In Love and War Gods

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Disclaimer: All characters in this written work are above the legal age of 18 year old, this work is purely fiction and fantasy with the only purpose is to entertain, NOT to be a reliable source of historical accuracy. So please, do enjoy, like, and comment to show your love and support for our work and devotion.

Genre: Fantasy/Fetish

Tags: Supernatural, Magic, Rapid weight gain, Excessive gas, Absorption, Unbirth, Pregnancy, Trait thief, Romance, Birth.

“The world of mortals that exists beneath the world of gods…is filled with liars, cheaters, thieves, and other forms of damning corruption. Leeching parasites one and all, rich with flaws and poor in perfection, have no place in my eyes. Therefore, they shall have no place in the world that will be re-created…in my image.”

Ancient Southeastern Asia, 15th century:

The clear skies above the grassy hill valley landscape suddenly grew dark without warning as God’s wrath took the form of a rolling wave of thunder clouds moments before a powerful blast of pure red lightning shot down from the heavens above piercing the earth below with a ground shaking boom creating a massive geyser of smoking dirt and ash. Now standing in the middle of the smoldering crater was a massive crimson red devil horned mountain of a man standing at a staggering 15ft tall, every ounce of the figure’s body was rippling with muscle coated in a spider web of veins. The only forms of clothing on his person was a silk white loincloth lined with glistening gold and matching gold boots.

“…I have made it to my destination it seems, perfect.” The man said with a low whisper of a hushed tone, taking the time to run his hand through his short steel grey hair.

Consequently an elderly farmer and his trusted saddled mule was passing by the vast valleyside only to witness the sight, now completely frozen in place seeing the abnormal beast of a man literally manifest from thin air.

“…Uh, excuse me. But, who are you, exactly?” The old man asked aloud with a single stroke of his long white beard now standing just on the outer edge of the still smoking crater.

The elder almost had a heart attack as the supernatural being suddenly appeared in front of the old man moving much faster than the man could even blink, being snatched up by the collar of his leather poncho now lifted up to eye level with the menacing stranger.

“…I, am known as Kai, prized son of the feared and respected god of war, Kumara.” The red giant explained, revealing his razor sharp bear trap of a grin.


“Precisely. And as such, I wish to send a message to the pathetic scum that serves as your leader, tell them I shall soon make a declaration…a declaration of war, between the gods…and all of mankind.”

With that said the old man was released from the red giant’s grip allowing him to fall back down to the ground before scrambling back to his feet to climb on top of his mule soon taking off back towards civilization making good on Kai’s threat.

The kingdom of Urata, a small and not well known nation in Southwest Asia yet was prosperous and culturally rich all the same, was just a couple hours journey away from the hill valleyside to which the elder farmer was more than desperate to converse with the wise king Liu Kang who was reclining in his throne room when the sound of hurrying sandals echoed through his royal hall.

“Sire, Sire!” The elderly man soon shouted bursting through those double doors before almost collapsing in the center of the room as several guards made their way over to him, clearly gasping as the old man seemed completely out of breath.

“What is this? Who let this man in?” The king asked peering down at the old man that has interrupted the serene quiet of his throne room.

“Please sire, I beg of you. Lend me your ears, for what I am about to tell is a warning straight from the Gods!” The old man quickly explained while the guards began dragging him back towards the double doors.

“The Gods?…Wait!” The King declared making the guards suddenly halt. “If it is indeed so important…Let the old man speak,” he then announced to which the guards complied letting the old man go.

In return, the old man explained everything. The dark clouds, the beam of radiant light, and the arrival of Kai, the blood red descendant of the war god. Once the story has concluded the chamber was flooded with deafening silence as Lui Kang deeply pondered over this.

“…A child of the war god, has come to punish all of mankind? It seems too outlandish to even consider being remotely true.” The King finally declared as his official response to the story.

“…Oh, but it is.”

The old man gasped aloud, recognizing the coldness of that disembodied voice echoing through the air before the wall of painted glass just above Lui Kang’s throne shattered without warning as the malicious Kai suddenly appeared floating effortlessly in midair. The god like figure’s eyes leering down at Lui Kang üvey kız kardeş porno with a disdainful gaze cutting into him like heated knives.

“…I see, so it is you that I seek to have…a word with.”

Lui Kang trembled as he laid there on his back against the floor of his own royal chamber, his guards barely able to hold onto their swords and spears daring not to openly strike at the god in fear of his wrath.

“Ha…how appropriate, in the face of a clear superior you lay down on the floor in defeat without the need to even draw my hand to confront you. Fitting for a race full of insignificant bugs that have grown too big for their humble holes and shells. But worry not, for I shall return this world into an age of fire and darkness, from which a new world shall blossom from said ashes…a world I will build into my image.”

Kai cackled aloud, his red lightning aura crackling off his body as Lui Kang proved his wisdom by coming up with a potential solution to prevent the extermination of mankind.

“…Seven.” The King would say finally speaking up against Kai’s statement, the red giant soon narrowed his eyes in confusion of what significance such a seemingly random number would have to him.


“…I have…seven daughters in total, each one is considered a priceless river gem unmatched in beauty. I insist great spirit Kai, I insist you take the hand of one of them in exchange for peace, in hope to appease your rage against human kind.”

“…Seven daughters? Each one unmatched in beauty…? You take me for a fool?”

“What? N-No!”

“It is impossible for a mere mortal to be unmatched in beauty, especially seven individuals. Therefore, I can conclude you are trying to make a fool out of me!”

Kai’s rage was a force like no other, the ground started to quake like a raging volcano was throwing a terrifying tantrum just beneath the floor, deep cracks appearing across the gilded floor of the royal chamber.

“Please spirit! I wish not to induce your wrath, I only seek to sooth it, to save my kingdom, to save all of humanity!”

Kai wrath soon subsided as the giant red oni man placed a hand to his chin thinking it over.

“…Killing a man who seeks to bring peace, is dishonorable and cowardly in the name of war.” As expected the war god gave a heavy sigh not used to showing mercy. “Very well, I shall give you mortals one week, one week only to bring forth your best woman to court me. Do so, and I shall terminate my decree to exterminate you all.”

With that said Kai disappeared with a thundering boom and red mist taking his leave back to immortal plane, leaving the King now faced with a dilemma. To sacrifice the hand of one of his own cherished daughters, just to prevent the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent lives. It was such an inhumane decision to make, so it only made sense for a non-human to make the decision.

The truth was mankind had very little connection between their world and the plane of the Gods yet, hidden in one of the sacred vaults below the King’s palace was a giant stone tablet as old as the world itself. On said tablet was a large variety of runes and words written in an obscure language lost in time, the tablet itself was a shrine devoted to one of the hindu gods, the goddess of love and marriage known as Uma to be exact. The King would ask his royal guards to leave him be with the tablet before lowering himself to his knees in prayer to the heavens above.

“Oh great Goddess Uma, we as your devoted followers seek guidance to appease the one known as Kai and prevent his great wrath from falling upon us,”

The tablet remained dark and dormant, growing deseperate the King continued his prayer.

“…Please, I beg of you. Deliver us from the hands of war and carnage, for the children of the present and future depends on it, depends on you!”

Once again, the tablet remained cold and still. With his spirit broken and all other options gone, he gave a humble sigh turning to start ascending the stairs of the sacred chamber when suddenly he heard a chorus of faint whispers coming from behind him. Quickly turning around the King was shocked to see the tablet start to glow in a bright aura of lavish lavender before a puff of smoke burst free from the stone.

The King was stunned seeing that the figure emerging free from the smoke was a female with a figure that was rich in hourglass curves and seemed even richer in vitality. Her skin tone a milky shade of porcelain doll white, straight dark purple hair stopping at neck length, twin horns that protruded out from her forehead, and deep purple eyes that matched the intense glare of a python dressed in a traditional gold and pink saree and lehenga choli outfit that perfectly outlined her well endowed bust, slim middle, and wide hips standing a foot or two taller than the man.

“…U…Uma?” The King stammered out still trying to fathom the manner of sorcery that xnxx porno has just taken place, the mysterious woman simply placed a hand against her lips giggling pleasantly.

“You flatter me dear mortal, but you mistake me for my superior. I am merely Rin, one of the many underlings, servants, and messangers of the immortal plane.”

“Underlings? As in, you were created to serve the Gods?”

“And carry out their wishes whenever a blessing is asked, precisely.”

“Oh, oh well that is wonderful. Then you shall be the answer to our prayers!”

“I can certainly try, my powers are greatly limited on the mortal plane, but I offer my full cooperation to help in anyway I can.”

“I assure you spirit, your powers won’t be needed, but your experience might just save all of mankind.”

With that said the King told the immortal being everything that has occured since Kai’s arrival and the bargain that was created in order to bring peace, Rin listened intently to the story before placing a hand to her chin making she could comprehend the situation first.

“…I see. So you have offered the hand of marriage to bring peace? How noble of you good sir.”

“Yes, but I fear I am not wise enough to pick one of my own daughters to be taken by such a…a…”

“A bloodthirsty brute?”

“Y-Yes, that.”

“Hmm…well, I may just know the solution to this problem.”

“R-Really? Do tell!”

“In due time, you must first take me to your daughters for their cooperation, is critical.”

By order of their father all seven of the royal daughters were lined up in a row in the royal chamber to be presented to the immortal being who if not puzzled was completely surprised about a certain fact about the daughters…

…they all almost looked exactly alike.

Each one a lovely desert oasis flower blossom of flawless light skin, hazlenut brown hair, tight youthful bodies rich with feminine potential just a year or two short of reaching full adulthood age wise. The only thing remotely remarkable or boarderline unique about each one was the distinct hairstyles and the colors of their saris gowns.

“Ah…I see, they are identical septuplets. How very…unique.” Rin said now fully aware of the sheer irony of that observation right before she was escorted a couple of feet away from the daughters so that the King could speak with the spirit in private for a moment.

“Now you see my plight, not only does it bring my heart ache to give away one of my gems, but to just pick one from all the others is…is impossible.” He said with a sigh of such pure sorrow.

“The situation does look quite troublesome indeed, but I do believe my solution should solve everything. Do not worry.” Rin would say placing a kind hand against his shoulder to reassure him.

“Oh please do great and kind spirit, please do.”

With that said Rin would turn to face the daughters once more before clearing her throat and speaking loud enough for all seven of them to hear.

“As you may or may not already be aware of, the crimson titan known as Kai has agreed not to lay waste to your kingdom and subjects if one of you shall become his wife and devote your loyalty to him.”

At once one of the daughters on the far left spoke up, the one whose hair was in a long single braid reaching all the way down to her waist named Tai La.

“We have been told by our maids the situation at hand, and I will do anything to ensure peace with the Gods. Even give my hand in marriage to the war god Kai.” She stated calmly and with such poise, if Rin didn’t know any better she would guess Tai La would be the oldest and most mature sister out of the bunch.

“Yeah, but he probably wouldn’t want to pick you, you’d bore him to death in less than a week I bet.” The sister with the shortest hair standing directly next to her spat out with a scowl, as expected from the tomboy known as Tai May.

“Like you are any better, naturally being the prettiest by far, I should be the one to marry him~” One of the daughters on the far right spoke up with such a boastful tone, it was the daughter with the medium length single braid with her right eye covered with a thick curtain like bang known as Tai Yuu.

“…But we all look the same.” The daughter with the medium length single braid with her left eye covered with a thick curtain like bang known as Tai Suu contradicted with such a blunt tone without a single ounce of emotion on her face.

Right away the daughters (excluding Tai Yung being the most quiet and reserved one) started to squabble with each other like agitated hens in a chicken coop.

“Girls! Girls! Please, that is not how princesses are expected to behave. Now, I have been asked to handpick one and only one of you to wed the war god…but since we have an entire week before then, what better way to get to know each other than…a feast!”

At once the princesses were escorted and seated in the royal family dining hall by the zenci porno spirit herself, with a wave of her hands Rin unleashed a burst of supernatural magic to create a plate of fresh warm food in front of each daughter. The princesses would be in awe of the demonstration of actual magic manifesting before their very eyes, each plate holding a pyramid of steaming hot and delicious looking meat buns. Eager to take part in the spirit’s culinary creation they all reached for a bun as one before taking their first bite, the taste buds on their tongues twinkled in sure delight of the mesmerizing flavor of the meat buns as the rich maple syrup and thick powdered sugar blended in with the savory seasoned chicken, fish, beef, and crispy bacon baked inside with perfect culinary harmony.

“Uh…Forgive me spirit, but I do not see the purpose of my daughters stuffing their faces in such a manner like mere pigs.” The King leaned over in concern to whisper to the spirit’s ear.

“Trust in my process your highness, for I know that Kai is a warrior of specific tastes and sees great significance in size deeming it as a form of measuring greatness in his eyes. Therefore, he would not even consider a wife of mortal blood without a sufficient amount of extra flesh to cherish.”

“O-Oh, oh my. Why, I see. If that is what you think is best.”

“It will bring the most change to the relationship between our two worlds the quickest way possible. That, I promise.”

Saying the Princesses became rather ravenous for the tasty meat buns would be a great understatement as the daughters would start chowing down on the delicious meat treats like there was no tomorrow. By their 20th fully consumed meat bun the King would start to notice the small and subtle hints of growth between the girls. Their once perfectly slender hourglass middles would soon start to inflate, slowly ballooning outwards at such a cartoonish rate. The crispy dough itself was baked with butter making the dough more likely to expand after a while making them even more filling.

“The meat buns will continue to stretch out their stomachs so they can eat more throughout the week, this shall be the norm for the next 3 days. Then, phase 2 can begin.”


“Trust in me, I know what I am doing. Kai shall not be disappointed.”

Shortly after such a filling feast the daughters were excused from the tables returning to their private bedroom hall. But instead of going to their individual sleeping chambers they all met together in the communal area to address a certain elephant in the room, they were all now sporting round bloated bellies. Each one sticking out a couple inches short of an entire foot from their waists stretching against the stretchable and easily breathable fabric material of their skirts as they all looked about seven months pregnant with one big food baby. Well, almost all of them.

Tai Lee, the so called “youngest” out of the seven as her sisters affectionately referred to her, seemed to be the most trimmed out of the princesses by comparison only suffering a somewhat chubby potbelly as the only damage to her frame. This was due to the fact that while the others had no problem competing with each other in stuffing themselves silly the best Tai Lee could do was gorge on three to four buns barely managing not to feel completely nauseous afterwards admittedly to the clear dismay of the majority of the other daughters.

“I can’t believe we pigged out like that! Now Kai would never want me now!” Tai Yuu would say in a whining tone poking at her own distended potbelly would make the mound slosh side to side underneath the fabric of her gown.

The sound of liquid shifting about inside proved it was not mere bloating from simple gas being trapped inside, it was pure fat as fresh as it could be.

“I don’t think it’s all that bad, makes me feel like I’m pregnant. Just like how we all used to play “House” together?” The daughter with the distinct short bob hairstyle Tai Ming said always looking on the bright side of things, even her hands couldn’t resist rubbing the taunt sides of her somewhat swollen middle even lifting it up with both hands only to let out drop back down with the pull of gravity with one loud echoing slosh.

As much as Tai Ming enjoyed looking at the bright side of things the reality of the situation was becoming more and more suspicious to Tai Lee. Sure, four or five of her sisters were known very well to over indulge in their fair share of sweets from time to time but something about this seemed a bit out of the ordinary. Even looking over at the very soft spoken and mostly quiet longest straight haired daughter Tai Yung who usually had the appetite of the smallest mouse was now sporting a rather plump pot belly just a few inches bigger than Tai Lee somewhat poking free from beneath the fabric of her top allowing the excess flesh to breathe as a faint yet gassy burp suddenly burst free from her usually sealed tight lips, such a display of gluttony was very unlike her character. Tai Yung’s unexpected belch seemed to have summoned the spirit Rin into their bedroom chamber now sitting with the girl’s on a vacant velvet couch.

“I do believe that is the sound of my cooking being enjoyed?” Rin asked with a teasing grin clearly admiring her work on the girls so far.

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