent shivers up and down her spine and she felt a warm feeling flush through her body. She began to insert the tip of the dildo into her ass and immediately sparks of pain and pleasure radiated throughout her body and she shivered. She alternated between rubbing her clit and pulling on her nipples while she worked the dildo into her anus. It took about twenty minutes of work for her to get the dildo into her and moving inside of her anus and in the process she shook all over with an intense orgasm.

She was warmed up now and ready for action and she moved over to the bed he was sleeping on, dildo in hand. She ever so softly, so as not to wake him got on to the bed and gently spread his legs and took his flaccid penis into her mouth. She sucked on him and she could feel him grow inside of her mouth and this turned her on. As he grew to full size he began to stir and he woke. He was at first mortified that she was sucking his dick and then pleased that she was sucking his dick. She watched him as she took his length all the way down her throat. When he was fully awake and making sounds of encouragement to her, she began to suck his balls and lick his shaft and he loved it. While she was licking and sucking him she began to insert the dildo into her ass and let him see that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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